Greats, Great-Greats and beyond

Each of us has 4 Grandparents, 8 Great Grandparents, 16 Great Great Grandparents, 32 Great Great Great Grandparents, 64 4th Great Grandparents, 128 5th Great Grandparents, 256 6th Great Grandparents, 512 7th Great Grandparents, 1024 8th Great Grandparents, and so on. The number doubles as we look at each preceding generation.

I'll list each generation of my ancestors by name and by maternal and paternal lines, also linking their names to the page they are on, if there is one. Lots more research needs to be done on my maternal ancestors, some of whom didn't leave many clues behind as to their identity. Most were farmers, which was no surprise.

My father's brother, the late Alphonsus Edward Ward Jr, did some genealogy research in the 1970s and my mother, the late Marjorie Jean O'Brien Ward, became interested in her family's history in the 1980s. Both my uncle and my mother did their research the old-school way, decades before modern computers and the internet.

Note that I have dual Beach ancestry on my mother's side of the fence - Two 7th generation descendants of 2 of the 3 immigrant "Beach Boys" tied the knot and made me a 12th cousin to myself. My 2 kids are 13th cousins to themselves and each other.

My GEDmatch number is DE4361004 and my FTDNA Kit number is 371374. My tree in both Ancestry and Family Search is public.

Some rellies listed below are confirmed DNA matches by and Some are confirmed rellies via documentation and lineage established by myself and others prior to advent of DNA. Contact me with any questions.


  • Robert Hudson Ward and Marjorie Jean O'Brien

Grand Parents, 4

  • Maternal: Frank Richard O'Brien and Evelyn Spencer.
  • Paternal: Alphonsus Edward Ward Sr. and Ruth Mary Miller.

Great Grand Parents, 8


  • Walter Alonzo Spencer and Lodema Olive Beach.
  • Frank Emmet O'Brien and Harriet Ann "Hattie" Smith.
  • Paternal>

  • Edward Ward and Mary Hudson Peel
  • Frank Augustus Miller and Cora Adaline Fenn

2nd Great Grandparents, 16


  • Robert Spencer and Hannah Griffiths; Charles Emmet O'Brien and Emogene Perkins: Amos Smith and Esther Ann Dockham Monroe; Clark Beach and Mary Madden.
  • Paternal

  • Patrick Ward and Anne Keating; Edward Hudson and Frances Robson; Charles Carroll Miller and Miriam Cross Dyer; Oscar Fenn and Salina E. Wilson.

3rd Great Grandparents 32

4th Great Grandparents 64


  • Alpheus Madden and Eunice Beach; Heman Dockham & Rachel LaRue; unknown Moores: Clark Beach & Elizabeth Church, Almon Ford & Hannah Sawtell, Robert Parks & Mary Polly Smith; Elias C Spencer & Lydia Lucetta.
  • Paternal

  • Robert Ward* & Mary Kelly*; Michael Keating & Margaret Cummins; Ebenezer Cross & Abagail Webb, John Miller & Love Kingsbury, Eliphalet Green & Jane Cilley, Christopher Dyer & Lydia Libby, Theophilus Merrimen Fenn and Mary Dibble, Levi William Gardner and Lydia Stickney, Thomas Wilson & Rhoda Rhodes; Thomas Bartholomew and Anna Foote;

5th Great Grandparents,128


  • Enoch Dockham and Unknown; Hendrick LaRue and Maritje "Mary" Mandeville; Isaac Beach and Mary Elizabeth Berry; Michael Beach and Eunice Hester; Robert Parks and Elizabeth Hall; Timothy Madden and Abigail Kibbe; (?) & Edmund Sawtell; Samuel Spencer & Mary Stevens.
  • Paternal

  • Edward Fenn and Abagail Austin; Daniel Dibble and Sarah Patterson; Levi Gardner and Rachel Glover; Reuben Stickney and Sarah Cleveland, Lemme Bartholomew & Anna Wilson; Colonel Ralph Cross & Miriam Atkinson; Christopher Dyer & Hannah Randall; Levi Gardner & Rachel Glover; Jeremiah Miller & Mary Waker; Nathan Rhodes & Phebe Brown; Aaron Cilley & Elizabeth Dodge.

6th Great Grandparents, 256


  • William Beach and Martha Clark; Linus Beach and Dinah Royce; Joseph Parks and Sarah Jemison; Edward Kibbey/Kibbe and unknown; Benjamin Dockham Jr & unknown; Peter Mandeville & Maria Bertholf; Edward Kibbe & Abial Morse' Phineas Spencer & Martha Steevens;
  • Paternal

  • Theophilus Fenn & Martha Doolittle; Elisha Cleaveland & Ruth Paine; Lemuel Bartholomew and Mary Squire; Captain Gideon Walker and Hannah Palmer; Cristopher Dyer and Mercy Small; Stephen Randel and Deborah Sawyer; James Stickney & Eleanor Wilson; John Dibble & Mary Jones; Andrew & Abigail(?)Patterson;

7th Great Grandparents, 512


  • Nathan Beach and Jemima Curtis, Deacon John Beach and Mary Royce (see Beach page); Nathaniel Royce & Phebe Clark; Robert Parks and Tamsen Parker Bromley**; Benjamin Dockham & Sarah Preston; Hendrik Mandeville & Elizabeth Vreeland; Joshua Kibbe & Mary Comey; Nathaniel Spencer & Lydia Smith;
  • Paternal

  • Edward Fenn & Mary Thorpe; Josiah Cleaveland & Abagail Paine; William Dyer Jr & Hannah Strout; Andrew Stickney & Elizabeth Chute; Ephriam Jones & Mary Spier; John Dibble & Mary Severans, Charles Patterson & Eunice Nichols;

8th Great Grandparents 1,024

9th Great Grandparents 2,048


  • John Beach and Mary Unknown, Thomas Beach & Sarah Platt (See Beach page)(John, Thomas & Richard are the immigrant "Beach Boys"). Robert Parke and Martha Chaplin; Yellis Jansen De Mandeville & Elsje Peters Hendricks; Gerard Spencer and Alice Whitbread;
  • Paternal

  • Moses Cleaveland & Ann Winn; William Dyer & Anne Hutchinson (granddaughter of Anne Marbury Hutchinson); James Chute & Elizabeth Epps; Thomas Dibble & Miriam "Mary" Grant; John Wakefield & Ann Littlefield(?); William Stickney & Elizabeth Dawson; Edward Doolittle & Elizabeth Baker

10th Great Grandparents 4,096


  • Johannes Michaelsz Jansz De Mandeville & Trintgen (Trijntjen) Wilms (of Holland); Robert Parke & Alice Chaplin;
  • Paternal

  • William Dyer and Mary Barrett; Edward Hutchinson and Catherine Hamby; Lionel Chute & Rose Baker; Daniel Epps & Martha Read; Richard Platt & Mary Wood

    11th Great Grandparents,8,192


  • William Parke and unknown;
  • Michael Johannis De Mandeville & Marie Van De Raede (of Holland);
  • Paternal

  • Anne Marbury and William Hutchinson; William Curtis & Agnes ?; John Wood & Jane ?; Lionel Chute and Susan Greene

Ancestors who served in the military. Click the link for a pic or the surname page.

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Research by cousins who shared their work, including Tracey Crow, Stan Wilson, Charles Hudson, Eugene H. Beach, Jr., Lanark County Genealogical Society (Ontario, Canada) members, Kim Emmons Knor, Kim Diehl Mock and many others.

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Coady Catholic Cemetery in Maple Valley Township, Montcalm County, Michigan.

The genealogy research of my Uncle Ed, the late Alphonsus Edward Ward, Jr., my mother, the late Marjorie Jean O'Brien Ward, and my sister, the late Anne E. Ward.

Publications accessible on The Internet Archive, a great resource for genealogists.

Genealogical research by the late Frank E Dyer Jr. Dyer Families of New England

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