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My Fenn Ancestors

Update 26 May 2015 - I'll be rebuilding this hideous thing soon.

 I have conceded the fact that Benjamin & Sarah Baldwin Fenn had no son named Edward.  If anyone can prove the parentage of Edward Fenn, born about 1644 in CT., please email me!  

One who questioned the connection gave me info on the known children of Benjamin & Sarah, and is sending the info.  According to her, the children are:

  1. Benjamin, 1640 - 1689
  2. Joseph, 1642 - 1671
  3. Sarah,  1645 - ?
  4. Mary,  1647 - 1671/72
  5. Martha,  1650 - ?

According to the source above and Benjamin's Will, the children of Benjamin Fenn and second wife  Susannah Ward were:

  1. Samuel, b.1665, d. 1666
  2. Susannah, b. 4 March 1667 
  3. Samuel, b. 1672, d. young
  4. Samuel
  5. James  (a Lieutenant?)

Benjamin's Will  states his children as being Benjamin, Samuel, James, Sarah, Mary, Martha, and Susannah.  There's no mention of Joseph.

My Fenn ancestors are a well-researched line that came to the new world from England in the 1600s. The Fenn name, according to the self-published book "The Descendants of Edward Fenn of Wallingford, Conn.," by The Rev. Father Ara Fenn Walker, S.J., and Elizabeth Fenn Balduc, dated 1971, was of ancient origin and in most cases of common ancestry at a remote period. The authors mention one branch of the Fenn line descending from Hugh Fenne, who lived in Yorkshire, England, at the time of Richard the Second. 

For JPEG images of grave markers for Oscar & Salina Wilson Fenn, plus Daniel D. and Adaline Gardner Fenn, click this

A pedigree chart of the Fenns can be viewed here.

Click this for details of an interesting connection between ancestors of Frank A. Miller and Cora A. Fenn 169 years prior to their marriage in 1884.

Click here for photos of Oscar Fenn's parents, Daniel Dibble Fenn and Adaline Gardner.

 the family of Salina Wilson   the ancestors of Martha Doolittle   Mary Thorpe's family and ancestors

Cora Adaline Fenn Miller, her husband Frank A., and their children in an 1893 Christmas photo

My Beach-Royce-Baldwin-Fenn-Ward Connection page details a complicated relationship between my mother's and father's lines. See if you can figure it all out!

Edward Fenn
b. 1644
m. 15 November 1688
d. 2 February 1728, Wallingford, New Haven, Ct.
wife: Mary Thorpe
b. 31 October 1666, New Haven, Ct.
d. 24 July 1725, Wallingford, Ct.
9 children
Their related son:  
Theophilus Fenn
b. 31 January 1697/1698, Wallingford, Ct.
m. 24 May 1722, Wallingford, Ct.
d. 18 December 1748, Wallingford, Ct.
wife: Martha Doolittle
b. 16 April 1703, New Haven, Ct.
d. 1760
11 children  m. 2nd. John Moss
Their related son:  
Edward Fenn
b. 2 September 1732, Wallingford, Ct.
m. not known
d. 1821
wife: Abagail Austin
b. 28 March 1763, Wallingford, Ct.
d. 1 April 1793, Wallingford, Ct.
9 children
Their related son:  
Theophilus Merriman Fenn
b. 12 June 1769, Wallingford, Ct.
m. 11 December 1793, Mt. Washington, Ma.
d. 30 July 1860, York, Medina County, Ohio
wife: Mary Dibble
b. 15 March 1775, Mt. Washington, Ma.
d. 23 August 1834, York, Medina County, Ohio
11 children
Their related son:  
Daniel Dibble Fenn
b. 29 December 1812, Byron, Genesee, N.Y.
m. March 1835, York, Medina County, Ohio
d. 31 March 1895, Creston, Oh.
wife: Adaline Gardner
b. 13 December 1814
d. 1893, Creston, Ohio
4 children
Their related son:  
Oscar A. Fenn
b. 25 June 1836, Medina County, Ohio
m. 13 March 1861, Medina County, Ohio
d. 20 May 1899, Stanton, Mi.
1st wife: Salina E. Wilson
b. 28 June 1841, Medina County, Ohio
d. 7 March 1872, Stanton, Mi.
3 children
Their related daughter:  
Cora Adaline Fenn
b. 10 February 1862, Medina County, Ohio

m. 9 July 1884, Stanton Mi.
d. 27 October 1896, Stanton, Mi.
husband: Frank A. Miller
b. 30 August 1859, Grand Rapids, Mi.
d. 27 April 1945, Stanton, Mi.


Theophilus M. and Mary Dibble Fenn were among the early settlers of Medina, Ohio, in 1832, according to the book by The Reverend Walker and Mrs. Balduc. It notes that the Fenns were among the charter members of the First Baptist Church, organized in a schoolhouse in Fenn's Corners. Theophilus laid the cornerstone of the newly built church in September, 1845. Fenn's Corners and Fenn Road remain.

Oscar and Salina had 1 son, Freddie, who died at the age of 1 year 3 months, and 2 daughters, Nora (Nona) Annise, and Cora. They moved to Stanton, Moncalm County, Mi., in 1866, where Oscar became a business owner and community leader.  Salina's death was due to a miscarriage, according to her death certificate.  After Salina's death, Oscar married Kate Carswell Wallace on 6 November 1873. Oscar and Kate had 4 children.

Left photo is Oscar Fenn prior to his move from Medina, Ohio, to Stanton in 1866. Right photo may be of an older Oscar, taken some time after his marriage to second wife Kate Carswell Wallace. Exact dates of the photos are unknown. 

This undated photo shows Cora A. Fenn Miller on the left, and maybe her stepmother Kate Carswell Wallace Fenn on the right. If you know of a mistake in the identification, please email me!


The Descendants of Edward Fenn of Wallingford, Conn., 1688, by The Reverend Father Ara Fenn Walker, S.J., of Cleveland, Oh., and Mrs. Elizabeth Fenn Balduc, of Virginia, Mn. Self-published in 1971.

Fenn Family Bible records.

American Biographical History of Eminent and Self-Made Men - Michigan Volume - Western Biographical Publishing Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1878. Representative Men of Michigan, Volume II, District 8, pg. 18.

Research by several cousins.

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