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Fenn, Gardner, Miller and Ward grave markers from Forest Hill Cemetery, Stanton, MI., and Maple Hill Cemetery in Cadillac, MI.

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Fenns and Gardners:

25_22.jpg (59916 bytes)

This marker is a bit hard to read, but is that of Polly Gardner, wife of D.M. Gardner, and their children. D.M.'s name isn't on it.  The names of the children on it are: Harry S., Leslie, Leon M., Mary B., and Glenn H.  According to this marker, Polly died 15 October, 1878, at the age of 37 years, 5 months, 18 days. polly was the daughter of Adaline Gardner Fenn's brother Rueben Gardner. Her relationship to husband D.M. Gardner (other than as his wife) is open for speculation! See my Stickney page for Rueben's siblings.

27_24.jpg (69642 bytes)

Relatively new marker of Daniel Dibble Fenn and Adaline Gardner Fenn. Coming soon - Markers of Levi and Lydia Stickney Gardner in an Ohio cemetery.

fenns.jpg (29965 bytes)

Marker for Oscar Fenn, Salina E. Wilson Fenn, Kate Carswell Wallace Fenn (Oscar's second wife), and Freddie, Oscar & Salina's son who died young.

LydiaSG-mkr.jpg (21752 bytes)

This is the marker of Lydia Stickney Gardner at the Branch Road Cemetery in York, Medina Co., Ohio. Would the County's Sexton please fix these toppled markers?!

Levi-Lydia-mkrs.jpg (28299 bytes)

The markers of Levi W. Gardner and Lydia Stickney Gardner.

  Wards & Millers:

Pictures of markers of Jeremiah and Mary Walker Miller and Jeremiah G. Miller in Merrill Cemetery in Kennebunkport, Maine!  (5 Feb 2004)

ward-mkr.JPG (64727 bytes)

Click this thumbnail to see the full size image of the granite marker of my GGrandparents Edward Ward and Mary Hudson.

millergs.jpg (18417 bytes)

This is the Miller plot at Maple Hill Cemetery in Cadillac, Mi. In it are the gravesites of The Rev. C.C. & Miriam C., Miriam A., Jessie W., Lina L., Dr. G. Devere, Dr. Carroll E., Elna Alice, Robert S., Ray T., Helen T., and Robert T., all Millers. Also, Jessie A. and Howard Lee Edgerton, Miriam S. & Elden Brisbois, Mary Lenore White, Milan Knor, Kathryn Emmons and Grandson Timothy, Fred Girardeau, and Laurence Showalter. Hope I didn't miss any! Thanks go to my sister Anne for the photo work. JPEGs are available of individual sites. email me.

For a full list of names and relationships of those in the Miller plot, click  Millerplot.htm OR download  Millerplot.doc.

Marker of my Grandmother Ruth Mary Miller Ward.

16_13.jpg (110845 bytes)

Marker of Grandfather Alphonsus Edward Ward, Sr., only son of Edward and Mary Hudson (Peel) Ward.

corafm.jpg (29482 bytes)

Marker of GGrandmother Cora Adaline Fenn Miller.  She was the first wife of Frank A. Miller. Her picture is on the Millers Page and the Fenn Page.

fmiller.jpg (27982 bytes)

This marker is of GGrandfather Frank Augustus Miller, father of Ruth Mary Miller. His picture is on the Millers Page, Millers2 Page, and the Millers1893 Page.

emoffatt.jpg (39045 bytes)

This marker is of Edith E. Ward Moffatt, daughter of Edward and Mary Hudson (Peel) Ward, wife of Fred Moffatt, sister of my Grandfather Alphonsus E. Ward Sr., and half-sister to Mary Alice Peel Bellows (see next image).

mpeel.jpg (35492 bytes)

This marker is of Mary Alice Peel, wife of Elliott O. Bellows, daughter of Mary Hudson (Peel) Ward, half-sister to my Grandfather Alphonsus E. Ward, Sr. See my Ward page for more information.


More of other relatives to be added as I get them.  If you would like the jpg image, download the full-sized image, or email me and I'll get it to you.

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