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No. 17 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps
District 1, Camp 2
Rosehall, Invershin

Canadian Mobilization Point - Ft. Frances, Ontario
Mobilization Date - 18 Aug 1940
Arrived in Scotland - 20 Apr 1941
Ceased Operations in Scotland - 30 Sep 1943
Camps Occupied in Scotland - Rosehall, Invershin

No. 17 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps, CASF
24 May 1940 – Authorized – Serial 2118 (GO 184/40)
18 August 1940 – Mobilized in Fort Frances, Ontario (CFC Website)
7 November 1940 - CASF designation dropped (GO 273/40)
15 January 1944– Disbanded (GO 113/44)
War Diaries
16440 – 1940/08-1943/10
5/8/40 – Fort Frances, Ontario – General J.B. White called by phone appointing R.S. Holmes to command company. [WD]
6/8/40 – CO proceeded to Winnipeg for Medical Board. [WD]
7-9/8/40 – Canvassing for recruits. [WD
11/8/40 – CO proceeded to Winnipeg to meet Brigadier-General White. [WD]
12/8/40 – CO met Brig-Gen White in Winnipeg. [WD]
13/8/40 – To MD No. 10 regarding authority for Company’s formation. Returned to Fort Frances. [WD]
14/8/40 – CO to Kenora to interview three officers. [WD]
15/8/40 – Completed arranges for use of Town Rink. Began interviewing recruits. [WD]
16/8/40 – Continued to interview recruits and set up Medical Board to sit on 18 August. [WD]
17/8/40 – Attested 5 men and 2 men sent to Sarcee Camp. [WD]
18/8/40 – Medical Board held in rink. Examined 41 men and attested 30. [WD]
31/8/40 – Men allotted to respective platoons. [WD]
19/9/40 – Company marched to railway station with 45 officers and 184 ORs. Left at 1800 hours. [WD]
21/9/40 – Arrived at Quebec and moved into Immigration Buidlings. [WD]
25/9/40 – Other units occupying the Immigration Building were: [No. 11 Company WD]
94th Anti-Tank Battery, RCA
82nd Anti-Tank Battery, RCA
Nos. 9, 16 and 17 Companies, Canadian Forestry Corps, CASF
4/10/40 – Company left Immigration Barracks at Quebec at 0900 hours for Valcartier, where they arrived at 1100 hours. [WD]
4/4/41 –Company left Valcartier on TS-252. (Movement Control)
5/4/41 – Company arrived Halifax and embarked on E-129 Batory. (Movement Control)
10/4/41 – Company sailed for United Kingdom.
20/4/41 – Arrived in Scotland.
30/9/43 – Cease operations in Scotland and returned to Canada.
Courtesy of David Ryan

CFC Cap Badge
Courtesy of Robert J. Briggs

The war created a crisis in wood supply for the United Kingdom. Pre-war domestic production covered only a small fraction of the timber needed to support the war effort. In addition to civilian requirements, it was estimated that every soldier needed five trees: one for living quarters, messing, and recreation; one for crates to ship food, ammunition, tanks, and so on; and three for explosives, gun stocks, coffins, ships, factories, and direct or indirect support for the fighting line. It was not feasible to depend on imports as the ships were used for bringing in troops and left no room for lumber from the countries that Britain depended on prior to the war.
Canadians stepped up to fill this need. During 1941 and 1942, thirty companies drawn from all regions of Canada, totalling 220 officers and 6,771 regulars, were deployed to Scotland.

We did load a ship with lumber, yeah. And it went to Africa and I took a chalk and I wrote my name and address on the board. I get to, it was about a month after, first thing I get this letter from the soldier in Africa. He says, "I want to tell you, he said, that you people, your job is important," he said, "We used your lumber today, we landed in Africa.
Courtesy of Joseph Wilmer Gagnon - The Memory Project Historica Canada

Once again the British Government turned to Overseas Woodsman to assist in the war effort. Given their impressive record in World War One it was natural that they looked to Canada to provide forestry units once again. In May 1940 the Canadian Government decided to form a Canadian Forestry Corps. Twenty Companies were initially formed with ten more as the war progressed.
The financial agreement between the two Governments as similar to that in World War I. Canada would bear the cost of pay, allowances and pensions, all initial personal equipment, transport to and from the United Kingdom. The British Government paid for "all other services connected with equipment, work or maintenance" and certain others, including medical services. Canada covered the cost for Medical Officers and Britain paid for hospitalization.
The arrangement was unusual as it resulted in a Canadian Unit working for the British, who controlled the areas of work and disposal of the product, but Military operations of the C.F.C. was never surrendered by the Canadians and came under command of Canadian Military Headquarters in London. Even though the C.F.C. had to serve two masters, no serious problems ever resulted.
Mobilization centres for the Corp spanned all across Canada, and recruited both English and French speaking personnel. Many of the volunteers were veterans of World War One, including the Corp's Commander, Brigadier- General J.B. White. Many of the men carried out the same duties as they did in civilian life, such as loggers, black smiths, lawyers, store man, cooks and clerks. The big difference between the new Corp and their World War One counter parts were the new Corp were considered Combat Troops.

No. 17 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps War Diaries Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage

Aug 1940 Sept 1940 - Part 1 & Part 2 Oct 1940
Courtesy of Robert J. Briggs

No. 17 Coy CFC was under Command of HQ No 1 Dist CFC and consequently there is extra information on the Camp, the Company, the soldiers in the War Diaries of HQ No 1 Dist CFC
Attached are samples of this - No. 17 Coy CFC re HQ No. 1 District CFC War Diaries - Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage

No. 17 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - Enlisting and Training

This larger Map shows that the men came from across our country of Canada and where each of the original 20
companies was mobilized and what percentage from each province the men came from.
Courtesy of 'The Sawdust Fusiliers' by William C. Wonders

No 17 Coy CFC Nominal Roll Aug 1940
With - Medical Category – age, marital status - religion -
from Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage

No 17 Coy CFC Troop Movement from Fort Frances to Quebec City
Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage

Rainy Lake Hotel - Fort Frances, Ontario
- 16 Aug 1941, all ranks of the No. 17 Coy were guests for a farewell supper by the Canadian Legion
- biding them farewell prior to the company leaving for Valcartier Camp for further training

17 Coy CFC marching through Fort Frances on way to CNR station
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Subject: RE: [External] Info on 17 Company Canadian Forestry Corps
Good afternoon Allan & Bob,
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In terms of the information, please do use the information. The only thing that we ask is that you provide credit reference to the Fort Frances Museum & Cultural Centre
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CFC soldiers at Valcartier Camp, Quebec
Photo courtesy of Bob Briggs – grandson Private Perle Bruce Tucker

Interactive Map of Camp Valcartier, Quebec & PDF Map
Courtesy of Paul Keenleyside

No. 17 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - Troop Movement

No 17 Coy CFC Troop Movement 5 Apr 1941
Courtesy of David Ryan

St-Gabriel de Valcartier Quebec Depot Train Station
- Train Schedule 252 Serial #2118
- Embarked 4 Apr 1941 from Quebec – arrived in Halifax 5 Apr 1941

Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage
Credit: Canada. Dept. of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / PA-112993

Convoy in Bedford Basin, Halifax
1 Apr 1942

Interactive Map of Port of Halifax & PDF Map
Courtesy of Paul Keenleyside

MS Batory 1937 MS Batory - Wikipedia
By Zdjecie niepodpisane (Tygodnik "Swiatowid") [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Along with No’s 3, 4, 9, 11, 15, & 19 Coy’s CFC
Boarded ship at Halifax, Nova Scotia
Sailed 10 Apr 1941 arrived in Scotland 20 Apr 1941
Ship number E129 - Convoy TC-10 MS Batory

Meals Served Aboard Ship - Courtesy of David Ryan

Interactive Map of Gourock
Courtesy of Paul Keenleyside

Enlarged Maps of Gourock Scotland
Courtesy of Paul Keenleyside

No. 17 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps – Camp 2

Canadian Forestry Camps in Scotland WW2 - Note Camp 2 Rosehall, Invershin
Courtesy of 'The Sawdust Fusiliers' by William C. Wonders

The mill was removed from the immediate camp site. At Rosehall Camp on Rosehall Estate, Sutherland, the saw mill was located some nine miles/14 km distant from the camp, down Strath Oykel at the railway. The No. 17 Coy was in the same camp all through their stay in Scotland. The Corps' support facilities were at Blair Atholl along the railway, general workshop, quartermaster warehouses, construction and maintenance section, and technical equipment and supply. Corp Headquarters were first at Blair Atholl and then in 12 February 1941 they moved to Phoineas House, south of Beauly. The estate owners and officials often visited the CFC camp as welcome visitors. The Rosehall Camp at Strath Oykel was the second mostly northerly, Berriedale was the most northerly.

River Oykel (Geograph 160106) River Oykel, near Oykel Bridge, looking downstream - Wikipedia
Donald Bain [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Strathoykel at Tuiteam Tarbhach View of Strathoykel in northern Scotland looking west (upstream) from Tutim cemetery at sunset - Wikipedia
By Le Deluge (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Nissan Hut at some of the camps
Due to its semicircular, corrugated iron shape the Nissen Hut deflected shrapnel and bomb blast making it a perfect bomb shelter
Courtesy of Melanie McLennan

It is convenient at this point to describe the War Establishment of a Forestry Company, C.F.C. The Establishment (CDN/IV/1940/12A/1, DATED Mar 41) provides for a total of 194 all ranks, of whom six are officers: one Major as Commanding Officer, one Captain as Second in Command, one Adjutant, and three Subalterns "for Timber operations". Of these last, one is normally is in charge in the bush, one is in charge of the mill, and one is technical officer. There are 12 Sergeants, of whom two are Mill Foreman and five Bush Foreman, one a Blacksmith, one a M.T. Sergeant, one a Sergeant Cook, and two Assistant Instructors. It is not necessary or desirable to rehearse all the details here, as the Official Historian will have all War Establishments easily available to him; but it may be noted that the list of rank and file includes the following tradesmen: 2 Millwrights, 2 Sawyers, Forestry; 1 Electrician; 3 Motor Mechanics, one of whom is a Corporal, 1 Carpenter, 1 Plumber or Pipefitter; 1 Shoemaker, and 1 Tailor. Among the mass of non-tradesmen, the following groups are conspicuous: 20 Logmakers, 30 Rollers and Chainmen, 10 Road Cutters, 14 Drivers I.C. (Internal Combustion)
No 1 District CFC Camps

Interactive Map CFC Scotland
Courtesy of Paul Keenleyside

Large Map
Courtesy of Paul Keenleyside

No. 17 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - Logging Operations

The No. 17 Coy brought with them the most up-to-date logging equipment then available in Canada. They brought a standard medium type rotary mill with a capacity of 1500-2000 bd. ft. an hour or c. 8,000 cu. ft a week/3-5-4-7 cm an hour or 227 cm a week. (The British Forestry Commission also provided the company with a Scotch mill or bench, but these were not popular with the Canadians.) Power was supplied by 100-horsepowe Diesel generators. Logging equipment included TD9 caterpillar tractors, lorries, sulkies (pneumatic-tired arches), angle dozers for road making, and two and three drum winches for high-lead logging. They also were equipped with a variety of transportation vehicles, four tractors, two sulkies, one motorcycle, and originally six bicycles.
Heavy CFC logging truck
Photo Courtesy of Al Neale - son of Pte Charles Frederick Neale

The heavy-laden Canadian lumber lorries from mills to shipping points placed a great deal of strain on local roads and access roads even when they were gravelled, particularly during rainy periods.
Even before felling could begin most companies had to introduce an access road network in the forests to enable their mechanized equipment to be used, in contrast to the widespread use of horses in prewar local forests. Road building and maintenance continued to occupy part of the CFC personnel even after the initial period

The military role of the CFC as distinct from its industrial role was important, particularly during the period of possible German Invasion after the fall of France. Personnel were allowed to wear civilian clothing while working, but uniforms were required for military activities and when on leave. As combatant troops they received additional military training on Saturdays after their week's work in the woods. This included practice on rifle ranges and tactical exercises with other military units. Periodically they participated in weekend military schemes in their areas.

Companies usually worked in two sections, "one cutting 'in the bush' and bringing out the timber, the other sawing it into lumber in the company mill, and both using mostly Canadian mechanical equipment," The relative openness of the cultivated Scottish forests in contrast to the tangled undergrowth of most natural Canadian pleased the CFC. Nevertheless, pressure had to be applied to Canadian fallers to cut trees close to the ground in Scottish fashion, rather than higher up, which left unsightly stump-fields so common in home forestry operations. The felling crew consisted of three men, two sawing down and one trimming or limbing. Hand saws and axes were the tools employed. The trees involved reflected the variety of Scottish plantations, with Scot pine, spruce and larch particularly common, but also Douglas fir and hardwoods on occasion. The frequent alternation of rain and snow proved unexpected for many of the Canadians, accustomed to a more continuous snow season. Men's hands were often cut up by handling wet lumber in raw cold weather. Most of the area where they were working in Scotland lay north of 57degrees N, a higher latitude location than most forest operations in Canada-approximately the latitude of Mile 150 on the Alaska Highway (some 100 miles or 160 kilometers north of Fort St. John, B.C.), Fort McMurray, Alberta, Lynn Lake, Manitoba, and the Belcher Islands in Hudson Bay. Consequently, the longer winter darkness period in Scotland was an inconvenience for the felling teams at the extreme ends of the working day and working hours had to be adjusted to seasonal light conditions. (Companies worked a full-hour day, with precise hours decided by individual company commanders. There was no specific equipment provided for loading logs on trucks when they had to be transported to the mill. In most cases where the logging was conducted not too far from the mill, the trees could be taken tree length to the mill by the sulky and bucked (cut into log lengths) at the landing

Total Production of Forest Products CFC Scotland
Courtesy of 'The Sawdust Fusiliers' by William C. Wonders

Postcards 1942 - courtesy of Shirley Briggs granddaughter of Pte Thomas Stanley Levy K98592

In the Coy War Diaries there are many entries of soldiers being injured in the mills or the forest falling trees and on the roads. A soldier toes being chopped off with an axe and another soldier losing fingers in the saw in the mill. There a good many soldiers injured and sent to Tulloch Hospital in Tulloch Castle, Dingwall.
For more information go to Illness Injuries & Hospitals
Also some soldiers were killed from the accidents they were in. For more information go to CFC Casualties

In each of the forestry camps there a camp hospital for minor injuries and illness. There would be a sergeant of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps to look after the health issues of the soldiers of the camp. There were Medical Officers of the RCAMC as well attached to the CFC HQ and District HQ in the event of major injuries and illness. The Medical Officer would also visit the camps to ensure hygiene and etc including a short arm inspection once in awhile. For info on Medical Officers go to Doctors of the CFC
As well in the CFC HQ and in each of the District HQ there was a dentist attached to look after the dental needs of the soldiers. The Dental Officer would have his office in one of the camps and would also go to the camps to check all the soldiers. For more info go to Dentists of the CFC
Also no soldier wants to go without pay. Pay parades were held regularly in addition to when a group of soldiers were going on leave they would be paid the day before. Also go to Paymasters of the CFC

No. 17 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - Life in Scotland

Church parades also brought them to the public's attention as the No. 17 Coy made use of the local church buildings as well as holding religious services in the camp.
The Chaplains of the Canadian Forestry Corps were attached to CFC HQ or to one of the District HQ to serve the needs of the soldiers.
For extra information on the Chaplains go to Chaplains of the CFC

Courtesy of "The Sawdust Fusiliers" by William C. Wonders

The Scottish people above all appreciated the kindness shown local children by members of the CFC. Christmas celebrations however, were the highlights. CFC personnel went out of their way to make the day memorable for the local children, many of whom came from poor crofts and many of whose fathers were away in the services

For further reading on Life in Scotland
Courtesy of "The Sawdust Fusiliers" by William C. Wonders

No.17 Company was quite involved in sports (Company, District, Corps and Army)
For further reading ...............
Courtesy of The Sawdust Fusiliers by William C. Wonders

Members of the CFC were seen in uniform regularly at local parades in support of varied wartime causes. In addition to their distinctive cap badges and shoulder patches, from Mar 1943 the CFC were identified by a green triangle below the 'Canada' flash on the upper arm of the battle dress. Church parades also brought them to the public's attention as the No. 9 Coy made use of the local church buildings as well as holding religious services in the camp.
Many of the men were of Scottish origin and to them it was a coming home event. Many of the soldiers of the Canadian Forestry Corps married local Scottish lassies.

Courtesy of Melanie McLennan

There was much interaction between CFC personnel and the Scottish civilian population. In most camp areas there was always something going on. The more isolated camps were forced to rely more on their own resources. When No. 9 Company moved from Lamington Park to Berriedale on 27 June 1943, it shifted from a busy military area with easy access to the amenities of Tain, to a much more quiet rural area. On 4 July the company reported to be enjoying "quiet fun in Berriedale - some men hiked and fished, some cycled to Wicks, other to Helmsdale and to neighbouring towns." Even at Berriedale however, the men were feted at the local hall and in the school house at Dunbeath, with recreation trips available to Helmsdale and Lothmore to the south and to Wick, 26 miles to the north.

In later developments ten companies and one District Headquarters were returned to Canada from Scotland to form five fuelwood cutting units in mid-October 1943 - District No. 1 Headquarters, and Companies No. 2, 3, 7, 8, 12, 17, 21, 23, 26 and 29.
As Allied invasion preparations increased in late winter and spring of 1944 the CFC also prepared for movement across the Channel. At Lamington Park No. 9 Company noted "The Coast that lies only a few miles from us, after having been evacuated in December last year, bristles with training activities, The Firth (Cromarty) with float landing craft of various descriptions; the roar of guns that even shake our camp can be heard by day and night, the surrounding countryside is the site of several airfields and the activities of aircraft are carried out continually."
Beginning in the spring of 1944 further Canadian Forestry Corps companies were withdrawn from Scottish timber operations in preparations for the Invasion of Normandy. The Companies that went to the mainland were not comprised of the same men. The men that were to go over were selected by the officers who were chosen to lead the men. The officers had to keep in mind in the selection that they needed men with certain skills and were they young enough for the job. Going to the mainland was different from working in Scotland. Companies No. 5, 15, 16, 28, and 30 made up No. 1 Canadian Forestry Group, mobilized 1 May 1944, with its headquarters located briefly at Wilderness Camp and then at Beaufort Castle. (A further five companies joined them subsequently, which was Companies No. 1, 9, 14, 25 and 27. The first five companies were sent to Carronbridge Camp just north of Thornhill, Dumfriesshire, for further military training. The men of these first five companies thought they were the cream of the crop until they heard that they on their way to Belgium. They proceeded directly to a staging area at Lancing, Sussex, in southern England. The first companies crossed the Channel from Portsmouth to Normandy beaches in the last days in July and the first in August 1944. From there they moved with the First Canadian Army in the advance across North-West Europe.
Ref: The Sawdust Fusiliers by William Wonders

Extra training Carronbridge Camp near Thornhill, Dumfriesshire
Photo Courtesy of Linda Bish daughter of Pte Edward 'Ted' James Bish No.28 Coy CFC

No. 17 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - Photos & stories of the soldiers

(Center) Pte Joseph Edward Ball & (Right) Pte Carson George Whitmore
Both of No. 17 Coy CFC were discharged to sign up with the RCAF
Photos courtesy of James Ball – son

From: James Ball
Sent: Tuesday, March 09, 2021 2:37 PM
To: allanbarron; Bob Briggs
Subject: Re: Joseph Edward Ball
Hello Allan and Bob,
I have put a folder together for my father. I am still waiting on a key piece of his puzzle. It is clear that his military record uses Edward Joseph Ball. I found a microfile of his marriage certificate for April 28, 1943 in which he uses Joseph Edward Ball. I am ready today to report on his best friend, George Carson Whitmore who was on the Forestry Corp documents one of you had sent me. Not only was he my father's best friend, he was in a serious relationship with his older sister Thelma. Thelma is still alive and will be 104 years old in April. George Carson Whitmore was born in International Falls, Minnesota, but his family moved to the Fort Frances area when he was very young. He was an only child, and his parents were farmers. Where he died and when etc. will be in the attachments. I did find what I am sure is his last letter to my father. He was born on 8 Feb. 1919. Mother's name was Hanna. He died on 6 Mar. 1943. He is buried inTrinity Anglican Cemetery, Durham, Grey County, Ontario. His father was from this area, I am a little surprised that he is buried in Canada.
I will attach some pictures of him and other documents.

Pte Carson Whitmore & Pte Joseph Edward Ball

Pte's Jim and Jack Booth
Photo's and story - Courtesy of Lea Storry, Jim’s granddaughter

From: Aimey Cousineau
Sent: Sunday, September 08, 2013 5:29 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Canadian Forestry Corps
Hi Bob, my name is Aimey Cousineau and I am trying to collect information on the 17 Coy of the Canadian Forestry Corps because my grandfather was a member (Jerome Cousineau). Im interested in the book "Rosehall" as it has some pictures of the 17th Coy and information where my grandfather stayed before he was transferred to the Armoured Division. Do you know the author of this book? I’m looking to get a copy for myself and my family. I’ve attached a picture of my grandfather if You wish to put it on your web site.
Any information you may have is much appreciated, Thank you.

Pte Claude Oliver MaFarlane & Pte Rune Halverson
No. 17 Coy CFC Valcartier Camp, Quebec
See more Photos courtesy of Pat Halverson Roe
Oldest daughter of Rune Halverson

17 Coy CFC Pte Tom Kelly Fort Frances Times Aug 1940 001
Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2021 12:40 PM
To: Allan Barron & Bob Briggs
Subject: RE: [External] Info on 17 Company Canadian Forestry Corps
Good afternoon Allan & Bob,
I am pleased to hear that our staff were able to assist you in your research; our library resources are something that I can get lost in while reading. I can understand how it takes time to go through everything; we’d welcome you back at any time.
In terms of the information, please do use the information. The only thing that we ask is that you provide credit reference to the Fort Frances Museum & Cultural Centre
All the best, stay safe.

London, Eng 1942
Sgt T.J. Kelly H56220

From: Donna Voges
Sent: Friday, September 17, 2021 7:32 PM
To: Bob Briggs
Subject: Re: Discharge Paper and Picture
He loved the Scots and had this picture taken

Dad in a kilt
Sgt T.J. Kelly
Taken in Scotland 1945
T. Kelly
WarTime Canada - Leave Guide

Robert Arthur Lenwood Hill L50102 - Photo courtesy of Twilla - daughter

From: Twilla
Sent: Friday, November 06, 2020 1:57 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Referred to you by Allan Barron
I know little about my father’s time overseas. Allan Barron reached out to me on ancestry. He told me about your website and suggested that I contact you and send you a picture of my father. This is the only photo I have. He never would talk about the war but I do know he married Margaret Wallet Reid while in Scotland.
I would be willing to share info with you

From: Jessica K
To: [email protected]
Sent: Friday, November 26, 2010 4:59 PM
Subject: request for a copy of sawdust fusiliers
Hello. My name is Jessica Kelly. My grandfather Joseph Daly was a part of the sawdust fusiliers during ww2. In fact he met my grandmother while in Scotland. He is no longer alive and I am trying to learn all that I can about him and his service My grandfather's name was Joseph Edward Daly. He was a private who enlisted Oct 6 1940 and was discharged September 25, 1945. I'm not sure of the Coy but his service number was L50053. My grandmother Jessie Ann Ross was from Lairg but their first daughter was born in Dingwall in 1944 after their 1942 wedding in Edinburgh. I am looking for any information about Jessie Ann Ross Daly. She was from Lairg, Scotland.She married Joseph Daly in August of 1942 in Edinburgh, Scotland. She came to Canada in 1947 with her daughter Violet. My grandfather was born October 28, 1919 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Thanks. Have a great day. He died October 1987 in British Columbia of cancer.

The Lethbridge Herald 13 March 1942
OTTAWA. March 13. –(CP)—Canadian Regimental Concert and No. 17 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps Broadcasters Saturday (CBC, 5 to 5:15 P.M. MDT) include: Canadian Regimental Concert. British Columbia – Pte. Jack Abear, Vancouver and North Kamloops. No. 17 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps. Alberta—Cpl. Emil Peloquin, Edmonton

The Lethbridge Herald 13 March 1942
OTTAWA, March 13 –(CP)—No. 17 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps, broadcasters Saturday (CBC 11:30 a.m. to 12 noon MDT) include: British Columbia – S. Sgt. R.W. Reeve, Victoria and Vancouver; Pte. John Evers, Pte. Frank Boom, Victoria, Alberta— Pte. R. Gordon Fisher, Topland.

Fort William Daily Times Journal
Thurs April 16, 1942

Major Joseph Keane
From: Jim Keane
To: [email protected]
Sent: Sunday, August 08, 2010 8:11 PM
Subject: Major Joe Keane O.C.17th Coy "Sawdust Fusiliers"

Dear Mr Briggs,
I have been given your details, as a wonderful source of info, on the Canadian Forestry Corps.

I have been researching the history of my Uncle Joe Keane , who emigrated from Manchester in the 1920's and settled in Sioux Lookout . He was the Manager of the Canadian Creosote Co. and a busy member of the Community.

He joined the C.F.C. and became O.C, of 17th Coy. They came over to Scotland during the war and I'm trying to ascertain where they ended up. I know some Companys went to Beauly in Inverness Shire. But have no inkling of where Joe went.

I have tried for the last year to purchase a copy of The Sawdust Fusiliers, with no success. If you know of one. I would be interested.

I have contacted various branches of the Canadian Legion, to try to get details of Joe's service, but again no joy. Do you have any contacts? The C.F.C. does not seem to have got the recognition it deserved. I understand a lady called Melynda Jarratt, whose Granddad Pat Hennessey, served with the 15th Coy, is writing a book on him, which may redress some past omissions .

I would be grateful for any info you can provide
If you want any enquiries made at this end, I would be happy to oblige.

I'm 75 years of age and a R.A.F. veteran, so there is not a lot of time left to record his story.
Many Thanks in advance.
Jim Keane.

Pte Carl August Kistner - larger photo - shows four soldiers from Fort Francis
Photo courtesy of Laurine Schuster – daughter

I'm sending a photo and he is the first man on the right. Sadly, have no idea who the others are. He never went overseas as he was blind in one eye and I have no idea when he left the service. At one time he worked in a lumber camp in the vicinity and later spent his working years in the paper mill in Fort Frances

Sent: Tuesday, April 27, 2021 9:35 AM
To: Bob Briggs
Subject: Photo From Laurine Schuster 17 Coy
I just checked over a picture that Laurine Schuster sent me. You have it posted in the 17 Coy file. See Attached Top Photo.
Her father as she stated is on the right. The soldier standing next to him Is Angel (Dutch) Trenning. Dutch is also in one of the Photos I sent of my father.
From: Laurine Schuster
Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2021 10:20 AM
To: Bob Briggs
Subject: Carl Kistner

Hi Bob
Was able to locate a couple more photos regarding my Dad, Carl Kistner.
The top is his gravesite in Fort Frances and the second is the one of him mounted on a horse (I had mentioned that one to you earlier).
Laurine Schuster

Private Robert (Bob) George Graydon
From: John Nayduk
Sent: October-17-11 1:09 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: 17th Coy Canadian Forestry Corps

Bob, I found your post on I had a family member in the 17th. Robert (Bob) Graydon. He was born in Winnipeg on March 6th, 1923 and moved to Calm Lake, Ontario. Bob lived to be 72 years old and died in Thunder Bay. He enlisted in 1939 and served until 1945. He was a member of RCL#6 and the Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans Unit #257. We're related through my Grandmother, Elizabeth Holland who was his aunt on his Mom's side.

John Nayduk
Windsor, Ontario

Pte Rune Halverson H56213
Photo courtesy of Jim Ball, nephew

From: James Ball
Sent: Sunday, March 14, 2021 9:52 AM
To: Bob Briggs;
Subject: Rune Halverson
Hello Bob
Rune Halverson was born in Mattmar, Vasternorrland, Sweden, on 22 May 1919. He emigrated from Goteborg, Sweden on 9 June, 1928 on the ship Drottningholm. The destination was Fort Frances, Ontario. So far, I have only 1 picture of him in military garb as attached. Rune did not talk about his military history with the family. He was in the Army. He had been an automobile mechanic, before the war. He was thought to have started his Army career as a mechanic, later spending most of his career as a Driving Instructor

From: Mary Bronson
Sent: Saturday, April 24, 2021 8:38 AM
To: Bob Briggs
Subject: No. 17 Company Canadian Forestry Corps
My name is Mary McKay Bronson. My cousin Laurine Kistner Schuster contacted me that you were researching the Canadian Forestry Corp. My father Frederick James McKay, Sgt. H56310 was in the Canadian Forestry Corps. No. 17 Company. I don't have much info on his military history but am forwarding you a picture of him in uniform and an article that was in the Atikokan Progress of my father and fellow soldier Archie Law that was submitted by Archie's daughter Mary.
I do have a picture of the No. 17 company taken in Scotland in Aug. 1943. I saw the same photo on your web page so went send this. I have contacted my brothers to see if they have any additional info on dad and his military history and will forward that when I receive it. My father passed away May 24, 1981 and is buried in the Little Falls Cemetary in Atikokan, ON
Thank you for the your research on this part of the Canadian Forestry Corp. There is so much info on the site that it will take me awhile to read it all.
Mary McKay Bronson

From: Laurel Pilkey
Sent: Tuesday, October 06, 2020 4:11 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Forestry WWII
Hi Bob.
Allan Barron gave me your name for the Forestry Corp. He was asking about Moore, George Albert. George was my uncle. I do not have very much information regarding George and his time in the Forestry Corp. But I do have two pictures that I will attach. The first picture is of George. I have edit the picture as he was with my father Charles Moore. My father was with the Lake Superior Regiment. The second one has George on the Left. I am not sure who the other man beside him is. Hope this will help with your research.
Laurel Pilkey

Morin, Marlin Thomas Pte L50205 - Obituary

From: Valerie Rogers
Sent: Monday, March 23, 2015 8:08 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Canadian Forestry Division
Hello Bob
I really enjoyed perusing your stories etc on the Forestry Corp. My late father joined the group in 1939 or 1940 in Fort Frances, Ontario. Of course I am one of those who never questioned father about where he was stationed etc & now find I am most curious but not sure where to look.

Left photo - Cliff, Sutton Frederick Thomas Pte, Jack - Vera's Husband & Barbara

Right photo - Sutton, Frederick Thomas Pte Beatrice & Valerie Sept 1940

Photo's courtesy of Valerie Rogers - daughter

Major Ray Sherman Holmes Gear

From: Melynda Jarratt
Sent: Sunday, March 08, 2015 11:24 AM
To: 'Bob Briggs'
Subject: 17 Coy Major Holmes
HI Bob, forgot to give you these from Major Holmes, 17 Coy. I have high quality images if you want them but they'll have to go in drop box.

Here are two pictures of my father Sapper, Harold Barron.
These photos were taken in Fort Frances Ontario one when he enlisted in the Forestry Corp 17th Coy
and the other with his wife just before he left for Quebec.
Please add these photos to 17th Coy website.
Allan Barron

Pte Harold Alexander Barron w mascot - `TIMBER’

My father H A Barron was in the 17 COY.
On Your web site you have a picture that say my father was missing from this photo.
I have this identical photo and my father always told us when we were growing up that he was in fact the person in the front row with
their mascot Timber in front of him I have some others pictures of my dad in uniform and the person in question definitely looks like him.
Allan Barron

Here is another picture of soldiers from No 17 Coy CFC
standing left to right
Archie McClendon and Peter McMillan both from Blackhawk ON.
Kneeling left to right
Harold Barron from Barwick ON.
including Nick Dziack from Saskatoon SK.
Dutch Trenning from Fort Frances ON.
Courtesy of Al Barron

Summer 1943
Newport, Scotland

In Uniform
Newport, Scotland
From: Andy Stevens
Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2020 7:07 AM
To: Bob Briggs _Forestry Regiment_History
Subject: Emailing: Boat Mom Came to Canada, Dad @ Newport_summer 1943, Dad in Uniform _ Newport Scotland, Information_1_Mom, Information_2_Mom, Wedding Photo Tom & Agnes Stevens
A few Photos - I had on file.
I got my dad's records a FEW YEARS BACK.
I see what else I have.
I have my dad's metals as well.
After my dad returned to Canada, he undertook a butcher's apprenticeship and was a butcher for a few years in Fort Frances and then in 1950 moved with his family to Atikokan where the dad was beginning to boom with the Steep Rock Iron Mines.
He was a butcher initially for Wright's Grocery Store then Chapple's.
Later on worked at the mine in various roles.
You have done a lot of work - thank you.
Ref: Pte Andsley Cleveland Mulligan
Sent: Monday, June 08, 2020 6:40 AM
To: 'Bob Briggs'
Subject: RE: Ref Canadian Forestry Corps CFC
Hi Bob.
Thank you for the link. I look forward to looking at it to see what life was like for them. It’s been very interesting learning more about him and also what I could find on him for WWI.
You have my permission to use the photos and info from me on your site.
I spoke to my aunt yesterday. She filled in a bit about her family history of that time. I asked how her mother managed to support 5 children when he left with the Forestry Corps. She thinks there was a small amount of support from the govt. She said her mother managed to buy a 2 storey house in Fort William that they lived in. She said her father, Cleveland, was a cook in the Forestry Corp. She remembered that he went to neighbouring farms to get eggs to feed the men while in Scotland.
When he finished serving with the Forestry Corps and then VGC he worked in the Atikokan mines.
Regards, Sharon

Hello Bob!
Thanks so much for all you did on the roots web for the Canadian Forestry Corp. It is so amazing. On New Years Eve, I was a little bored and googled my grandfather and the Canadian Forestry Corp. Hoping something might pop up. All I ever knew from my Dad was that Grandpa John Alexander Patterson joined with the his hometown of Fort Frances Ontario. He was about 35 at the time and worked at the paper mill. That he served in the Highlands of Scotland, and they all came home together at the end of the war. He passed away when in 1976 when I was 7, otherwise I would know a lot more. I was really nosey about family history when I was 12. It was so amazing, the secret war daily logs and all the information! So exciting. Thank you so much for all the work you did! WOW! What a blessing. I can’t say Thank you enough! Seeing that my grandpa didn’t come home with the Fort Frances crew in the 17th but ended up in Belgium at the end of the war.
Attached are some pictures that I have. One of grandpa (I don’t think the picture you have of him is right when you click on his name) Looks nothing like him. One of grandpa and probably his neighbors and them showing their stuff, I don’t know what the military calls it. I don’t know these pictures were before or after the war. The picture of Grandpa says 1946. I don’t know who wrote that. He has quite a few medals, daddy has them… so I’m thinking this was the private before the war. I’m sure he would of wore them. But I don’t know.
Thanks so much, LeeAnn Patterson Cochems

No. 17 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - War Brides

Aird, George Mcrae Pte H56385 married Miss Doline Agnes Stewart
Bliss, George Louis Pte H56294 married Miss Ruth Bryce
Daly, Joseph Edward Pte L50053 married Miss Jessie Ann Ross
Haglund, Harold Frederick Private LCpl H56288 married Mrs. Catherine Ann Mackenzie Cameron
Hill, Robert Arthur Lenwood Pte L50102 married Miss Margaret Wallet Reid
McFarland, Claude Pte H56223 married Miss Ethel "Penny" McFarland
McMillan, Peter George Pte H56399 married Miss Margaret (Meta) Helen MacKenzie
Norton, Walter Edward Pte H56332 married Miss Isabelle ‘Ella’ Bateson

No. 17 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - Company Photos
Why are some soldiers missing from the company photo's

No. 17 Company CFC Aug 1941 Scotland
Photo with names
National Defense Directorate of History and Heritage
& for further reference Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage
Courtesy of Jean-Francois Chicoine

Photo only - Courtesy of Allan Barron son of Pte Harold Alexander Barron

No. 17 Company CFC Aug 1943 Scotland
Larger Photo
National Defense Directorate of History and Heritage
& for further reference Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage
Courtesy of Jean-Francois Chicoine

No. 17 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - Soldiers List

List of Abbreviations - Library and Archives Canada
ABBREVIATIONS and ACRONYMS of WW2 and service records
Military Districts of Canada 1939
Calgary Military Historical Society

No17 Coy CFC Nominal Roll 8 Oct 1943 Back to Canada - Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage
For further information See - Fuelwood Cutting Units

Access to Information (ATI) Online Request – to obtain the services records for a soldier

Abear, Jack Oliver Pte K92027 Transf from No 11 Detach RCASC att to No.6 Coy transf to No.16 Coy & HQ No 2 Dist & Reinf Sect
Adams, James Clinton Pte H56281 Transf to No.20 Coy
Aiken, V. Pte D113216 Transf from No.9 Coy
Aird, George McCrae Pte H56385 Transf to No.30 Coy - See No 8 CFD transf to WR COF
Alcock, Cecil Albert Stanley Pte H56322 Transf to No.7 Coy & No.28 Coy & RCASC att to No.28 Coy
Allan, John Charles ASgt H56218 Transf to No 10 DD
Allen, D.A. Pte F95462 Transf from Reinf Sect
Anderson, F. Pte M62101
Anderson, G. Pte M100067 Transf from No.26 Coy
Anderson, Walter John Pte H56376
Anthony, L.W. Pte F95385 Transf from Reinf Sect
Archer, F. Pte K72636 Transf from No.18 Coy
Armstrong, Bernard Joseph Pte H56386 Transf to No.7 Coy & No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Armstrong, Gordon Thomas Pte H56346
Arsenau, Paul Cpl H56211
Ashby, P.A. Pte D113252 Transf from No.9 Coy
Aube, Ovide Cpl H56370
Aubey, Howard Joseph Pte H56203 Transf to HQ CFC
Austin, J.P. Sgt K74919
Baker, Milburn George Pte C70058 Transf from HQ CFC & No.5 Coy & No.9 Coy
Austin, Samuel W. Sgt K41132 Transf from No.30 Coy
Baldwin, Gordon Lewis Cpl H56388
Ball, Edward Joseph Pte H56343 Transf to RCAF
Ballard, John Wilfred Pte H56283 Transf to HQ CFC
Barker, Lewis Everett Robinson Pte H56361
Barrett, R.A. Armr Sgt H2658
Barron, Harold Alexander Pte H56367 sawyer & tractor driver - transf to No 11 Field Park Coy RCE
Bartlett, Archibald Wellington Pte L12196
Beaudin, N. Pte D113096 Transf from No.9 Coy
Beadle, Wilfred Robert Pte H56308
Bebault, Daniel Edward Pte L50209 Transf from No.20 Coy
Bedard, Elie Joseph Pte H56328 Transf to No.7 Coy
Begin, J. Pte D113033 Transf from No.9 Coy
Beix, W.H. Pte K36044 Transf from No.26 Coy
Bell, Everett Pte H56362 - See CFC Casualties
Bell, William Pte H56212 Transf to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Bertroid, Ernest LCpl K99665 Transf from No.10 Coy
Beuote, F.J. Pte
Bisnett, C.A. Pte K41147 Transf from No.30 Coy
Bliss, George Louis Pte H56294 Transf to HQ CFC
Bolton, James Frank Pte H56374
Bolzan, Anthony ‘Tony’ Angelo Pte H56282
Bone, Maurice Henry Pte H56360
Bongfeldt, Chester Britton Pte H56396 Transf to No.20 Coy
Boon, Frank Sgt L50112 Transf from No.20 Coy transf to HQ CFC
Booth, James ALCpl H56323 Transf to HQ No 1 Dist & RCASC att to HQ No 1 Dist & Reinf Sect
Booth, John Pte H56279 Transf to HQ CFC
Booth, Martin Pte H56394 Discharged
Bourgeois, Earl Pte H56229 Transf to HQ CFC
Boyer, Fred Pte H56312 Discharged
Bremner, Alexander William Cpl L50208 Transf from No.20 Coy transf to RCASC
Brow, Joseph Leonard Sgt H56351 Transf to No.5 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Brunet, A. Pte D113003 Transf from No.9 Coy
Bryde, A. Pte K41173 Transf from No.30 Coy
Bryden, J.J. Pte H19620 Transf from No.10 Coy
Burkitt, Ralph N. Pte D113105 Transf from No.9 Coy
Burns, M.W. Pte F95464 Transf from Reinf Sect
Butler, Clifford Hayes Pte H56280
Byrd, R. Pte D113200 Transf from No.9 Coy
Calder, Tom Ronald Pte H56338 Discharged
Cameron, Harold Alexander Pte H56285
Campbell, Everett Stirrett Pte H56316
Campbell, John Donald Pte L50213 Transf from No.20 Coy
Carlsen, Carl H. Pte M60664 Transf from Reinf Sect
Caron, Emile Pte E4083 Transf from Reinf Sect
Carpenter, Louis ACpl H56276 Discharged - transf to VGC
Carpenter, Vassar Hormisdas Pte H56357
Carrier, J.P. Pte C63326 Transf from No.8 Coy
Carruthers, G.A. Pte G28555
Cassidy, W.M. ACpl K41366 Transf from No.30 Coy
Caul, Harry James Pte H56401
Chadwick, John Howard Pte K74166 Transf from MGTC & No.10 Coy
Chambers, G. Pte K37628
Chappel, W.H. Pte G19674 Transf from Reinf Sect
Charron, H. Pte D113072 Transf from No.9 Coy
Christie, James Horner Lt Transf from No.26 Coy transf to No.9 Coy
Clain, O.B. Pte Transf to No.26 Coy
Clark, Earl Jessie Pte H56320
Cockburn, N.A. Pte K72653 Transf from No.18 Coy
Cole, Lorne Garry Pte H56350
Conlan, William Pte M61860 Transf from No.19 Coy & No.18 Coy
Corrigan, John Arthur Pte H56228
Coull, J. Pte D113069 Transf from No.9 Coy
Coull, Randolph Pte E38176 Transf from No.16 Coy & No.2 Coy & No.16 Coy & No.9 Coy
Cousineau, Jerome Wilfred Pte H56327 Transf to Tank Div
Cousineau, Virgil Joseph, Pte H56309 Transf to No.16 Coy & HQ No 2 Dist & Reinf Sect & back to No.17 Coy
Cox, George Frederick Pte H56317
Crawley, George Lawrence Pte H56202 Transf to No.9 Coy
Croome, William Randolph Pte H56336
Crowe, Daniel Walter Cpl H56284
Crowe, W.C. Pte H62910 Transf from No.28 Coy transf to No.9 Coy
Csoma, J. Pte H94709 Transf from Reinf Sect
Cullen, R.J. Pte G19610
Cummings, Gordon Andrew Med Sgt C93151 att from RCAMC transf from HQ No 1 Dist & No.4 Coy & HQ CFC transf to No.29 Coy
Dahlin, Rene E. Pte H102188
Daly, Joseph Edward Pte L50053 Transf from No.20 Coy transf to No.9 Coy & HQ No 1 CFG
Debien, R. Pte D56127 Transf from No.9 Coy
Deforest, N. Pte B87154
Delahey, George Whitefield Lt.
Desrosiers, Albert Adalore Pte H56634 Transf to No.13 Coy
Dickey, W.H. Pte A11286
Dickinson, R.J. Pte G48280 Transf from No.10 Coy
Dier, William Franklin Pte H56269
Dobbs, Ira Miles Pte H56305
Dobie, John Lawson Pte L50212 Transf from No.20 Coy
Donnelly, Edward Raymond Pte H56250
Dow, C. Pte F95465 Transf from Reinf Sect
Dowson, Arthur Noble Pte H56227 Transf to No.20 Coy
Dowson, Joseph 'Joe' Pte M61771 Transf from No.19 Coy & No.18 Coy transf to RCAMC
Draudson, H.A.C. Pte K68813
Drummond, P. Pte G19668 Transf from Reinf Sect
Dryden, Gordon Albert CSM H56390
Ducharme, Iver Pte H56356 Transf to No.20 Coy
Dudar, William Pte L50193 Transf from No.20 Coy transf to No.1 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Dunn, G.W. Pte B64920 Transf from Reinf Sect
Dupas, L.J. Pte H64705
Durocher, A. Pte M36888
Dziadyk, Nicholas Pte L50196 Transf from No.20 Coy
Easton, Stewart John Pte H56256
Edwards, W. Pte K62723
Elgeti, M.W. Cpl K47398 Transf from No.12 Coy & HQ No 2 Dist & HQ No 4 Dist & No.9 Coy
Ellis, E.D. Pte G56621 Transf from No.25 Coy & No.29 Coy
Englund, Norman Frank H56379 Pte Transf to No.20 Coy & No 1 CSFS & No.9 Coy & No.10 Coy
Evers, John Frank Pte L50055 Transf from No.20 Coy
Fagerdahl, Ingval Olaf Pte H56358 Transf to HQ CFC
Fairfield, George Pte H56375 Transf to No.9 Coy
Fedorchuk, Alex Ilo Pte H56331 Transf to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Ferguson, Kenneth Malcolm Pte H56236
Ferguson, Stanley Perry LCpl L50207 Transf from No.20 Coy transf to No.1 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Fessiuk, S. Pte L74299
Fisher, R. Gordon Pte
Flamand, Norman Stanley Pte L50189 Transf from No.20 Coy transf to No.9 Coy
Ford, Herbert Cyril Pte K41122 Transf from No.30 Coy
Forrest, L.R. Pte C12054 Transf to No.28 Coy
Fowler, Stewart James Sgt H56206
Frenette, Arnold Larry Pte H56267 Transf to No.9 Coy
Frisky, Harry (Henry) Walter Pte L50197 Transf from No.20 Coy transf to No.9 Coy
Fults, Edward Austin Pte H56219 Transf to HQ No 1 CFG
Gadd, Charles Sturdy Pte H56265 Transf to No.16 Coy & HQ No 2 Dist & Reinf Sect
Galbraith, Neil, WO H56337 CSM
Gebhart, John Pte L50218 Transf from No.20 Coy
Gervais, G. Pte D113243 Transf from No.9 Coy
Giesbrecht, Jacob Pte L50192 Transf from No.20 Coy
Godin, T. Pte D113137 Transf from No.9 Coy
Goldamer, Charles Adolph Pte H56225 Transf to RCASC att to No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Goldamer, L.G. Pte H45881 Transf from No.24 Coy
Golec, Stanislou Steve Pte L50127 Transf from No.20 Coy transf to No.23 Coy
Gorlick, Carl Andrew Hall Lt D113100 Transf from No.9 Coy & OCTU
Gorman, Stephen Dussault Lt D113153 Transf from No.9 Coy & OCTU transf to No.19 Coy
Goudreau, J.P. Pte D113557 Transf from No.9 Coy
Graham, C.J. Sgt K41118 Transf from No.30 Coy
Gravel, Edward D113219 Transf from No.9 Coy transf to Fuel Wood Cutting Unit- See CFC Casualties
Graydon, Robert (Bob) George Pte H56306 Transf to LSH
Green, Ernest Richard Pte H56257
Greenleaf, D.H. ACpl D113120 Transf from No.9 Coy
Gregory, Cecil Theodore Sgt H56272
Haglund, Harold Frederick LCpl H56288
Halverson, Rune Sgt H56213 Transf to No.20 Coy & No 3 DD
Hampshire, Allen Norman Pte H56298
Handley, E. Pte K42391 Transf from No.30 Coy
Hanes, H.G. Pte K41318 Transf from No.30 Coy
Harnett, Sam Robert James Pte H56302
Harvey, E.G. LCpl K60054
Harris, Donald Alexander, Pte H56207 - See CFC Casualties
Hastings, James William Pte H56377
Hayward, Ted Tower Findly Pte H56306 Transf to RCA
Hebert, John William Joseph Francois Sgt H56216 Transf to No.25 Coy
Henri, J. Pte E4917
Henry, Ronald Elmer Pte L50183 Transf from No.20 Coy transf to RCA
Hill, Andrew Pte H56214 Discharged
Hill, David James Pte H56311
Hill, Robert Arthur Lenwood Pte L50102 Transf from No.20 Coy transf to No.10 Coy
Hill, W.H. Pte M35668 Transf from No.26 Coy
Hinnen, Rudolph Pte H56238 Transf to No.9 Coy & No.10 Coy
Holland, G.H. Pte K43539
Hollinshead, Stanley B. Pte K41233 Transf from No.30 Coy
Holmes, Howard Milton CQMS H56264 Transf to No.25 Coy
Holmes, Ray Sherman Major OC
Holmstrup, Christian Sgt L50122 Transf from No.20 Coy transf to No.6 Coy
Holt, L.P. Pte K76295 Transf from No.30 Coy
Hooper, William Albert Capt H53433 Transf from No.5 Coy transf to No.14 Coy & No.6 Coy & No.22 Coy
Horsfall, Harold Med Sgt H56303 Transf to RCAMC & No.18 Coy
Hotvedt, Henry Alexander Pte L50006 Transf from No.20 Coy
Howatt, John (Jack) Crossley Pte L50115 Transf from No.20 Coy
Howland, R.A. Sgt D113215 Transf from No.9 Coy
Hunt, Theron Pte H56226 Transf to No.7 Coy
Jackson, James Sgt H56215 Transf to No.20 Coy & No 5 DD
Jarvis, Clifford Louis Pte H56329
Jebb, Robert Pte H56335
Johansen, A. Pte K41155 Transf from No.30 Coy
Johnson, A.J. Pte K41136
Johnson, Carl Olaf Pte H56352
Johnson, Herbert Walter Pte H56391
Johnson, Lloyd Melvin Pte L50211 Transf from No.20 Coy
Johnson, M.A. Pte K41284 Transf from No.30 Coy
Johnson, Robert S. LCpl K41282 Transf from No.30 Coy
Jolicoeur, Joseph Octave Pte H56402
Jutras, E. Pte D113055 Transf from No.9 Coy
Kamano, Phillip Wilson Pte K41304 Transf from No.30 Coy
Keane, Joseph Henry Major Transf to No.23 Coy
Kelly, P.A. Pte M56977
Kelly, Thomas James Sgt H56220 Transf to No.29 Coy
Kenneally, John Loughlin Lt Transf to No.12 Coy
Kentner, Howard Moore Pte H56384 Transf to No.20 Coy & No.5 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Kerr, Isaac Wylie Pte L50126 Transf from No.20 Coy
Kerr, William John Pte H56268
Kesick, Fraser Pte H56319
Kidley, Frederic Joseph Pte L50010 Transf from No.20 Coy
King, J.T. Pte F95362
Kirk, Everett James CQMS H56261 Transf to No.1 Coy - See No 7 CFD transf to No 13 CBR
Kistner, Carl August Pte H56286
Konoby, Michael Pte H56366 Transf to No.7 Coy & No.23 Coy
Kreinke, Henry Herman Pte H56217
Kroft, Leonard Edward Pte H56355
Kus, Stanislaw Stanley Pte Transf from No.20 Coy
Labbe, Henry Joseph (Shorty) Pte H56224
Laesch, Paul Emil Pte L50036 Transf from No.20 Coy
Lahay, John H. Pte K41316 Transf from No.30 Coy
Lahay, L. Pte K31038 Transf from No.30 Coy
Landry, Joseph Paul Pte H56364
Landry, Oscar Leo Pte H56371
Langford, Eric Edward Pte F86854
Langford, Raymond Milon Pte F95656 Transf from No.29 Coy & No.30 Coy
Law, Archie Leonard Sgt H56273 Transf to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Lawrenson, Hugh James Pte H56240
Lee, Thomas Pte L50195 Transf from No.20 Coy
Leeder, C.W. Pte C75984
Leeson, Delmar Jean Cpl H56201 Transf to RCA
Leeson, Francis James Pte H56208
Legeard, Peter Pte L50070
Lemay, George Andrew Pte H56363 Transf to RCASC
Levesque, J.J.A. Pte D136429
Leydier, Arthur Joseph Cpl H56373 Transf to No.9 Coy & No.16 Coy & HQ No 2 Dist & Reinf Sect & No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Lindholm, Bert Stieg Cpl H56301
Lively, Earl Charles Sgt H56242
Lloyd, Ray John Pte L50217 Transf from No.20 Coy
Lockman, Elmer Emil Pte H56397
Long, W.R. Pte G5059 Transf from Reinf Sect
Lookabill, Dareld Thomas Pte H56353
Lorion, R. Pte D113128 Transf from No.9 Coy
Lowe, G.F. Pte G32603 Transf from Reinf Sect
Lowen, Evert Pte H56241
Lowry, William James Pte H56345
Lund, E. Pte K41369 Transf from No.30 Coy
Luoma, Milton Arnold Pte H56339 Transf to No.1 Coy - See No 7 CFD
MacAlpine, Frank H. Pte F64689 Transf from Reinf Sect transf to RCASC
MacDonald, A. ACQMS K41356 Transf from No.30 Coy
Mack, Achille ‘Ducky’ Pte K41157 Transf from No.30 Coy
MacKenzie, J.M. Pte C34055 Transf from No.16 Coy
MacKenzie, W. Pte K62563
Macklen, Elmer Harold Pte H56243 Transf to Calgary Tank Corps
Madetoja, John Pte H56393
Magnusson, Colin Peter Pte H56270
Maillet, J.A. Pte D7727
Mailloux, R. Pte D113226 Transf from No.9 Coy
Major, F, Pte K42893 Transf from No.30 Coy
Maneer, Alexander Wilbert Pte L50206 Transf from No.20 Coy
Markham, Philip Richard Pte H56372 Discharged
Marsh, Donald MacCrimmon Cpl H56235 Transf to No.11 Coy & HQ No 4 Dist
Marshall, Gilbert ‘Gib’ Pte
Martin, R. Pte K41260 Transf from No.30 Coy
Martinson, Joseph Cpl H58363 Transf to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
McArthur, A.J. Pte K41208 Transf from No.30 Coy
McArthur, M.C. Pte
McArthur, N.E. Pte H19649
McArthur, William Leslie Pte H56365
McAuley, Henry Stanley Pte L50076 Transf from No.20 Coy
McBryan, W.H. Pte K62827
McClendon, Archie Dewesse Pte H56234 Transf to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
McConnell, A. ACpl G56731
McCormick, Robert Sanford Pte H56271 Transf to HQ No 1 CFG
McCoy, J.H. Pte H100816
McCullough, W.J. LCpl D113027 Transf from No.9 Coy & No.16 Coy
McDonald, J. Pte L74883
McDonald, Joseph Angus Pte L50200 Transf from & back to No.20 Coy
McEvoy, David Allan Sgt H56287
McFarland, Claude Oliver Pte H56223
McFayden, Alexander Charles Pte H56260 Transf to HQ No 1 CFG
McFayden, Glenn Maurice Pte H56347 Transf to No.30 Coy - See No 8 CFD
McFee, Edwin Donald Pte H56244 Transf to No.7 Coy & No.17 Coy & Reinf Sect
McFie, W.S. Pte K41279 Transf from No.30 Coy
McGarry, Clifford James Pte L50011 Transf from No.20 Coy
McHarg, David Pte H56324
McKay, Frederick James Sgt H56310 Transf to No.1 Coy - See No 7 CFD & No.30 Coy - See No 8 CFD & COF
McLeod, Thomas John Sgt H56292
McMillan, Peter George Pte H56399 Transf to HQ No 1 CFG
McRae, Ranald Arthur Pte H56239 Transf to CAC
McSweeney, Patrick Pte L50202 Transf from No.20 Coy
McTaggart, Roy Capt
Meissner, Walter Pte L50017 Transf from No.20 Coy
Melvin, F.E. Pte K41955 Transf from No.30 Coy
Meyers, Earnie Aorn Cpl H56296
Miller, Clifford Francis Pte H56295
Mills, H.H. Sgt K41212 Transf from No.30 Coy
Mills, Orland William Pte H56232 Discharged
Minnich, Max Robert Pte H56291 Transf to No.7 Coy
Moore, George Albert Pte H56380
Moran, George E. Pte H62580 Transf from No 10 DD CFC Wing PA & No.16 Coy
Moran, Lawrence Aloyious Pte H56248
Morgan, Frederick Pte H56233
Morin, C.A. Pte B89032
Morin, Marlin Thomas Pte L50205 Transf from No.20 Coy
Morneau, Emil James ‘Skinner’ Pte H11145 Transf to Reinf Sect & No.30 Coy
Morrell, Stanley John Pte H56354
Morrison, George Pte H56204 Discharged
Mulligan, Andsley Cleveland Pte H56327 Transf to No.26 Coy
Munn, B.A. Pte G4162
Nelles, Frederick Alexander Sgt M61816 Transf from No.19 Coy
Nelson, George Henry LCpl H56245
Nelson, Leonard Pte L50023 Transf from No.20 Coy
Newman, H.W. Pte G48294
Norton, Walter Edward Pte H56332
Notter, Leslie Pte H56237
O'Connell, D. Pte D113255 Transf from No.9 Coy
O'Connor, Patrick James Pte
Olafson, C.A. Pte K41241 Transf from No.30 Coy
Olson, Ellwood Leonard Pte L50190 Transf from No.20 Coy transf to No.9 Coy
Olson, Sigurd Bernard Pte H56205
O'Malley, John Cpl H53480 Transf from No.5 Coy
O'Neill, J.J. Pte H102083
Oster, Frank Gerald Sgt H56330 cook 'C'
Ouellette, Frank Arthur ASgt H56299 Transf to No.20 Coy
Paquette, J.J. Pte M102504
Patterson, John Alexander Pte H56246 Transf to No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Pattison, Art F. Pte
Payette, Joseph Arthur Sgt H53220 Transf from No.5 Coy
Pearson, Axel Pte K41298 Trans from No 11 MD CFC Wing BC & No.30 Coy transf to No 11 DD - See CFC Casualties
Pedersen, Olaf Pte H56382
Pelletier, Joseph ‘Jack’ Adelard Pte H56342
Peloquin, Emile Joseph Pte H56262
Peloquin, Frank Arthur Pte H56278
Peppley, John Peter Pte L50215 Transf from No.20 Coy
Perkins, Maurice Siras Pte H56340 Transf to RCASC
Perreault, C. Pte
Pick, H. Pte K41152 Transf from No.28 Coy & No.30 Coy
Pincombe, William H. Pte D113208 Transf from No.9 Coy
Pitchford, Raymond Pte L50002 Transf from No.20 Coy transf HQ CFC
Pitre, L. Pte
Poirier, A. Pte E4682
Poirier, Lawrence Francis Pte H56325
Poncelot, H.J. LCpl K41368 Transf from No.30 Coy
Pott, Alphonse W. Pte
Pott, Arthur Wilford Pte L50008 Transf from No.20 Coy
Poulsen, K.E. Pte K74820
Powers, M. William Pte D113231 Transf from No.9 Coy
Price, A.B. Pte G48295 Transf to RCASC att to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Pullin, J.V. Pte K41436
Quimby, James William Alfred Pte H56315
Rawlings, J.T. Pte D113247 Transf from No.9 Coy
Readman, Robert William Staff Sgt H56259 Transf to HQ No 1 Dist & HQ No 3 Dist & HQ No 5 Dist
Redman, Leonard Victor Pte H56378
Reeve, R.W. Staff Sgt K80042 att from RCAMC transf from No.18 Coy
Reid, Gordon Alexander LCpl H56231
Richards, J. Pte E39417 Transf from No.29 Coy
Ritchie, Arthur Bullard Capt DCMMM Transf from No.7 Coy & No.23 Coy
Ritter, H.H. Pte K92468
Rivest, S. Pte D113108 Transf from No.9 Coy
Riz, Arthur Walter Pte H56381
Robb, James Pte H56400
Robertson, E.T. Pte G48266
Robichaud, F. Pte G3420
Rodwell, William George Pte H56297
Rogozinski, John Sgt H56222 Transf to No.8 Coy & back to No.17 Coy
Rogozinski, Michel Sgt H56348 Transf to No.9 Coy & back to No.17 Coy
Rogozinski, Nicholas Pte H56307
Romain, S. Cpl H62681 Transf to No.30 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Roper, Leslie Bowden LCpl H56300
Ross, Donald Alexander Sgt H56274
Rotmark, Melvin Glenford Pte H56209 Transf to No.10 Coy
Roulston, Gordon Russell Pte H56277
Roulston, Vernon William Pte H56275 Transf to HQ CFC
Rounds, Aubrey Mark Pte H56341
Roy, Alexander Paul Pte H56314
Ruest, L. Pte E39506 Transf from No.14 Coy
Russow, John Pte H62608 Transf from No 10 DD CFC Wing PA & No.16 Coy & No.9 Coy
Ryan, Henry Patrick Pte H56318 Transf to No.30 Coy & No.14 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Ryder, S.M. Pte K41226 Transf from No.30 Coy
Sable, William Pte H56333 Discharged
Samuelson, J. LCpl K41295 Transf from No.30 Coy
Savoie, Joseph A. Pte G40383 Transf to No.9 Coy
Scott, William ASgt H56249
Seaman, Allen Grant Pte H56247
Sharp, James Irwin Pte H56230 Transf to No.7 Coy & No.8 Coy & RCAMC
Shorey, Samuel Orson Lt D113018 Transf from No.9 Coy & OCTU & No.9 Coy
Showalter, Leonard Vernon Pte H56389
Showalter, Ralph Allen Pte H56369
Simenson, Willie Martin LCpl H56398 Transf to No.7 Coy
Simonds, S.G. Pte G56730
Skipper, Charles Herbert Pte L50210 Transf from No.20 Coy
Smith, A.K. LCpl D113183 Transf from No.9 Coy
Smith, Ralph Townsend, Pte H56387 - See CFC Casualties
Smith, W. Pte D113098 Transf from No.9 Coy
Sorton, Harry Pte H56289
Soutiere, R. ALCpl D113235 Transf from No.9 Coy
Spackman, W.E. Pte K47320
Spetch, A.W. LCpl K41130
Spurr, D.R. ASgt K41163 Transf from No.30 Coy
Stapleton, Frank T. Pte K67565 Transf from No.30 Coy transf to Irish Fusiliers
Stenhouse, W.S. Cpl D113013 Transf from No.9 Coy
Stevens, Charles Murnie Sgt H56255 Transf to RCAC
Stevens, Thomas LCpl H56254 Transf to No.14 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Storey, F. Pte G18107
Storey, W.R. Pte G48292
Struthers, S. Pte K41256 Transf from No.30 Coy
Suffredine, Wray Fraser Pte L50214 Transf from No.20 Coy transf to LSH
Suikka, August (Gus) Pte H56359 Transf to HQ CFC
Sutton, Frederick Thomas Pte H56253
Sweet, L.E. Pte D123116
Syemchyshem, M. Pte Transf to No.6 Coy & No 1 CASCRU
Tarala, Herb Theodore Pte L50013 Transf from No.20 Coy transf to RRR
Taylor, Hilman Leroy Pte H56315
Thompson, Earl Andrew Pte H56321
Tilson, John Everton Pte H56392
Totten, Durwood Norman Pte H56258
Trehearne, E. Pte K41214
Tremblay, C. Pte
Trenning, Angel 'Dutch' Pte H56210
Turcotte, J.H. Pte
Turnbull, Thomas Pte H56221
Tyrell, John Theodore Pte H56383 Transf to No.20 Coy
Umpleby, C. LCpl K41274
Unrau, J. Pte K41209 Transf from No.30 Coy
Upton, Frank Baldwin Pte E38153 Transf from No.16 Coy & No.9 Coy
Valiquette, R. Pte
Van Norman, William Robert Pte L50194 Transf from No.20 Coy
Viger, Stanley John Sgt H56395 Transf to No.5 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Vliet, H.C. LCpl K41342 Transf from No.30 Coy
Walton, Earl Eustice Pte L50132 Transf from No.20 Coy
Walton, John Harry Pte H56344
Warren, R. Pte K41359 Transf from No.30 Coy
Waugh, Hunter MacKenzie Pte L50020 Transf from No.20 Coy
Wavra, L. Pte H62602 Transf from No 10 DD CFC Wing PA & No.16 Coy & No.9 Coy
Weaver, Aldred Pte H56368
Welch, H.S. Pte K41203 Transf from No.30 Coy
Weldon, L.E. Cpl K61342 Transf from No.30 Coy
Wells, Arthur Maurice Pte H56349
Wellwood, Godfrey Pte L50180 Transf from No.20 Coy
Weston, Oscar Rufas Pte H56252
White, D.B. Lt Transf to No.7 Coy & No.8 Coy
Whitmore, Carson George Pte H56266 Transf to RCAF - See CFC Casualties
Whittingham, J.S. Pte K53436 Transf from No.30 Coy
Wick, H.R. Pte K41199 Transf from No.30 Coy
Wilkinson, E.G. Pte D113036 Transf from No.9 Coy
Williams, Ernest Frame Pte L50220 Transf from No.20 Coy transf to RCOC att to No.1 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Wilson, Raymond William Pte H56251
Withenshaw, Albert A. Sgt H53311 Transf from No.5 Coy
Woods, Alvin Ernest Lt K99053 Transf from No.7 Coy & OCTU & No.19 Coy
Woods, G.D. Sgt M56755
Worthey, B. Pte K41518
Wreggitt, William Elroy Thomas Pte H56290 Transf to Strathcona Horse Regt
Wright, John Andrew Lt K99078 Transf from OCTU & No.7 Coy
Wright, J.C. Pte G19084
Wright, W. Bert Sgt H53436 Transf from No.17 Coy
Yeo, Herbert Roy Pte L50120 Transf from No.20 Coy
Youman, B. Pte K41287 Transf from No.30 Coy

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