The Ancestry of the New England Bogdonoffs: Barber, Cooley, Devoe, Dick, Hill, Johannson, Peterson

The Ancestry of the New England Bogdonoffs:
Barber, Cooley, Devoe, Dick, Hill, Johannson, Peterson

Will of Richard TAYLOR (d. 1703) of Yarmouth, MA

Written 1693, codiciled 1699, proved 1703

The Original Will of Richard Taylor, September 6th, 1693

Source: 2 Barnstable Probate Records, p. 262
Transcribed by Laurel Gabel (lkgabel AT

"In the name of God Amen. The 2nd day of September 1693, in the fifth year of the Reign of their Majesties King William and Queen Mary, etc., I Richard Taylor of Yarmouth in the county of Barnstable in New England, being aged and weak in body but of sound and disposing memory.... do make this my last will and testament in mannor and form following...

Item. I given and bequeath unto my son Richard Taylor about twelve or fourteen acres of my land, be it more or less according to ye bounds wherin mentioned....

Item. I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Mehetabel four pounds.

Item. I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Keziah Eldridge, four pounds.

Item. I give and bequeath unto my grandson, Samuel Eldridge, twenty shillings.

Item. I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Hanah Jenkins, twenty shillings, if she come for it, but not else. And if she doth not come for it within two years after my decease, I do give it equally to my two other daughters, Mehetable and Keziah.

Lastly, my will is that these legacies abov ementioned be paid out of my moveable estate....

And... my will is that my said son, Elisha (Tailor) Taylor, shall pay the sums in currant pay within two years after my decease.

And I do nominate and appoint and empower my well beloved sons Richard taylor, Elisha Taylor, and Samuel Eldridge to be executors to this my will. In witness whereof I, the said Richard Taylor, have hereunto set my hand and seal, the ay and year first above written.


[Codicil Oct 1699]

Be it known to all people by this instrument that I, Richard Taylor, above named, do by this addition declase that my above written will shall stand in all the particulars of it except that change which gives my son Elisha two years more to pay such part of the legacies or portions, above by me given to my children, as my moveable estate will not reach the payments of which said clause, I do hereby disanull and make void. And I do hereby further add that my will is that my grandchild Jehosephat Eldridge shall have my sword, and that my granddaughter Mehetable Eldridge shall have my biggest box that hath a lock and key to it, with all the things in it. And that my grand daughter Mehetable Smith shall have my other box and all the thiings in it. And my grand Daughter Keziah Eldridge shall have my chamber pot. And my will is that these particulars, now by me given to my grandchildren, shall not be accounted as part of my estate, which is to pay the legaies befor given in my first above written will, which my son Elisha is to pay. and lastly, it is my will that my son Elisha do so cause hereafter to sell the land and meadows he hath of me that he shall give due reprising thereof to his brother Richard at the price others will give for it. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, the twenty-eight day of October 1699.


October 6, 1703. Then JOhn Thacher, Esq. and Lydia Thacher, his wife, before Banabas Lothrop Esq., Judge of probare etc for the county of Barnstable, made oath that they did see Richard Tyalor, late of Yarmouth, now Deceased, sign and seal this instrument and heard him declare it to be his last will and testament and that he was of disposing mind and memory when he so did, so far as they know. And also that they saw him sign and seal the codcil thereunto annexed....

Before Barnabas Lothrop, Esqu. judge of probate etc. for this County of Barnstable at Barnstable, the will of Richard Taylor, late of Yarmouth, deceased, to whose property annexed (?) was proved, approved, and allowed, who, having while he lived and at the time of his deathk, goods, chattels, rights, and audits in said county. And administration of all and singular the goods, chattels rights and audits of the deceased committed to Richard Taylor, Samuel Eldred (Eldrige), and ELisha Taylor in said will named executors. As in witness thereof, I, the said Barnabas Lothrop, have set my hand and seal of office, October 6th, 1703."


The inventory of Richard Taylor of Yarmouth, who died the first day of August 1703. [Amounts are showin in English pounds, shillings and pence.]

Item To wearing clothes, bedding, and old household stuff, 04=14=08

Item to one sword and 2 boxes, 01=02=00

Item to neate cattle, 07=00=00

Item, To housing and land (140=0=0)

Item More. One grindstone and plow (00=04=06)

This inventory taken by John Howes and Sam.l Sturges (?) Aprized this 11th day of August, 1703.


October 6,1703. Then Elisha Taylor appeared before Barnbabs Lothrop, Esq. Judge of probates etc. for the County of Barnstable, and made oath that the above written is a true inventory of the Estate of Richard Taylor, his deceased father, o far as he knows. And that if anything that is material shall further come to his knowledg,e he will bring it to this inventory. Attest. Wm. Bassett, Reg.


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