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The Kingsbury - Stickney Connection

The parents of my Grandmother, Ruth Mary Miller, were Frank A. Miller and Cora Adaline Fenn. A 5th generation ancestor of Frank Miller and a 6th generation ancestor of Cora had relatives who married in 1715, in Newbury, Ma.  The table below is my feeble attempt (?) at further explanation of this connection.

Ruth Mary Miller, b. 1885  
Frank A. Miller, b. 1859 married >>>>>> Cora A. Fenn, b. 1863
C.C. Miller, b. 1830, &  Miriam C.  Dyer Oscar A. Fenn, b. 1836, &  Salina E. Wilson
Jeremiah S. Miller, b. 1798, & Jane W. Green Adaline Gardner, b. 1814, & Daniel D. Fenn
John Miller, b. 1764, & Love Kingsbury, b. 1774 Lydia Stickney, b. 1785 & Levi Gardner
Joseph Kingsbury, b. 1732, & Sarah Milberry Rueben Stickney, b. 1761, & Sarah Cleveland
Joseph Kingsbury & (unknown) James Stickney, b. 1715, & Eleanor Wilson
  Andrew Stickney, b. 1669, & Elizabeth Chute

John Kingsbury, b. 16 Oct 1690, the older brother of Joseph Kingsbury, married MAry Stickney, b. 1 July 1691, the daughter of John Stickney, who was the older brother of Andrew Stickney.

Hope this explained clearly!  One of the sources for this information, the husband of a Stickney descendant, has about 4400 descendants of Amos Stickney & Sarah Morse (parents of Andrew and John Stickney) in his database.  Including the names of spouses, the number swells to well over 6000.

The other source for this information is the genealogy work of my Uncle Ed.  He listed his source as a book titled "Kingsbury Family," by Kingsbury & Talcott.  Sorry, I have no other information on that book.

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