Transcription Of Beesley / Gordon Bible

Transcription Of Beesley / Gordon Bible
The Bible was found in the Burlington, Ontario region and given to me in Sept. 1998.
The following is the transcription taken from the two pages in the front of the Bible.
"Mary Beesley Born in the year 1821 September the 12
Remember me when this you
see and keep me still in mind
But let the world say what they
will speak of me as you find.
Adam Beesley
Nathaniel Gordon
Born the 7th day of January 1841.
Eliza Gordon born 29th
May 1842 at Ancaster
Robert C. Gordon Born June 7th
Mary Gordon Born
September t 30 1846
Peter Adam Gordon Born
September 1, 1848
Robert Clark Gordon
Nov 3rd? In the??ear of 1873
Nov 3 In the year 1873
In Grimsby Ontario."