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My Cleveland, Paine, Doane Ancestors

Sarah Cleveland and Rueben Stickney were married 1 February 1785 in Bath, New Hampshire. Their marriage produced 9 children, with their daughter Lydia being my ancestor. Sarah's parents were Elisha Cleveland and Ruth Paine, who married in 1742 in Canterbury, CT. An article I found on RootsWeb said that Elisha and Ruth were cousins, as you can see in the ancestor tree below. Ruth was Elisha's second wife, with Esther Morse his first wife. Esther was born 1714/1715, and married Elisha 26 June 1740. Their only child Peter Cleveland was born 9 April 1741, but lived only 17 days.

It looks like Soloman Paine, father of Ruth Paine, was also a sibing of Abagail Paine. Soloman and Abagail apparently have Elisha Pain and Rebecca Doane as parents. That means that Sarah Cleveland is her own second cousin. The the chart below is a snip from the Ancestry tree of Sarah Cleveland.

Cleveland-Paine-Doane-Snow Tree

Related surnames: Bates, Carver, Daulton, Fairbanks, Hopkins, Kent, Leverette, Maiden.


Sarah's 4th great grandfather was Stephan Hopkins, one of the passengers on the Mayflower. Elizabeth Fisher was the 2nd wife of Stephan and was also a Maylower passenger. Stephan's first wife was Mary Kent. Their daughter, Constance, also a Mayflower passenger, is a 10th great grandmother. See links below.

Moses Cleaveland, Josiah(1) Cleveland's father, is our common ancestor with President Grover Cleveland. Josiah's brother Aaron's descendant is the USA's 22nd and 24th President. Also, the founder of the city of Cleveland, Moses Cleveland, was a descendant of our Josiah's father Moses. See the following for more information.

There's an inconsistancy in the spelling of Cleaveland/Cleveland, as to when the first "a" was dropped. It is believed that Moses changed it and that succeeding generations didn't revert to the former spelling.

An Elisha Paine, father of Abagail Paine, was noted as being among the prominent men of Canterbury, Connecticut, who were indicted for stealing "loads of hay" and had to pay 10 shillings to the Treasury and 20 shillings to John Smith.

The story above relies on information from a three-volume book printed in 1899, noted in the Sources section below.

More Sources:

Stephan Hopkins and Passenger list.

Archive.org search showing choices including "Genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland Families, by Edmund Janes Cleveland and Horace Gillette Cleveland, printed for the authors by Case, Lockwood, Brainard and Co., Hartford, CT., 1899.

Ancestors of American presidents, by Gary Boyd Roberts, 456 pages.

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