Jauchs of Schwenningen: The Disconnected Branches (Genealogy, Family History)

From Germany to Buffalo & Cincinnati: Albert, Betz, Glunz, Jauch, Schmidt, Sess

Disconnected Families / Individuals from the JAUCHs of Schwenningen GEDCOM

One of my goals with the JAUCHs of Schwenningen GEDCOM is to make it ONE family tree. Currently (as of Last Updated, below), there are 48 (down from the original 56) distinct Jauch "trees." I believe that the bulk of these can be combined into ONE family tree as I continue to find connections between them. This page is my attempt to document the current status of those groupings (one of which is the bulk of the current GEDCOM and not listed here), and to seek your assistance in doing so. If you are researching any of these branches and you can help me connect them into the larger "trunk of the tree," I would be most appreciative.

NOTE: I want to acknowledge the kind and generous Axel Bauder of Schwenningen, Germany, who has helped me decipher these oldest records, offered additional information from other references he has researched on his own. Additional researchers who have contributed significantly to this particular effort (on this page) are Kristen Ahlstrom, Peter Schifferdecker, Michael Schlenker. I could not have done this without all of you.

Jillaine Smith, Washington DC
Last Updated: 28 October 2005

Sorted chronologically, oldest first:
  1. Bastian Jauch, b. abt. 1500. Parents? Spouse? Children?
  2. Jakob Jauch, b. abt. 1558. Parents? Spouse? Children?
  3. Hanss Jauch, b. abt. 1558. Parents? Spouse? Children?
  4. Bartlin Jauch, b. abt. 1580. Parents? Spouse? Children?
  5. Hanss Jauch, b. abt. 1583 possibly of Tailfingen near Baldingen; d. 27 Jan 1681 Schwenningen, age 98. His wife was Maria Falck; she died 14 Mar 1670 "wife of alt Hanss Jauch" They did not appear to have children. I would like to identify the names of his parents.
  6. Michael Jauch, b. abt. 1591; m. abt. 1612 Catharina Schueler. He died 14 Oct 1663; she died 9 Apr 1665. He was a kiefer (cooper). Who were his parents? (Axel Bauder has been unable to link him to any other Jauchs.) What is the reference for Catharina's last name? (It comes from Peter Schifferdecker.) Did Michael and Catharina have any children?
  7. Georg Jauch, b. abt. 1600; m. Unknown. Daughter Anna Jauch m. Martin Gerster. Who were Georg's parents? Who was his wife?
  8. Martin Jauch, b. abt. 1628 married about 1650 Anna Unknown, who died 30 Jun 1660 identified as his wife. What was her last name, and who were the parents of Martin? Is he the Martin Jauch, son of Veith & Ursula, who marries in 1662 and 1671?
  9. Johannes Jauch, b. abt. 1670, was the father of Johannes Jauch, b. abt. 1690 who married 23 May 1713 Anna Schlenker . Who were the parents of the older Johannes Jauch? Who was his wife? UPDATE: Careful analysis of the Hanss/Johannes' of this time indicate the most likely parents for Johannes b. abt. 1690 are Hanss Jauch, b. 19 Aug 1655 m. Catharina Kohler. They had a son Johannes b. 28 Jan 1689, d. 28 Sep 1748 (of melancholia?). Is he also the Johannes Jauch, husband of the Maria Mehne who dies in 1748?
  10. Hanss Jakob Jauch, b. abt. 1700 ; d. 15 Jan 1741. m. 26 Oct 1723 Anna Schlenker. His marriage record indicates he was the son of Christian. The only possibility that we've determined is Christian Schlenker and Anna Pfruender. However we have yet to find a baptism for him; we believe he may have been born elsewhere (Christian and Anna were married in Tuningen in 1699; no his baptism isn't there.)
  11. Heinrich Jauch, b. 9 May 1681; d. 8 Dec 1741. Who are his parents? his spouse? My initial notes from the baptism records (see pp. 105-106) indicate no Heinrich Jauch born at this time (but double-check).
  12. Matthias Jauch, b. abt. 1692; married in 1711. Who did he marry and who were his parents? Check marriage records.
  13. Jakob Jauch, b. abt. 1710; m. abt. 1735 Anna Palmtag. Their daughter, Anna Maria Jauch, b. 1736; m. 1 Aug 1775 Johannes Haller. Who were Jakob Jauch's parents? [I could find no marriage record for Anna Palmtag and Jakob Jauch; nor have I been able to find a 1736 baptism for Anna Maria; double check.]
  14. Jakob Jauch, b. abt. 1720; m. abt. 1740 Agnes Jaeckle. Their son, Martin Jauch, was born 27 Aug 1745; who were Jakob's parents? One possibility (the only?) is that he's the Jakob b. 26 Feb 1721/22 to Georg Jauch and Agatha Haller.
  15. Ursula Jauch, b. abt. 1720; m. abt. 1740 Christian Schneckenburger, b. abt. 1720; Who were her parents? At least one child:
    • Agnes Schneckenburger, b. 8 Mar 1744; d. 28 Aug 1793
  16. Jakob Jauch, b. abt. 1730; had a daughter Anna Jauch, b. abt. 1750; she gave birth to an illegitimate son, Jakob Jauch? on 12 Feb 1770; who were her parents? What was the father's name of the illegitimate Jakob? And who were the parents of Jakob Sr.?
  17. Martin Jauch, b. abt. 1740; m. 29 Jan 1782 Agatha Hausser, dau of Johannes Hausser. Who were the parents of Martin Jauch?
  18. Andreas Mayer, b. abt. 1740; m. abt. 1760 Anna Rapp; son:
    • Andreas Mayer b. Apr 1764; d. 11 Feb 1814; m. 18 Feb 1797 Agatha Maurer. At least two of their sons (and possibly them?) were part of 1847 emigration:
      • Philipp Mayer m. Anna Maria Benzing; settled in St. Mary's, Auglaize Co., OH
      • Johannes Mayer; settled in Cleveland, OH
  19. Anna Jauch, b. abt. 1747; m. abt. 1767 Martin Link; their daughter Anna Link was born 30 Apr 1768; who were Anna Jauch's parents?
  20. Maria Jauch, b. abt. 1748, dau of Johannes Jauch, married 23 Aug 1768 Jakob Jaegles or Jaekle. What was her mother's name, and who were the parents of her father, Johannes?
  21. Veit Jauch, b. abt. 1750 m. Apr 1777 Anna Schlenker, dau of Christian Schlenker. Who were the parents of Veit?
  22. Veit Jauch, b. abt. 1760; m. 15 Apr 1782 Maria Benzing. Who were the parents of Veit Jauch?
  23. Johannes Lauffer, b. abt. 1760; m. abt. 1780 Anna Maria Weiler; their daughter:
    • Anna Barbara Lauffer, b. 30 Oct 1784; m. 7 Oct 1806 Jakob Jauch, b. abt. 1780. Their son:
      • Johannes Jauch, b. 18 jan 1810; . 19 Jul 1836 Elisabetha Schlenker (see listing above); Who were the parents of Jakob Jauch who married in 1806?
  24. Catharina Jauch, b. abt. 1768 m. abt. 1788 Kasper Haller. She gave him several sons between 1796 and 1799; who were her parents?
  25. Jakob Jauch was born 7 Dec 1795, son of Jakob Jauch
  26. (b. abt. 1770) and whom? Who were the parents of the older Jakob?
  27. Friederich Jauch, b. abt. 1770; m. 18 Feb 1800 Maria Rapp, dau of Johannes Rapp. Who were Friederich's parents?
  28. Maria Jauch, b. abt 1772, m. abt 1791 Johannes Mayer and had at least two children before 1799. Who were her parents?
  29. Andreas Jauch, b. abt 1775; m. 3 Jul 1805 Christina H??? Who were his parents?
  30. Jakob Jauch, b. abt. 1775; m. 12 Jun 1799 Barbara H?????, dau of Johann Michael H????. Who were the parents of Jakob?
  31. Anna Christina Stierla, b. abt. 1790; had an out-of-wedlock union with Jakob Jauch (which one?), resulting in:
    • Johannes Jauch-Stierla (not sure which surname he went by), b. 22 Sep 1812
    Anna Christina Stierle then went on to marry Jakob Schlenker about 1813; their daughter, Elisabetha Schlenker, m. 19 Jul 1836 Johannes Jauch, b. 18 Jan 1810.
  32. Andreas Wuerthner/Wirthner, b. abt. 1800; m. abt. 1824 Christina Unknown; emig as part of the 1847 town-subsidized emigration; settled in Buffalo, NY. Who were their parents? What was her maiden name? Children (all b. Schwenningen) included:
    • Christian Wuerthner, b. 1825
    • Jakob Wuerthner, b. 1827
    • Andreas Wuerthner Jr., b. 1836
    • Catharina Wuerthner, b. 1837
    • Christina Wuerthner, b. 1839
    • Johannes/John Wuerthner, b. 1844
  33. Jakob Schlenker, b. 11 Sep 1815 Schwen.; d. 2 Jul 1882 Buffalo; m. abt. 1841 Schwenn. Maria Schrenk, b. abt. 1816 [she might be dau of Georg Schrenk and Maria Quattlaender, b. 17 Aug 1816]; d. after 1880 NY. Emigrated between 1847 and 1949. Children included George (1842), Agnes (1847); Anna (1849); Jacob (1852); Carolina (1854).
  34. Johannes Speck, b. abt. 1821; m. abt. 1852 Buffalo Anna Benzing, b. abt. 1830. Raised a family in Buffalo. May have been part of the 1847 emigration.
  35. Christian Haller, b. abt. 1821; m. abt. 1850 Anna Unknown., b. abt. 1828. Emig about 1854. (Son John b. 1853 Schwe; dau Julia, b. 1858 Buffalo)
  36. Johann Georg Stegmann, b. abt. 1824 Schwenningen; m. abt. 1850 where? Ursula Meier, b. abt. 1829 Schwenningen. Several children all born in Buffalo between 1850 and 1868.
  37. Johann Martin Schlenker b. abt. 1824 Schwenn.; m. abt. 1856 (Buffalo?) Katharina Strohm, b. abt. 1829 Trossingen. At least two children born in Buffalo:
    • Christian Schlenker, b. 1861 Buffalo
    • John Schlenker, b. abt. 1865 Buffalo
  38. Martin Benzing, b. abt. 1825; m. abt. 1845 Agnes Jauch, b. abt. 1825. Who were her parents?
  39. Jakob Schlenker, b. abt. 1825 Schwenningen; m. abt. 1856 Barbara Schlenker; b. abt. 1832 Schwenningen; Children born in Buffalo: Christian (1857); Agatha (1860); Anna (1861); Maria (1867).
  40. Georg Schlenker, b. 14 Feb 1825 Schwenningen; d. 11 Jul 1868 Buffalo; m. abt. 1852 Ursula Wuerthner, b. abt. 1824 Schwenningen. Three daughters: Maria (1853); Agatha (1860) and Barbara (1863).
  41. Johann Georg Stegmann, b. abt. 1828 Schwenningen; m. abt. 1851 Anna Krafft, b. abt. 1828 Grossingen?; Several children all born Buffalo between 1852-1867.
  42. Johannes Jauch, b. abt. 1830 Schwenningen?; d. US; m. 3 Jul 1853 (Buffalo, NY, USA) Agnes Rapp, b. abt. 1833 Schwenningen? They went on to raise a good-sized family in Buffalo. Who were their parents?
  43. Jakob Meier, b. abt. 1831; m. abt. 1856 (Buffalo?) Maria Rothfuss, b. abt. 1831? Several children born in Buffalo, including: John, Jakob, Anna, Wilhelm, George.
  44. Maria Jauch, b. 1 Jul 1839; m. abt. 1858 Johann Martin Benzing. They emigrated to the U.S (Ohio). Who were her parents?
  45. Christian Jauch, b. abt. 1840; m. abt. 1865 Ursula Maier, b. abt. 1845. Their son Johannes Jauch (b. 8 Dec 1866) m. 1895 Theresia Brugner. Who were the parents of Christian Jauch?
  46. Jakob Jauch, b. abt. 1865; m. 26 Feb 1888 Anna Barbara Messner, b. 27 Oct 1865 Trossingen, dau of Andreas M. and A.B. Birk; d. 1912. Who are Jakob's parents?(Might be the son b. 2 Nov 1866 of Jakob Jauch and Agatha Mueller per IGI.) Child:
    • Jakob Jauch, b. 29 May 1890; d. 28 Nov 1923 (IGI)
  47. Johannes Jauch, b. 1 May 1881 Schwenningen; d. 28 Aug 1960; m. 1908 (in Goeppingen) Mary Magd. Roth of Gieslingen. All info from IGI Batch T900430. Who are his parents?



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