Rottweil-Tuttlingen Genealogy:

Rottweil-Tuttlingen Genealogy

Rottweil & Tuttlingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

This is the companion web site for the Rootsweb Mailing list, DEU-BAD-WUE-ROTTWEIL-TUTTLINGEN-L. Please use the navigation options above to move through the site. Here's what you'll find under each:

  • Mailing List
    Describes the background and purpose of the mailing list, how to subscribe/unsubscribe, and how to browse and search the archives.
  • Members
    Use this to find others researching the same towns and surnames in the R-T region.
  • Tips
    Suggestions for how to make best use of this web site and mailing list, and how to go about researching your family from this area.
  • Surnames
    An evolving / growing list of surnames common to this region, along with links to researchers and resources related to each.
  • Towns & Cities
    An evolving / growing list of cities and towns within the R-T region, with links to researchers and resources related to each.
  • History
    Attempts (!) to describe the history of the region, including the mix of religions that influenced the history as well as influences researchers efforts to understand their ancestry.

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