More Miller photos

More Miller Photos

This is an undated photo of Ruth Mary Miller (Ward). I would guess that it was taken in late 1885 or early 1886, based on her birth date of 2 June 1885. It is the only known photo of her at that age. It was copied from the original and then scanned by me.
This is a copy of an undated photo of  Frank Augustus Miller.   He looks to be in his 20s, so that would date this photo to the 1880s, based on his birth date of 30 August 1859. Also a custom (?) scan job by me.
This photo of The Reverend Charles Carroll Miller is also undated. Also a custom scan job by me.
This undated photo is of Miriam Cross Dyer Miller, wife of Reverend C.C. Miller. Yes, in case you didn't guess, I scanned this one too. Miriam's ancestor tree can be seen by clicking this.

Speculation:  These photos were taken at about the same time?  They appear younger than in the 1890 Miller Family Christmas photo, so maybe these were taken at about the time my Grandma Ruth's baby picture was taken. 

A special thanks to Bill Duckwitz and Dodie Berry for supplying the photos above and to my sister Anne Ward for copying them and sending them to me to scan!

Click here for the page with an image from a painting of The Reverend Charles Carroll Miller's boyhood home in Kennebunkport, Maine.

See an ancestor tree of The Reverend C. C. Miller by clicking this.

Sons and husband of Ruth Mary Miller:

 Left- Robert H. Ward and father Alphonsus Edward Ward Sr., taken about fall, 1946, at their home on N. Dexter Dr. in Lansing.

Center - Robert H. Ward, A. Edward Ward, Jr., by the family car, taken in the late 1920s (?).

Right - Another photo of A. Edward Ward Jr. and brother Robert H. Ward with the same car.

Miller Family 1890 Christmas photo.

Miller Family 1893 Christmas photo

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