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Lutheran Cemetery Ellis County Oklahoma


Lutheran Cemetery
AKA St. Paul's Lutheran

SEC-7 TWN-20 R-25

LOCATION: 2 miles south of the Shattuck Cemetery, 2 miles west and 1/4 south on east side of road.

The oldest recorded death by headstone is that of Rachel Meier in 1904. However, there are several graves that are not marked which are probably older.

In 1906 Mr. Michael Borth helped build the St. Paul's Lutheran Chruch on the David Sell Homestead. This church was dedicated March 11, 1906. The churchs location was across the road west of the cemetery. This church was built in the style of the German Russian tradidtions.

In 1910 the land around the cemetery belonged to the Houser estate.

On cemetery gate: "Dedicated to John and Katharina Appel"

The cemetery is one of distinction. It is the only cemetery in the county that is not platted squarely. This is shown clearly in the 1910 plat book. Also, it is the only county cemetery we found with several metal cross markers used instead of the traditional headstones. These metal cross markers are a very common sight in many Kansas cemeteries. Especially those of the Volga Russian German Emmigrant settlements.

Apparently there is no known cemetery map for this cemetery. Frank and Gertrude Knowles made a place reference map in 1995. Frank also obtained the aerial photo showing the distinctive shape of this cemetery.

There are several names (listed from previous records) for which we do not know the location. Dut to the shape of the cemetery, it is thought there are probably several graves in the N. E. corner.

NOTE: There is a Lutheran cemetery on a hill south east of Lipscomb, TX. and one in Harper Co.,OK.

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Dates are date of death. Contact ECHS for date of birth and possibly other information
APPELBert   12-15-84
APPELBertha   ------19
APPELDorthyEllen  01-28/2001
APPELEmanuel   12-25-99
APPELGottliebC.  09-28-62
APPELGustva   ------08
APPELHaskellFloyd K02-24-57
APPELIda   04-13-40
APPELIreneFrances  05-07-62
APPELJohn   06-13-72
APPELKatherina   12-17-67
APPELKatherine "Kathryn" 03-31-59
APPELLouia   06-07-72
APPELLudwigL.  06-02-59
APPELLudwig   04-15-40
APPELLudwigJr.  11-15-60
APPELMartha   10-28-99
APPELPaul  II04-10-86
APPELTheodore   12-06-97
APPELUnnamedDau.  05-01-58
BATTDavid   10-23-07
BATTJacob   01-25-08
BAYDavidShon  06-21-18
BORTHJacobD.  12-09-39
BORTHJohannal "John" 06-24-03
BORTHKatherine   07-16-38
BORTHMichael   12-24-20
BORTHSophia/sofia   05-01-24
BRACEMollie   04-27-95
BRACETheodoreRoosevelt  06-15-93
DEALAlfred   10-30-24
DEALBertha   08-28-23
EHRLICHGottfried   05-04-21
FECHNERLouise   06-03-38
FECHNERLudwig   07-19-38
FECHNERWaldermar   11-07-21
FECHNERAugust   04-03-13
GUTHMILLERLenaA.  06-24-44
HEMBELEsra   04-02-09
HEMBELKatrine   05-18-11
HERBEREdwardG.  08-05-19
JERGENSONAnna   02-03-24
JERGENSONGeorge   09-25-21
KIRSCHMANAlisa   03-21-13
KIRSCHMANTobe   03-21-09
KOCHInfantDau. #1  ------08
KOCHInfantDau. #2  ------08
KOCHInfantSon  03-15-13
KOCHJ.Michael  03-05-29
KOCHJacob   ------17
KOCHKatherina   02-18-46
KOCHMaria   11-19-60
KOCHMichaelM.  11-08-66
KOCHRolalia   07-25-15
KOLANDERHerman   ------30
KOLANDERLouia   --------08
LONGHOFERAndrewSr.  06-22-37
LONGHOFERBenjaminJr.  07-08-26
LONGHOFERHenry   06-06-28
LONGHOFERJohnAndrew  07-21-27
LONGHOFERJohn   01-01-42
LONGHOFERJuliana   05-24-28
LONGHOFERMaryElizabeth  12-29-53
MANSKEArnold   06-01-24
MANSKEBenjamin   11-29-07
MANSKEEdnaMae  ------30
MANSKEFerdinand   08-06-53
MANSKEHaroldD.  05-01-24
MANSKEJustina   11-01-07
MCCOLLOUGHIda   10-13-89
MCCOLLOUGHWanDixon I11-29-77
MECKLEElizabeth   03-14-41
MECKLEGoddfried   --------
MEIERAlvina   01-01-11
MEIERFredJ.  02-02-26
MEIERGottfred   04-07-24
MEIERJuliana   02-14-11
MEIERKaty   02-10-46
MEIERMartha   07-02-20
MEIERRachel   06-20-04
MEIERReinhart   09-07-13
PSHIGODAArthurHerman  07-08-26
RENNERChristina   09-26-41
RENNEREmelia   07-17-43
RENNERGottlieb   10-07-63
RENNERJohn   03----14
SCHICKAnnaE.  ------15
SCHOENHALSAlexanderG.  03-10-09
SCHOENHALSAlexander   03-10-08
SCHRIENERFred   03-08-22
SCHULTZAllenDouglas SERV04-22-91
SCHULTZEmma   03-02-99
SCHULTZFreddieH.  12-28-18
SCHULTZFritzOtto  06-08-11
SCHULTZHenry   11-23-46
SCHULTZLydiaM.  01-14-22
SCHULTZOtelia   02-01-65
SCHULTZReuben   01-28-76
SELLCathina See:Katherine --------
SELLChristinaElizabeth  06-03-24
SELLDavid   02-13-31
SELLKatherine   ------09
SELLKatherineE.SEE:CHRISTINA --------
SPEILMANErnst Rev. 08-21-40
SPEILMANMary/Marie   08-01-40
STEINERTAlex   07-30-13
STEINERTEmmanuel   09-30-16
STEINERTJacob   12-21-18
STEINERTMariaK.  12-18-16
STURTZGeorge   06-03-05
TREIBERMarie   05-22-21
TREIBERReinhold   11-02-13
TREIBERTobias   06-25-68
TREIBERWilhelm   08-11-56
UNKNOWN #1R4P1   --------
UNKNOWN #2R4P8   --------
UNKNOWN #3R4P10   --------
UNKNOWN #4R5L13   --------
UNKNOWN #5R9P3   --------
UNKNOWN #6M.H.  ------09
UNKNOWN #7R10P7   --------
UNKNOWN #8R10#15   --------
UNKNOWN X?    --------
UNKNOWN X2R8P5 & P6   --------
WEISEmmaKathryn  04-23-97
WHITEEttaJoan  06-09-43

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