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Henry Malone Beasley


Beasley Album

Charles Elizabeth Torrans

Henry Malone Beasley (850 - 1897)  &  Charles Elizabeth Torrans 
Joseph Losson "Lossie" Beasley  (1880 - 1972)  & Carrie Beauchamp 
Mamie Lee Beasley (1885 - 1976) & Luther E. Hawkins
James Rance Beasley  (1889 - 1975) & Phoebi Stinson 
Charles Malone Beasley (1894 - 1971) & Nola Alexander 

The earliest photograph we have on the Beasley family is of Henry Malone Beasley and Charles Elizabeth Torrance,  the son of John Clark Beasley Beasley.  We have not been able to document John Clark's information other than the letters of Grandma Harkins.  We have varied amounts of photographs of the children of Malone and Elizabeth Beasley and have divided the album according.  As we collect photos on the various children, we will add them.  Visit the Autrey Album for Willie E. Autrey and Frankie Viola Beasley's family. As the albums are added, the links will become active.  Choosing the child will take you to a page for their family.

Many of these family photos have been shared by various members of the Beasley and related families, especially our precious Lottie Ritchie Beasley, wife of Leb Beasley and her children, Joe's Mom, Frankie Viola (Beasley) Autrey, and cousin Sara  and from many family events we attended.

Surnames which may be included in our Beasley Album:  Moody, Ritchey, Stinson, Kitchens, Cox, Clark, Autrey, among others. We hope you will enjoy our photos.  If you have any on these families you would like to share, please contact us. Full credit will be given and the owner retains copyrights.



Home page of Our Family Album


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