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My Beach Ancestors

How many people can claim they are their own cousin? Due to my dual Beach ancestry, two of John and Thomas Beach's 7th generation descendants who married, I am a 11th cousin to myself. My children are 12th cousins to themselves and they are 11th cousins once-removed to me. I'm working on a redesign of this newer version of the old, original Beach page from about 2000.

John Beach, 1619-1677, m. Mary Staples Thomas Beach, 16??-1662, m. Sarah Platt
their son: their son:
Thomas Beach, 1659-1741, m. Phoebe Wilcoxon (b. 1669) in 1688 John Beach, 1655-1709, m. Mary Royce
their son: their son:
Nathan Beach, 1692-aft. 1737, m. Jemima Curtis 1694/95-1738/39 Deacon John Beach, 1690 - 1773, m. 2nd, Mary Royce
their son: their son:
William Beach, 1716 - 1799, m. Martha Clark(?) Linus Beach, 1721 - aft. 1791, m. Dinah Royce
their son: their son:
Isaac Beach, 1746 - 1775(?), m. Mary ? Michael Beach, 3 Feb 1756 - aft. 1830, m.1st Eunice Hester, m.2nd Eliza Castle.
their son: Daughter of Michael & Eunice:
Clark Beach, 1775 - 1848, m. Elizabeth Church Eunice Beach, 1786 - aft. 1855, m. Alpheus Madden
their son: their son:
Thomas C. Beach, 1804 - 1885, m. Lodema Z. Ford Nelson Madden, 1804 - 1855, m. Olive Parks
their son: their daughter:
Clark Beach, 1846 - 1923, married 6 March 1867 to Mary A. Madden, 1848 - 1939
Clark & Mary's daughter:
Lodema Olive Beach, 1872 - 1920, m. Walter A. Spencer
their daughter:
Evolyn (Evelyn) Spencer, 1901 - 1987, m. Frank R. O'Brien
their daughter:
Marjorie J. O'Brien, b. 1923, m. Robert H. Ward
their son:
Me, Jim Ward, b. 1952

Other Info:

My Beach-Churchill page detailing the connection to Sir Winston Churchill, the famous World War II British Prime Minister - Beach-Churchill.htm

Some claim that Mary Staples was not married to John "The Pilgrim" Beach." This is one of those sites where the claim is made: Osborn Keith Wheeler's genealogy site.

John is one of the immigrant "Beach Boys" who arrived from England along with brothers Thomas and Richard in the early 1600s. Thomas is also an ancestor, since 7th generation descendants of those 2 brothers, Clark Beach and Mary Anne Madden, married on 6 March 1867 in Oakland County, Michigan. I haven't found anything in their genealogy that my mother saved that would indicate that Clark and Mary knew they were distant relatives.

Obit of Elsie Lodema Spencer Kolonich from the Lansing State Journal, 12 September 2001. Elsie was the oldest grandchild of Walter A. and Lodema Olive Beach Spencer (see photo below).

Photos - Clark Beach, Mary Ann Madden Beach, Thomas C. Beach, and Almon Ford, father of Lodema Z. Ford Beach.

The ancestors of Jemima Curtis - Click here

Wedding photo of Walter Alonzo Spencer and Lodema Olive Beach.

An 1890 photo of the children of Clark and Mary Madden Beach. Back row - Orator Beach, b. 1869; Edna Beach (Mace), b. 1876; and Lodema Olive Beach (Spencer), b. 1872. Front row - Eva Lena Beach (Carpenter)(Cass), b. 1879, holding Luke E. Beach, b. 1889; Elsie Beach (Green), b. 1880; and Rueben T. Beach, b. 1884.

Sources: Research by my mother, the late Marjorie J. Ward; Eugene H. Beach Jr, The Beach Family Journal; and the Oakland County (Mi.) Genealogical Society.

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