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Earliest Jauchs of Schwenningen

This page is an effort to identify the earliest Jauchs of Schwenningen, and hopefully tie the later generations into the earliest generation. Please contact me if you can help me connect any of these to other early JAUCHs. I want to thank Axel Bauder, Peter Schifferdecker and Kristen Ahlstrom for their assistance and own fine work that contributed to my efforts here. Contents:

Last Updated 3 November 2005

JAUCH Forefathers & Mothers

My current theory, supported by a fair amount of evidence, is that the oldest known JAUCH ancestor and forefather of all Schwenningen-based JAUCHs is Mathaeus-Theis JAUCH, b. abt. 1500, possibly in Schwenningen or one of the nearby towns. In 1535, he and his brother, Mathis-This JAUCH (yes, I realize the similarity in names is confusing) were given to manage a "Fronhof" (also called "Blaisihof" and later the "Unruh-Hof") in Schwenningen by the Catholic monastery of St. Blaisen. This was a feudal relationship that required the recipients (vassals) to compensate the monastery with tribute from the proceeds produced by the land. Generation numbers are included in parentheses with each name.

The brother Mathis appears to have died by 1545 (after which time there is no mention of him in any records). We have no evidence that he married or had offspring. (1) Mathaeus-Theis JAUCH, however, was married twice, and had at least one son by the first and three sons by the second wife. This second wife, whose name goes unrecorded, was our "foremother." She died in 1576. (If there were daughters, their names weren't recorded.) See The Jauch Brothers: A 16th Century Soap Opera for more details about this family.

One of Mathaeus-Theis's sons by his second marriage was (2) Gorgus JAUCH, b. abt. 1540 and last recorded in Schwenningen in 1610. He shared the "Blaisihof" property with his only surviving brother. He also married and had at least two sons (again, the wife's name is not mentioned; nor are any names of daughters).

One of Gorgus' sons, Georg JAUCH (~1585-bef. 1649) is the forefather of the GERSTER line (his daughter Agnes married Martin GERSTER. We have no record of other JAUCHs from this Georg's line. Another son of Gorgus JAUCHs was (3) Hanss JAUCH (~1585-~1649). As in the previous generations, these two brothers shared the St. Blaisihof property.

Then came the Thirty Years War (1618-1648), and the town of Schwenningen was destroyed in February 1631. The two brothers (Georg and Hanss) did not survive the war, and if they had any sons, they also apparently did not survive the war. One of Hanss' daughters, however, did survive. Her name was (4) Catharina JAUCH (~1611-1663). Her inheritance, unfortunately, included a significant debt left by her father and uncle-- a debt the St. Blaisen Monastery would not forgive despite the tragedy of the war. (The Catholic monastery probably would not forgive these debts because Schwenningen was so heavily Protestant.)

The "Blaisihof" was put up for auction. A JAUCH relative (how he was related is not known) came to the rescue. (4) Michael JAUCH (~1621-1693) not only purchased a piece of the property; he also married his "cousin" (by how many times removed we do not know), Catharina.

Michael Jauch was the son of (3) Veith JAUCH (~1594-~1657). Veith apparently had property from St. Georges Monastery, which he apparently sold to his son Christian. Peter Schifferdecker believes Veith was married twice; we know that one of the wives was Ursula (~1597-bef. 1660). Veith had at least eight children. We do not know if Ursula was mother of them all. For now, we record her as our "foremother" on this second JAUCH branch. We do not have any additional information about Veith's or Ursula's parents; we only know that Veith was somehow related to the brothers who managed the St. Blaisen property. He is therefore likely a descendant or cousin of (1) Mathaeus-Theis JAUCH, but we cannot confirm this yet.

In either case, the (1) Mathaeus-Theis JAUCH branch and the (3) Veith JAUCH branch continued to intertwine in future generations, as did most branches of any Schwenningen-based surname. As far as I can tell, ALL subsequent JAUCHs who can be traced to Schwenningen, are descended from (3) Veith JAUCH and/or (1) Mathaeus-Theis JAUCH.

JAUCH Property Owners in 1703

October 2005: Local Schwenningen researcher Axel Bauder informed me about the "Lagerbuch of 1703", published by Mr. Reinartz in 1979. A Lagerbuch was a kind of land register, and this one started out with a list of all the house-owners in 1703. At that time 105 buildings existed including the Pfarrhaus (pastor's house) and the church. On this list, nine Jauch families were mentioned. Axel Bauder has also shared with me the details about each one that he has subsequently researched :

  1. Christian Jauch, Bauer
    b. 11 Sep 1671; d. 11 Mar 1733 (age 61-1/2 years)
    son of Christian Jauch and Anna Stenge
    m. 26 Apr 1692 Agatha Schrenk (b. 31 Jan 1674; d. 1 Dec 1752)
  2. Christian Jauch, Schindeldecker (Tiler with shingles)
    b. ??; d. ??
    parents: ??
    m. ?? Anna Pfruender
    NOTE: A. Bauder has been unable to determine how this Christian fits in with other Jauchs; he has found no birth or marriage record that fits. He notes that "Pfruender" is a name frequently found in nearby Schura and Trossingen.
  3. Christian Jauch, Schmied
    b. 18 Dec 1657; d. 4 Jan 1713
    son of Jacob Jauch and Agnes Jauch
    m. 21 Jan 1687 Brigitta Schweizer of Talheim
  4. Christian Jauch, Schneider
    b. 5 Dec 1662; d. 20 Feb 1710
    son of Hieronymus Jauch and Maria Stenge
    m1. 19 Nov 1691 Veronica Stocker (b. 1677 Talheim; d. 26 Jan 1703)
    m2. 4 Sep 1703 Agatha Unknown
  5. Conrad Jauch
    b. 19 Feb 1665; d. 12 Mar 1723; son of Christian Jauch and Anna Stenge; m. Maria Lauffer. No other Conrad during this time frame.
  6. Hans Jauch
    b. 19 Aug 1655; d. 16 Jan 1733;
    son of Michael Jauch and Catharina Jauch;
    m1. 11 May 1680 Agatha Schlenker (b. 11 Jul 1658; d. 13 Dec 1701);
    m2. 3 Mar 1685 Catharina Kohler (b. 1664 Talheim; d. 4 Apr 1714).
  7. Heinrich Jauch, Schmied
    b. 1 Aug 1672; d. 8 May 1746
    son of Martin Jauch and Maria Irion
    m1. 29 Jun 1700 Agnes Schlenker (b. 17 Jul 1674; d. 7 Jan 1706
    m2. 19 Jul 1706 Anna Maier (b. 9 May 1681; ;d. 8 Dec 1741)
  8. Michael Jauch
    b. 5 Oct 1662; d. 10 Dec 1716;
    son of Martin Jauch and Barbara Kaiser;
    m. 26 Feb 1682 Agnes Weyler; b. 21 Oct 1661; d. ??
  9. Veit Jauch, Schneider
    b. Jun 1652; d. 9 Jun 1730;
    son of Jakob Jauch & Agnes Jauch;
    m1. 30 Nov 1677 Maria Weyler (b. 8 Aug 1652; d. 13 Dec 1701);
    m2. 27 Jun 1702 Catharina Neubold (b. abt. 1660; d. 16 Sep 1718; widow of Chr. Haller 1658-1690)

Outline of the Earliest JAUCH Generations

Generations #1 (numbered) and #2 (lettered): From Otto Benzing's examination of pre-1651 historical documents of Schwenningen. #1 and #2 are Brothers. Together they were given a lease to some property owned by the St. Blaisen Monastery in 1535. See the Jauch Brothers 16th Century Soap Opera.

  1. Matheus Jauch; b. abt. 1500; m1. Wife1 Unknown
    1. Joerg/Georg Jauch; d. 1598
    m2. Wife2 Unknown
    1. Georg/Gorgus Jauch, b. abt. 1530 [Is this the father of Hanss Jauch, #3 in Generation #3 below?]
    2. Ewald Jauch (dies young)
    3. Stoffel Jauch [Or is THIS the father of Hanss Jauch, #2 below?]
  2. Mathis Jauch (brother to #1 above) b. abt. 1500; m. unknown.
    1. Theus Jauch

  3. Bastian JAUCH mentioned on the 1523 "Musterungsliste" (examinations for military) (therefore b. abt. 1503?)

Generation #3 (From Otto Benzing's review of pre-1651 records)

  1. Jacob JAUCH mentioned on the 1578 "Musterungsliste" (therefore b. abt. 1558?)
  2. [Two] Hanss JAUCH mentioned on the 1578 "Musterungliste" (therefore b. abt. 1558?)

Generation #4: From Early Death Records from FHL# 1658745 - Deaths starting in 1659 (unless otherwise noted)

  1. Bartin JAUCH b. abt. 1580? paid taxes in 1610 (Reinartz-Book)
  2. Hanss JAUCH b. abt. 1583; d. 27 January 1681, age 98
  3. Georg? Jauch b. abt. 1585; m. ~1607 Anna b. abt. 1587; d. 4 Aug 1677, age 90! Is he possibly the brother of Hanss with whom he cared for the St. Blaisen property prior to the 30-years war (1618-1648)? If so, are they both the sons of "Georg/Gorgus Jauch" above? Are they parents of Anna Jauch, below?
  4. Michael JAUCH, b. abt. 1585; d. ??; m. abt. 1606 Susannah Unknown, b. abt. 1586, d. 30 Dec 1678, age 92. (Church records)
  5. Hanss Jauch b. abt. 1595; m. ~1620 Maria Unknown b. abt 1601; d. 13 Mar 1670, age 69. Is this the Hanss Jauch, who with brother Georg, takes care of St. Blaisen property prior to the 30-years war (1618-1648)? If so, his daughter Katharina marries Michael Jauch (son of Veit, below) who then purchases half the St. Blaisen property.
  6. Michael Jauch b. abt. 1592, d. 14 Oct 1664, age 72; m. ~1612 Catharina (might be SCHULER) b. abt. 1593; d. 9 Apr 1665, age 72. Did they have any children? How is Michael related to the other JAUCHs in this grouping and above? NOTE: this is NOT the Michael Jauch who -- almost a generation later-- marries Catharina Jauch dau of Hanss Jauch, above.
  7. Veit Jauch b. abt. 1594; d. bef Oct 1657; m(2?) ~1640 Ursula Unknown. Between Ursula and his supposed first wife, he had at least 8 children between 1618 and 1642. He also had three sisters, Waldburga (m. E. Schentzl), Maria, and Catharina.

Generation #5:

  1. Michael JAUCH, b. abt. 1610? d. ??; m. abt. 1630 Catharina Unknown, b. abt. 1611; d. 30 Jun 1661, age 52. [Who is this couple? Who is this Catharina? She's not the same as either the Catharina Schueler who marries a Michael Jauch, nor is she the Catharina Jauch who marries a Michael Jauch.]
  2. Martin or Matthias Jauch b. abt. 1625; m. abt. 1650 Anna b. abt. 1631; d. 30 Jun 1661, age 31 years.
  3. Georg JAUCH's daughter Anna JAUCH b. abt. 1629 married 1649 (per Reinartz-Book) Martin Gerster

  4. Martin JAUCH, b. abt. 1630?; m. ~1650 Anna Unknown, b. abt. 1630; d. 30 Jun 1661, age 31 (church records).

Generation #6:

  1. Veit Jauch, b. abt. 1650; m. Maria b. abt. 1651; d. 13 Dec 1701, age 50 [might be the Veit Jauch who dies 24 Feb 1686, age 38] [there's also a Veit Jauch who dies 31 May 1688, no age given] [NOTE: There are a lot of VEITs and VITUSes born in same time frame; need to carefully review them]

  2. Hanss Jauch, b. 19 Aug 1655, d. 16 Jan 1733; m. Agatha, b. abt. 1659; d. 27 Aug 1685, age 26. [Hanss goes on to marry Catharina KOHLER.]

"Later" Early Jauchs I have yet to link to earlier generations (unless otherwise noted, these are from FHL #1658745 Marriages: Schwenningen 1659-1768) Initial dates are marriage dates.

Early Jauchs from other nearby towns (closer to Schwenningen)

Earlier Jauchs from Baden

Similarly, I have also found some earlier JAUCHs in Baden. Here's a group from Herbolzheim, Freiburg, more or less due west of Schwenningen and close to the Rhine River and the French border:

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