William Henry Jones of Craven, York England and Margaret Gosstery

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The following from: Sandy Singers [email protected]    descendant of Margaret Elizabeth Vancouver Canada
The following from: Russ  Parker, Rothwell, Northamptonshire in England, [email protected]    descendant of Joseph Henry Jones.

William Henry Jones,
son of Isaac Jones and Mary Pidding
and Margaret Gosstery, his wife.

William Henry Jones
William H. JONES   Household         
Male    Other Information:       
Birth Year  <1822>          
Birthplace  St Mary Le Gill, York, England          
Age  59           Occupation  Engine Turner          
Marital Status  M         
Head of Household  James P. JONES    
 Source Information:     Dwelling 2 Tanners Lane        
Census Place  Warrington, Lancashire, England 
Family History Library Film1341907 
Public Records Office ReferenceRG11  Piece / Folio3792 / 53

The following from;

[email protected]
Sandy Singers
Vancouver Canada

1881 Census:
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
Samuel F. JONES Head M Male 32 Hanley, Stafford, England Iron Turner
Emma JONES Wife M Female 28 Salford, Lancashire, England
Margaret E. JONES Daur Female 9 Salford, Lancashire, England Scholar
Joseph Hy. JONES Son Male 7 Salford, Lancashire, England Scholar
Eliza Ellen JONES Daur Female 4 Middleton, Lancashire, England Scholar
John JONES Son Male 2 Middleton, Lancashire, England
Source Information:
Dwelling 23 Chamber St.
Census Place Oldham, Lancashire, England
Family History Library Film 1341974
Public Records Office Reference RG11
Piece / Folio 4075 / 100
Page Number 19

The following from Russ  Parker, Rothwell, Northamptonshire in England, descendant of Joseph Henry Jones.
On Samuel, there's a couple of anomalies on the dates that you have recorded - for your records I have Samuel Frazer buried in Weaste Cemetery Salford, Grave No3709 Plot H purchased on 7th October 1892 by him when he was living at Lord Duncan Street, Salford
Also in the same plot are the following;
Date of Interment
10th Oct. 1892 Amy Jones age 10
14th Feb. 1902 Ivy Jones Age 3
30th July 1910 Samuel F age 62
24th Dec 1921 Kathleen B Jones age 8
22nd Jan 1923 Beatrice E Simpson age 26
17th Feb. 1930 Rene Simpson age 1 month
31st March 1942 Emma Jones age 91
Headstone Caption reads
Samuel Frazier Jones the beloved husband of Emma Jones who departed this life July 27th 1910 aged 62. Est In Peace. Also Emma his beloved wife died March 27th 1942 aged 91. At Rest. Amy the beloved daughter of of Samuel F and Emma Jones died October 5 1892 aged 10. Also Beatrice E the beloved daughter of Wallace and Margaret Simpson who died January 17th 1923 aged 26 years. Asleep in Jesus.
William Henry is also buried in the same Cemetery.

marriage picture

Samuel Fraser Jones - b. 14 Jul 1849  son of William Henry Jones
Hanley, Staffordshire, UK

1881 - Iron Turner

<><>Samuel Frazer Jones

1901 Herbal Brewer, Magnet House, Salford
 In 1901, Samuel Frazer Jones & Sons, herb beer brewers, Woodbine Street, Salford had already been founded.
Magnet House on Woodbine Street in 1901.  Then moved to Roland Street, off Trafford Road.
Alan has Frazer rather than Frasier in most of the directories.

I have only gone back as far as 1901. In that year Samuel Frazer Jones & Sons, herb beer brewers, Woodbine Street, Salford had already been founded.

In about 1920, the company had become S.F.Jones & Sons (Manchester) Ltd. and moved away from Woodbine Street and there is a gap [closed because brewery horses were commandeered by the army for W.W.I] until 1928 when it re-appears at Denbigh Street, Pendleton as herbal brewers. It also says wine and spirit merchants 14 Broad Street, Pendleton.
By 1932 they had moved again, to 377 City Road, Hulme on the corner with Lucy Street. This is the address given in the 1969 directory, the last one that I have consulted. So, they lasted quite a long time and were also the only Botanic Beer Brewers still listed at that time (In the early 1900s there were a total of 7 in the area).

You may also be interested to know that Herbert Colligan is given as a brewer at 4 Harold Street, Cornbrook in 1935. Alan Gall  (Geographical historian)

From a picture sent to me from Russ Parker:
In this picture you can see the marriage of Ernest Jones, to Annie in the flat cap to the left of the couple is Samuel Frazer Jones and to the right of the couple is Emmer Atkins who you'll recognize from the other pictures I sent you (slightly older in this one) Joseph Henry Jones with the top hat and mustache appears at the back left just right of the gentleman peering behind the lady with the two white flowers on her hat.
Look now at the group of ladies at the back of the picture, right of the lady with the white hat and striped lapel is another lady with a white
hat.....thats Margaret Jones (Simpson) and finally if you come forward back
to the bride and look at the distinguished mustached chap with bowler hat next to her......thats Wallace Simpson and in front of him, the boy on the right hand side at the front we believe is called Ernest Simpson, son of Margaret and Wallace

marriage certificate