Jim's Beach Churchill Connection

According Bill Curtis at his former site, curtis-curtiss.com, that I accessed some 15-20 years ago, Sir Winston Churchill, the famous British Prime Minister from the World War II era and I are 5th cousins 3 times removed. More research.

Bill Curtis has these 2 URLs for his genealogy info: Curtis Genealogy on RootsWeb and The Curtis/s Family Society

The link begins with my Beach ancestor John Beach, 1619-1677, one of the immigrant "Beach Boys" from England and his wife, Mary Staples.

  • John Beach, 1619-16 and wife Mary
  • Their son Thomas Beach, 1659-1741 and his wife Phoebe Wilcoxen
  • Their son Nathan Beach, 1692-aft. 1737, and wife Jemima Curtis 1694/95-1738/39
  • The previous 3 couples are my Beach rellies. The direct line splits after Nathan and Jemima
  • Their son Joseph Beach and wife Experience Beecher
  • Their daughter Mehitabel Beach married Ambrose Hall
  • Their son, another Ambrose Hall, married Clarissa Wilcox
  • Their daughter, Clarissa Hall, married Leonard Walter Jerome
  • Their daughter, Jeanette "Jennie" Jerome and Lord Randolph Henry Spencer Churchill are the parents of Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill is an 8th generation descendant of John and Mary Beach. I am an 11th generation descendant descendant of John & Mary.

As mentioned earlier, John is one of the immigrant "Beach Boys" who arrived from England in the early 1600s along with brothers Thomas and Richard in the early 1600s. Thomas is also an ancestor, since 7th generation descendants of those 2 brothers, Clark Beach and Mary Anne Madden, married on 6 March 1867 in Oakland County, Michigan. I haven't found anything in their genealogy that my mother saved that would indicate that Clark and Mary knew they were distant relatives.

Because of that marriage, I am a 11th cousin to myself. My daughter Nicole and son James are 12th cousins to themselves and each other. You don't see that often, hey?

Also, my late sister, Anne, was an 11th cousin to herself and also to me. Her late daughter, Laurie, my niece, was also a 11th cousin once-removed to me, if I have the chart figured out correctly. Laurie's Uncle Jim, me, was also her cousin Jim.

I should submit this to some genealogy detective site to see if I have it right. All in the family? YIPES!

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Research by myself and cousins who shared their work, including my late mother, Marjorie J. O'Brien Ward plus Eugene H. Beach Jr and his "Beach Family Journal."

Federal census returns, State of Michigan marriage ledger reports and certificates of birth, marriage and death found in Ancestry.com searches plus information found online at Newspapers.com.

This web page is meant to be a guide to help people with similar ancestry. Do the proper research and prove what I have written. Too many have copied the diligent, decades-long work of others so they could "do their tree in a weekend" and think they accomplished something. That's not what a true genealogist is.