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The Deacon William Peck

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From Jacobus:
One of the six adult male Pecks coming from England to America in the late 1630s was Deacon William Peck who came to New Haven. He was an adherent of Rev. John Davenport (1597–1670), Church of England cleric. Davenport turned more and more to nonconformity, and as pastor of an influential City of London church, he fostered the puritan cause and had to flee to Holland in 1633. There he also had theological troubles. He returned to London, and with Theophilus Eaton, organized a party of Puritans which sailed on the ship Hector, arriving at Boston in June 26, 1637. In 1638 Davenport led his colonists to a spot selected by Eaton and the New Haven Colony was founded. Deacon William Peck was among the signers of the Compact of New Haven and a cofounder of the colony. Governor Eaton was the second husband of Anne (Lloyd) Yale, widow of Thomas Yale <2644.htm> who is also a part of this genealogy. He was also a signer of the Fundamental Agreement of Quinnipiack (same document?).