From Germany to Buffalo&Cincinnati: Albert, Betz, Glunz, Juach, Schmidt, Sess

From Germany to Buffalo & Cincinnati: Albert, Betz, Glunz, Jauch, Schmidt, Sess

Jillaine's Guide to Rootsweb
Last updated: 2 August 2002 (all links checked) - jss

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RootsWeb ( is the greatest and probably oldest genealogy resource on the Internet. While it was purchased by, RootsWeb retains a very grassroots feel; the enormous international community of users makes up the friendliest, most helpful online community I've experienced since being online from 1984.

Having said all that, I also find the RootsWeb Web site a challenge to navigate. There are SO many resources that they are often difficult to find. And sometimes after using something particularly useful, I have trouble finding it when I return to the site later. So I put together this "index" of areas within RootsWeb to help ME keep track of where things are at RootsWeb. As long as I made it for myself, I figured, well, let's make it available to anyone else who wants to use it. Enjoy. - Jillaine Smith, Washington DC

RootsWeb ( provides a place for the free exchange of information on family research, and sponsors the biggest volunteer genealogy projects on the Web. It is home to the casual and the serious genealogist alike. It's a vast store of both information and opportunities to connect with other genealogists and distant relatives as well. As of April 2000, it hosts more than 13,500 independently authored Web sites, 18,500 electronic mailing lists, 839,000 RootsWeb Surname List entries.

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Source Documents

By this, I mean, where on RootsWeb can you find copies or transcriptions of real documents.

RootsWeb Discussions

RootsWeb offers two different formats for engaging in online discussions: Mailing lists and Message boards. In addition, message boards and mailing lists tend to focus on either a particular surname or on a geographical region (a particular county in the United States, or a region in Germany, for example).
Mailing Lists
To participate in a particular mailing list, you must subscribe (free of charge) to each of the lists you are interested in. Messages posted to the list are then emailed directly to your email address. Normally, messages posted to a mailing list come to your mailbox one at a time. If the mailing list you're subscribed to is very active (many messages a day), you may wish to subscribe to the DIGEST version of the mailing list, which compiles multiple individual messages together and sends them out as a "package." The single message you receive in your mailbox is then a compilation of several messages.

Message Boards
Message boards are located on the Web site, and are NOT delivered by email (unless they are "gatewayed" to a mailing list). RootsWeb used to call these GenConnect Message Boards. In mid-2001, they switched to a new message board system, now hosted on The advantage of a message board is that you don't clutter your email box with messages; the disadvantages include that you must remember to check the message board regularly.

  • The main entry point for RootsWeb Message boards ( Rootsweb no longer appears to have the equivalent of a list of boards that need adopting, but you can tell if a message board does need adopting if when visiting a particular message board you see "Become an Administrator". If you don't see that, you'll see instead "Links and Announcements" which should provide you the name and email address of the current administrator of that particular board.
  • Search the contents of all of the GenConnect boards (

Web Site Hosting

RootsWeb provides FREE Web space.

Other Areas of RootsWeb


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