Thunder Bay area Cemeteries
Thunder Bay District & Rural Cemeteries

Most of these cemetery listings are incomplete and are a work in progress
If you don't find what your looking for, ask!

Additional information for any of the cemeteries is most welcomed!!!
Thank you to everyone who has submitted their cemetery info &
headstone photo's, it is very much appreciated.

If you have any knowledge of any old or abandoned cemetery from the district,
please email me with the details!!

Cemetery Records are also available at Ontario Genealogical Society

It has been brought to my attention from a number of sources that my cemetery lists are
copied word for word to other cemetery sites without my permission
If you want to use my work at least please have the courtesy to send me an email & ask first.

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Auden Cemetery Armstrong Twsp
Brown's/St. John's/St. Michael's Cemetery Port Arthur
Cliffside Cemetery Nipigon
Cloud Bay Crooks Township
Conmee Cemetery Conmee Township
Dog River/Pohjola Cemetery Ware Township
Dorion Cemetery Dorion Township
Harstone/St. Pius R.C. Church Cemetery Harstone Road, O'Connor Township
Hebrew Cemetery Arthur Street
Hillcrest Cemetery Nakina, Municipality of Greenstone
Hurkett Cemetery Stirling Township
Hymers Riverside Cemetery Hymers, Gillies Township
Intola Cemetery McIntyre Township
Kaipainen Cemetery McIntyre Township
Kakabeka Falls Hydro Cemetery Kakabeka Falls, Oliver Township
Karjala Family Cemetery-Private Marks Township
Kivikoski Cemetery McIntyre Township
Lappe (New) Lutheran Church Cemetery Gorham Township
Lappe (Old) Lutheran Church Cemetery Gorham Township
Leeper Cemetery Leeper Road, Lybster Township
Longlac Municipal Cemetery Longlac, Municipality of Greenstone
Marathon Public Cemetery Marathon
Mountain View Cemetery Broadway Ave, Thunder Bay
Nolalu Cemetery Lybster Township
O'Connor Cemetery O'Connor Township
O'Connor Free Methodist O'Connor Township
Old Baptist Church Cemetery Oliver Township
Old Fort William Burying Grounds Fort William
Ombabika Cemetery Armstrong Township
Pinegrove Cemetery Beardmore, Municipality of Greenstone
Pinegrove Cemetery Geraldton, Ashmore Twsp, Municipality of Greenstone
Pinegrove Cemetery Gillies Township
Riverside Cemetery Thunder Bay
Rossport Protestant Union Church Cemetery Lahanton Township
Salem Lutheran Cemetery Pass Lake, Sibley Township
Schreiber Cemetery Schreiber
Scoble/Moose Hill/Trinity Lutheran Cemetery Scoble Township
Silver Islet Cemetery Sibley Township
Silver Mountain/Bessant-Walker Cemetery Strange Township
Smedberg Family Cemetery-Private McIntyre Township
South Fowl Lake Cemetery Hartington Township
St. Andrew's Cemetery Thunder Bay
St. Benedicts Roman Catholic Cemetery Highway 61 & Boy Scout Road, Blake Twsp
St. Bridget's Roman Catholic Cemetry Nakina, Municipality of Greenstone
St. Isidore's Roman Catholic Cemetery Dorion Twsp
St. James Cemetery Oliver Township
St. John Berchman R.C. Church Cemetery Rossport, Lahanton Township
St. Patrick's Cemetery Broadway Ave, Thunder Bay
Stanley Hill Cemetery Highway 17, Oliver-Paipoonge
Sunset Memorial Gardens Oliver Road, Oliver Township
Sunshine Cemetery Forbes Township
Tarmola Cemetery Gorham Township
Terrace Bay Cemetery Thunder Bay District
Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery Arthur Street, Thunder Bay
Upsala Cemetery Upsala Ont
Ware-Gorham Cemetery Ware Township
Waris Cemetery McIntyre Township
Wolf Siding (Karila) Cemetery Strange Township

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