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Buffalo Bridge Club GirlsBuffalo Bridge Club Girls, c. abt. 1950s, submitted by Lisa Baitz. (Her mother, Ruth Baitz, is the lovely lady in the centery with the white fur collar. Other women present not currently known.)
[Chute at Buffalo Athletic Field, c. 1897. Source: Kathy Snow]Chute at Buffalo Athletic Field , c. 1897

Caption: "Chute the Chutes at Buffalo Athletic Field, Main Street and Jefferson Avenues in 1897. St. Vincent's R.C. Church and school and Providence Retreat are in the background."

Source: Kathy Snow

Ice Skating at Humboldt Park, 1962.

Photo courtesy of Rich Schweigler.

Sign Artists Bowling League, c. 1914

Caption from a Buffalo News photo: "Bowlers in the Sign Artists Bowling League are shown at the Wm. Tenjost Alleys at Genesee and Jefferson in 1914. On floor is Dave Bisgier. Front row, from left: First unidentified, Wm. Schneider, unidentified, Charles Kreiss Sr., unidentified, J. Marska, Wm. Neil. Second row: Wm. Brown, Irving Jetter, Frank Dorn, Ed Kreiss Sr., H. Wm. Pollack, Wm. Dorbecker, Charles Kreiss Jr. Top row: Wm. Vallee, John Ross, Louis Pollack, Herbie Schwabl. The photo is from Jim Koffas, 96 Mayfair, Williamsville."

Source: Ted Hull.

1901 G.Y.M.C.A. (Buffalo) baseball team
[1901 GYMCA Buffalo Baseball Team]
Source: Darcy McCabe

Written on the back of the photo:
Photo of team of 1901. Won 28 games. Lost 3.
L. Kraemer - Mgr.
W. Kraemer - 1st Base
E. Kraemer - C.F.
B. Neubauer - P.
J. Schmitt - C. (Darcy's grandfather, middle row, 2nd from the right)
N. Miller - S.S.
J. Dossinger - 3 B
C. Stengel - 2 B
J. Brenner - R.F.
K. Rheinhold - L.F.
J. Trautman .... only 3 games

1903 Buffalo Germans Basketball Team
[Buffalo Basketball Team 1903]
Source: John L. Smith

Clockwise from the bottom: George Redlein, YMCA director Bradstreet; Al Manweiler; Ed Miller; Charles Monahan; William Rohde: Allie Heerdt.

See also this other photograph of the team, with more people and more names, from 1904, when they won the Olympic Games title in St. Louis; the team was also accepted for entry into the Founders' Hall of the Basketball Hall of Fame.

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