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   John Spendlove Family

John Spendlove John Spendlove, born 10 Aug 1816 at Corby, Nrthnt, England, joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons).  He was the son of John and Mary Slawson Spendlove.  After his first wife, Elizabeth Harrison, passed away, he married Maria Tole, and emigrated to Utah with his sons John, born 5 Jan 1840,  William born 15 Nov 1845,  and daughter,  Mary Elizabeth b. 1844.  Emma, b. 1842,  had emigrated earlier. Rebecca, b. 1847, stayed in England.  John was called and accepted a mission to establish Zion in southern Utah.

Frederick Alfred, born 26 Apr 1838, emigrated later from England to Hickley, Utah. His wife was Harriet Winspear. 

Joseph Spendlove, born 18 Dec 1832, and brother to John b. 1816, also joined the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  He emigrated and settled in northern Utah at Littleton, Morgan, Utah..
James, another brother emigrated with Joseph.
John Spendlove family
Early Hurricane, Utah home by Robert Call
      Early Hurricane, Utah home by Robert A. Call, Ogden, Utah

Covered wagon

My great-grandfather, John Spendlove , born 1840,  emigrated  to Utah in 1863.  He and his wife, Mary Davies, were sent to Dixie (Southern Utah) to settle.  They lived in Virgin, Utah and then helped  settle  Hurricane, Utah.  My grandfather, Joseph Walter, was born 20 June 1885. His father, John, died in 1912. My father, Fernard Walter Spendlove (Jack), passed away in 1991.

The Building  of the
Hurricane Canal
Excerpt  from Karl Larson's book,            

"I Was Called  to Dixie":

'Do you remember how Brigham Young called a group of people to Dixie and only about half of them  responded?'  'Yes.' President Brimhall had heard something like that. ' Do you remember that of the half who came, only half remained?' 'Yes.' 'Well,' said James Jepson, 'the men and women who built this canal are the children of those who stayed."'

Walter Spendlove is one of the
children of "those who stayed." His father,
John Spendlove, Jr., and his grandfather, John Spendlove, Sr., were among the faithful who were devoted workers on the canal.
Walter Spendlove was too young to
have worked on the canal when the work first commenced. Since he had not finished grade school when he started working on the canal, it can be assumed he was probably about 13 years of age.
That would have been in 1898.
If so, Walter worked on the canal for 6 years-
For more on the Hurricane Canal

Susannah Mossendew

born: 2 Oct 1762 
Uppingham, Rutlands, England
wife of John Spendlove 1760
mother of John Spendlove 1794
(Written by John Dewey Spendlove)

"Susannah never heard the
message of the restored
church in this life.
According to her grandson,
Joseph, who states that his
father used to come and meet
him on the Stanion road
while he was working at
Medboum. On one of these
occasions, he writes,
his father told him
of a dream his Grandmother,
Susannah had. She related
that she had seen, in
her dream, her son reading
the old bible to his family
when two young men
came into the room. They
took the old bible out of
his hands and gave him
another book that had a shiny
cover and after reading from
this book for a while, he got
up and went with the strange
men. When she awoke she
wondered what the new book
was and told her son about
the dream, saying that something
very important would come into
his life some day and he
should prepare himself to
receive it. Joseph always
believed that this
was the message of the
restored church". more...
Picture of Rebecca Spendlove and John Binns
 Please email me if you are descended from
Rebecca Spendlove  and John Binns
John Spendlove
Husband of
Elizabeth Harrison,
and son of  
John Spendlove
(Stanion, England)
Mary Slawson
Hurricane, Utah
1915 Kindergarten Class,
Fernard Walter Spendlove
third from left, bottom row 

Max Bertola's
Hurricane Valley

Max Bertola's
Grafton, Utah

Monks Kirby, 
Warwickshire, England

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