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A Pioneer Family is one that settled in Wentworth County Ontario prior to 1860

Family Contact: Jim Anderson  Updated Dec 28, 2001
John ANDERSON was born c1787 in Pennsylvania, he was of Irish origin. John and his wife Susannah had a son Henry, born April 24,1800 in PA, just before John imigrated to Ontario in 1800. John lived in West Flamborough on Concession 2 lot 24, Wentworth Co. Ont., until he died on Oct. 29, 1840.
John & Susannah's children:
- Henry, b. 24 Apr 1800, PA, m. Feb. 1819, Margaret BAKER , b. c1800, US. Henry died 4 Dec 1861, E. Flamborough, Wentworth Co., buried: Millgrove Cem. (Lived - Lot 13 Con. 5 East Flamborough)
- William T., b. 25 May 1802, m. 1828, Annie MCMULLEN, b. c1805, d. 1 Feb 1894. William T. died 5 Sep 1888, buried: Mountview Cem. Cambridge (Galt). (Lived - Lot 4 Con. 10, Beverly Twp.)
- Samuel, b. 26 Nov 1815, m. Agnes Miles? , b. 19 Oct 1819, Pennsylvania, d. 20 Apr 1903, Samuel died 15 July,1874, Wentworth Co, buried: Union Cem. Waterdown.
- Abraham, b. 25 Apr 1818, W. Flamborough, Wentworth Co., m. 7 Jun 1838, Rhoda Ann JENREAUX/GENEREUX, b. 4 Feb 1819, Glanford Twp., Wentworth Co., d.17 Aug 1895, Abraham died 30 Mar 1868, Windham Twp., buried: Vanessa Cem.
- Isaac H., b. abt. 1819, Ont., m. 23 Mar 1843, in Beverly, Agnes ERB, b. 5 Jul 1826, Agnes d. 29 Apr 1847,(Lived - Lot 24 Con. 2 West Flamborough)
- John T., b. c1804, m. 28 Oct. 1831, wife Jane MCILROY. John died Dec.1849., (Lived - Lot 5 Con. 10, Beverly Twp.)
- Mary, b. November 3, 1805, m. George BAKER
- Margaret, b. abt 1806, m. Jacob CUMMINGS
- Elizabeth, b. abt 1810, m. John MCILROY
John is my Great-Great-Great Grandfather.
Jim E. Anderson, 3204 Tatlock Rd., RR2 Clayton Ont., K0A1P0.
Anderson Genealogy web page

Family Contact: Marjorie Henrie
William Armstrong came to Mount Hope with his wife Mary Kirk and 10 children William was a Blacksmith they came from Northumberland England in 1855 most of the family stayed in Wentworth  Glanford TWN The family are Ann married William Hamilton  abt 1870 in Glanford. George Married Matilda Kerby 25 apr 1867 also Glanford. John married Emeline Magdeline 9 feb 1867 Glanford. William Married Phyllis Hicks abt 1868 Glanford.James married Mary(wish I knew more) about 1866 in Glanford Mary married Jonathan Nelson Cook 17 nov 1869. Sarah Jane Married George Nelson Stuart abt 1870 Hannah Married George Hassard abt 1875 in Glanford Isabella married John Grey abt 1856 in Glanford.
I would be most happy to hear from any of these original Pioneers families.
I live In Alberta Canada my address is 1115 40 ave North Lethbridge Alberta T1H 6B6  my email is [email protected]

Family Contact: Sue & Bob Parent <[email protected]>

To: Jim E. Anderson

Genealogy Info on the family of Abraham Baker & Esther (Yake) Baker of E. Flamborough Twp; Wentworth County, Ontario.

These are my Great, Great, Great Grandparents. 
I am Suzanne (Baker) Parent of 30 Riverside Circle, Smithville, Ontario
E-mail address is  [email protected]

Please add this family to your web-page.  Their history is documented at the Flamborough Historical Society in Waterdown, Ontario.

Abraham was born abt. 1775 in Earl Twp; Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He died Nov.12, 1838 in E. Flamborough Twp; (Lot 13-Conc 4). Abraham & Esther and their son, George were the first burials at Rock Chapel United Cemetery and the stones are still readable today.  Abraham & Esther travelled north to Upper Canada in the early 1800's with 3 small children along with many other families of German descent that were fleeing the turmoil of the American Revolution.   They squatted on Crown Land on Conc. 4 for many years while waiting for approval to purchase said lands which did eventually happen.

Esther Yake was born abt. 1774 in Germany and emigrated with her father, Johann Daniel Yake, settling in Pennsylvania.  Esther died June 11, 1861 also at the family homestead on Conc. 4-Lot 13.

There were 12 children born to Abraham & Esther:

#1  Margaret, B abt. 1799 (PA), D abt. 1879 (Wentworth County *WC*) 
Spouse Henry Anderson, B Apr 24, 1800 (PA), D Dec 4, 1861 (WC)
Married Feb 16, 1819 in Ancaster, Ontario. 
****This is your Henry Anderson, the eldest son of John & Susannah Anderson****

#2  George, B Sep. 20, 1801 (PA), D Aug. 18, 1836 (WC)
Spouse Mary Anderson, B Nov. 3, 1805 (WC), D Mar. 29, 1889 (WC)
Married abt. 1822.  George built first saw & grist mill @ Bakersville (Conc. 5, north of Waterdown, Ont.)         He died at age 34 of a heart attack. 

#3  Mary, (twin sister to George) B Sep. 20, 1801 (PA),  D May 17,1888 (WC)
Spouse Robert Flatt, B Nov 19,1799 (Scotland), D Aug 6, 1848 (WC)
Married Oct 16, 1819.

#4  Elizabeth, B abt. 1804 (WC),  D ?. 
Spouse David Burkholder from WC, B 1801.
No details on marriage.  They had one son David (1825 - 1906).

#5  John, B abt. 1806 (WC),   D Oct 12, 1884 (WC)   John remained single and inherited his fathers lands (Lot 13-Conc 4) which he in turn willed to his nephew, Samuel Flatt.

#6  Sarah,  B Jan. 8,1809 (WC),  D Jun 24,1889 (WC)
Spouse James K Markle, B abt. 1807 (WC),  D Aug. 19,1899 (WC)
Married about 1828.

#7  Abraham Jr.  B Feb. 1811 (WC),   D Apr. 23, 1891 (WC)
Spouse Mary Ann Morden,  B abt. 1817,  D Jun 29, 1884 (WC)
Married about 1840.

#8   Katherine,  B Apr. 26,1815 (WC),  D  Aug. 21,1884 (WC)
Spouse Albert Bemus Palmer,  B Mar. 20,1807 (USA),  D Nov. 2,1874 (WC)
Married Apr. 30, 1835.  Albert was the first school teacher in Millgrove, Ontario.

#9  Jacob, B May 20,1818 (WC),  D Nov. 29, 1903 (WC)
Spouse Elizabeth Washburn,  B Jul 8,1820 (WC),   D Sep. 21,1884 (WC)
Married about 1837.         JACOB IS MY 2nd GREAT GRANDFATHER..

#10  Daniel,  B abt. 1820 (WC),    D Nov. 28,1884 (WC)
Spouse Elizabeth ??    B 1819,   D 1856 (WC)

#11  Ann,  B abt. 1821 (WC),     D abt. 1908  
Spouse James Samuel Morden,   B abt. 1822 (WC),  D  Jul 22, 1910 (Oxford County)

#12  Phoebe,  B Dec. 31, 1822 (WC),    D Jul. 18, 1904 (WC)
Spouse William A Morden,  B Jan. 7, 1820 (WC),    D  Feb 22, 1905 (WC)
Married Aug. 17, 1840.

Family Contact: Frank J. Barrett
Robert Barrett-2nd Born in Ireland 1822 arrived in Hamilton Ontario around 1825 --Married Johanna Duggan Born 1833 in Hamilton Ontario Marriage took
place in St Mary's Hamilton Feb10 1850
They had 12 Children
Mary Born 1851
Charles Born 1852
Robert E. 3rd 1853
Daniel born 1855 (My Grandfather) Electrocuted while trimming
street lamps October 18 1910 in Hamilton
John Patrick 2nd born  1856
Joseph born  1858
Agnes born   1861
Patrick  2nd born  1868 Died day of Birth
?? Twin sister of Patrick born 1868 Died day of birth
Catherine T Born 1869
Bridget 2nd Born 1871
James Joseph Born 1875 (Hamilton Policeman 1902)
 My Dad James Bernard born 1892  Daniels son---
E- Mail address [email protected]
Web Page www.echelon.ca/franko
Home address Frank J. Barrett 206 Levis St.Vanier,Ont. Kil6J2

Family Contact: Chuck McEwan
Thomas Baskerville was born in Tipperary county, Ireland in 1829.  He came to Canada with his parents, Benjamin Baskerville and Sarah Martin, when he was about ten years old and settled in Kingston.  As a young man he was a sailor and in 1847 moved to Beverly Township where he farmed the north half of Lot 34 on the 7th Concession.  He married Charlotte Shaver of Westover.  They had six daughters, Mahala, Mary Ann, Hortence, Agness, Margaret, and Louise. The family moved to Dundas in 1867 where he was a butcher for 28 years.  He served three different terms as councilor for Valley Ward.  The family resided in the home at the corner of King and Napier (Block 13, Lot 12) which is still there.  His shop was located on the same property.  Charlotte died in 1892 and Thomas in 1895 at the age of 65.  His eldest daughter, Mahala, married James McEwan of Dundas.  They resided in the Baskerville home after the death of Thomas.  James worked as a machinist at Bertram’s for 54 years having started as an apprentice at age 14.  His family are also early pioneers of Wentworth County having come to Dundas in 1841.  Mary Ann married T.J. Statham of Chicago and they took up residence in Strathroy where she died in 1938.  Agness was a school teacher in Dundas.  At a young age she went to India as a Baptist missionary for over forty years where she operated a school for girls.  Louise died young, at the age of 19, in 1891 of Tuberculosis.  She, along with her father, mother and sisters Agness and Mahala are buried in the family plot in the Grove Cemetery, Dundas.
Charles McEwan
E-mail:- [email protected]
Address:- 394 Millbank Drive, London, ON N6C 4W7

Black  Added Mar 26,2002
Family Contact: Peggy Davis
Bn:  1840 in Cupar, Fifeshire, Scotland or Hamilton, Wentworth,  Ont.
Died:  Sept. 26, 1916 -- Hamilton, Wentworth, Ont.
Father:  DAVID BLACK -- Bn:  1805 -- Cupar, Fifeshire, Scotland
Mother:  ISABELLA ARNOTT -- Bn:  1812 -- Scotland.
Wife:  WORTHY  SURERUS -- Bn: 1850 -- West Falmborough Twp. Wentworth, Ont.
Would like to hear from anyone related  to this family.
Thank you.  Peggy -- Calif.

Bowes  Added Nov. 17,2003
Family Contact: Janet Kendall
Joseph Bowes (b ca. 1811) and Tirzah Farrell (b 1827), both from County Monaghan, Ireland. They emigrated to Ontario around 1851/52 with their infant son Samuel and settled in the city of Hamilton, Wentworth County, Ontario. They had the following children;
Samuel (b 1851 Liverpool, England) ;
David (b 1852 Hamilton, Wentworth Co.);
Benjamin Farrell (b 1855, Hamilton);
Sarah Jane (b 1856);
John Wesley (b 1859);
Lucy (b 1861);
Joseph (b 1864);
Margaret (b 1868);
Estie "S.T"? (born 1870).
My regular mail address is;    Janet Kendall-Wheeler  7365 Ouimet, Verdun QC,  H4H 2J6

Buckberry (Buckberrough)
Family Contact: J. Daniel Mahar
John Buckberry (Buckberrough) died 1823 Settled in Beverly by 1809 on land in the SE Quadrant of Lot 8.  Left at least four sons:  Hugh of Ancaster (died in War of 1812); William (c1792-1870) of Windham, Norfolk; George of Troy; & John (1781-1848) of Brant. Web Page

Family Contact: Leah B. Meador
The head of this family was William BULLOCK, III, called William the Elder. William was born in Staffordshire, England 5 Oct 1804 and (via Pittsburgh, PA) settled Bullock's Corners in West Flamborough in 1833. Upon his death 24 Jan 1866, his was the first burial in Christ Church Cemetery. William married Mary Ann JACKSON (d. 1851). After his arrival in West Flamboro, William "purchased land from Peter Hunter HAMILTON, being part of Lot 10, Concession 2, on or about the thirty-first day of January, 1837, and built a tavern which he called the British Hotel and which became the nucleus of the community which grew up around it. On the 10th day of Februrary, 1841, he purchased additional land, part of Lot 10 in the Second Consession of West Flamboro, which contained land on both sides of the creek from Kirby's bridge south and east to the 2nd concession, thus securing the creek rights on which he built a grist and sawmill,... a large frame block of stores... and several houses on the east side of the Brock road south of Kirby's bridge."* William III continued in the hotel business and in running the grist mill. His brother, Ralph, joined him from England to assist with running his businesses. In 1848, William and Dr. James HAMILTON were authorized to purchase the land on which the first school was built. In 1852 he was elected to the Municipal Council and served for the years 1852-1855, serving as Deputy Reeve for the last two years. In 1854 an older sister (Mary Ann) and her husband, Jos. JACKSON, came to Canada from England to help run the lumber business William had also began. In 1857 William III turned over all his local property jointly to two sons, William III and Joseph. William III and his wife had seven children that I know about:
1. Emma (m. Matthew PEACOCK)
2. Mary Ann (m. COCHENOUR)
3. Elizabeth (m. MARTIN), and
4. Frances (m. WEBSTER, possibly George)
5. Joseph (m. Lizzie DUFFIELD, 1856). In 1870 Joseph sold his share of the family property to his brother, Wm IV, and moved to New Brunswick.
6. John - John left Canada for "a life of adventure". I believe he first went to New Zealand and then later to California.
7. And my ancestor, William IV, called William the Younger. William married Sara KIEVEL (her parents were John NON-KIEVELL and Sarah SCHRAM). Her brothers were John and George.
Leah B. Meador, 11672 - 153rd Court, North Jupiter, FL 33478 USA (561) 748-8632 e-mail: [email protected]

Burrell   Updated Oct. 11 ,2005
Family Contact: Valarie Albert
George Burrell born 8 Dec 1821 christened 16 Dec 1821 Pinchbeck, Lincoln, England. Died 26 Sep 1910 Greenridge, RM Franklin, Manitoba.
Married Agnes Robertson born 29 Jan 1824 Burwich, Scotland died 27 Sep 1913 Greenridge, Manitoba.  George Burrell and his brother Thomas
Burrell are listed on 1857 Tax Assessment Beverly Twp. on Concession 8 Lot 6. George is a teacher and storekeeper and appears in the 1861 and
1871 census for Beverly. In 1881 he appears in Emerson, Manitoba. George and Agnes had the following children:
1. George William Burrell born 11 Nov 1857 Beverly Twp died 3 May 1941 Dominion City, Manitoba. Buried Greenridge Cemetery, Manitoba. Married
.24 Mar 1917 Thompson, Manitoba Margaret Wincup.
2. Margaret Burrell born 1858 Beverly died before 1891 Manitoba. Married Charles Brown 24 Aug 1880 at Greenridge, Manitoba.
3. Agnes Burrell born 23 Jul 1859 Beverly died 16 May 1929. Married Robe3rt Kennedy Millar 24 Aug 1880 at Greenridge, Manitoba.
4. Peter Robertson Burrell born 10 Mar 1861 at Beverly died 5 Dec 1955 Kamloops, BC. Buried Vernon Cemetery, Vernon, B.C.
5. Charles Edward Burrell born 16 May 1865 at Westover, Wentworth Co, Ontario died 17 Mar 1953 Vernon, BC. Buried Mount Ida Cemetery,
Salmon Arm, BC. Married Sarah Taylor Grier at Dominion City, Manitoba.
Submitted by Valarie Albert, 3797 Valley Forge, Magna, Utah 84044
[email protected]

Burrell   Updated Oct. 11 ,2005
Family Contact: Valarie Albert
Thomas Burrell born 1831 Pinchbeck, christened 16 Jan 1831 Parish Church of Surfleet, Lincolnshire, England. Died 17 Jul 1896 Walkerton, Brant
Twp, Bruce Co, Ontario. Buried Protestant Cemetery, Walkerton, Ontario. Married  first 22 Jul 1857 at Beverly Twp Eliza Clowting. Married second
15 Aug 1876 Eliza Ellen Bolton.Thomas Burrell and his brother George Burrell are listed in 1857 - 5 9Beverly Twp Tax Assessment on Concession
8 Lot 6. Children of Thomas Burrell's first marriage are:
1. Sarah Burrell born 21 Jun 1858 McKillop Twp, Huron Co, Ont christened 11 Jul 1858. Died 1 Dec 1931 Emerson, Manitoba. Married 3 Jul 1882 William
2. James Burrell born 28 Apr 1860 christened 14 May 1860 died 17 Mar 1942 Goldsboro, Wayne Co, North Carolina, USA. Married Ada Mae
Ashley 26 Apr 1899 at Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee.
3. Margaret Burrell born 16 Jun 1862 at Seaforth, McKillop Twp, Horon Co died 9 Apr 1884 at
Walkerton, Brant Twp, Bruce Co. Married Ebenezer Wilson.
4. Eliza Burrell born 14 Aug 1864 married Samuel Wilson.
5. George Harold Burrell
born 30 Oct 1866 died 1949 Bleichen, Alberta married Maria Velo in Vera Cruz, Mexico.
6. Mary Ann Burrell born 30 Aug 1869.
7. Betsy Burrell born 11 Feb 1873 in Walkerton died 8 Nov 1875 in Walkerton.
Children of Thomas Burrell's second marriage:
1.Ellen Sophia Burrell born 5 Aug 1877 married Fank Harry Hird.
2. Thomas Charles Burrell born 2 Sep 1879 died 9 Oct 1937 buried 12 Oct 1937 Togo Cemeter, Togo, Saskatchewan. Married
Grace Myrtle Greenizan 26 Nov 1902 Fredonia, Chataqua Co, New York.
3.Mabel Martha Burrell born 17 Feb 1881 died 31 Jul 1968 Abbotsford, BC married John Alexander Reynolds Greenizan 26 Nov 1902 Walkerton.
4.Elizabeth "Betsy" Burrell born 3 May 1883 died Jan 1980 Louiville, Kentucky married Nels Nelson 12 Jun 1906.
5. William Edward Burrell born15 Apr 1885 Walkerton died 19 May 1970 Walkerton. Homesteaded Saskatchewan.
6. Alice Jane Burrell born 31 May 1887 Walkerton died 7 Jan 1910 Killarney, Manitoba. 7. Mary Louisa Burrell born 6 Aug 1889
Walkerton died bef 25 Mar 1976 Walkerton. Married Thomas Liddle 12 Jun 1912 Walkerton.  Submitted by Valarie Albert, 3797 Valley Forge, Magna,
Utah 84044 [email protected]

Family Contact: Irene Harding
Robert Camp, b. 1763 Sussex Co., NJ; joined the Royal Standard during the Rev. War; settled in Niagara, ON where he received a Crown Grant in 1796. He married Elizabeth Smith, b. 1769 NJ. Their children were:
1 - David, b. 1789; m. Elizabeth Bowman 1828; d.1872.
2 - Robert, b. 1795 Niagara; M/1 Bathsheba (Freeland) Smith 1818; M/2 Elizabeth Kelly 1824; d. 1872.
3 - Elizabeth, b. 1796 Niagara; d. 1822.
4 - Andrew, b. 1798 Niagara; m. Susanna 1822; d. 1870.
5 - Margaret, b. 1800 Niagara; m. Edward Robinson; d. 1858.
6 - Alexander, b. 1802 Niagara; m. Nelly; d. 1882.
7 - John, b. 1804 Niagara; M/1 Elizabeth Jones 1823; M/2 Esther (Hunt) Chandler 1851; d. 1881.
8 - Matthew, b. 1809 Niagara; m. Mary Gardner; d. 1885.
9 - Jane; m. James Thompson.
10 - Peter; d. 1832.
   In 1818 Robert sold his Crown Grant at Niagara and moved to Beverly Twp. where he purchased 800 acres. He gave 100 acres to each of his 7 sons and
kept 100 acres as the home place. He was instrumental in erecting the Christies Corner Presbyterian Church and was their first trustee. His first wife died in 1823. Robert died in 1834 and they are both buried in the Camp-Skinner Cemetery at Beverly.
Irene Harding - [email protected]
2120 Robins Lane S.E., Sp. 155; Salem, OR 97306 USA

Family Contact: Steven Glover
William Carey was born c. 1795 in Ireland & he emigrated to Canada with his wife Jane (Usher) circa 1820. It took them 11 weeks to make the crossing & they brought a goat with them to provide milk for the children. The family lived for a time in Nova Scotia before settling in Wentworth Country around 1830, where they built a log house in Millgrove.
-Michael Carey (born Ireland) married Catharine Lucinda Washburn (the daughter of Solomon Washburn & Catharine Ryckman, both Wentworth Co. pioneer families)
-William Carey (b. 1818 Ireland) married Annie Washburn
-James Carey (b. 1820 Nova Scotia). James Carey cleared the land for the Millgrove Cemetery.
-Edward Carey (b. 1824 Nova Scotia).
-Richard Carey (b. 1826 Nova Scotia) married Anne Markle (1848)
-Margaret Carey
-Jane Carey
William Carey was my great-great-great grandfather, Michael Carey was my great-great grandfather. Steven G. Glover, 1602-620 Toronto St., Victoria B.C., V8V 1P7

Christie  Added Dec. 6, 2004
Family Contact: Jean Christie
My  Christie family came to Carluke  area of Ancaster in 1858.
  John Christie  born 1817 in Lindores, Fifeshire, Scotland - Abdie Parish . He married  October 17,1840 inColasse Manse to Lady Margaret Isobel Younger. She was born September 29,1821 in Rochester, Kent Co., England  -the daughter of Viscount James Younger. The Youngers were natives of Fifeshire, Scotland.
John Christie received his education at St Andrews College in Scotland.
His sister Catherine Christie was married to John  Galloway and their son George  Galloway became Chancellor of St Andrews college in the 1920s- 1930s
John Christie and Margaret Isobel had 11 children and most of them spent their life in Ontario, Canada.
Their names were George ;John William; George ; Elizabeth ;Henry ;Agnes; Frederick Maitland ; Margaret Wrait;David ;Catherine ; and Christine.
John Christie's home  was at the south half of Lot 39- Conc. 7 which he bought from Robert Calder.
 His son David Christie  (my grandfather) owned the north half of Lot 42,- Conc.5 which he bought in1903.
 I would enjoy hearing from anyone  related or knowing of these people. My e-mail address is [email protected]
            Thankyou,      Jean Christie

Clark  Updated Nov. 17, 2003
Family Contact: Bonnie Clark
Robert CLARK (my gg grandfather) b. 1813 in Yorkshire, England m. Mary Ann Hendric STEPHENSON b. 1818 England.  The married in 1840 and immigrated to Wentworth Cty. in 1854 with 5 of their children.  They farmed in West Flamborough Twp. moving to Glanford around 1862 continuing farming on half of lot 15 concession 6 until retirement.
1.  George Rev. Ph.D. b. 20 Sept 1841, Hull Eng., d. 20 April 1937, Thorold,  m. Martha Hester HARVEY 28 June 1870 Raleigh Twp., Kent
2.  Mary Ann Hendric b. 1844 Hull, England , d. 10 Dec. 1886, Glanford
3.  Edward b. 3 June 1845/47 Hull, England, d. 12 Nov 1922, St. Catharines, Lincoln Cty. m. Elizabeth SHEPHERD
4.  Robert b. 31 March 1848, d. 28 Aug. 1849, England
5.  Samuel S. b. 30 June 1850 Hull, Eng. d. 23 April 1934, Caledonia, Alcona Cty., MI m. Carolyn V. C. WARDEN  (He may have had prior marriage.)
6.  Robert  b. 22 April 1852 d. 17 Feb 1853, England
7.  Ann b. 30 Jan 1854 Hull, England, d. 1935  m. Robert CARVER  9 April 1889, Glanford
8.  John A. b. 9 Feb 1857 Dundas, d. 24 Aug 1936, Beamsville m. (1) Nancy Jane CLARK, 28 Sept 1887, Glanford m. (2)Amelia R. SHIELDS 2 May 1902, Binbrook
9.  James Robert b. 17 Jan 1858 Dundas, d. 4 July 1887, Cambridge City, Wayne Cty, IN m. Janet Elizabeth GILCHRIST  22 Oct 1880, Glanford
10.  Elizabeth b. 17 Feb. 1860/63 Dundas, d. 1951, St. Catharines, Lincoln Cty. m.  Alex COMFORT
11.  William Stephenson b. 12 Feb 1862 Glanford, d. 22 July 1905, Hamilton m. Sarah Jane EVANS
I am descended from William S.
Snail mail:  192 Murlagan Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043 USA
Email:  [email protected]

Family Contact: Jan Clink
My pioneer family name is CLINK My g.g. grandfather, James T. Clink (b.1788/9 NY-possibly Albany) was a UEL who emmigrated to Saltfleet, Wentworth Co. Ont., Canada abt 1811. Although the exact emmigration date is not known, he was definitely there by 1826.  I believe he was married first to a Margaret ?, but have no documented proof. Possible children from this union are:
- John-b.1814, Zelah-b.1815,
- Henry-b.1816,
- George-b.1819,
- Helena-b1820,
- Phoebe-b.6/27/1823,
- James C.-b.1830.
Other children may also have been born of this union because of the date gap between 1823 and 1830. On 3/21/1835, James married(2nd?) Mary Barker-b.1815 Saltfleet, in Saltfleet.  Their children were:  Sarah C.-b.1842, Caroline-b.1843, Mary Jane-b.1846/7, Richard-b1847/8, Rachel-b.1848/9, Benjamin Tara-b9/26/1852 Saltfleet, Joseph A.-b.1854, Jonas-b.1857. James died in Wentworth Co. (probably Saltfleet) about 1866 although no death record has been located yet. Benjamin T. married Mary Bridget McDonald-b.7/6/1857 (an indentured servant brought over from London, England at the age of 9 who worked as a nursemaid) on 1/2/1882 in Woodstock, Ont., Can.  They raised their own family in the Stoney Creek/Grimsby area of Wentworth Co.
Jan Clink, 2030 Arcadia Dr., Miramar, Fl 33023

Clowting   Updated Oct. 11 ,2005
Family Contact: Valarie Albert
James Clowting born 8 Jul 1800 Suffolk County, England died 8 Jan 1882 Beverly Twp, Wentworth Co, Ontario. Married firstly Sarah Blair.
Children: 1. Eliza Clowting born 1830 Suffolk, England died 22 Oct 1875Walkerton,  Brant Twp, Bruce Co., Ontario. Buried Protestant Cemetery,
Walkerton. Married Thomas Burrell 22 Jul 1857 in Beverly.
2. Joseph Clowting born 12 May 1831 Suffolk, England married 14 Jun 1861 at Galt, Mary Shillard. James Clowting married secondly 15 Apr 1844 Catharine
Grieve of  Goderich. James Clowting (listed as Clouden) appears in the Beverly Tax Assessments of 1839 on Concession 9 Lot
3. James Clowting and family are shown in the 1861, 1871 and 1881 census of Beverly Twp.
Submitted by Valarie Albert, 3797 Valley Forge, Magna, Utah 84044
[email protected]

Cole   Added Jan 29,2001
Family Contact: John Cole
John Cole was born in 'Ontario' c1800/1801. He was of German origin. John and his wife, Amanda Tucker, had 10 children:
1.Ben, b. c1833/34 in Ancaster Twp., married Elizabeth and/or Eliza and Ann Nealy (in Simcoe).
2.Kinear/Rinear/Renier, b. c1835/36 in Ancaster, m. Rebecca.
3.William, b. c1838/39 in Ancaster, m. Melvina Tolland in Ancaster in 1861.
4.Henry, b. c1840/41 in Ancaster, m. Agnes Ann XCampbell in Brant C. on 8 Nov, 1863.
5.Phoebe, b. c1842/43 in Ancaster.
6.Mary, b. c1844/45 in Ancaster, m. John Downhand/Downhaur in Ancaster in 1860.
7.Albert, b. c1847/48 in Ancaster, m. Jane Robinson in Beverly Twp. on 1 May, 1870.
8.Martha, b. c1849/50 in Ancaster.
9.Sylvester, b. 20 May, 1854, in Ancaster, m. Susannah Peacock in Midhurst, Vespra, Simcoe on 25 Dec, 1874.
10.John, b. c1851-56 in Ancaster, m. Evangeline Dunn in Vespra, Simcoe, on 18 Jul, 1874.
John died in the late-1850s and Amanda married a Jeremiah Green on 6 July, 1867 and died in Vespra, Simcoe, on 9 Oct, 1896.
Most, if not all of the family appear to have moved from Wentworth/Brant area to Simcoe between 1871 and 1881. My branch ended up in
Vancouver, B.C., in 1927. The rest, as far as I know, are still in Ontario.
John Cole, #404-1869 Spyglass Place, Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 4K7 ([email protected])

Cope   Added July 23,2002 (Updated email address Feb.12, 20120
Family Contact: Rev. Allan F. Cope
 I would like to suggest adding William Cope, Sr. (1719-1813) to your list of Wentworth County Pioneers.  William, Sr. is my 4th great grandfather.  He and his sons: William, Jr. (1757-1813); Henry (1760-1844); Thomas, my 3rd great grandfather (1762-1857); and Conrad (1765-1861); all help to settle in the area.  They founded Copetown, but also lived in many of the other townships of Wentworth County.  William, Sr. and some of his sons were Loyalists who had fled to Canada from New York.  William, Sr.'s mother in law, who lived to 107, was the first person to be buried in the Copetown Cemetery in 1802.  William, Sr. married Phoebe Ellsworth, my 4th great grandmother, of course.
     Anyway, I thought that you might be interested in adding this information to your list.  My snail mail address is 531 Creath Place, San Antonio, Texas, 78221.  My local telephone is (210) 923-7067.  I am a Lutheran Pastor (ELCA) and serving Trinity Lutheran Church in San Antonio.
Thank you for your consideration,
Rev. Dr. Allan F. Cope

Corey    Added June 26,2000
Family Contact: Peggy Large
This is a documented Loyalist family.  There presence is known in 1640 on Long Island New York.  During the American Revolution Sarah Cory (widow of
Griffyn Cory) was sent with her 10 children to Gagetown New Brunswick.  In 1823 Sarah's son Morris brought his family to Hamilton Beach (formerly
Saltfleet Township).   Morris Cory was born  October 17, 1776 in Westchester Co. New York.  He died November 4, 1861 on the Beach Strip.  Morris married
Sarah (Sally) Lounsbury born Oct 7, 1785 in Gagetown New Brunswick.  She died April 28, 1866 in Saltfleet Township.
Children of Morris and Sarah:
Zachariah Story born 1804
Lewis Dingee born 1806
Nehemiah John Lounsbury born 1808
    Note:Daughter Matilda born 1833 in Dumfries Ont. listed in more detail under William Hall.
Sally Ann born 1810
Morris born 1813
Caroline Jane born 1816
John William born 1818
Frederick Nelson born 1820
Mary Charlotte born 1822
Eliza Ann born 1827
Charles William born 1831
Francis Adeline born 1833

Family Contact: W. Raymond Cummins
Daniel Cummins (1765-1853) and his wife Christina Angle (Engle) and 5 of their children emigrated to Wentworth from Sussex county NJ in 1794. In 1796 he was granted land as an UEL in Ancaster (lot 22 concession 1) after settling in West Flamboro. He was the prime mover in building Rock Chapel which was originally called the Cummins Chapel in 1822. His parents were Jacob Cummins who died in Knowlton Sussex County NJ and Hannah Shipman (Janetje Schubman) from Tewksbury Township in Hunterdon County NJ. His children were:
- Hannah who married Abner Everitt and lived in West Flamboro
- Maria Catharina who married Isaac Van Norman and lived in Nelson Townhip
- John A. who married Lucinda Simons and Rachel Crooker and lived in East Flamborough and established several mills in Waterdown and established Cumminsville in Nelson Township
- Elenora Christina who married Joseph Van Norman and lived in Millgrove
- Charity who married Abram Van Norman and settled in Norfolk County
- Jacob who married Margaret Anderson (surname uncertain) and lived in Millgrove.
- David who married Margaret Rymal and settled Millgrove
- Elizabeth who married Joseph Hanes and remained at Rock Chapel.
W. Raymond Cummins, 12 Steen Drive, Mississauga ON, L5N 2V4

Dawson   Added Nov. 17, 2003
Family Contact: Minnie Lowe
Robert Dawson was born in Rudston, Yorkshire, England 7 January 1806 toWilliam Dawson/Dowson and Elizabeth Clifton.  He was christened 15 June 1806 in Rudston.  Married Hannah Postill/Postle on 15 June 1830 at Fosten-On-The-Wold Parish, Yorkshire, England.  The family came to Canada in 1857 following their three eldest sons who had came to prepare a home for them.  They settled in Beverly Township and lived their lives out there.  Robert Died 8 November 1881 and Hannah died 14 August 1881.
They are buried in Carlisle United Church Cemetery, Carlisle, Ontario.
Their family:
- William Dawson, C: 22 December 1830 in Ruston.  Married Ann Hardy and died 22 Oct 1885 in Stabane.
- Henry Dawson, C: 27 October 1833 in Rudton.  Married Sara Jane Frey d/oReuben Frey 01 Feb. 1869.  Died 18 April 1883.  No family.
- Clifton Dawson, C: 13 Sept. 1835 Ruston.  Married Margaret Warren d/o George John Warren/Janet Stewart of Greensville, Ontario in 1864.  Died 01 December 1886
- Rebecca Dawson, C: 06 April 1838 Ruston.  Died 16 April 1838 Ruston.
- Robert Dawson, C: 14 July 1839 Ruston.  Drowned 26 May 1847 Ruston.
- Rachel Dawson, C: 0l July 1842 Ruston. m: John Milne 19 Nov 1862.  Died26 May 1847 @ Strabane.
- Mary Dawson, C: 19 Jan. 1845 Ruston. m. 1. William Connell 11 Dec. 1871
(2. John Milne d. 22 Dec. 1890.
- Ann Dawson, C: 28 Nov 1847 Rudston.  Died 1855 Ruston.
- Robert Dawson, b. 31 March 1850, C: 12 Aug 1850 Ruston.  m. 07 Jan 1872 Robina Jane Warren d/o George John Warren/Janet Stewart.  died 20
September 1911 Strabane Cemetery.
- Postel or Postle Dawson, C: 04 April 1852 Ruston.  m. 19 Oct 1881 in Dundas to Rachel McKee.  Died 1922 in Rudyard, Michigan.

Minnie Lowe

Family Contact: Karen Donoghue
My ancestor, John Donoghue(Donohue) was born in Ireland, his wife was Elizabeth. Their son James was born 1851 in E. Canada on census records, Hamilton on marriage record. James married 1872 in Hamilton to Catherine Burke ,daughter of Matthew Burke & Jane both born Ireland. My grandfather, son of James & Catherine, John Matthew Donoghue was born 1878 in Hamilton.

Downey  Added Nov. 17,2003
Family Contact: Steven G. Glover
Patrick Downey was born 1810 in County Kerry, Ireland  in 1838 he married Margaret Sullivan, who was born 1818 in County Kerry, Ireland.  They emigrated to East Flamborough Township in 1852, where they settled on the 5th Concession in Millgrove.  They are both buried at St. Thomas Roman Catholic Church in Waterdown.
 Patrick Downey (born March 1, 1842 County Kerry, Ireland)
Michael Downey (born March 23, 1844, County Kerry, Ireland)
Julia Downey (born 1846, County Kerry, Ireland)
Catharine Downey (born August 11, 1850, County Kerry, Ireland)
Margaret Downey (born 1852 at sea, enroute from Ireland to Canada)
Helen Downey (born 1854, East Flamborough Township)
James Downey (born 1856, East Flamborough Township)
Elizabeth Ann Downey (born 1858, East Flamborough Township)
Patrick Downey (1810) was my great-great-great grandfather, & his son Patrick (born 1842) was my great-great grandfather.
Steven G. Glover
1602, 620 Toronto Street
Victoria, B.C.  V8V 1P7

Duff  Added Feb. 4,2001
Family Contact: Scott Jacob
Lockhart and Elizabeth (Lumsden) Duff family.  They came to Hamilton area in 1830 from Edinburgh, Scotland, with five sons and one daughter: Alexander
Duff (who later went to Syracuse, NY then Ames, IA); William Lumsden (who also went to Syracuse, then Detoroit, MI); James Duff (whose family went to
Detroit); George C. Duff (lived in Hamilton and London, ON); John B. Duff (who went to (Des Moines and Story Co., IA); and Margaret (who married
William MacCormick and went to London, ON).  Lockhart and almost all the men in his family were in the meet industry.  He was also a large landowner, and
had a large stone residence in Ancaster (near Dundas) called "Abbotsford." He and many members of his family are buried in Hamilton Cemetery.
Family contact Scott Jacob
[email protected]

Dunkin  Added Oct. 11, 2005
Family Contact: Shelly Purdon

My email: [email protected]
My 3rd Great Grandparents:
Thomas Dunkin b.abt 1808 Antrim, Ireland and died May 24, 1880 married Rachel Green, d/o William Green & Christina Markle. Thomas married Rachel Oct.27, 1835 in West Flamborough. Thomas came to Greensville, Ontario around 1831 from Ireland and was a blacksmith. His children are: David Arthur Dunkin b.June 10, 1851 West Flamborough, Wentwork died 1919; Margaret Fraser Dunkin b.1836; Sara Ann Dunkin b.1837; William Dunkin b.1837; Maria Dunkin b.1839; Elizabeth Dunkin b.1842; Joseph Davis Dunkin b.1845 d.1930 married Hannah Church; Rebecca Dunkin b.1845 d.1845;Hannah Dunkin b.1852 d.1922 married Owen Francis Joseph Medwin;Fanny Jane Dunkin b.1856 d.1945 married Samuel Church (total 11 children in all). Looking for info on Thomas and Rachel and their children as well as the ancestors of Thomas Dunkin. All children born in Wentworth County. Shelley Purdon [email protected]

Evans  Added Apr. 5,2001
Family Contact: Bonnie Clark
Joseph EVANS b. 20 June 1804 Hull, Yorkshire Co., England m. (1) Mary HICKS,
(2) Louisa Ruth FLETCHER b. Jan 1818, England.  He first appears in Wentworth
Co. in 1842.  4 children from first marriage. 10 children below from second
1.  Robert Henry b. 22 March 1838 Woodstock, Oxford Co. Ontario m. Mary Ann SCOTT 21 June 1860 Wentworth Co.
2. David b. 8 Aug 1842 Hamilton, d. 26 Jan 1921 National Military Home, Dayton, Ohio.
3. Charlotte b. 1846 d. about 1870 Detroit, MI.  Unmarried
4.  Sarah Ann b. Hamilton, d. Hamilton (Infant)
5.  Thomas b. 1 Aug 1848,m. Annie Elizabeth PAYNE 5 Sept 1901  d. 1 Aug 1911 Elora, Ontario
6.  Wesley b. 22 Sept 1851 Woodstock, Oxford Co. m. Susan Lucy ADAMS 27 Jan 1891, d. 2 Aug 1922 Toronto, York Co.
7.  Martha Ruth b. 3 Aug 1856 m. Albert Kelion HAHNDORF 28 Feb 1877 d. 31 Dec 1935 Toronto.
8.  Mary Anne b. 14 Nov 1858 m. (1)William Gardiner 23 May 1908, (2) John MCGINNIS  d. 21 Feb 1934 Hamilton.
9.  Alice M. b 19 Sept 1860 m. Charles Morgan POST 1881, d. 12 March 1945 Hamilton
10. Emma   d. Orillia, Simcoe Co. Ontario Unmarried.
I am descended from Robert Henry.
Snail Mail:  192 Murlagan Ave., Mountain View, CA, 94043 USA
Email:  [email protected]

Falkiner   Updated Oct. 11 ,2005
Family Contact: Valarie Albert
James Kingsley Falkiner born 29 Aug 1837 Borrisokane, Tipperary, Ireland. To Canada 1848. Died 7 Aug 1916 Beverly Twp, Wentworth Co.
Married 11 Jan 1859 Margaret Wedge born 18 May 1841 Rockton died 10 May 1914 Galt. Both buried Mount View Cemetery, Wentworth Co. Children
1.William Henry Falkiner born 25 Oct 1859 Beverly Twp died 5 Jan 1946 Beverly Twp Buried Sheffield Cemetery. Married first Catharine A.
McPherson 6 Jun 1883; second 28 Mar 1900 Rachel Rivers (nee Sipes).
2. Reuben James Falkiner born 24 Jul 1861 and christened 15 Jun 1862 Beverly Twp Died 27 Dec 1924 burried Sheffield Cemetery. Married 21 Mar
1906 first cousin Frances "Bertha" Donald.
3. Frederick Falkiner born 16 Jul 1863 Beverly Twp died 25 Dec 1945 Beverly Twp. Buried Sheffield
Cemetery. Married Margaret Joanna Wedge 19 Jul 1893.
4. George Falkiner born 17 Aug 1865 Beverly. Died 14 Dec 1940 Galt. Buried Sheffield Cemetery. Married first Elizabeth Cotton (neeStudiman) 8 Nov 1902 at
Kirkwall. Married second Elizabeth Widrig 5 Jan 1910 at Sheffield.
5. Diana Jane Falkiner born 25 Aug 1867 at Beverly Twp died 1 Jun 1913 buried Sheffield Cemetery. Married 31 Mar 1896 Robert Frederick
6. Robert Falkiner born 28 Jul 1869 died 4 Jan 1935 buried Mount View Cemetery.
7. Margaret Falkiner born 6 Dec 1871 at Bevely died 8 Nov 1941 at Galt buried Mount View Cemetery. Married after 29 Sep 1911 Wilson Casey Glaspell.
8. Thomas Falkiner born 7 Nov 1874 at Beverly died 22 Aug 1970 at Kamsack, Saskatchewan. Married Charlotte Miller 26 Jul 1911 at Drumbo, Oxford Co, Ontario.
9. Nancy Falkiner born 21 May 1877 at Beverly and died 7 Sep 1901 at Beverly. Buried Sheffield Cemetery.
10. Charles Falkiner born 21 Apr 1879 at Beverly died 15 Apr 1972 at Breslau. Married Elizabeth Falkiner (nee Widrig) widow of George Falkiner.
11. Fannie Falkiner born 28 Nov 1886 at Beverly died 4 Nov 1918 Togo, Saskatchewan. Buried Riverview Cemetery, Kamsack. Married Willliam Wonnell. Submitted by Valarie Albert, 3797 Valley Forge, Magna,
UT 84044 [email protected]

Family Contact: Tom Finlay
David Finlay my great great grandfather was born in Ireland in 1804. His wife Susan Wallace was also born in Ireland in 1813.  It is not
clear when they settled in Beverly Township, concession 6 lot 36 but his childern were born there starting in the 1840's.  He and his children
all appear to be buried in Westover Baptist Cemetary.  The children were: Margaret b. 1847, married Richard Nevison Gilmour; Wallace b.1848,
married Isabella Galbraith 1884; David b. 1850 married Eliza Taylor (Mann) 1878; Robert b. 1853, married Sarah Jane Dunn; and Delmer.  David
died in 1880, his friends Walter Robertson and William Shaver were executors of his estate.
[email protected]
6 Harts Lane, Guelph, Ontario. N1L 1B1

Gentle Added Mar,9 2001
Family Contact: Elanie Brown
John Gentle Jr. & his 2nd wife Elizabeth Faulkner lived at 42 Margaret Street in St. George's Ward, Hamilton (Barton Twp.). As per the newspaper article in the Hamilton EveningTimes, Wednesday March 30, 1892. "Mrs. Gentle, the old gentleman's second wife, has lived in Hamilton nearly fifty-six years and as she is in her 70th year has a distinct recollection of the time when Hamilton's and Mills' farms, on King street between James and Queen streets, were laid out in city lots."

 1   John Jr. GENTLE b: 24 Mar 1803 Detroit, Wayne Co., MI Baptism: 06 Feb 1814 Montreal, QC  d: 15 Mar 1899 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON Burial: 18 Mar 1899 Hamilton Cemetery, York Blvd.
.  +Catherine MILLER b: Abt. 1817 York Co., ON?  m: 30 Nov 1834 Weston, York Co., ON d: 13 Jun 1841 Weston, York Co., ON
....... 2   William C. GENTLE b: Abt. 1835 Markham, York Co., ON   d: Unknown Davenport, Iowa?
....... 2   Augusta Louisa GENTLE b: Abt. 1838 Markham, York Co., ON   d: 21 Dec 1923 Toronto, York Co., ON
  *2nd Wife of John Jr. GENTLE:
.  +Elizabeth FAULKNER b: Abt. 1822 England  m: 04 Nov 1845 Toronto, York Co., ON d: Aft. 1899 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON
....... 2   John Roy GENTLE b: May 1850 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON d: unknown +Harriet JENKINS b: abt 1864 New York  m: abt.  Detroit, Wayne
Co., MI? d: unknown
....... 2   Joseph GENTLE b: Abt. 1851 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON   d: Bef. 1899 Unknown
....... 2   Elizabeth GENTLE b: Abt. 1853 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON   d: Bef. 1892 London, ON or England? +Thomas Octavius COX b: Abt. 1849 Brighton,
England  m: 23 Dec 1874 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON   Father: Thomas WORKMAN Mother: Ann COX
....... 2   Thomas GENTLE b: 03 Jan 1855 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON   d: 11 Aug 1927 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON +Agnes CRAIG b: 09 Apr 1858 Scotland m: 28 Dec 1887 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON d: 1933 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON  Father: William CRAIG Mother: Mary (CRAIG)
....... 2   Charles GENTLE b: 26 Mar 1857 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON   d: Dec 1943 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON +Joanna DWYER b: Jun 1860 Hamilton,
Wentworth Co., ON  m: 09 Jan 1883 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON d: 26 Feb 1884 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON  Father: Michael DWYER Mother: Mary KELEHER
.......  *2nd Wife of Charles GENTLE:
...........  +Ellen 'Nellie' Maud MAHONY b: 08 May 1859 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON  m: 07 Sep 1886 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON d: 18 Mar 1936 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON  Father: Daniel MAHONY Mother: Mary Julia FITZGERALD
....... 2   Mary GENTLE b: Abt. 1859 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON   d: Aft. 1941 La Jolla, CA, US +Hamilton LAND b: Abt. 1877 Hamilton, Wentworth Co.,
ON  m: 09 Apr 1890 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON d: Aft. 1899 Ontario? Father: John LAND Mother: Mary (LAND) (Mary Gentle married 3 times)
....... 2   Alfred A. GENTLE b: Abt. 1864 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON +Mary A. 'Minnie' JOHNSTON b: Abt. 1870 Dundas, Wentworth Co., ON  m: 18 Nov 1889 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON   Father: William JOHNSTON Mother: Jennie (JOHNSTON)
....... 2   Ann GENTLE b: Abt. 1865 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON   d: Abt. 28 Sep 1896 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON.
Contact: Elaine Brown
Gentle's: http://members.kingston.net/ebyarker/egentle.htm
Somerville's: http://members.kingston.net/ebyarker/esomer.htm

Family Contact: J. Daniel Mahar
The "head" of this family was Peter Gordon and his wife was Mary Pettit. Mary's parents were Nathaniel Pettit and Margaret McFarlane. Peter Gordon died October 25, 1824, buried in Ancaster Twp., Wentworth Co. Web Page

Gray Added Dec. 28, 2001
Family Contact: Annie Gray Reynolds
John GRAY married Margaret ALLAN in Glasgow, Scotland in 1845. Their children born in Glasgow were:  Agness, b. 1846, Mary, b. 1847, Andrew, b. 1850, Margaret, b. 1852, and John, b. 1854. Entire family emigrated to Hamilton, Ontario in abt. 1855. Children born at Hamilton were:  William A., b. 1856, Robert James, b. 1858, Joseph, b. 1860, and Eliza, b. 1863. Four of these children were christened at Knox Presbyterian Church. This family moved on to Detroit, MI in 1864. My email address is:    [email protected] Snail-mail is:   Annie Reynolds, 16 Terminal Ave., Erdenheim, PA 19038

Family Contact: J. Daniel Mahar
John Green (died 1830, Native of Sussex Co., NJ and UEL.  Married Mary Davis (died 05 March 1829).  Arrived in Upper Canada in 1789 and settled in the Forty Mile Creek area.  Green settled in West Flamborough township around 1796.  His son Samuel Green married Margaret Gordon.  Samuel died in action at the Battle of Stoney Creek in 1813. Web Page

Hagle   Added Nov. 17, 2003
Family Contact: Brenda Hagle-Phipps
Jim, I am Brenda Hagle-Phipps ,  and I had family that lived in Wentworth Co. I am having a hard time getting some info on them.
Anything you could tell me or web pages to go to would be so helpful.
Henry Hagle b.1753  married Hannah Christina Miner 1782
There were several children some born in PA, NJ, and Canada
The info I have is conflicting. I know they were of Wentworth. Ontario,and early settlers of these lands. I know there was a church The Old Slide church, as I recall and a fued between a Peter Bowman and Henry Hagle. About where the church should be and on who's land. Also a cemetery Bowmanville (Bethel) with several decades of Hagle's. Burried there.
Brenda Hagle-Phipps  562 Nicol Rd. Deckerville, Mi. 48427

Hall Added June 26, 2000
Family Contact: Peggy Large
Captain William Hall (March 7, 1829 - April 20, 1896) came to Canada from Dublin Ireland as a child.  Married Matilda Corey (see Corey in this list) in
1848 in Hamilton.  Lived on the Hamilton Beach Strip in the former county of Saltfleet.  Captain Hall owned several ships, the most famous The John Rae,
from 1856-1870s.  Family members are still living in the area.
Children of William and Matilda
Elisa Jane born 1851
David born 1853
Margaret Ann born 1855
Mary Francise born 1857
William Richard born 1859
John Campbell born 1861
Walter born 1865
Henry Curran born 1868
Matilda Catherine 1874

Hamilton  Added No. 17, 2003
Family Contact:  Janet Kendall
George Hamilton
The Hamilton family, the founders of the city of Hamilton. George Hamilton, who eventually gave the city it's name, was the son of the Honorable Robert Hamilton of Queenston and his wife Catharine Askin. Robert Hamilton was a fur trader, merchant, member of the Legislative Assembly. He was the son of a Scottish clergyman and was born in Haddington (today this is East Lothian) in the parish of Bolton, Scotland.
George Hamilton, (b 1784 Upper Canada) married Maria Lavinia Jarvis ( b 1788 Niagara, Lincoln County). Maria Jarvis was the daughter of Secretary William Jarvis and Hannah Owen Peters.
George Hamilton and Maria Jarvis had the following children:
Robert Jarvis ( b 1812);
Catherine Hannah ( b 1814);
Maria Lavinia (b 1815- died young);
Samuel Askin (b 1817);
George (b 1822);
Augusta Hannah and
Maria Lavinia (b 1824);
Catherine (b 1826).
Robert Jarvis Hamilton represents my branch of the family. I have extensive notes on this family. My grandmother was a Hamilton.
My regular mail address is;    Janet Kendall-Wheeler  7365 Ouimet, Verdun QC,  H4H 2J6

Hannon Added Oct. 13, 2007

Family Contact: Margi Underwood 
Henry HANNON born about 1750 overseas, died 15 SEP 1832 in Hamilton. (Henry was rumored to have been a Tory, after sailing to the US during the Revolutionary War he headed north to Canada.)  Henry was a pioneer and longtime resident of Wentworth County, Ontario.  He was married to Margaret Valentine born @1766, died 2 NOV 1839. They are buried in the Hannon burial plot in St. Peter's/Rymal/Barton Union Cmtry., Hamilton Twp., Wentworth Co., Ontario, CANADA.  

Henry and Margaret’s children:
Samuel born 26 Mar 1786, died 2 Jan 1861
Rachel born 1788, died 1827
Mary born 1793, died 1880
Henry born 1795, died 1870
William born 1797, died 1813
Eliza born 1804, died 18 Jan 1882
Joseph born 1808, died 20 Jun 1884
Andrew Provost born 1800
Margi Underwood ( Henry's 5 x Great Granddaughter) [email protected]
6970 California Ave SW #B 102, Seattle, WA  98136

Harris Updated Dec. 6, 2004
Family Contact: Fred Harris
John HARRIS was born 1826 in Canada West, and died October 12, 1897 in Saltfleet Twp. He married Mary Elizabeth PEER March 29, 1848 in Alberton, daughter of John PEER and Nancy HARRIS.  She was born July 12, 1830 in Nelson Twp, Halton Co., and died November 24, 1913 in Saltfleet Twp.
Children of John HARRIS and Mary PEER are:
1.  Wilbert HARRIS, b November 10, 1849, Ancaster Twp. d February 03, 1917, Flamborough Centre, m Mary Ann BARKER, October 28, 1872, Lowville, Nelson Twp, b June 09, 1849, Claireville, d October 17, 1921, Flamboro Centre.
2.  George N. HARRIS, b August 09, 1851, Ancaster Twp, d Bef November 1913.
3.  Nancy HARRIS, b March 28, 1854, Ancaster Twp, d November 06, 1913, Hamilton, m Burness Bristol COPE, Abt 1882 b August 10, 1862, Ancaster Twp, d July 23, 1932, Ancaster.
4.  David HARRIS, b January 18, 1857, Ancaster Twp, d November 19, 1942, Hamilton, m (1) Alice GOULD, December 21, 1881, Stoney Creek, b December 12, 1861, Saltfleet Twp, d April 09, 1912, Barton Twp, m (2) Jane Maria LEWIS, February 19, 1913, Bartonville, b September 12, 1870, Ont. d October 31, 1917, Bartonville.
5.  Phoebe E. HARRIS, b May 29, 1859, Ancaster Twp, d November 02, 1928, East Flamborough, m George N. ALLISON, Abt 1882, b April 15, 1856 d August 21, 1920, Toronto.
6.  Sarah Jane HARRIS, b June 25, 1861, Ancaster Twp, d Bef January 1943, m James Talbert MITCHELL, b Abt 1860 d January 10, 1943, Weyburn, Sask.
7.  John HARRIS, b January 12, 1864, Saltfleet Twp, d February 07, 1865, Saltfleet Twp.
8.  Horatio Nelson HARRIS, b April 28, 1866.
9.  Charlotte Emily HARRIS, b November 21, 1868, Ancaster Twp, m J. T. GIBSON.
10. Arthur Henry HARRIS, b October 03, 1871, Saltfleet Twp, d August 13, 1906, Saltfleet Twp, m Ella Maud HARRIS, October 04, 1899, Bartonville,   b July 28, 1878, Saltfleet Twp, d October 30, 1939.
11. Albert Edwin HARRIS, b February 08, 1877, Saltfleet Twp, d May 15, 1972, Hamilton, m Elizabeth Ann WILLIAMS, February 24, 1904, Bartonville, b 1880, d November 29, 1959, Hamilton.
Fred D. Harris; 20 North Shore Blvd W, Apt 300 Burlington, ON  L7T 1A1

Hayes  Added Sept. 11, 2000
Family Contact: J. Hayes
Thomas Hayes and wife Bridget settled on the Brock Road and Concession 5 @1851-1853 and came from Limerick Ireland. He was the first Postmaster of Hayesland at his Store and Stagecoach/rooming house at this location until his death. Son Thomas married Mary Kelly of Greensville and their offspring: Michael, Charles, Hugh and Thomas (Two unmarried daughters Eva and Dorothy) are the ancestors of many Wentworth county and American citizens. For a full geneology history please email me at:  [email protected]  and I will be glad to answer any questions. I am preparing a complete site to be announced shortly.

Family Contact: Jennifer Harris Added Sept. 11, 2000
James Hunter (?-1818) travelled from Scotland to North Carolina, only to be displaced by the American Revolution. As a United Empire Loyalist, he received 200 acres in King Township. In 1808 he was known as "James Hunter of Barton" having purchased land in that township in 1818 (In Lots 7 & * Concession).
1. David Hunter (1777-?) m. Cynthia Miller
2. Jane Hunter (1781-1821)  m. John Snider
3. James Hunter (1784-1847) m. Sarah. Resided Lot 7 or 8 Concession 7, Barton Township.
4. Walter Hunter (1787-?)
5. Mary Hunter (1790-1871) m. George Young (1793-?) of Wentworth in Dec. 24, 1822
6. Margaret Hunter (1794-1870) m. Frederick G. Snider
Jennifer Harris, 379 Ellis Park Road, Toronto, ON, M6S 2V7

Johnston    Added June 26,2000
Family Contact: Peggy Large
David Johnston was born in Scotland ca 1810.  He married Margaret Adam born 1811 in Glascow Scotland.  They moved to the Miramichi area of New Brunswick where most of their children were born but were in Hamilton by the 1851 census.  David was a shoemaker and had a business on John St. in Hamilton.
He died before 1865.  I am very interested in contacting anyone connected to this family.  Some of the male children moved to Ohio.
Children of David and Margaret:
Mary born 1833
David born 1835
Thomas born 1838
Peter born 1840
Jane born 1842
James born 1844
Christina born 1846
John born 1849

Family Contact: Vicky Williams
My Wentworth Pioneer Family is that of Jonathan Kelley/Kelly. He came to Ancaster Township from New Jersey in the 1790's. He was born in 1770. His first wife was Elizabeth Shafer who he married in 1791. He had three children from this marriage, Henry, born in about 1792, John, born about 1793 and Peter Bowman Kelly, born about 1795. His second wife was Charity Fisher who he married in 1796. He had six children with Charity. William, born 1797 and died in 1881, Isaac born 1799, Hannah born about 1800, Jonathan born 1801, Morris born about 1804 and Elizabeth born about 1805. His third wife was Jane Lowrey, who he married in 1806 and had four children with. Philip born in 1806, Alem born in 1807, Luke born in about 1810 and Ussiel born about 1812.
Jonathan received a Crown Patent for Lot 41 Concession 4. Jonathan Kelley was my GGGrandfather.
My name is Vicky Williams, Box 2, Site 19, R.R. 7, Calgary, Alta. T2P 2G7

Family Contact: Meg Fuller
OBADIAH KING was born 1772 in Pennsylvania, and died November 14, 1845 in Saltfleet Township, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada. He married MARY. She was born 1771 in New York, and died October 17, 1856 in Saltfleet Township, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada.  Obadiah was one of the early pioneers of Saltfleet, Wentworth County, Ontario Canada which is now Hamilton, Ontario.  He and his family settled on Concession 1, Lot 3 in that township.  This land was most likely purchased from John Pettit Jr. who was granted the land by the Crown.  The date that Obadiah came to this district is not recorded, but it was most likely prior to december 15, 1798.
The children of Obadiah King and Mary are as follows:
i. DAVID KING who served in the 5th Lincoln Regiment in the War of 1812.
ii. JAMES KING who also served in the 5th Lincoln Regiment in the War of 1812 and was also a Captain in the Gore Regiment in 1831.
iii. JOHN KING, m. HANNAH TISDALE, December 14, 1827.
iv. ROBERT KING, m. JENNET DEFOREST, April 04, 1839.
v. ISABELLA KING, b. Abt. 1800, Saltfleet Township, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada; d. Bet. 1880 - 1900, possibly in Sanilac County, Michigan; m. WILLIAM FULLER, February 14, 1820, Grimsby, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada; b. Bet. 1795 - 1800, Quebec, Ontario, or New York (census records disagree);
vi. MARGARET KING, b. Bet. 1804 - 1811, Saltfleet Township, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada; d. September 24, 1867, London Towship, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada; m. WILLIAM WARNER, February 1823; b. December 26, 1801; d. November 14, 1876, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada.
vii. HUGH KING, b. Abt. 1808, Ontario, Canada; m. HANNAH; b. Abt. 1823. Hugh inherited the family farm in Saltfleet Township.
viii. STEPHEN KING, b. October 18, 1813, Ontario, Canada; d. October 08, 1894, Ontario, Canada; m. MARGARET HESS; b. 1807; d. 1886, Ontario, Canada.
ix. MARY KING, b. Abt. November 20, 1838, Ontario, Canada; d. November 25, 1841, Ontario, Canada.
Meg Fuller , 117 Ward St. , Croswell, MI USA 48422

Family Contact: Shirley baylis Added July. 23, 2002
Searching for KING, OBEDIAH and his wife MARY (Willson), both could have come from New Jersey, married in 1797, came over to Upper Canada in
1797/1798, settled in Saltfleet County - township of Wentworth - Gore District (City of Hamilton).  both died and buried in Grimsby. Searching for one of their off-springs, directly related to Hugh P. King who was given upon  his father's death the farm located on :  Lot #3 (the East Half) and the east Half of the north half in Lot #3 in Concession #1 located in Saltfleet County - Township of Wentworth, just after Obediah's death in 1845.  Any offspring who has info: Re: this family to please contact me.
thank you kindly for your input.
Shirley Baylis (nee : Fuller/King)
[email protected]

Laidman  Updated, Oct. 11, 2005
Family Contact: Neil Laidman
Samuel Laidman was born in Redmire, West Witton, Yorkshire, England on December 29, 1789 and died in Binbrook Township on April 14, 1867.  He was
married to Elizabeth Pickersgill, who was also born in Yorkshire on December 29, 1789.  They emigrated to Canada, via New York, arriving in 1830 and after living near Hamilton on the Elijah Secord farm at Albion Corners, bought a farm at Lot 25, Concession seven, in Binbrook Township in May 1833.  With them, arrived  nine of their ten children, the tenth was born shortly after they moved to the farm.  The story has been passed down in the family, that after all of her children had married, Elizabeth could come out of her house and see the smoke from all of their chimneys, as they had all settled on farms nearby.  Many of their descendants still live in the area today.
1. Thomas born June 13, 1813
2. Marmaduke born September 4, 1814
3. Mark born August 15, 1816
4. Joseph born March 17, 1819
5. Samuel born June 11, 1820
6. Margaret born March 26, 1823
7. Martha born May 15, 1825
8. Richard born July 29, 1827
9. Elizabeth born May 21, 1829
10. John born October 4, 1833
My e-mail address is [email protected] (home) or [email protected] (work).  My home address is 8312 Twenty Rd. E., Hamilton, Ontario L9B 2J6 and my home phone is (905) 679-6522.

Family Contact: Kay Clarke
John Lindsay born in 1804 in Scotland married Margaret Donohue in Streetsville in 1834. The lived at St George for a while and the bought a Mill at Westover in Beverly Township. Margaret died just before the move. John lived there with his children until his death in 1880. The children were;
Margaret born in 1839 married Matthew Gilmour and had 10 children.
Isabella born in 1840 married John Wilson and had 10 children.
Adam born about 1842 died about 1849.
John born 1843 married Agnes McQueen and had 8 children.
Geroge born 1845 married Jean Nicol and had 8 cildren.
Kay Clarke R.R. #7 Calgary, AB T2P 2G7

Lowden   Added Dec. 26,2000 - Updated email address Jan. 9, 2010
Family Contact: Betty (Lowden)  Audet
I am maintaining a family tree for Jacob Lowden of Glanford township
Jacob Lowden was born in 1815 in Genesee county (later Monroe county NY). He met Phoebe Ann Smith when she visited in that area. He married her, on 13 December 1838, at her father's home (Jacob L Smith, a grandson of (Pinewoods) Jake Smith, the first settler in Glanford township) They returned to New York state where their children Ann ( 1839), Stephen Elijah(1841), Jacob Anson (1843), Hiram 1845), William Henry(1847), and Annie(1849) were born. When he had the money to pay for a farm in Glanford township by 1849 they moved  to Ontario where Milton (1851), Martin L(1852). and George(1854) were born. Lowden descendants intermarried with Cloughs, Laidmans, Petitts, Bushes, Scotts, Stewarts, Youngs etc.
If anyone wants further information or pictures please contact Betty (Lowden) Audet at [email protected] or Box 39, Palmerston, On N0G 2P0

Main  Added Mar.2, 2002
Family Contact: Laryssa Rewald
MARGARET MAIN arrived in Sheffield, Ontario with her five children during the time of the exodus of the United Empire Loyalist's. She originally came from Denmark and settled in Stillwater, near Albany ,New York in the year 1810. It is not known where her husband JOHN MAIN was.
 The children of JOHN and MARGARET are:
        JOHN MAIN  (no information)
        ADAM MAIN b.abt.1786, d.1870 in Sheffield Ont. m. MARGARET WEDGE
( b. 1790 in Philadelphia,Penn. ?)
        PHILIP MAIN b. ?, d.?, m. MISS WEAVER
        MARY MAIN b.?, d.?  m. CAPTAIN CONGO
        DAVID MAIN b. 1799, d.1866, m. ELSIE WEAVER

Laryssa Rewald, 3802 Governors Road, Lynden,Ontario,Canada, L0R-1T0

Family Contact: Mel Ferguson
Charles Mann came to Ontario in about 1787 and was granted property in Beverley township by order-in-council on 4 August 1795 His son William
was born in 1805 in St. Catherines, Ont. wife unknown children John 1828, William Taylor 1839, Martin 1843 later to move to Brandon Man. Eliza then
Mary and Richard. any further info available e-mail [email protected]

Family Contact: Natalie McDonald
Murdoch McDonald (born ca. 1810), a merchant from downtown Pictou, Nova Scotia, and his wife Isabella (surname unknown), moved to Dundas, Wentworth
County in June 1844 with their four children:

  • Donald Alexander McDonald (born January 1, 1833 in Pictou, married Anna Black Beers [1836-1933] of Ithaca, New York, died February 11, 1906 in

  • LaCrosse)
  • Charles Martin McDonald (born poss. Pictou 1839, died poss. LaCrosse 1906)
  • John Jennings McDonald (dates unknown, tombstone only says Sgt. in Wisconsin Infantry)
  • Georgina M. McDonald Sutor (born poss. Dundas 1850, died poss. LaCrosse 1889, married, 2 children).

  • This family lived in Dundas from 1844-1853, where Murdoch is listed in the "Ontario Directory of 1851" as town bailiff.  In the period of 1853-1855, they lived in Hamilton.  In 1855, the children (no mention to date of the parents accompanying them) moved to LaCrosse, where the sons founded a lumber and shipping company called McDonald Brothers, later Gateway City Towing and Lumber.  Georgina's husband William Andrew Sutor was the company accountant.  All four children plus Donald's wife Anna and the Sutors are buried at Oak Grove Cemetery in LaCrosse.
    I am hoping to locate the following:  birth information for Georgina and John, marriage information for Donald and Anna, death information for Murdoch and Isabella.
    My e-mail address is [email protected] and my full database is available for viewing at http://www1.shore.net/~natalie/ufti/index.htm -- the GEDCOM
    can be downloaded from http://www1.shore.net/~natalie/ufti/trow.ged .  My "snail mail" address is PO Box 158, Gloucester, Massachusetts 01931-0158
    Natalie McDonald <[email protected]>
    "Depth Charge!" <http://www1.shore.net/~natalie/>

    Family Contact: Chuck McEwan
    John McEwan b. 1816 came to Canada in 1841 from Renfrew, Scotland.  John and Mary Rowles, his wife who was of English origin, resided in Dundas for the remainder of their lives.  They lived in a one and a half story cottage on Mountain St., later renamed to Witherspoon.  John worked most of his life as a machinist.  They had eight children, all of whom were born in Dundas.  All of their sons were tradesmen who served their apprenticeships in local industry. The eldest, Andrew b 1841, was a machinist who died at the age of 20 in 1861.  John Rowles McEwan b 1843 was a printer who moved to Detroit, Michigan.  Thomas, b. 1847, also machinist died in 1873 at the age of 26.  Walter, b. 1848, worked for a time as a machinist at the Gartshore Foundry.  He married Minnie Armstrong and they had one child, a daughter named Lottie May.  Walter lost his wife and daughter at a very young age and he never remarried, dying in Detroit in 1909.  Son James, b. 1855, married Mahala Baskerville.  He worked for 54 years as a machinist with Bertram’s passing away in 1922.  William McEwan died in 1875 at the age of 20
    years.  He was a pattern maker.  Daughter Sarah Ann, b. 1845, married William Murray of Hamilton and took up residence in Toronto.  Janet Craig McEwan, the youngest member of the family, remained single and at home all her years.  She was born in 1857 and died in 1919.  Mary Rowles passed away in 1892 from the effects of influenza while visiting her daughter, Sarah, in Toronto.  John passed away in 1902.  He and Mary and many of their children are buried in the family plot at the Grove Cemetery, Dundas.
    Charles McEwan
    e-mail: [email protected]
    address: 394 Millbank Drive, London, Ont. N6C 4W7

    Family Contact: Kay Clarke
    James McQueen and Catherine Goldie Hewitson married December 25, 1832 in Dumphries, Scotland and promptly set sail for Canada. They settled at Kirkwall in Beverly Township and raised a family there. James was Reeve of the Township from 1854 to 1859 and was also very involved with the Kirkwall church. He died in May 1888 and is buried at Kirkwall. Catherine died in November 1882 and is buried at Kirkwall. They had 10 children;
    Jean born in 1834 married Donald Martin and had 4 children.
    Robert born in 1835 married Elizabeth Riddle and had no children.
    Thomas born in 1838 married Grace Watson and had 4 children and the married Jennie Lennon. He also was Reeve of the Township.
    James born in 1840 married Mary Jane Wetham and had 4 children. He went to Vancouver to live.
    Agnes born 1842 married John Lindsay and had 8 children.
    John born in 1844 married Mary Cook and had 10 children. He too over his father's farm.
    William born in 1846 married Alice Mulholland and had 6 children.
    Catherine born in 1848 married William Elliot and had 5 children.
    Julia born in 1852 married Robert Elliot and had 6 children.
    David George born in 1854 married Catherine Robertson and had 7 children. He went to Edmonton to be a clergyman and stayed at the same church for 50 years.
    Kay Clarke R.R. #7 Calgary, AB T2P 2G7

    Milne   Updated  Oct. 11, 2005
    Family Contact: Jayne Taylor
     Charles MILNE and Elspet ROSS, my gggrandparents, were married in Premnay Parish Kirk, Aberdeenshire on December 13, 1831. They lived in nearby
    Duncanstone, Leslie Parish where Charles was listed in the 1841 census as a blacksmith.  They arrived in Wentworth County in 1844 with their children Margaret
    Isabel, John, Alexander, Robert and Charles.  George, William (my ggrandfather) and James were born in West Flamborough Township, Wentworth
    County.   Charles appears in the 1851 census, but Elspet is a widow in the 1861 census. I have not discovered when Charles died or where he is buried. He
    remained a blacksmith in Wentworth according to Elspet's will. The family owned land on concession 6, lot 16 which is right at the corner of Highway 6
    coming north from Hamilton.     Elspet, also called Elspeth, Elizabeth and Elsie depending on thedocument, died in Hamilton in 1897 but I don't know where she is buried. She had remarried ca 1876 to a George BRADT and is possibly buried with him.
    Regarding Charles and Elspet's children :
     - Margaret Isabel (b. 1834, Aberdeen - d. 1904, Kinross, Michigan) m. George McKEE (1855, Guelph)
     - John (b. 1837, Aberdeen - d. 1911, Hamilton) m. Rachel DAWSON (1862, Wentworth Co.); m. Mary DAWSON (1881, Wentworth Co.); m. Annie ENGLISH (1891, Guelph); m. Amelia McKEE (1897, Hamilton)
     - Alexander (b. 1840, Aberdeen - d. 1917, Wentworth Co.) m. Mary CRAWFORD
     - Robert (b. 1842, Aberdeen - d.?) moved to Michigan in late 1800's or early 1900's, possibly Chippewa Co.
     - Charles (b. 1844, Aberdeen - d. 1926, Wentworth Co.) m. Louisa Jane BLACK
     - George (b. 1845?, Wentworth Co. - d.?) moved to Michigan
     - William, (b. 1850, Wentworth Co. - d. 1832, Perth Co.)  m. Catherine JOHNSTON (1871, Wentworth Co.) William and Catherine are my ggrandparents
     - James (b. ca1854, Wentworth Co. - d.?) moved to Michigan
    I would like to change my email and snail mail addresses in my listing :
    Milne, Charles Milne and Elspet Ross

    My new email is : [email protected]
    My new address is : Jane Taylor
                        72 Kensington Crescent
                        Belleville, ON, K8P 4T3
    I also have a web site now: http://home.cogeco.ca/~jtaylor113/index.html
    Thank you,
    Jane Taylor (nee Milne)

    Family Contact: J. Daniel Mahar
    Adam Misener (20 Feb 1798 - 21 Sep 1901). Son of Loyalist Nicholas Misener, Adam was an early settler of the town of Troy.  He married first Mary Miller (1800-1826) and secondly Helena Colemen (1799-1895). Web Page

    Murray   Updated  Oct. 13, 2007
    Family Contact: Winnifred S. Hart
    1. WILLIAM1 MURRAY was born in Bannockburn, Scotland, and died in Canada. He married SARAH JANE SMITH. She was born in 1834 in Ontario, Canada, and died in Canada. He and Sarah were of the earliest settlers in Binbrook, Elfrida, Glanford, Hannon area on the mountain above Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
    Children of WILLIAM MURRAY and SARAH SMITH are:
    i. MARGARET ANN2 MURRAY, b. June 08, 1855, Binbrook, Ontario, Canada; d. 1931, Canada; m. WILLIAM BROWN; b. 1854,Ontario, Canada; d. Canada.
    ii. LENA MURRAY, b. 1858, Ontario.
    iii. ELIJAH MURRAY, b. 1860, Ontario.
    iv. STEPHEN MURRAY, b. 1863, Ontario.
    v. WESLEY MURRAY, b. 1866, Ontario

    Thank you,
    Winnifred (Sharon) Hart
    2917 Harold Dean Drive
    Marietta, GA 30066-4019 USA
    [email protected] <[email protected]>

    Family Contact: Suzanne Robertson
    Here is some information about my O'CONNOR ancestors who settled in Beverly TWP. c 1833.
    Peter O'Connor (b. 1779; d. 1856) emigrated from County Sligo, Ireland to Canada in the year 1821. It is thought he worked on the Welland Canal and did other odd jobs until the year 1833 when he first began to farm in Beverly Township, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada. His wife died in Ireland prior to 1821. At some pointhis three sons arrived to help him farm.
    - Michael (b.1808 d.1898)
    - Patrick (b.1812 d.1889)
    - Bartholomew (b.1814 d.1890)
    My snail mail address : R.R. #2, Lynden, Ontario, L0R 1T0 Thank-you! Suzanne Robertson, Copetown, Ontario, [email protected]
    Web Page

    Family Contact: J.Daniel Mahar
    The "head" of this family was Nathaniel Pettit and his wife was Margaret McFarlane. From the Annals Of The Forty: "Loyalist Nathaniel Pettit of Land Board & Legislative Fame. He was appointed by Governor Franklin of New Jersey to a county judgeship in the court of Common Pleas. He came to Niagara in 1787 and continued to live at The Forty until somewhere between 1796 & 1800. In 1800 he sold part of his land & moved to Ancaster." Nathaniel's parents were Nathaniel Pettit and Elizabeth Heath. Web Page

    Riddell      Updated  Oct. 11, 2005
    Family Contact: Valarie Albert
    Robert Riddell born 2 Nov 1800 Eskdalemuir, Dumfrieshire, Scotland died 16 Nov 1867 Rockton, Beverly Twp, Wentworth Co., Ontario. Married 23 Nov
    1819 Roberton Parish, Roxburghshire, Scotland Margaret Johnstone born 27 Oct 1796 Ainlee, christened 22 Nov 1796 Canonbie, Dumfrieshire, Scotland
    died 9 Apr 1875 Rockton, Wentworth Co, Ontario. To Canada 1832. In Beverly Tax Assessment 1839 and in small portion of 1851 census
    remaining, Pt 2, Pg 17. Children:
    1. Agnes Nancy Riddell born Jun 1820 Peebles, Scotland christened 9 Jul 1820 Parish Church of Manor, Peebles, Scotland died 9 Mar 1883 Rockton, Beverly Twp, Wentworth Co, Ont. Married Reuben Wedge 14 Jun 1838 Associated Presbyterian Church, Beverly Twp.
    2. Robert Riddell born 24 Feb 1819/21 Scotland died 21 Jul 1911 Rockton, Beverly Twp. Married Charlotte Barlow 12 May 1846.
    3. Euphemia Riddell born 10 Apr 1824 Longhopes, Channelkirk Parish, Berwickshire, Scotland died 1845 Rockton. Married 11 Feb 1842 Associated Presbyterian
    Church Beverly Twp John Hineman.
    4. Benjamin Riddell born 22 Feb 1826 and christened 9 Apr 1826 St. Leonards, Lauder Parish, Berwickshire, Scotland. Died 1853 Ontario.
    5. Thomas Riddell born 1830 Scotland died 1858 Ontario.
    6. Mary Ann Riddell born 1834 Ontario married James McLelland 26 Nov 1852 Associated Presbyterian Church, Beverly Twp.
    7. William Riddell born 1838 Ontario.
    8. Walter Riddell born 1838 Ontario.
    9. Margaret Riddell born 18444 Ontario. Valarie Albert 3797 Valley
    Forge, Magna, Utah USA 84044. [email protected]

    Family Contact: David Rintoul
    I wanted to let you know about the family of the first schoolmaster in Orkney, Beverly Township, Wentworth County.  His name was David Rintoul. He was also the first person with the surname Rintoul to come to Canada.  He is both my namesake and my direct ancestor. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1796.  He came to Orkney to become the schoolmaster in 1823.  His school was at the corner of Highway 5 and Orkney Road.  In 1840, the next school was built on the corner of the Orkney Road and Concession 2.  David was also master of that school. David married Margaret Elliot in 1840.  The couple bought land just outside of Sheffield, Beverly Township, Wentworth County.  It was Lot 6, Concession 7, Beverly Township. They had eight children:  John and William, whose dates of birth I do not have,  David, born in 1844, James, born in 1846, Margaret, born in 1848, Janet, born in 1850 and two twins who died when they were less than a year old.
    David Rintoul, 10 York Street, Orangeville, Ontario L9W 1L6 Web Page

    Family Contact: Mary Celine Scott   Updated Dec. 6 ,2004
    Andrew Rose and his wife, Elizabeth Daniels, of Morris Co, NJ emigrated to Canada around 1812, and were settled in Lake Ontario by March 1813, when their fourth child, Phoebe was born there.  The family stayed in the area for at least twenty years, and Andrew was converted and baptized by Joseph Smith in Oct 1833.  Some time later, most of the family moved back to the States and "migrated" through Missouri and Illinois, until they went west with the Warren Foote Wagon Train to Utah; Andrew died on the way  (14 Aug 1850).   The second daugher, Lucinda, married Cyrus Hunt in 1827 in Ancaster, and they remained in Ontario.  Some LDS records suggest that other members of the Rose family may have emigrated with a group of Loyalists to Upper Canada as early as 1780.
    1 John Rose b: 05 Aug 1750 Readington, Hunterdon Co, NJ d: 05 Aug 1832 +Elizabeth b: 15 Jan 1749/50 d: Jul 1850
    2 Mary Rose b: 15 Aug 1770 Sussex Co, NJ +William Martin
    2 Jacob Rose b: 31 Oct 1772 Sussex Co, NJ
    2 Rachel Rose b: 01 Sep 1774 Sussex Co, NJ +Andrew Sutton
    2 Naomi Rose b: 11 Oct 1776 Sussex Co, NJ d: 25 Jul 1859 Brookfield, Trumball Co, OH +Benjamin Hall b: 1776-1778 Ind. twp, Warren/Sussex Co, NJ d: 08 Feb 1866 Brookfield, OH
    2 Elizabeth Rose b: 04 Oct 1778 Sussex Co, NJ d: Kankakee Co IL +Daniel Jackson m: 07 Apr 1800
    2 Andrew Rose b: 04 Jan 1781 d: 04 Jan 1781
    2 Benjamin Rose b: 04 Jan 1781 Sussex Co, NJ d: 04 Jan 1781 Sussex Co, NJ
    2 John Rose b: 04 Jan 1781 Sussex Co, NJ d: 04 Jan 1781 Sussex Co, NJ
    2 John Rose b: 30 Jan 1782 Sussex Co, NJ d: 12 Sep 1867 Butler Co. PA +Martha Ervin b: 03 Jul 1785 d: 06 Apr 1827 Center Township, Butler Co,PA
    2 Mercy Rose b: 17 Jul 1788 Sussex Co, NJ +Joseph Hull m: 22 Mar 1806
    2 Esther Rose b: 06 Jan 1791 Sussex Co, NJ +John Ritchey m: 30 Oct 1796
    2 Hannah Rose b: 23 Jul 1793 Sussex Co, NJ
    2 Rebecca Rose b: 05 Oct 1795 Sussex Co, NJ
    I would welcome information on any of these perplexing ancestors, and would be glad to share my information (and questions) with any interested cyber-cousins! Mary Celine Scott, 35 Magnolia Dr, New Providence, NJ 07974-1404 Genealogy homepage

    My contact info is now 3260 Felton Street, Newbury Park, CA 91320; email is [email protected].  Tx, MCS
    Mary Celine Scott
    Genealogy homepage:

    Family Contact: Sandy  Alford
    I am looking for any information on Celestiac (or Celestial) Catherine Sanborn Supposedly 1/4 Cherokee.  Daughter of Mary Ann Havens and Amasa Sanborn.  Mary Ann and Amasa were married on 6 May 1855 at Ancaster, Wentworth, Ontario.  The moved to Charlevoix County MI.  This all the info I have on her.
    Thank you, Sandy Alford 2533 LaVonne Circle, Bossier City, LA 71111

    Sharp/Sharpenstein   Added  Oct. 11, 2005
    Family Contact: Patricia  Kelderman

    Sharp/Sharpenstine family
    I am a 10th generation family member of the Sharp family of Ancaster twp, Wentworth County, Ontario.
    Anthony Sharp, son of Johannes Peter Sharpenstine of the Germany Valley, Morris County, New Jersey was born in 1756 in German Valley, Morris County, New Jersey and died February 1814 in Ancaster twp, Wentworth County, Ontario
    Anthony Sharp married Susannah Swayze, daughter of Caleb Swayze and Elizabeth Pitney, September 7,1778. Susannah was born December 13,1760 in Hope, Roxbury County, New Jersey and died July 28,1858 in Ancaster twp, Wentworth County, Ontario. She is buried in the Garner cemetery.
    Anthony Sharp purchased Ancaster twp Lot 30,Con 4 in 1815, he may have lived there much earlier because he came to Ancaster twp, from Roxbury, New Jersey in 1792.
    Anthony and Susannah had eleven or more children.
    Morris Sharp, son of Anthony and Susannah Sharp was born 1793 in Ancaster twp, and died May 16,1877 in Ancaster twp. He married Anna Filman in1826 in Ancaster twp. Anna was born January 11,1806 and died July 9,1876 in Ancaster twp. They lived in Ancaster twp at Lot30/4 until Morris's death. They had 8 children
    William Sharp, son of Morris Sharp and Anna Filman was born 1831 in Ancaster twp and died 1882 in Ancaster twp.  He married Jane Findlay.  She was born 1839 in Scotland and died October 6, 1916 in Ancaster twp. They had 7 children. William Sharp purchased the south half Lot 30/3 in Ancaster twp in 1855 and farmed until his death.
    Morris/Maurice Sharp, son of William Sharp and Jane Findlay was born January 11,1867 in Ancaster twp and died June 18,1942. Maurice died of a ruptured appendix.  He married Emma Loamm Edy on November 1,1893.  Emma Edy, daughter of Peter Holly Edy and Mary Ann Secord,  was born August 24,1871 in Townsend twp, Norfolk County, Ontario and died December 7, 1963 in Ancaster twp.They are buried at St Andrew's Presbyterian cemetery in Ancaster, Ontario.
    Maurice bought the south half of Lot 21/4 from his father -in -law Peter Edy. Maurice Sharp then sold the lot in 1907 to the Brantford& Hamilton Electric railway Co.
    Maurice bought land at Alberton, Ontario. He and Emma lived there until Emma's death in 1963.  They had 6 children.
    Emma Elbertha Sharp, daughter of Maurice Sharp and Emma Edy was born September 7,1896 in Carluke, Ontario and died July 7,1963 in Caledonia, Ontario. Emma was married March 8,1916 in Ancaster twp to Ithamar Osborne Norsworthy, son of Robert Norsworthy and Rebecca Smuck. He was born April 14,1887 in Onondaga twp, Brant County, Ontario and died March 11, 1972 in Dunnville, Ontario. Emma and Ithamar are buried at White chapel cemetery in Ancaster twp, Wentworth County Ontario. They had 8 children.
    These family members are living except for Margaret Emma and Maurice Allen Norsworthy.
    Emma Elbertha Sharp was my grandmother.
    Patricia Kelderman UE
    9739 Delcliffe Rd, Vernon, B.C. V1H 1K9
    [email protected]

    Family Contact: Catherine DeMayo
    John Sheridan m. Ann Brown. Both were born in Ireland. John was born in the Northern Part of Ireland. He left the town of Castlewellan, County of Down in early 1800's. He settled in Canada West in the United Counties of Wentworth and Hamilton. Palermo Had a very small population at the time, not more than 100 people. The arrived in Canada with eight children: William b. 1856, George, Edward, Robert, Grace, Jane,Elizabeth b. 18 July 1822, Mary Ann.
    My snail-mail address is 1071 NW 83rd Drive, Coral Springs, FL 33071

    Sommerville Added Mar,9 2001
    Family Contact: Elanie Brown
    According to "A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada Before Confederaton - Don Whyte Vols 1 & 2": #343 Alexander Somerville emigrated
    from London 1858 discharged soldier Scots Greys and became editor of Canadian Illustrated News at Hamilton (1860). The books he wrote in Canada -
    Conservative Science Of Nations [1860], Canada, A Battle Field (Travels...) [1862],  Narrative Of An Eventful Life [1863], Narrative of the Fenian
    Invasion of Canada: with a map of the fields of combat, at Limestone Ridge 1866. He also wrote: Letters from Ireland During the Famine of 1847. The
    family lived mostly in St. Lawrence Ward, Hamilton.

     1   Alexander SOMERVILLE b: 10 Mar 1811 Springfield, Scotland   d: 17 Jun 1885 Toronto, York Co., ON +Emma BINKS b: 04 Apr 1825 London, England  m: 10 Jan 1841 London, England d: 29 May 1859 Quebec, QC  Father: Francis BINKS Mother: Hannah STORY
    ....... 2   Mary Emma SOMERVILLE b: 06 Dec 1844 Hoxton Square, London, England +William ANDERSON   m: 24 Feb 1865 Quebec City, QC d: Point Levis, QC
    ....... 2   James SOMERVILLE b: 13 Nov 1846 2 Albert Terrace Balls Pond, London, England   d: Aft. 1911 Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY +Bridget CAWLEY b:
    Abt. 1846 Ireland  m: 09 Feb 1869 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON d: Bef. 1911 Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY  Father: James CAWLEY Mother: Mary KEARNS *2nd Wife of James SOMERVILLE: +Mamie CONLEY   m: Aft. 1884 Brooklyn, NY
    ....... 2   Francis SOMERVILLE b: 18 Sep 1848 11 Hoxton Square, London, England   d: 15 Jan 1914 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON +Mary MEHEAIN b: 1844
    m: Abt. 1870 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON d: 19 Jul 1919 Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON
    ....... 2   Alexander SOMERVILLE b: 28 Aug 1850 Vine Cottage Cheetwood, Manchester, England   d: 20 Jan 1907 Sydney, Australia
    ....... 2   Roger Mowbray SOMERVILLE b: 10 Jun 1852 8 Hollis Place, P. of Wales Rd, Haverstork Hill, London   d: 29 Mar 1901 Brooklyn, NY +Nellie
    ....... 2   Hannah SOMERVILLE b: 04 Aug 1854 Story Street, Caledonian Road, London, England   d: 05 Sep 1855 Story Street, Caledonian Road, London,
    ....... 2   Henry Drummond SOMERVILLE b: 12 Jul 1856 8 Lower Street, Islington, London, England   d: 21 Apr 1921 Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY +Zaida
    Susanna YALE b: 23 Aug 1858 Hudson, Vaudreuil Co., QC m: Aft. 1885 Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY d: Aft. 1921 Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY Father: Andrew Jr. YALE Mother: Drucilla SCHNEIDER
    Contact: Elaine Brown
    Gentle's: http://members.kingston.net/ebyarker/egentle.htm
    Somerville's: http://members.kingston.net/ebyarker/esomer.htm

    Sparks  Added Jan 22, 2004
    Family Contact: Don Brown
    Sparks Family
    Henry Sparks b. Aug 1 1805 Devon and Amy Elworthy b. May 1 1806. Bapt. 14 May 1806 Stokenham Devon, Married Feb 07 1831 Loddiswell, Devon.Came to Canada in 1843 with 8 Children to Barton lived mostly in Waterdown.
    Henry was one of the first to subcribe to the Hamilton Spectator lived to age 91 and buried in Waterdown.
    Their Children were
    1. William "Henry" Sparks b.12 Jan 1828 married Mary
    2. Amy Flora Sparks b. 07 Jun 1831 d. 22 Aug 1872 married Robert Williams
    3.Mary Emma Elworthy Sparks . 06 Jun 1833 d. 24 Dec 1915 married Joseph Childs
    4.Reuben Sparks b.08 Oct 1834 Devon d. 07 Jan 1922 married Sarah Jane Mills
    5. Susan Penny Sparks b. 16 Jul 1837 Warwickshire d. 22 Oct 1879 married Robert Alexander
    6. Elizabeth Southwood Sparks b.17 Sep 1839 d. 04 Mar 1910 married James Pepper
    7. John Southwood Sparks 10 Jun 1841 d. 10 Nov 1919 married Helen Tansley
    8. George Southwood Sparks b. 27 Nov 1842 d. 25 May 1914
    note. The above 3 where ch. on 24 May 1843 Aylesbury Buckinghamshire, Walton
    9.Francis Alfred Sparks b. 02 Oct 1845 Barton d. 09 Feb 1850
    10. Jane Sparks b. 19 Jan 1847 Barton
    11. Dr. Robert Edward Sparks b. 05 Jun 1853 Hamilton, Ontario d.1932 married Esther Featherston
    my website is at www.tribalpages.com/tribes/donald12
    home adress is Donald Brown 172 Bay st. South Apt. 506
    Hamilton Ont. Canada L8P-3H7. All the above info. was
    researched by myself. my e-mail is [email protected]

    Sparks   Added Nov. 17, 2003
    Family Contact: Minnie Lowe
    Henry and Amy arrived in Canada in 1843 with a family of 8 children:

    - William Henry Sparks born 12 January 1828
    - Amy Flora Sparks born 07 July 1831 married Robert Williams
    - Mary Elworthy Sparks born 6 June 1833 married Joseph Childs.
    - Reuben Sparks born 8 Oct5ober 1834 married Sarah Jane Mills 20 Dec.1859.  Died 1922 in Waterdown, Wentworth, Ontario.
    - Susan Penny Sparks, born 16 July 1837 Birmingham, Co. of Warwich, England.  Married Robert Alexander
    - Elisabeth Southwood Sparks, born 17 Sept 1839. Christened 24 May 1843 Aylesbury, St. Mary Buckingham, England PARENTS LISTED:  HENRY
    SOUTHWOOD/AMY ELWORTHY. Married James Adamson Pepper.
    - John Southwood Sparks, born 02 June 1841.  Christened 24 May 1843 Aylesbury, St. Mary, Buckinghamshire. Parents listed:  Henry Southwood/Amy Elworthy.  Married Helen Amelia Tansley d/o Joseph Tansley/Sarah Ann Curtis.  Buried Innisfail, Alberta.
    - George Southwood Sparks, born 27 Nov 1842.  Christened 24 May 1843 Aylesbury, St. Mary, Buckinghamshire.  Parents listed:  Henry Southwood/Amy Elworthy.  Married Emily Olive Tansley d/o Joseph Tansley/Sarah Ann Curtis.  Buried Westover, Beverly Twp. Ontario Francis Alfred Sparks, born 2 Oct. 1845 Barton, Wentworth County.  Died infant.
    Jane Sparks born 19 Jan. 1947 Barton, Wentworth County.  Died infant.
    Robert Edward Sparksm birb 5 June 1851 in Barton.  A Dentist in
    Kingston, Ontario.  Married Esther Ann Featherston.  Buried in Kingston.

    A marriage for Henry Southwood/Amy Elworthy was located in Lodiswell,
    Devon 7 February 1831.
    Minnie Lowe

    Stenabaugh  Added Oct. 13, 2007
    Family Contact: Richard Hirst
    Richard Hirst, [email protected], 1150 Lakeshore Rd. W. RR#3, St.
    Catharines, Ontario, L2R 6P9, phone (905) 935-1080

    John Stenabaugh (1776 - 1851) arrived in Canada with his wife, Mary Miller
    (1769 - 1862) about 1801 from Sussex County, New Jersey.  They settled on
    the Mohawk trail in Ancaster Township and built a cabin on the hill behind
    the current site of the Stenabaugh Cemetery.  The area around them was known
    locally as the Jersey Settlement because of the number of settlers who came
    there from north-western New Jersey.
    John and Mary had the following children:
    John Stenabaugh (Jr), b. 1798, md. Elizabeth Mary
    Margaret Ann Stenabaugh, b. 1800, md. Levi Howell
    Philip Stenabaugh, b. 1801, md. Miriam Vansickle
    Mary Stenabaugh, b. 1802, md. John Brooks Willits
    Jacob S. Stenabaugh, b. 1803, md. Delilah Vansickle
    Ann Elizabeth Stenabaugh, b. 1805, md. William Closson Vansickle
    Catharine Stenabaugh, b. 1808, md. Jonathan Blasdell
    Joseph Stenabaugh, b. 1810, md. Margaret Mulholland
    Marion Stenabaugh, b. 1819, md. Henry Buchner

    Stonehouse/Stoneouse   Added Aug. 19, 2001 , Updated Oct. 13, 2007
    Family Contact: Rose Turner
    Martin Stoneouse was born about March 1808 in Skelton-by-Guisborough, England. He was married in York in 1832 and settled in the township of West Flamboro, near Rock Chapel, Ontario, on Con. 2 Lot 21 & 22.  In 1856 he moved with his family, except John to Glenelg Twp., Grey County where he died in 1862.  His wife, Harriet Walton, (her parents are buried in Union Cemetery in Dundas) died in 1883.
    Martin & Harriet's Children:
    -John, b.21 Dec 1835 m Agnes _____ both are buried in Rock Chapel
    -Hannah, b. 1836  m Henry Flowers in West Flamboro in 1854.
    -James, b.1837   m  Sarah Davis in Durham, Grey Cty. in 1860
    -Bridghet, b. 1838 d. 1843 (buried in Rock Chapel)
    -Harriet, b. 1840 m  Samuel Scott in Durham 1860
    -Martin, b. 1841 m Sarah Livingston  1862
    -Sarah, b. 1843  m Nathanial Grier, 1863
    -Chrispen, b. 1845  m Sarah Muir in 1867 and Jane Stewart in 1875
    -Jacob, b. 1847 ( no more information)
    -George, b. 1849 m Eliza Ann Morden (they are both buried in Groves Cemetery)
    Martin is my Great-Great Grandfather
    Rose Turner, 511 Albert Street, Mount Forest, Ontario, N0G 2L2
    [email protected]

    Sykes   Added Dec. 6, 2004
    Family Contact: Dorthea Clymer

    Wentworth County Pioneer Family Name:  SYKES
    Write up of pioneer:  My Wentworth County pioneers are Joshua SYKES and his wife Sarah (MASON) who are buried in the cemetery of Kirkwall Presbyterian Church in Beverly Township.  Their tombstones say only that they came from Leeds, Yorkshire, England.  The only census in which I have located them is the 1871 census of Beverly Township.  I do not know when they immigrated but I believe my great-great-grandmother, Anna (SYKES) BARNES was their daughter.  Joshua and Sarah were married at Caverley, Yorkshire, England 28 September 1823.  Anna was married to John H. BARNES, about 1843 in Ontario, which would make their immigration between the 1820s and the 1840s.  Joshua and Sarah were both born about 1787, according to the 1871 census.  Anna’s birth date has been placed between 1819 and 1827.  This is absolutely all I know of this family.
    My email address:  [email protected]
    Dorothea Bedinger Clymer; 1631 Roanoke St., Placentia, CA 92870-2623, USA

    Taylor  Added Mar.2, 2002
    Family Contact: Laryssa Rewald
    William Taylor was born in the town of Cockermouth,on the west coast of England near the Scottish border.It is not known exactly when he left England or what course he took and who may have been with him. It's is known that he arrived in Beverly Township of "Canada West" (now Ontario) in the year 1832. It is apparent that he found his bride in that township. In the year 1847 William took up the North center quarter of Lot 33 of the 4th Concession of Beverly Township.During his earlier years of married life William worked at clearing and farming his land in the summer months and took employment with a cooperage in the settlement of Galt during the winter months.He was originally of Anglican faith and attended the Anglican Church at Rockton,Ont. A few years after his marriage he left and joined the Presbyterian Church at Christies Corners.It is here that he,his wife and three daughters are interred.

    WILLIAM TAYLOR b.December 11,1820 Cockermouth,England, d.February
    19,1895 Beverly Twp. m. ELIZA ANN MANN b.March 9,1826, d. August
    30,1891.The marriage took place on October 31,1842 in Beverly Twp.
    The children of WILLIAM and ELIZA ANN are:
       SARAH TAYLOR b.Sept.27,1843 Bev.Twp.,d.Sept.4,1850 Bev. Twp.
       ELEANOR TAYLOR b.April 14,1845 Bev. Twp.,d. June 25,1914 Tiverton
    Ont., m. HUGH HUNTER Feb.18,1868
       JANE TAYLOR b. July 25,1846 Bev.Twp.,d.May 26,1876,Kirkwall Ont., m.
       ELIZABETH TAYLOR b.March 19,1848 Bev.Twp., d.June 23,1904, m. THOMAS
    MCNICHOL Jan 11, 1870 (both buried Westover Baptist)
       MAVEY TAYLOR b. Nov. 4,1849, d. ?
       JOSEPH MAXWELL TAYLOR b. June 27,1851 Bev.Twp., d.June 1,1907, m.
    ELIZABETH SMITH March 4,1874 (both buried Grove Cemetary,Dundas)
       ELIZA TAYLOR b.June 21,1853, d.October 21,1910, m. DAVID FINLAY March
    11 1874 in Gault Ont.
       WILLIAM TAYLOR b.June 4,1855, d.Sept.28,1913, m. ELIZABETH
    PORTERFIELD April14,1884 (both buried Rossburn, Manitoba)
        ROBERT TAYLOR b. Sept.6,1857, d. June 30,1907, m. ALVIRA HARRIETTE
    ROBERTSON August 25,1880 ( both buried Rossburn,Manitoba)
        ANN TAYLOR b.Nov. 11,1859, d. Jan.30,1890, m. WM. MOXOM SHAVER
    Jan23,1878 (both buried Westover Baptist)
        DINAH TAYLOR b.March 2,1862, d.May 6,1886, m. JOHN NICHOL
        JOHN TAYLOR b. March 8 1864, d. Dec.22,1934, m. TRYPHENIA MISNER
    Dec. 23,1891
        SUSANNAH TAYLOR b.Feb 15,1866, d. Nov. 30,1868
        IDA TAYLOR b. Jan. 23,1868. d. July 16,1938, m. THOMAS MANN June
    29,1891 ( both buried Westover Baptist)

    Laryssa Rewald, 3802 Governors Road, Lynden,Ontario,Canada, L0R-1T0

    Temple  Added May 3, 2002
    Family Contact: William & Lily Silverthorn
    TEMPLE, McCANN (Macan) & BARTON surnames as Pioneers to Glanford Twp.  John Robert TEMPLE is a well documented "livery owner" in Hamilton.

     William Silverthorn, 93 Yacht Harbor Dr, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA  90275-6070

    1.  Robert1 Temple was born circa 1787 at Ireland. He married Martha (--?--) before 1820 at Ireland.
         The assumption that Robert is the father of three son's and a daughter is based solely on the household records in the 1851 census (daughter in law, Mary Ann McCann included in census).  Further research is needed in 1851. He appeared on the census of 1851 at Glanford Twp, Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada. He immigrated in 1852 to Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario.
         Children of Robert1 Temple and Martha (--?--) all born at Ireland were as follows:

               2.        i.        Richard2, born 1820; married Mary Ann McCann.
               3.       ii.        Margaret, born between 1820 and 1830; married James Barton; (James Barton did not come to Canada).
                         iii.        William; born 1826.
               4.       iv.        John Robert, born 10 May 1829; married Fanny Ellis.

    Generation Two
    2.  Richard2 Temple (Robert1) was born in 1820 at Ireland. He married Mary Ann McCann, daughter of Robert Macan and unknown (--?--), before 1851 at Ireland. He died circa 1900 at Grindstone City, Huron, MI.
         He immigrated before 1850 to Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada. As of between 1851 and 1871, Richard Temple lived at Glanford Twp, Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada. He and Mary Ann McCann appeared on the census of between 1851 and 1881 at Glanford Twp, Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada. He and Mary Ann McCann immigrated after 1881.

         Children of Richard2 Temple and Mary Ann McCann were as follows:
                          i.        William James3; born 6 Mar 1853; died 7 Dec 1872 at Glanford Twp, Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada, at age 19.    He appeared on the census of between 1861 and 4 Apr 1871 at Glanford Twp, Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada.
               5.       ii.        Robert John, born 9 Aug 1854 at Glanford Twp, Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada; married Samantha Jane Smith.
               6.      iii.        Margaret Ann, born 9 Apr 1858 at Glanford Twp, Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada; married James A. Bell.
               7.       iv.        Mary Jane Elizabeth, born 12 Jul 1856 at Glanford Twp., Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, CAN; engaged Thomas Brown; married James Harvey Minard.
               8.        v.        Elizabeth, born 30 Jan 1860 at Glanford Twp, Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada; married Benjamin Running.
               9.       vi.        Richard, born 7 Jul 1862 at Glanford Twp, Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, CAN; married Eliza Jane Berry.
                        vii.        Martha; born 17 Mar 1865 at Glanford Twp, Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada; died after 1890. She appeared on the census of 1871 at Glanford Twp, Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada.
              10.     viii.        Joseph M., born 12 Nov 1869 at Glanford Twp, Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada; marriage license Leticia Ludlow.

    3.  Margaret2 Temple (Robert1) was born between 1820 and 1830 at Ireland. She married James Barton before 1842 at Ireland. She and James Barton were divorced before 1851 at Ireland. She appeared on the census of 1851 at Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario.

         Children of Margaret2 Temple and James Barton all born at Ireland were as follows:
                          i.        Ann3; born 1842.
                         ii.        Matilda; born 1844.
                         iii.        Sarah; born 1846; married Henry Haines, son of John Haines and Henrietta ?, 6 Jan 1872 at Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario.

    4.  John Robert2 Temple (Robert1) was born on 10 May 1829 at Ireland. He married Fanny Ellis, daughter of Henry Ellis and Eliza (--?--), on 3 Oct 1861 at Glanford Twp, Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada.  He died on 11 Jun 1907 at Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada, at age 78. He appeared on the census between 1851 and 1881 at Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada.

         Children of John Robert2 Temple and Fanny Ellis were as follows:
                          i.        John Robert3; born 1865 at Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario; died 28 Apr 1877 at Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario. He appeared on the census of 1871 at Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario.
              11.       ii.        Finley Lamond, born 1869 at Wentworth, Ontario; married Ethel Gertrude Alton.
                         iii.        Herbert Whipple; born 20 Feb 1874 at Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario; married Margaret Anella Weafer 22 Oct 1901 at Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario; died 1944 He appeared on the census of 1881 at Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario.

    Family Contact: Lorna MacIver
    1. William VINT b 1815 Ireland or Scotland; m Hamilton ON;  d 1883 Hamilton, ON
    +Catherine KELLY b 1828 in Hamilton (?) d May 1901 in Hamilton
            i. John VINT b 1845 Hamilton (dau Lillian)
            ii. James VINT b 14 Apr 1854 Hamilton; m 22 Jun 1873 in Hamilton; d 25 Nov 1931 in San Francisco
              + Harriet ROBINSON b 11 Jun 1856 Hamilton; d 20 Dec 1941 San Francisco
            iii. Charles VINT b Hamilton (dau Myrtle m DORN; dau Vivian m ARNOLD)
            iv. David VINT b Hamilton
            v. Mary VINT b Hamilton
             + William MOONEY
            vi. Robert VINT b Hamilton
            vii. Thomas VINT b Hamilton
            viii. William VINT b Hamilton (dau Myrtle m DAVIDSON)
    Have never encountered anyone researching this old Hamilton family.  Would love to hear from another descendant of any of these lines, or anyone with
    knowledge of VINT, KELLY, or ROBINSON families.
    Lorna MacIver

    Vipond  Added Jan 22, 2004
    Family Contact: Ken Rigby
    Isaac VIPOND, his wife and son can be found in the 1842 Assessment Rolls for Ancaster where it states they have been "3 years in Canada". Ancaster Heritage Appendix pg 7   Isaac VIPOND Lot 26, Con 4 purchased in 1843 but the property was owned by James Hamilton in 1848. Subsequent information on their son (also Isaac) and his family has been found yet the original pioneers seem to have vanished. Any information would be appreciated.
    Ken Rigby 1128 Vansickle Rd., St. Catharines, ON L2S 3W1

    Family Contact: Lorine McGinnis Schulze
    Isaac VOLLICK (UEL in Butler's Rangers) and his wife Anna Maria WARNER
    (a Palatine line from NY) settled in the Niagara area of Ontario in
    1783. Isaac had land in St. Catharines but then was granted C.6 Lots
    6,7, N. half Lot 8 in E. Flamborough Twp. Wentworth Co. in 1797.
     1.Cornelius VOLLICK (UEL) b 1761 m Eve LARROWAY. He settled  C.5, L.7
    East Flamborough Tp. Wentworth Co.  in 1797
     2.Annatje/Hannah VOLLICK b 1763 m Richard/Derrick HAINER (UEL)
     3.Storm FOLLICK (UEL) b 1765 m. Esther unknown
     4.Sophia VOLLICK b 1766 m. Adrian/Arent BRADT (UEL)
     5.Elizabeth VOLLICK b 1767 m Christian BRADT (UEL)
     6.Catharine VOLLICk b 1769 m Albert HAINER
     7.Sarah VOLLICK b 1770 m Benoni/Benjamin CRUM/CRUMB
     8.John VOLLICK aka VAN VALKENBURG b1772 m Sarah DeCOW
     9. possibly Maria/Mary VOLLICK b 1775 possibly married Albert BRADT
    I am seeking proof of the children of the brothers Cornelius (m Eve) and  John (m. Sarah)
    Lorine McGinnis Schulze
    The Olive Tree Genealogy

    Weakley   Updated  Oct. 13, 2007
    Family Contact: Winnifred S. Hart
    JACOB WEAKLEY was born in 1797 in England and was a mason. He married MARY ANN who was previously married to a BARLOW.  MARY ANN was born in 1816 in England.  She was a big blond handsome woman, jolly with a loud laugh and a good cook.
    The children of JACOB and MARY ANN are:
    1. ABRAHAM WEAKLEY, born April 17, 1852, Dundas, Ontario, Canada; died in 1923; he married ELIZABETH J. HOUSE on July 04, 1877 in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.  ELIZABETH was born April 15, 1857 in Waterford, Ontario, Canada and died October 21, 1912 in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.
    2.  ISAAC WEAKLEY, born 1855 in Dundas, Ontario, Canada; died in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.  He married MARGARET ELIZABETH LANE, November 19, 1877, Caledonia, Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada.  She was born in 1855 in Port Robinson, Ontario, Canada and died in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.  3) MARGARET
    was small, dainty, pretty, gentle and vivacious.
    4. ISRAEL WEAKLEY (also known as Isaac), was born in 1857 in Dundas, Ontario, Canada and married MARY CHAMBERS on September 27, 1877 in St. George, Ontario, Canada.  MARY was born in 1854 in Beverly, Ontario, Canada and died December 17, 1918 in Galt, Ontario, Canada.
    5. CHARITY WEAKLEY (also known as Maggie and Margaret), was born August 15, 1859 in Dundas, Ontario, Canada.  She married FREDERICK SCHERTZBERG on January 23, 1878 in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.  He was born May 09, 1850 in Prussia.
    6. FAITH WEAKLEY, b. 1860 in Dundas, Ontario, Canada.
    [email protected]

    Thank you,
    Winnifred (Sharon) Hart
    2917 Harold Dean Drive
    Marietta, GA 30066-4019 USA
    [email protected] <[email protected]>

    Weaver  Added Dec. 26,2000
    Family Contact: Dale McDonald
    William Weaver (19Jun1779-9Mar1858) arrived in Upper Canada about 1800 and settled in the Fort Erie area and married Elizabeth Near.(31Aug1782-16Mar1861) They lived there until 1816 and had 7 children.
    1. William, b 8jun1801 d 25Nov1851
    2.Elizabeth b abt 1802 Married 1] ???? Green
                                                    2] John Binkley in 1866
    3. John b30Sep1803 b30Sep1803, married Polly Misener
    4. Lydia b10Dec1805, m Peter Smith and resided in S.Dumfries Twp.,  Brant County
    5. Peter b30Aug1808 - d17May1897, Never married. Owned Lot 1,Concession 1, Ancaster Twp., part of which was donated to the Methodist Church for the building of Bethel Church and it's adjoining cemetery.
    6. Catherine (Katie) b25Oct1810- d27Aug1882. Never married.
    7. Henry b13Feb1816 - m Laura (possibly Walker).
    They moved, with the children, in 1816, to Ancaster Twp. and bought  Lot 9 Concession 1.on 8 July 1816. There they had 2 more children.
    Nicholas b12Jul1821 - d23Nov 1908.   Married 1] Elizabeth (poss. Greenfield)
                                                                              2] Margaret Willits
    Olive b9Dec1826 - d18Dec1909   Was the 4th wife of George Sage of Brant County.
    Dale McDonald, 46 Oakhill Dr., Brantford, Ontario. N3T 1R1
    E-mail         [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

    Wedge      Updated  Oct. 11, 2005
    Family Contact: Valarie Albert
    James WEDGE born 7 May 1776 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania died 25 Dec 1861Beverly Twp, Wentworth Co., Ont buried Sheffield Cemetery. Married 7 Jun
    1807 Susan PEER born 4 Aug 1785 Canada died After 2 Oct 1868 BeverlyTwp. James Wedge is on 1816 assessment roll of Beverly Twp. Children:
    1. James Wedge married Manda Everett.
    2. William P. Wedge born 9 Apr 1820 Sheffield, Wentworth Co died 5 Dec 1911 Mount Clemens, Macomb Co,
    Michigan buried Clinton Grove, Mount Clemens. Married Mary Elizabeth Babcock 26 Oct 1850 Sheffield, Wentworth Co.
    3. Susan Wedge born 1818
    Beverly Twp married first  ? Hall and second William Grummett. Died 1904 buried L34 R 27 Galt, Waterloo Co.
    4. Lovina Wedge born 26 Jun 1820 Beverly Twp died 6 Mar 1896 Blenheim Twp, Oxford Co, Ont. Married Joel Smith 28 Jul 1840 in Beverly.
    5. Reuben Wedge died 31 Dec 1850 married Agnes Nancy Riddell 14 Jun 1838 Associated Presbyterian Church, Beverly.
    6. Oliver Wedge died before 1845 married 7 Feb 1838 Robina Stuart in West Flamborough, York Co, Ont.
    7. Aaron Wedge born 1807 Ontario.
    8. Wesley Wedge born 30 Jun 1824 Beverly Twp died 11 Sep 1854 Beverly Twp. Buried Troy Cemetery, Beverly
    Twp. Married Hannah Matilda Jones.
    9. Mary Wedge married Thomas Fleming.
    10. Annie Wedge.  Submitted by Valarie Albert, 3797 Valley Forge, Magna,
    Utah USA 84044 [email protected]

    Family Contact: Audrey Viken
    Jane E. Willson of Saltfleet married James W. Harris of Grimsby on March 1,1837 in Saltfleet. They had one (?) son, Cicero T., and the family seem to have lived most of their lives in and near Smithville where they farmed and kept a store. Census records state that Jane was born in Saltfleet in 1816 of Irish parents. Several "Willson" families settled in the area around Winona and a John W. Willson was an original settler in 1790 on "The Fifty". I have not found a connection between Jane and these Willson families but feel there must be one. Any information would be appreciated.
    Audrey Viken, 1292 Jefferson Ave., West Vancouver, B.C., V7T2B1

    Family Contact: Patricia Kelderman
    Daniel Young born 1749 in Stone Arabia ,New York, son of Adam Young and Catterina Schremling, died November 17,1834 in Hamilton, Ontario. He married Elizabeth Windecker ,daughter of Heinrich Windecker Children of Daniel and ElizabethYoung
    1]Daniel Young born 1782 in Niagara, Ontario
    2] Peter Young born 1784 in Fort Erie, Ontario,married Hannah Riselay, died 1846 buried at Weslayan Methodist cemetary in Caledonia, Ontario
    3]Catherine Young born 1785, Barton twp,Ontario died 1851
    4]Henry Young born 1787, Barton twp,Ontario died 1865 in Middlesex county, Ontario
    5]Dorothy Young born1791,Barton twp,Ontario,died 1833, Barton twp, Ontario
    6]Priscilla Young born 1793, Barton twp, Ontario, died 1852
    7] Adam Young born 1791 , Seneca twp, Ontario,died 1830 Barton twp, Ontario
    8]Frederick Young born 1794, Barton twp, Ontario ,died 1831,Seneca twp,Ontario
    9]George Young born 1797, Barton twp, Ontario, died 1865,Barton twp, Ontario
    10]Elizabeth Young  born 1797 Barton twp, Ontario , married Simon Bradt died in Barton twp, Ontario
    11]James F.Young born 1799, Barton twp, Ontario ,died 1844, Barton twp, Ontario
    12]John D.Young born 1802, Barton twp, Ontario,died 1855 in Seneca twp, Ontario.
    Daniel Young fought in the American revolution with his father Adam and three brothers John, Henry and David. All were members of Butler's
    Rangers  Later Daniel fought in the War of 1812 in the Lincoln Regiment. He was a founding member of the Barton Stone United Church as well as a
    founding member of the Barton Masonic Lodge. Daniel 's son  John and grandson Christopher were involved with the
    alleged murder of a farm hand in the Coal- Kiln murder in Hamilton of which they were both later found not guilty as they found the farm hand
    alive and living in New York state. Daniel and Elizabeth died in Barton twp, Ontario but I have been unable
    to find out where they are buried .The Young family cemetary is located on Upper Wellington and Stone Church road but Daniel nor Elizabeth are
    found there. I am the gr gr gr gr granddaughter of Daniel Young and have my United Empire Loyalist through Daniel Young.
    Pat Kelderman U.E;  9739 Delcliffe Rd Vernon B.C. V1H  1K9
    Web Page  http://members.home.net/rpkelderman

    Family Contact: Jennifer Harris Added Sept. 11, 2000
    George Young (1793-?) was born in a Palatine community in New York and came to Canada some time before 1822, when he married Mary Hunter the daughter of UEL James Hunter of Barton Township.  Mary had successfully applied for and received land before their marriage on Dec. 24, 1822. There are discrepencies in the number of their children and the birthdates. I have included all children attributed to them here.
    1. Mary Young (1821-?) m. James Hill
    2. David William/Walter (Dec. 10, 1823-?) m. Louisa Jane Young
    3. Elizabeth (1825-?) m. Philip Terryberry
    4. John Henry/Hunter (Dec. 11, 1826-1898) m. Louisa Augsbury
    5. Janet (March 18, 1828-?)
    6. Maragert (Feb. 2, 1833-?)
    Jennifer Harris, 379 Ellis Park Road, Toronto, ON, M6S 2V7

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