My Stickney, Cleveland & Chute Ancestry

Lydia Stickney was my last rellie with that surname. She married Levi William Gardner in 1808. Reuben Stickney and Sarah Cleveland were Lydia's parents. Reuben Stickney fought for the colonies in the Revolutionary War. Reuben reached the enlisted rate of Sergeant at the date he mustered out. His tombstone states he was a Major, but the DAR says otherwise. I believe the DAR is correct.

Reuben Stickney and Sarah Cleveland had 9 children. Sarah's ancestral tree is here: Ancestors of Sarah Cleveland. This tree includes an ancestor of President Grover Cleveland.

My Stickney line of descent:

  • 10th great grandparents, Robert & Alice Stickney
  • 9th great grandparents, William Stickney and Margaret Peirson/Pierson
  • 8th great grandparents, Amos Stickney and Sarah Morse
  • 7th great grandparents, Andrew Stickney & Elizabeth Chute
  • 6th great grandparents, James Stickney & Eleanor Wilson
  • 5th great grandparents, Reuben Stickney & Sarah Cleveland
  • 4th great grandmother, Lydia Stickney


My Ancestors of Sarah Cleveland page, slightly redone from the garish, old, outdated HTML code from 20 years ago.

Sarah Morse Stickney - Her Second Family, a document written by Larry Kline.


The Genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland Families by Edmund Janes Cleveland and Horace Gillette Cleveland, available for download at

560 pages of Stickney Genealogy, by Matthew Adams Stickney, the definitive source for the history of that family.

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