Buffalo East Side Neighborhood - Societies (Genealogy)

Buffalo East Side Neighborhood

Buffalo East Side Societies

    LDS Microfilm FHC #0825672 contains the following societies:
  • Incorporation of Relgious Society of RC Church, St. Louis 12/2/1838
  • Creation of St. Mary's Church Buffalo 8/5/1848
  • Cheektowaga Cemetery
  • Kenton Iron Co. form 9/29/1833
  • Inc. of St. Boniface 2/2/1857
  • German Ladies Assn.--help in times of sickness, distress, etc.
  • Origin of United German and French Cemetery 2/2/1859
  • St. Mary's Church of Redemption, Inc. of Religious Societies 4/5/1813
  • and some protestant churches, etc (including the incorp. of the town) of Lancaster.

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