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Robert Leatham home
Left:  Garthamlock House
where Robert Letham and his wife Janet Urquhart once lived.
Source:  The Letham or Leatham Family Book of Remembrance

Leatham Family Tree, Gedcom

Portrait of Ben and Barbara Ferrin Leatham
Benjamin Archibald Leatham
Barbara Ferrin Leatham

Ben's mother Isabel Archibald
Ben's mother:
Isabel  WAtson Archibald

Alexander  Letham  8 Jan 1836
and wife:
Jane Spence Morrison Leatham
29 Jan 1848
Gallatown, Fifeshire, Scotland

Picture of Alexander and Jane Spence Morrison Leatham

Robert Russell Archibald   Isabella Cranston Watson family pictures

Joseph Bates Noble
Nauvoo Home

Picture of Joseph Bates Noble
For More:
Loretta Sylvia  MEACHAM
wife of
Joseph Bates Noble

Picture of Loretta Sylvia Meacham
The Three Leatham Patriarchs The Three Patriarchs:
Alexander, William and John Leatham

Picture of Elizabeth Russell Archibald
Elizabeth  Russell  wife of
Thomas  Archibald
Artemesia  Noble  Hepworth,
daughter of
Joseph Bates and
Loretta Sylvia Noble,
and  mother of Alice Iona Hepworth

Picture of Artemisia Noble

Wallis Ellis  Ferrin
Alice Iona Hepworth,
 mother and father of
Barbara Ferrin Leatham