Joseph Spendlove, son of John Spendlove and Mary Slawson from Stanion and Corby Northamptonshire, Leicester St. Margaret
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Picture of Joseph Spendlove, son of John and Mary Slawson Spendlove
The following is taken from the journal of Joseph Spendlove.  He is my second great grand uncle.  He was brother to John Spendlove, my 2nd great grandfather.  There are many remembrances of Joseph's children and his wife Harriet Payne's family.  I have only extracted Spendlove passages.  I have further passages to add at another time.                                                     -Jackie Spendlove Leatham

Pictures of Stanion, Northamptonshire
Journal of Joseph Spendlove on his mission to England

Journal # 3 page 39
...have received check on the Deseret National Bank for 216 dollars from England of the money that my brother Edward left me and my Brother James the same i expect my sister Ann.

Page 55 1884
i was appointed to the Nottingham Conference ?? to the Liverpool Conference.  I left Liverpool by train for Leicester my old place and town and Conference where i had been many times in my young Days and when i got out of the cars i looked around and said to myself is it possible that i am at Leicester? I new no one all were strangers to me all though there were hundreds of people but not one that i new i then sat my self down on the seat and cannot describe my feelings for a long time i then left my luggage at the station and walked down the street i new that i had two sisters living in Leicester but new not were to find them.  For 20 years had passed away and a little mor since i left Leicester i was told will in Liverpool that there was a latter Day Saints liven in Leicester but i did not know were i would be able to find them. ...i was received with great kinds by Bro Johnson and his family... i then laid down about two hours to rest and when i got up i found Brother Charles Welch from Morgan City, Utah how is on a mission to England and is travling in this conference he is a nice young man about 22 years of age i went with him that night to another house in Leicester i learned from Brother Welch that there was a branch of the church in Leicester. ...i stayed at the same house the next night which was very comfortable for me with Bro Welch and Brother Young from Salt Lake City how is also travling in this Conference.

Journal #3, page 58  Oct 1884
"I thought i would start out in search of the sisters i did and Bro Welch and Bro Young went with me walked around all day and was about to give it up but i went shop and asked a man if he new of a woman the name of Collins he said he new a man the name Collins hi where he lived i went to the door and behold it was my sister Rebeka's eldest son house and is mother lived close by i went to door and asked for Mrs Collins She came to the door but did not know me but i new her i said i am your brother  She said which is it James or Joseph i said Joseph we kissed each other and shed many tears  She said She never expected to see me any more in this Life She looks very old and changed a great Deal in the 20 years that i have been goin we talked a long time and i eat with her and then went to find my Sister Mary Rebecka told me where i should to find her this was on the 30 day of Oct
i then went and found my Sister Mary i knocked at the door.  She came to the Door and opened it i new her but She did not know me i asked her if Mrs Harrison lived here She said yes what do you want i said i want Mrs. Harrison She said come in i went in i asked her if She had any Brothers in Utah  She said She had and looked at me very hard i could not with hold my Self any longer i had to tel her that i was her Brother Joseph we then shook hands and shed many tears was she and i thanked god that i found my Dear Sisters i stopped and talked a little time and then went to meeting with the Brethren...

Page 59
Nov 1 1884
Leicester i went to my Sister marys that night i shall make my home with her the time i am in Leicester.  Nov 1st i went to see my Sister Rebecka and hod a long talk with her and her Children Walked back to marys and stayed with her that night.

i will now give the names of my Sister marys family her husband name was Joseph Harrison he Died when 28 years of age he Died 26 May 1851 this is as near as i can get it they was marred Feb. 4 1869 her oldest Daughter name was Lissey then Mary Jane and Johana the last name Died when a little over three years of age the other two are living in Leicester Lissey marred to a man the name of William Talbot this ??? the names of the Children of Lissey Laura John h talbot Alfred Ellen and Gertrude.  My Sister Rebecka was marred to a man the name

Page 60
of William Collins
Aug. 11 1852: he came from a village called Wille in Warwickshire he Died May 15 1879 in the City of Leicester they had 8 Children James Benjamin Faney John Mary Lisebeth William and Jane fore of them are marred they all live in Leicester  Jane my Sisters Mary Daughter marred a man the name of Will??? Dent She has two Sons William and Walter
Page 61
... my two Sister and Jane and her two Boys and Lisseys two Boys were at the meeting after the meeting i had...
Page 62
... i called to my Sister the best i cold She came and got a light and got me a little water also put my feet in warm water and rubbed my hands and feet i took a little warm ginger i then felt a little better i laid down and got a little Sleep but felt very un well all the next Day...
Page 63
i walked up to see my Sister Rebeca i stayed with her the afternoon She gave her ages She was Born May 12 1825 at Stanion Northampton ...
Page 66
22:  this afternoon i walked up to see my Sister Rebeka  She is not very well but better then She as been and what did i see in her house but my poor father old Clock that i remember him buying when i was a Boy my Sister tells me it gois well now i could not help looking at it and will so doing i thought of my father for i have looked at him many times when he is been winding it up...

Page 67
24: My Sister hannah rote to us in Leicester to know why i had not come to  Stanion before this they expected me every Day but i have not been able on account of my Sickness this evening i rote a Letter to my Brother Benjamin in Walsell...
29: this afternoon my niece Laura took me a walk down through ??? Park it is a beautiful place all kinds of flowers are to be seen and trees of every kind that you can think of i should say it is a hundred aches of ground.

Page 68
30: Sunday i met with the Saints in the meeting room afternoon and night Bro Welch and my self spoke to the people in the evening about 30 present among them were Laura my niece and one of Jones Boys snowing all day but we had a very good time together.

Page 69:
this morning i received a letter from my brother Ben in Walsell they are all well and want me to come to see them.

Page 70
7: Sunday we held out two meeting in the meeting room...Lissey Jane Laura and Lissey little boy was there

Page 72:
My brother James tells me that John Wife fell down a hill and lay with her head down the hill dead when they found her.  She had gone out for a walk i was a bad end to come to (I believe this is Marie Tole, wife of Joseph's brother,  John Spendlove.)

Page 74:
I wish to say a little more about my Brother Edward my Sister Mary thinks that he was not taking good care of in his Sickness in his Death seems ???to them all my Sister Mary was sent for by a friend that knew her if it had not have been for that he would  have been put in the ground and his friends new nothing about him and all that he had taken by Dishonest People that new he had a little money the women where he lived was told that his Sister was sent for and that it would be better to stop the funeral until She came but She would Buried him my sister got there in the evening that he was buried in the afternoon a few hours after the funeral She thinks there is a great deal of money that belongs to us that we shall never find what we have got was in the Bank of Sheffield.  She says there was money in Different people hands but the people that had it kept mighty still so that nothing could be found out and i do not think any more will be found.  My Sister Mary went to Sheffield several times .  My Sister hannah and my brother Benjamin went once but they could not make nothing out he was Sick but a few Days and as soon as he was Dead his Body was put into the ground.  They did not want to here anything about his friends.

Page 75:
the 7 Chapter of Deuteronomy i was highly Delighted with it and would like for my Children to well consider it before they ever marry and also there Children after them from generation to generation this is my whish and i hope they will remember my Words as their father and when they remember my Words i also hope they will remember me that they will keep the Commandments of the Lord which i have tried in my ??? way to do for i do know that this Church is the Church of God  for God  as made this known to me in the days of youth and i have by the help of the Lord keep this knowledge with me up to the present time and i do hope and pray to the Lord my God that not one of my Children nor there Children will ever Depart from the faith that is i mean the Church and Kingdom of God i also know George Q Cannon to be a man of God Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ for i known him for years he is about my age and how read this i hope they will do it with ??? and that the Lord will bless them and there Children fore ever and ever   Joseph Spendlove

Page 87:
17: this evening i was invited by my Cousin Sarah Ann Holt to go and take Supper with he i did so with her and her brother wife we had about two hours talk they have a Dif and Dumb Man lives with them He give me his likeness and the Dif and Dumb Alphabet they invited me to come again this girl is a grand Daughter of my Mother Sister Her Mother is dead.  She lives with Her Brother James Holt there is only them two living of her Mother's Family there Father and Mother Die in Leicester. Thomas and Catherine Holt there Mother was born in Corby one mile from Stanion the place where i came from they both was born in Leicester i invited them to come to our meeting.

Page 91: 29 Jan 1885
this afternoon i went with my niece to the house of M????? on a visit took tea with her and her daughter stayed until the evening then i walked to the meeting Room with them
Page 92
found a goodly number of the Brethren and Sister there i think 20 in all Laura my niece was there also Mr. Panter and wife six Strangers were present Brothers Johnson Young and my self spoke during the meeting i spoke about 25 minutes and i can say that with my Brethren enjoyed the Spirit of the Lord and when meeting was over it seemed as though the Strangers could not leave the Saints one Gentlemen came to me and invited me to go to his House and talk with hin and his Family i told him i would as soon as i could make it convent i think with the help of Lord we shall Baptize a few before long it seems as though the Spirit of the Lord is working in the hearts of the People our meeting are well attended both with Saints and Strangers and i can say that i take great pleasure in my labors among the People for i can begin to see why i was sent on a mission for surely the Lord had a work for me to do and i am thankful to the Lord that i left my home and was prompted to come to this my natural land to visit my Friends and Preach the Gospel to them for used to think i should never be worthy of such calling in the Kingdom of God.
Feb 1 Sunday i left Mr. Panters and walked to my cousins James Holt having been invited by his Sister Sarah Ann i found the Family all well and glad to see me .

Page 94:
...this morning i received word from Brother Pratt the Pres of this Conference to come to Nottingham Brother Wells was in Nottingham and wanted to see me if i could come.

Page 98 Feb 1885
...this morning i left Mr Panters and came down to my Sister Marys and when i got into the House the first Word that She said was that My Brother Benjamin was going to Australia with his Family She had received a letter this morning that they would sail from London on the 9 or 10 of this month. 16 of them in all i expect they are all goin his children and there children he haves 9 children in all four sons and five Daughters three of them having goin to the Country a little over a year ago and they have sent for the Father and Mother and the rest of them one of the family Died when young i would to have been to my Brother before he went away but it is to late now and i have not been well enough to go to see him since i have been in this country God bless them all and preserve them on land and on Sea My sister tells me that my Brother Benjamin was the Father of 11 children 1 still Born and one Died when quite young that leaves 9 living his wife came from the Village of Haliton about two miles from Medbourn in Leicestershire England her Name was Row Ann Rour She had a Brother that went to Australia some years ago he sent the money for the three Children they sent for the rest of the Family and i think by the reading of the letter that the hol Family ever one of them are goin so ho ever may read this in years to come will know what became of my Brother Benjamin My Brother William left Liverpool on the 10 of Feb 33 years ago but i have told all about him in another book.

Book 4
Sep 29, 1886:

Page 6:
i received a Letter from my Sister Mary in Leicester, England She got my letter. ??? write pleased to here from me they are gettin along pretty welll the elders often come to see them and they ofter talk of me

Page 9
Feb 4: i received a letter from England from my Sister Mary in Leicester they rec my letter all right and the money i sent them.  Lissie fell down in the ice and hurt herself but is getten better the others are all well She says the elders often come to see them and eat with them.  They send kind love to me and Sarah and wish as much joy and a happy life also harriet and her husband.

Page 14: ... Lizzie sent me her likeness.

Page 19: 
May 2 i received a Letter from england from my Sister Mary in Leicester with Janes likeness and her daughter it is a very good one they are all well but my Sister Rebekah She fell down last winter on the ice and broke her coller bone and is not very well they have plenty of work and are getting along very well.

 Page 25:
Mar 1 to Day i rec a Letter from my Sister Ann with her likness in it also that of her husband they are all well her oldest son is married.

Sep 13: i received a New Paper from my Sister Mary in Leicester england she is not living in her old place but moved.

1891: Page 55
the other day i received a Letter from Sister Ann they are all well She got my Letter all safe pleased to here from me She has had two letters from England this Winter from my Sisters Mary She says is not very well in health they will write to me some so she tells me this young Man that i asked her about in my last letter how came from a Mission the Name of John Spendlove i saw his Name in the paper and asked her if She could tell me how he was She says it is my Brother Johns grandson his Son John's Son.  She also tells me that another grandson of his came from England last fall and has been to see them he is with his uncle John She wants Sarah Joseph and my self to come and see them.

Page 60:
the other Day i received a paper from William Dent my Sister Marys grandson in Leicester, England.

1893 Page 74:
the British mission was founded in the year 1840.  I was baptized in 1852 and from that time up to the Spring of 1864 i traveled and Spent all my spare time in Preaching the gospel to my fellow man there was not a person i think of they wanted two but what could have heard my voice for i went into ever village for miles around this gives me great comfort when i think of it.

Page 81:
my sister Ann...had a Letter from my sister Mary in Leicester England She sent the Letter to me Mary says my Sister Rebecca is very Sick She keeps her Bead She thinks Rebecca will never be able to get up any more She wants me to write to Mary is just turned 72 years of age and can get round wonderful My Sister hannah lives at Kettering six mile from Stanion the place where we all born She has Built a New house of her own and two of her Daughter lives with her in the house She says it is very fine house they all three Work at the Dressmaking and get a good living the house stands on the Weekley Road and i know the road well i have traveled

Page 82:
 the road many time in my early Days when a Boy.  My Sister Mary pays one dollar and fifty Cents per Week Rent for the house She lives in also my Sister Rebeca Pays the same for hers when i think of this i am very thankful that i live in my own house for had i stayed in England  i should no doubt been living in another persons house and been paying Rent  this i had to do all the time ??? there so did my father before me.  My  fathers  was a good house and he had about one acre of Land to the house which made us a very good garden he Payed eight dollars a year Rent for the same but my father lived in a country Village My Sister Mary lives in a City. 

Page 118:
I have herd my father speak of my mother many times when i was a little boy at home with him how she would sit and read the Bible to him at night when all of us children had goin to bed.  I remember we had a old Bible yes very old indeed i think not less then one hundred years this was called Mothers Bible it was thought a great deal of in the family what became of it i can not say but i know this much that Bibles in them Days were very scarce not many families had them my Mother was a Bible reader and I believe a lover of the Principles it contained but she new nothing of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  She thought and believed in the Church of England to that Church my parents used to go and take their children i often think of the old church that stood in the village of Stanion in the county of Northants.  Were i was born it was very large and very thick walls of stone been belt hundreds and hundreds of years the steeple towered up into the heavens that it could be seen for many miles through the surrounding country i remember when i used to go with my father on a Sunday that it was that cold in it that my feet used to ache with the cold there was no fire nor stove within the building by which it could be warmed the yard all the dead of the village were laid and i wish to say to my children that in this little yard lied the bodies or bones of my dear father and mother i saw my father put there and some years after my mother died i was shown the grave of my mother so i know where there ashes
 lie and as far as i know my grandfather was laid there also but this could be found out by looking at that church record and i wish to say if any of my children should ever be to England i would like for them to go and find out my mothers friends as far as i know are buried in the church yard of the village of Corby about ...mile from Stanion.
Page 128:
My Sister Mary is 70th years of age and she says she can walk about wonderful but feels a little feeble She's got a good home and very comfortable.  Jane and her sons are with her.  She says my sister Rebecca is a very poor creature and poorly off She often goes to see her and to comfort her.
 ... her children do not do much for her i have taken these words from Marys letter.

Page 129:
I have said ...before my father was the first man that spoke to me of this gospel he was not in the church he only told me of what he had heard and i believed it with all my heart. the gospel found me ...i must obey  the impression it made in my heart will never be forgotten by me while i live there is a power comes with that Spirit that no man can give nor take away it is only known by those that receive it
Page 154:
Jan 8th 1897 Today I got a letter from Joseph he is in Virgin City with my brother John's children he finds them all well and very glad to see him he says there is half the place relatives it will take him some time to see them all they treat him very kind and he is having a very enjoyable time with them i wish to say hear that my Brother John had four children that came to this country two sons and two daughters he is speaking of there children in which are beginning to be many.
Page 155 1898
 He has been to St George and seen the temple he says it is grand to look at a beautiful site but he does not take the look of the country as it is a rough looking and very little farming land.
...I am very pleased to hear from all of my brother John's children and to learn that they are all in the church i know that there father would be very pleased to hear these consoling words of his children for he was a faithful good honest man in this church and taught his children the same all the days of his life he died a faithful Latter Day Saint.
Page 156: 1898
today I posted a letter to my sister Mary in Leicester England in answer to the one i received from her a few weeks ago thanking her for sending me her likeness and that of Walter Dent her girl and son i am glad they think of me.
Page 180: 1900:
to day i rec a letter from my dear sister Mary in Leicester it was written by her grandson Walter Alonzo Dent he says his grandmother is not very well he is liven with her and his mother my sister Rebeccas daughter (Jane)  is goin blind she is ... off my sister are all getten old my sister hanna lives at Kettering that is six miles from Stanion .  My sisters children are all well and getten married fast.

Book # 5: 1901 Page 5
Harriet Collins died on the 29th.  Sarah was with her until she passed away she leaves a husband and six children to morn her loss She came from London were Sarah did the family came to this country in the fall of 85th from London and settled in Ogden.

Page 11 1901
My brother Ben went to that country with his family a few years ago...what the cause of his death was she dose not say he was not a old man he ... i think about one year an ten months younger then my self but he was a man that had worked very hard he had a large family i think 13 children he lived in the town of Staford for over 20 years his wife was born in the village
 of Halton one mile from Medbourn the place where my dear wife Harriet was born.  Ben as we used to call him was the six son of my fathers family he was a very wild boy in his young days but a good honest boy always full of fun i meant to have gone to see him while i was in England on my mission but i was so un well and so much to do that i could not get to where he lived and he went before i left England i did not see him more

Page 52:
I am thankful that the children have got a good house in which to go to school and in a good place and i want to say to my children and to my grandchildren that i though of you all an fought for you and your schoolhouse when i came to this place and ...i came to this place in the fall of 1864 there were but few of us at that time and no schoolhouse and but few children i went with a few others up this canyon into the mountains and cut down the logs and hauled them down and helped to build our first little school house i done more then my share and in this last one i have paid more tax then any one man in this place and what i have paid is been every dollars in money while many others have paid a good part in work the house was built last summer. 

Page 56 1904
Sep 19, 1904 it is just forty years this day since i set my foot in this land that was in the city of Salt Lake i stayed there about three weeks worth for J C Little and after the oct Conference with my family i come up to this valley and settled on this creek and to see this place and this valley at that time and look at it two day one could hardly think that such a change could be made in so short time.  There were but few people in the valley at that time i found four families between Morgan and Milton, the country looked as though a man could not live there such a change to that of England that winter was such a hard one i shall never forget many times we were without bread the snow two feet deep we lived in covered wagon six weeks i went up this canyon cut some logs and belt a little log house on which i put dirt we lived in that all that winter and the next summer then i built a log house on this lot were we now live my faith was all the time that the Lord would open my way and he has don it.
Page 74:
the conference in which i received the gospel there was a branch of the church in that conference called the Pelton Branch in that branch i was baptized by James Wright in the month of May 1852 conformed a member of the church by my brother John by the water side this branch was five miles from the town called Rugby in Rugby there was another branch of the church at that time i see it is now called the Birmingham Conference and i am also pleased to here that the work of the Lord is still alive in that part of the Lords vineyard.  At that time my brother John lived two miles from the village of Pelton there i went to the first meetings in this church with him this place is not far from ???? this is were the first seeds of the gospel were sown and now the Lords harvest.

Page 165:
i met with Joseph F. Smith in a meeting held in my sister Rebeccas house when he was a young man on his first mission to England i think it was in the year 1861, 1862.

Page 172:
My brother John son John died at Virgin City about two months ago and left eight children my brother John children all went to the south when they came to this country from England he had three sons Fredrick, John and William they lived in the city of Birmingham England they worked on the railway at that place he had 3 daughters 2 come to this country one would not come with him (Rebecca) but she wants to come now so i here but is not got the money.
Page 175
Now i will say a little more about my brother John he as i said he was a rail road man all his days in England he helped to make the rail road that was from Leicester to and after it was don he was made section boss on ??? in England such a man is called a ??? he lived at a place called gilscorner in a house which was built for him above the tunnel. 
Now i will state that when i was President of the Dunton Branch in England we held a meeting in that house one night and in that house that night i met for the first time President Joseph F Smith and had him speak and said that the time would come when he would become great in this Church and the day is come when we now see it of him.
Page 176:
Now John lived at gilscorner for many years and took care of that tunnel and after years they move him to the city of Birmingham were the railroad runs over the top of the houses then he was made Boss on that ??? and on that road over that town he and his boys worked until they all came to this country his wife died at gilscorner and my sister Mary then went to keep his house and take care of his children She kept his house several years then my sister Rebecka kept his house several years also my sister both of them got married and John then went to Birmingham and in a short time he got married again but he had no children by this wife.  She was a good woman and good to his children.  She came to this country with him they both came to see me and stayed with me two weeks we had a good time wile here they both died down at Virgin City where they are buried.  John was the oldest boy of my father family he born in the village of Stanion Northamptonshire England he was the son of John Spendlove and Mary Slawson the names of my fathers family will be found in my first book i have wrote three books and this makes the fourth and there is not one of my father and mothers family that have wrote one line save myself but in my first book and in this book will be found many things that tell the children and the children of the Spendlove family will like to know the ??? that John worked on at gilscorner is called the Millen county his first wife came from a village called Whetstone near Leicester i think she was born there he name was Harrison i think also she was buried there his last wife came from a little place called ??? near country near Birmingham.  Now i do not think i can say any more about my Brother John family what i have said is for the good of his children some of them when at some time when we are all gone may want to find out something about there father if so then they will thank me for this.

March 12 1915 is Joseph's last entry in his journal.  He talks about the weather and his children.  Joseph Spendlove died 16 Oct 1915.

Page 176