Concordia Cemetery Association, Buffalo, NY

Concordia Cemetery Association (Buffalo, NY)

Photo of Concordia Cemetery by Dave Yearke May 2004 Effective 2011, this is the no longer the "official" web site of the Concordia Cemetery Association. Their current, official site is What's found below is an archive of past announcements about the status of the cemetery, where to find information about the cemetery, calls for supporting the cemetery, and information on how to contact the Concordia Cemetery Association. Photo to the left by and courtesy of Dave Yearke, May 2004.

Concordia Cemetery Association
PO Box 1773
Amherst, NY 14226

Concordia Cemetery: 438 Walden Avenue, near Sycamore.

Jillaine Smith
Last Updated: 29 April 2016

See Concordia Cemetery: 150 Years of Buffalo's History Needs Your Help in a December issue of Buffalo Rising.


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