My Crazy Madden Conundrum

Too many versions of Timothy Madden and Alpheus Madden. The problem stabilizes with Nelson Madden, born 1804, husband of Olive Parks. The confusion lies with large gaps in the information of Timothy Madden and his supposed son, Alpheus. There seems to be two of them that I'm getting mixed up with, like ice in a smoothie blender.

The internet was just a twinkle in the eye of a few geniuses when my mother, who had just become a widow with the death of my father, started researching her family tree in the early 1980s. I was busy with work, marriage and kids during that decade and had no time to go to libraries, Family History centers at the Latter Day Saints churches, and other places where we had to do research back then, before the internet.

Two named Timothy Madden?

I'm supposed to believe Timothy Madden, whom I cannot place anywhere before Uxbridge, Massachusetts, marries Abigail Kibbe/Kibbey in 1768 and has a son named Alpheus in either 1770 or 1780. But wait, there's a Parma, Genesee County, New York History book that states Timothy Madden "arrived from Vermont in 1799" and also mentions Alpheus Madden teaching children in a school in the early 1800s.

There's plenty of evidence available that the Timothy Madden who married Abigail Kibbe/Kibbey in Uxbridge, MA, died in 1771, about 1 year after the birth of Alpheus in 1770. So who is the Timothy Madden that died in 1829? Was he Timothy Junior? There's also the year of birth discrepancy for Alpheus - 1770, which would make him Timothy and Abigail's son, or 1780, which would make him a son of who? Timothy Junior?

I messaged a Family Search member who has a Timothy Madden listed, born in County Cork, Ireland, in the 1850s, so if that's a clue, I hope he answers.


This site's code was effort done by somebody else that didn't work out for my purposes. It's a record of an Alpheus Madden that my late mother sent $ to the Library of Congress to get. If this Alpheus Madden was a son of Timothy and Abigail Kibbe/Kibbey, then he never made it to Michigan to pass away in 1840. Who's who?