Schuelers, Schulers and Scheelars of Erie County, NY (Genealogy)

From Germany to Buffalo & Cincinnati: Albert, Betz, Glunz, Jauch, Schmidt, Sess

SCHUELERs & SCHULERs of Erie County, NY

In my effort to track the descendants of Catherine SCHMIDT (sister to my great-grandfather, Philipp Leonhard SCHMIDT), I am trying to figure out information about the man she married, Frank SCHUELER (b. July 1849). This is requiring me to become a bit familiar with the SCHUELER and SCHULER lines of Buffalo. I have compiled the following from what's been posted over the last several months to the SCHUELER/SCHULER message boards. (Kathy Kopp, I hope I got this right...) If you have any additional information about these or other SCHUELER/SCHULER lines of Buffalo, please contact me. (This and other email addresses have been modified to diminish spam.) Please also see Kathy Kopp's excellent compilation of Buffalo Schuelers from city directory listings.

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The oldest Buffalonian Schueler (that I've found so far-- thanks to Kathy Kopp) is:

Christian SCHUELER, b. abt. 1794 Kurhessen, Hesse Darmstadt (he's 75 in the 1870 census); emig. (arrived U.S.) 22 Jul 1844 (with wife and 8 children); d. 6 Mar 1880 Buffalo, NY. He was a farmer, gardener, laborer and milkman.
m. bef. 1821 Anna Maria-Mary Unknown, b. abt. 1794 Hesse Darmstadt (also age 75 in 1870 census); d. 17 February 1880 Buffalo, NY.
Both are buried at Pine Hill Cemetery (United German & French R.C. Cemetery, Lot 42, Section F, Graves 3 and 2), Cheektowaga, Erie, NY. 1850: Black Rock (Sheller); 1855: 6th ward (Schiller); 1860: 6th ward (Schuler); 1865: 6th ward (Schueler); 1870: 7th ward (Schueler); 1880: 6th ward. See more information compiled by Kathy Kopp. Known children:

  1. Joseph John SCHUELER*, b. 1822 Hesse Darmstadt, teamster. (In Christian, Sr.'s will, above, Joseph is identified as Christian's son (and petitioner); can't find in 1850 census.
    m1. abt. 1844 Clara Brown , b. 1830 in Bavaria; d. 27 Dec 1865. m2. abt. 1866 Theresa "Carry" Unknown, b. abt. 1845 NY (incorrectly identified as "Carry" dau of Joseph in 1880 census. Found in the following Censuses: 1855, 1860 (6th ward), 1865 (6th ward), 1870, 1880.
    • Anna SCHUELER, b. abt. 1851 (in 1860 census, not 1870)
    • Christina SCHUELER, b. NY abt. 1853
    • Christian SCHUELER, b. NY abt. 1856 (right age for Jeffrey Wedding's "Christopher"); in 1870 census
    • Frank SCHUELER, b. NY abt. 1858; in 1870 census
    • Dina SCHUELER, b. NY abt. 1859 ("Josephina" in 1860 census)
    • Joseph SCHUELER, b. NY abt. 1862; in 1870 census
    • Louisa SCHUELER, b. NY abt. 1867; in 1870 census
    • Charles SCHUELER, b. NY abt. 1869 ; in 1870 census
    • William SCHUELER, b. abt. 1871 NY (1880 census)
    • Anton SCHUELER, b. abt. 1873 NY (1880 census)
    • Mary SCHUELER, b. abt. 1875 NY (1880 c.)
    • [Pau]Lena SCHUELER, b. abt. 1877 NY (1880 c.)

  2. Margaret (aka Maria) SCHUELER b. Dec 1824 (24 and single with Christian in 1850 census) (also identified as Christian's daughter in his will), m. abt. 1852 Andrew HOTTINGER, b. Germany. Buried at Pine Hill Cemetery (UG&F). She's single, living with her parents in 1850 census. They are living with her parents in 1860 census with the following children:
    • John Hottinger, b. abt. 1855
    • Frank J. Hottinger b. abt. 1856
    • Adam J. Hottinger, b. abt. 1857
    • Charles F. Hottinger, b. abt. 1858

  3. Johann Paul (aka John) SCHUELER*, b. 1828 Hesse Darmstadt; tailor; emig. around 1844 (38 years in US per 1882 death certificate); d. 14 June 1882, 563 Monroe St., Buffalo, NY; bur. 18 June 1882, Pine Hill (UG&F) Cemetery, Cheektowaga, NY; See his will. Cannot find him in 1850 census.
    m. before 1852 Mary Magdalena UHLMANN (daughter of Franz Joseph UHLMANN and Friedericka Johanna Dorothea RAU (found in 1850 census living with Frances Tries and Francis & Eliz. Heffner); b. 19 Nov 1836 Barenstein, Jagstkreis, Wuerttemberg; d. 16 July 1906, Buffalo, NY; bur. Pine Hill Cemetery, Cheektowaga, NY. She can be found in the 1890 city directory as Mrs. Magdalena SCHEELER, at 563 Monroe. Censuses: 1855: 6th ward; 1860 6th ward; 1865: 6th ward; 1870: 6th ward; 1880: 6th ward; widow found in 1890 directory; she's also in 1900 census (13th ward). From descendant Kathy Kopp: their oldest son was born in Erie, Erie, PA, all other children were born in Buffalo, Erie, New York State. Mary Magdalena Uhlmann's 2 sister resided in Erie, Erie, PA.
      • John Christian SCHUELER, stovemounter, b. Jan 1854 Erie, PA. There's a John C. SCHEELER, plumber, at 349 High Street in 1890 city directory; m. Margaret Unknown. Three children.
    • Theresa SCHUELER, tailoress, b. 6 Oct 1856 per Kathy Kopp; d. 11 Feb 1912; m. Peter COLE (KOHLER per Theresa's father's will). 10-11 children.
    • Maria/Mary SCHULER, b. abt. 1857; m. bef. 1885 George KOLLER; three children.. (alive in 1900 census)
    • Anna Maria SCHULER, b. 10 May 1860; d. 10 Jan 1889; m. 24 JUNE 1879 John L. LICHTENTAL Six children.
    • Mary Magdalena SCHULER, b. 10 July 1862; d. 16 May 1938 Cheektowaga; m. bef. 1882 John Frank FENZEL/FENSIL. Kathy Kopp's line. 13 children.
    • Elisabetha M. SCHULER, b. 6 Nov. 1864; d. 6 March 1930; m. 6 Nov 1882 John Andrew SCHMITT. 14 children.
    • Catharine SCHULER, b. 12 July 1865/66 (in her father's will; not in 1870 census); m. John Andrew SETTER. 5 children.
    • Anton/Andrew R. SCHEELAR, b. 29 March 1867; d. 25 March 1945; buried at Pine Hill. See this message from Kathy Kopp that may indicate his wife and family, also buried at Pine Hill (UF&G?).
      m. Ida BUCKHOLZ, b. 1868; d. 1938. [Researcher Donna Barnes is descended from this line, as is researcher Debra Scheelar.] An Andrew Schueler is living with a John Schmitt per the 1890 city directory. Children (all info provided by Debra Scheelar):
      • Earl Scheelar (married with children)
      • Delavine Scheelar (m. HILLGEN no children)
      • John Scheelar (unmarried, no children per)
      • Amelia Scheelar (m. ZELMA had children)
      • Andrew Scheelar, Jr., (unmarried per)
      • Florence Scheelar (m. BLEB; had children)
      • Magdalena Scheelar (unmarried per)
      • Idea Scheelar (m. SONTAC, had children)
      • Clarence Scheelar (unmarried)
      • Joseph Scheelar (married with children)
      • George SCHEELAR m. J. Emma ULRICH
        • Norwood Andrew SCHEELAR, m1. Lorraine NETTER, d. 29 Oct 1961; m2. abt. 1976 Susan DRYDEN
          • Donna SCHEELAR (researcher) m. BARNES
          • Dale Andrew SCHEELAR m. Anne PETRIE
          • Donald Robert SCHEELAR m. Jill FROMMER
        • Robert A. SCHEELAR, d. 22 Apr 1987 Hamburg, NY; m. Dolores (Dee) BRADY. From obituary, children are:
          • Timothy SCHEELER
          • Robert SCHEELER m. Maureen Unknown
          • Robin Buskirk SCHEELER
          • Terry SCHEELER
          • Susan SCHEELER
          • Andrew SCHEELER
          • Debra SCHEELER (researcher)
        • June SCHEELAR m. Unknown HUNTER
    • Christian SCHUELER, b. Sept. 1869 Buffalo; m. Anna Maria Unknown; unknown children.

  4. Katherine SCHUELER b. 1832 Germany (identified as Christian's daughter in his will; also in 1850 US and 1855 NY state census), m. John KESSEL (per same will). NOTE: John Kessel shows up as witness to Frank [G/Kraus?] Schueler's marriage to Catharina Schmidt in 1871. This family can be found in 6th ward in 1860 census with children:
    • John Kessel (b. 1853)
    • Magdalena Kessel (b. 1856)
    • Mary Dessel (b. 1859/60)

  5. Gertrude-Josephine SCHUELER, b. 1834 Curhessen Darmstadt; d. 29 Oct 1884. In 1850 with parents as "Josephine, 16"; in 1855 as "Eva", 23; in 1860 with parents as "Gertrude J., 26". In Christian's will, identified as his daughter, Josephine Schaefer; m. John SCHAEFER. Known children (per Kathy Kopp). Last seen in census in 1865, still single with parents.

  6. Franz/Frank SCHUELER*, b. btw. 1835-1837 (18 in 1855 NY state census) Curhessen Darmstadt; teamster Not in 1850 census.
    m. abt. 1863. Dorthea Margaret Knecht, b. abt. 1835 Bavaria. Frank identified as Christian's son in the latter's will. Children all born NY:
    • Christian Schueler, b. abt. 1864
    • John Schueler, b. abt. 1866
    • Margaretha Schueler, b. abt 1867

  7. Maria/Mary T. SCHUELER b. Dec 1839 Germany; (also identified as Christian's daughter in his will), m. abt. 1863 Andrew/Johan Zindel (d. 11 Apr 1880). With parents in both 1850, 1855 and 1860 census records. Found in 1900 census, age 60.

  8. Christina SCHUELER b. 1841 (14 in 1855 NY state census; not with them in 1850 census unless it's the "Christian, 8, m"; is with them in 1860) (identified as Christian's daughter in his will); d. 1924; m. abt. 1867 Anton GOLDSMITH (b. 2 Dec 1842; d. 11 Oct 1871). Both buried at Pine Hill (UG&F) cemetery. Living next door to or with her parents in 1870, married and with the following children:
    • Christian Goldsmith, b. abt. 1868
    • Anthon (Jr.?) Goldsmith, b. abt. Dec 1869

* In the 6th ward, in 1870, these three SCHUELER families are living, it looks like, on the same street, and two sets of them are living next door to each other.

Other Early Buffalo Schuelers

A. M. Schuler, b. abt. 1804 Germany, can be found in Black Rock in the 1850 census, age 46, laborer; m. Gertrude, 46 (b. abt. 1804 Germ) with these children:

B. John Martin SCHUELER, b. 1821 Hesse Darmstadt. Can't find in 1850 census.

C. Gottlieb SCHUELER, b. 1840 Wurttemberg. There's a Gottlieb Schuler, working at J.J. & G.S., printer, 374 Front Avenue, in the 1890 city directory. There's also a Godleip, son of John & Annie Schuler, b. abt. 1837. He's not in 1850 census.

D. Martin John SCHUELER, b. 1840/41 Hessen Darmstadt. See J. M. Schueler in 1880 census below; right age. Not in 1850 census.

Here is the Frank SCHUELER that I am trying to link into the above. On three different NY State Censuses there is a Frank K/GRAUS -- grandson? to Christian SCHUELER -- living with Christian's family above-- b. 1849 who the third time shows up as Frank SCHUELER, b. 1849. Looks quite possible that "my" Frank Schueler started out as Frank G/KRAUS, but was raised by his grandfather and ultimately (by his 1874 marriage) took his last name. The question is: which daughter of Christian's was Frank GRAUS's mother? Can't find him in 1850 census; in 1860, he's Frank Graus living with Christian & Anna, age 11; in 1870 he is the Frank Kraus, 21, b. NY, apprentice carpenter, living in same household with Christian's daughter, Christine Schueler Goldsmit (and next door to Christian). (By the way, this is on the same page as Philippina Betz Schauf, whose sister Elisabetha's daughter, Catherine Schmidt, marries Frank Schueler abt. 1872.) See family photo.

Frank Schueler b: July 1849 in New York; d: 17 Jan 1911 in Buffalo, Erie County, NY (not on 1920 census);
m. Catharina Schmidt, b: 31 August 1849 in Buffalo, New York; d: 1 Mar 1933 Buffalo.

And here is the SCHUELER line that Jeffrey Wedding is researching [updated 14 Feb 2003]:

Christopher Schuler, b. abt. 1856 NY; d. aft. 1920; occ. factory worker; m. Mary Magdalena Unknown, b. abt. 1861 NY; d. aft. 1920. Both sets of parents born Germany; wife's parents possibly from Frankfurt. Living with son in 1920 census.

Other, Yet-to-be-identified Buffalo SCHUELERs

Schulers at Concordia Cemetery:
Schuelers (etc.) in the 1870 Census
Buffalo Schulers in 1880 Census
SCHULERs/SCHUELERs in the 1890 Buffalo City Directory

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