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The surname Kelley/Kelly and O'Kelly derives from at least ten differant Septs: O'Kellys of Ui Maine, in Connacht, from the eastern part of County Galway and the Southern part of County Roscommon; O'Kellys of Breagh, whose territory covered a large portion of County Meath and the northern part of County Dublin; O'Kellys of Ulster, originating in the Barony of Loughinsholin, County Derry; O'Kellys of Leighe, now Lea in County Laois; O'Kellys of Magh Druchtain, County Laois; O'Kellys of Gallen, County Laois; O'Kellys of Ui Teigh in what is now northern Wicklow; O'Kellys of Ard O gCeallaigh, in the Parish of Templeboy, County Sligo; O'Kellys of Corca Laoighdhe in southwest County Cork and the
O'Kellys of Clanbrasil MacCoolechan in County Down.

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I wanted to let you know that we have established a KELLEY/KELLY Surname DNA Test Project to help us break through those Brick Walls that have so many of us stumped. We just started in February of 2005 and we already have 17 Participants. Six of the participants (3 pair) have discovered proven links to common ancestors that they did not know existed.

We just got the Website operating this week. The address is:

Go to our website and see what the possibilities are. If you have a living Male Kelley relative I would encourage you to get him to participate. The sample is given by just wiping a swab in your mouth. I am attaching a Word File which gives you a little more information. There are more details on our Webpage. Best Regards, Raymond Kelly Coordinator KELLEY/KELLY DNA Test Project

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Now the Kellys run the statehouse, And the Kellys run the banks
The police and fire departments,
Sure the Kellys fill the ranks.
Dan Kelly runs the railroads
John Kelly runs the seas
Kate Kelly runs the suffragettes
And she looks right good to me.

Well I went and asked directions
From a natuarlized Chinese,
But he said, "Please excuse me but
My name is Kell Lee."
And there's Kelly from Dublin,
Kelly from Sligo
Little Mickey Kelly
Who came from County Clare.
Sure Kelly built the pyramids
With good Old Galway granite,
And When Kelly discovered the North Pole,
Sure he found Pat Kelly there.
Taken from the book, Out of Ireland by Kerby Miller and Paul Wagner.


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