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John Thomas Malcom b 24 May 1856 3 miles South of Salem Marion Co., IL., d. 26 April 1935 in Des Moines, Union Co., New Mexico. He married (1) Frances A. Toland on 9 March 1876 I Marion Co., IL., b. 2 January 1857, in TN., d. 24 April 1881, burial; Mount Moriah Cemetery, Centralia, Marion Co IL. She is the daughter of Isaac F. Toland and Lydia M. Easley. He married (2) Rosetta Jimerson on 3 February 1884 Clinton Co IL., b. 19 December 1866 East Fort TR Clinton Co IL., d. 17 August 1926 in Des Moines, Union Co., New Mexico. She is the daughter of Robert L. Jimerson and Mary R. Fowler.

Notes for John T. Malcom:
Fact 1: Source is the Family Bible, copied and was sent to me by Darron Forehand and his Mother.
Two names where written on the inside cover, J. T. Malcom and Charles Malcom.
The Family Bible has a copyright, 1902 by JNO. A. DICKSON PUBLISHING CO., U.S.A.

Sheet 1

Family Record

Grand Parents:
Father’s Father: Henry Malcom b. 30 June 1834, Salem ILL.
Father’s Mother: Sarah A. Sanders b. 25 Aug 1836, Collinsville, ILL.
Mother’s Father: Robert L. Jimerson b. 3 Mar 1836, Springfield Tenn; d. 24 Aug 1904, Payette Idaho.
Mother’s Mother: Mary R. Fowler b. 17 May 1841, IL; d. 18 May 1875, East Fort, Clinton Co ILL.

Father: John T. Malcom b. 24 May 1856, 3 miles South of Salem ILL; d. 26 April 1935, Des Moines, New Mexico.
Mother: Rosetta Malcom nee Jimerson b. 19 Dec 1866, East Fort TR Clinton Co ILL; d. 17 Aug 1926, Des Moines, New Mexico.


Chas E. Malcom b. 19 Jan 1877, South of Salem Ill; d. 28 Dec 1965, Raton New Mexico. Md. Edyth Durskey 9 March 1905.

Laura Fudge Malcom b. 7 July 1877(Third Wife of John Thomas Malcom)
This page also shows John Thomas Malcom being married to Laura Fudge at Clayton, NM August 16, 1930. She was his third wife instead of a child of Frances Toland (though she was young enough to be John Thomas Malcom's child!).
It shows her married to a "J. L. Malcom", so they got his middle initial wrong. Laura Fudge d. February 2, 1947 in Sedan, NM.

Leonora Edyth Malcom b. 26 Mar 1879, South of Salem ILL; d.6 July 1880

William Homer Malcom b. 8 Feb 1881, South of Salem ILL; d. 12 Aug 1881

Children: The children listed below, are the children of Rosetta Jimerson Malcom and John T. Malcom;
George Clyde Malcom b. 27 Oct 1884, South of Salem ILL; d. 11 Mar 1885

Infant Son b. 6 Dec 1885, Clinton Co ILL; d. 6 Dec 1885
Mehelabel Malcom b. 27 Aug 1886, Clinton Co ILL; md. Jas. S. Hemphill, 10 May 1905.

E. Everette Malcom b. 4 June 1889, Tennessee ILL; md. Loren Allen, 14 Nov 1914.

Wm. Vernal Malcom b. 21 Mar 1893, Plymouth ILL.

Grand Children:
James Malcom Hemphill b. 29 Feb 1907, Marissa ILL.
Earl Emerson Hemphill b. 14 Dec 1910, Marissa ILL.
James S. Hemphill(son-in-law)
Earline Malcom b. 24 Jun 1913, Des Moines, New Mexico; md Oren Norwood 29 Jul 1936
Lee Malcom b. 12 Aug 1917, Des Moines, New Mexico; md Evelyn Burton 8 Aug 1941

Sheet 2


John T. Malcom born 24 May 1856
Frances A. Malcom born 2 Jan 1857
Charles E. Malcom born 19 Jan 1877
Leonora Edith Malcom born 26 March 1879
William Homer Malcom born 8 Feb 1881
Rosetta Malcom born 19 Dec 1866
George Clyde Malcom born 27 Oct 1884
Infant Son born 6 Dec 1885
Mehelabel Malcom born 27 Aug 1886
Ernest Everette Malcom born 4 June 1889
William Vernal Malcom born 21 March 1893
Henry Malcom born 30 June 1834
Sarah A. Malcom nee Sanders born 25 Aug 1836
Jerusha A. Sparling nee Malcom born 5 Nov 1858; Sparling born 27 June 1835
Henrietta V. Jimerson nee Malcom born 30 Sept 1861; T. Jimerson born 20 Sept 1864
Sarah L. Hickman nee Malcom born 25 Nov 1863; Hickman born 7 Dec 1860
Julia A. Mercer nee Malcom born 19 Nov 1865; Mercer born 17 April 1863
Louisa J. Malcom born 11 Mar 1860

Sheet 3


J. T. and F. A. Malcom married 9 March 1876

J. T. and Rosetta Malcom married 3 Feb 1884

Charles E. Malcom married Edyth Durskey, 10 March 1905

Mehelabel Malcom married James S. Hemphill, 10 May 1905

I, J.T.M. was converted in a meeting held at the log church about 5 miles South of Salem Ill,-a little West- in the Nation. Meeting held the last of Oct. & First of Nov. 1874. Baptized by Eld. B.R. Sledge who was the pastor-March 14 1875. Ordained to the Ministry in Diamond Spring Church, Dec. 13” 1885. Eld. J. M. Billingsley Moderator.

Sheet 4.

Family Record Cause of Death Where Buried

Leonora Edyth Malcom Golara Infantum Mt. Moriah Cemetery ILL
William Homer Malcom Golara Infantum Mt. Moriah Cemetery ILL
George Clyde Malcom Pneumonia Diamond Spring Cemetery Clinton Co ILL.
Infant Son Premature Birth Diamond Spring Cemetery Clinton Co ILL.
Jerusha A Malcom Tuberculosis Bowels Fredonia ILL, January 25, 1917.
Mrs. Sarah A. Malcom Dropsy; 12 June 1918 Mt. Moriah Cemetery ILL; 14 June 1918.
Henry Malcom Old age and bowel trouble,27 Dec 1919, Mt. Moriah ILL, 29 Dec 1919.
Mrs. Rosetta Malcom T.B. & Heart Des Moines New Mexico, died 17 July 1926 born 19 Dec 1866.
John T. Malcom Des Moines New Mexico, died 26 April 1935, Buried 27 April 1935.

J.T. Malcom was married First to Francis A. Toland, March 9, 1876. She was the mother of Leonore Edyth, Charles E. & Wm. Homer. She died April 24, 1881. Was buried in Mt. Moriah, Marion Co IL.

Sisters of J. T. Malcom and their husbands
Jerusha A. Sparling nee Malcom born Nov. 5, 1858; Daniel Sparling born June 27, 1835.
Louisa J. Malcom born March 11 1860, died Oc.t 2, 1865.
Henrietta V. Jimerson nee Malcom born Sept. 30, 1861; George T. Jimerson Born Sept. 20, 1864.
Sarah L. Hickman nee Malcom born Nov. 25, 1863; Zack Hickman born Dec 7 1860.
Julia A. Mercer nee Malcom born Nov. 19, 1865; Frank Mercer born April 17 1863.

Sheet 5.

Grand Children

James Malcom Hemphill, born Feb. 24, 1907
Earl Emerson Hemphill, born Dec. 14, 1910
Earlene Malcom, born June 24, 1913
Everette Allen Malcom, born April 14, 1916
Helen Mildred Hemphill, born May 18, 1916
Lee D. Malcom, born Aug. 12, 1917
Billy Malcom, born Jan. 13, 1918

Charles E. Malcom, born Jan. 19, 1877, near Salem ILL. Edyth Durshy Malcom, (wife) born Nov. 11th, 1880. Married March 9th 1905 at Centralia ILL.

Earlene Malcom, born June 24th 1913 near Capulin, New Mexico.
Lee Malcom, born August 12th 1917 near Capulin, New Mexico.

Earlene Malcom was married to Oren Norwood August 29th 1936 at Clayton New Mexico.

Donna Kay Norwood, born July 12th 1937 at Raton New Mexico.
LeAnn Norwood, born July 12th 1946 at Tucumcari, New Mexico.

Lee Malcom was married to Evelyn Burton September 8, 1941 at Clayton New Mexico.

Linda Lee Malcom, born September 18th 1943 at Dalhart Tex.
Vicky Jo Malcom, born Nov. 26th 1947 at Tucumcari, New Mexico.

Sheet 6

J. T. Malcom married to Francis A. Toland, Mar. 9, 1876. She died April 24 1881.

J. T. Malcom married to Rosetta Jimerson Feb. 3rd. 1884.

Of the first marriage, three children were born; George Clyde, Infant Son, Mehetabel, Earnest Everette and William Vernal.

J. T. Malcom was converted in a meeting held at a log meeting house about 5 miles South of Salem Ill., and a little West (in the Nation) meeting held the later part of Oct., or the First of Nov. 1874. Baptized by the Pastor Eld. B. R. Sledge March 14th 1875. Ordained to the work of the ministry in Diamond Spring Church, Clinton County Ill., Dec. 13th 1885. Eld. J. M. Billingley, Moderator and George Derickson, Clerk.

To date June 17, 1920, in the Pastoral Constantly and Ordination Dec. 13, 1885. Preached estimated 4,740 sermons. Other addresses 425. Funerals 275. Weddings 100. Revivals held 62. Conversions 625. Baptisms 563. Preached in Patoka, Diamond Springs and Keys Port ILL. 3yrs, Tennessee, Sciota & Bethel 2 yrs. Plymouth Ill. 7 yrs, Kane Ill., 4 yrs, Marissa Ill., 4 yrs, Iola Kansas 1 ˝, Waverly Kas., 1 yr., O’Fallon Ill., 2 years. Missionary Pastor in N. E. New Mexico, 10 yrs. Organize Churches as following Keys Port Ill., Des Moines New Mexico, Maxell New Mexico, Cottonwood New Mexico., Mountain View N. Mex., Pleasant Valley N Mex., preached in Clendenin W. VA., three different miss for a few months each 4 yrs. Over 4 years a Pastor to date Dec. 13 1928. Pastor Ememtus of Baptist Church Des Moines N. Mexico since Mar. 27 1928.

Sheet 7


Leonora Edith Malcom, Died July 6th 1880, aged 1yr 3mon. 10 da.
Francis A. Malcom, Died April 24th 1881 Aged 24 year 3mon. 22 days
William Homer Malcom, Died Aug 12th 1881, Aged 6months 4 da
George C. Malcom, Died March 4th 1885, Aged 4 months 5 days
Infant Son, Died Dec 6th 1885
Rosetta Malcom, Died Aug 17th 1926 age
John Thomas Malcom, Died April 26th 1935, age 78 yrs 11mo 2 days
Louisa J. Malcom, Died Oct 2 1865

marriage certificate was between John T. Malcom and Francis A. Toland, this was inserted inside the Family Bible.

Marriage certificate was between John T. Malcom and Rosetta Zimerson, this was inserted inside the Family Bible.

This was attached to the marriage certificate of John T. Malcom and Rosetta Jimerson

These U.S. Census that I am going to put on line, were not in the Family Bible. Just wanted to help John Thomas Malcom's family. Sharlee

U. S. Census 19 June 1880, Salem Dist 122 page 16 Marion County Illinois.
Family 155-156
Malcolm, Henry male white age 46 married farmer IL TN TN?
Malcolm, Sarah A. female white age 43 wife IL TN TN
Malcolm, Jerusha A. female white age 20 daughter IL IL IL
Malcolm, Henrietta V. female white age 19 daughter IL IL IL
Malcolm, Sarah L. female white age 16 daughter IL IL IL
Malcolm, Julia A. female white age 14 daughter IL IL IL
Family 156-157
Malcolm, John T. white male age 24 married farm laborer IL IL IL
Malcolm, Frances A. white female age 23 wife TN TN TN
Malcolm, Charles E. white male age 3 son IL IL TN (this is Charles Earl)
Malcolm, Nora E. white female age 1 daughter IL IL TN (this is Leonora Edyth)

U. S. Census June 6, 1900 Kane Twp Dist 21 Greene County Illinois page 5B
Family 116-120
Malcom, John T white male born May 1856 age 44 married 16 yrs born IL; occupation, minister
Malcom, Rosetta white female born Dec 1866 age 33 married 16 yrs mother of 5 children, 3 living, born IL TN IL
Malcom, Charles E. white son born Jan 1877 age 23 single born IL IL TN; occupation teacher
Malcom, Mehetebel white daughter born Aug 1886 age 13 born IL IL IL at school
Malcom, Ernest E. white son born June 1889 age 10 born IL IL IL at school (this is Earnest Everette)
Malcom, William V. white son born Mar 1893 age 7 born IL IL IL at school (this is William Vernal)

U. S. Census May 2, 1910 Folsom Preceint 3 Dist 278 Union County New Mexico, page 12B
Family 189-213
Malcom, John T male white age 54 2nd marriage md 26 yrs born IL IL IL; farmer
Malcom, Rosetta white wife age 42 1st marriage md 26 yrs mother of 5 children 3 living born IL IL IL
Malcom, William V. white son age 17 single born IL IL IL

U.S.Census January 24, 1920 Big Sandy Dist 65 Kanawah County West Virginia, page 6B
Malcom, John T. male white age 63 md IL IL IL Baptist Minister
Malcom, Rosetta female wife age 53 md IL TN IL
Malcom, William V. son white age 26 single born IL IL IL mechanic automotive

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