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Robert Kitchell, who
landed at New Haven in 1639,

The following from:
Descendants of Edward Ball
Notes about the KITCHELL family; As published in "Whallon and Kitchell
Families"; by Edward Payson Whallon, 1932

The first of the family to come to this country was Robert Kitchell, who
landed at New Haven in 1639, his wife being Margaret Sheaffe, daughter of
Rev. Edward Sheaffe, of Cranbrooke, Kent, England. They left England
April 20 {26?}, 1639, with a company of Puritan refugees, led by Rev.
Henry Whitfield, in the first vessel, The Arabella, that anchored in the
harbor of Quinnipiac, now New Haven, Conn.

Robert Kitchell was born in England in 1604, and died in 1672. His wife
died in 1682. While on shipboard the Plantation Covenant was signed, in
which the Puritans agreed to remain together, the first name to the
Covenant being that of Mr. Robert Kitchell, the "Mr." designating him as
a "Gentleman Commoner," or some such rank of sub-noble dignity. They soon
settled at Guilford. These settlers were generally men of character,
culture and substance, several of them being of University training, and
Robert Kitchell held a large place among them in all trusts and dignities.

Samuel Kitchell, his son, married Grace Pierson, daughter of Rev. Abraham
Pierson, pastor of the Guilford Church. Laxness of views spreading
through the colony, Dr. Abraham Pierson was asked by the
"Fundamentalists," as they classified themselves, to find a new home for
them and their church. He first organized a church at Southampton, Long
Island, and then, going to the territory now occupied by Newark, N.J., he
secured this for his people and sent word to them to come down as a
Colony and Church, Samuel Kitchell, his son-in-law, being with him there
from the first, as one of the founders of Newark. The Guilford Church and
people became re-established at Newark, and Dr. Abraham Pierson became
the first pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Newark. Robert
Kitchell became known as "the benefactor of Newark." Dr. Pierson's son,
Dr. Abraham Pierson, was his assistant and successor as pastor, and
became founder and first President of Yale College, his statue in bronze
now standing on the campus. The daughter, Grace Pierson Kitchell, wife of
Samuel, is the mother of all the American Kitchells.

The Kitchell family grew into a large and influential family in New
Jersey and other states, becoming associated by marriage with many other
prominent and influential families, as Tuttle, Farrand, Baldwin,
Houghton, Gardner, Willis, Land, Pierson, Mulford, Sayre, Peck, Bruen,
Lindsley, Howard and others.