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I feel that I am wealthy
Although I may be poor
American so rich in love
With spirit that endures

Mountains so magnificent
Eagles soaring high
Loyal flag that's flying
My colors fill the sky

I know that I'm protected
By hearts of love that care
My home it will be guarded
By land by sea and air

So fortunate I always feel
Born to a land that's free
Sing out loud with joyous praise
My right to Liberty

All of us a melting pot
Of people of all lands
Joined in special brotherhood
That makes our country grand

Look across the many roads
We travel endlessly
Each one holds the spirit of
Those who fought for me

So proud to be American
To stand up and be tall
Watch us gather like the wind
Protecting one and all

God Bless America
I say this with such grace
Bow my head in gratitude
For country I embrace.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Šused with permission
If you would enjoy using this poem just click on
Ms. Pucillo's name to request permission.
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