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Samuel Jones Family
son of
William Jones and Jane Shipway,
brother of Isaac Jones
of Mildenhall, Marlborough, Wiltshire, England

One branch of this family emigrated to New Zealand.
Descendants of Samuel JONES

1. Samuel JONES (c.3 Jun 1770-Mildenhall,Marlborough,Wiltshire,England;b.2 Jun 1850)
   sp: Rachel EDWARDS (c.8 Apr 1765-Great Bedwyn,Wiltshire,England;m.22 Oct 1792)
2. Thomas JONES (c.25 AUG 1793    -Mildenhall,Wiltshire,England)
   sp: Hannah GREENAWAY (b.Abt 1796-Of,Ramsbury,Wiltshire,England)
3. Jane JONES (c.29 Apr 1821-Mildenhall,Wiltshire,England;b.6 Oct 1898-Aldbourne,Wiltshire,England)
   sp: Charles STROUD (c.8 Mar 1819-Ramsbury,Wiltshire,England;m.23 Nov 1839;b.23 Sep 1887-Aldbourne,W,England)
4. Hannah STROUD (b.4 Dec 1846-Edwin's Hill,Aldbourne,Wiltshire,England;d.13 Jun 1924-Taradale,Napier,New Zealand)
   sp: Mark JARVIS (b.19 Aug 1844-Aldbourne,Wiltshire,England;m.5 Jun 1870;d.8 Nov 1914-ASOTCO,CT,South Africa)
5. Charles John JARVIS (b.Bef 1875/1876-,,Nz)
4. Sarah Louisa STROUD
   sp: George EMBLIN
5. Rose Louise EMBLIN (b.Dec 1888-Paddington)
   sp: Frank Thomas William POWELL
3. Samuel JONES (b.24 Nov 1816-Mildenhall,Wiltshire,England)
3. Harriett JONES (c.20 Sep 1818-Mildenhall,Wiltshire,England)
3. Henry JONES (c.9 Nov 1823-Mildenhall,Wiltshire,England)
2. Elizabeth JONES (c.26 Apr 1795-Mildenhall,Wiltshire,England;b.15 Jun 1817-Axford,Wiltshire,England)
2. Michael JONES (c.16 Oct 1796-Mildenhall,Wiltshire,England)
2. Harriet JONES (c.9 Dec 1798-Mildenhall,Wiltshire,England;b.27 Apr 1817-Axford,Wiltshire,England)
2. John JONES (c.15 Mar 1801-Mildenhall,Wiltshire,England)