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Canadian Forestry Corps in WWII
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No. 18 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps
District 5, Camp 10
Lovat No. 1 (Teanacoil), Kiltarity

Canadian Mobilization Point - Victoria, BC
Mobilization Date -Aug 1940
Arrived in Scotland - 20 Apr 1941
Ceased Operations in Scotland - 26 May 1945
Camps Occupied in Scotland - Lovat No. 1 (Teanacoil), Kiltarity

No. 18 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps, CASF
24 May 1940 – Authorized – Serial 2119 (GO 184/40)
31 August 1940 – Mobilized in Victoria, British Columbia (CFC Website)
7 November 1940 - CASF designation dropped (GO 273/40)
20 June 1945– Disbanded (GO 327/45)
War Diaries
16440 – 1940/08-1942/06
16441 – 1942/07-1945/06
31/8/40 – Authority granted to proceed with the organization of No. 18 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps, CASF. Major G.R. Hanbiry selected to command the company with effect from 23rd August 1940 with authority to recruit 195 personnel. The CO proceeded on command to Cranbrook for purposes of recruiting in the Kootenay district. Lt P.W. Belson TOS as acting Adjutant for the Company. [WD]
1/9/40 – Lt. Belson in Victoria on recruiting and organization duty. [WD]
2/9/40 – Office opened at Bay Street Armouries by Adjutant and arrangements were made to interview and receive recruits from the recruiting centres and District Depot, M.D. No. 11. [WD]
4/9/40 – Recruiting began in Vancouver by Lt J.R. Hanbury. First recruit TOS at Victoria. The CO was recruiting in the interior. [WD]
7/9/40 – First detachment of ORs sent to Camp ‘A’ Otter Point for attachment to No. 11 ‘B’ Company, Veterans Guard of Canada for duty rations and quarters. The Adjutant, Lt Belson, is still at Bay Street Armouries, Victoria on organization and recruitment. [No. 18 Coy Cdn Forestry Corps WD]
17/9/40 – The OC, Major G.R. Hanbury, returned from recruiting duty in the interior to Bay Street Armouries at Victoria and proceeded to Camp ‘A’ Otter Point. HQ of No. 18 Company officially moved to Otter Point. [WD]
18/9/40 – Company now listed at Otter Point in War Diary. [WD]
10/2/41 – Five officers and 174 ORs left Otter Point at 1200 hours for Victoria. Crossed to Vancouver and entrained for Camp Valcartier, PQ. [WD] (Company left Otter Point, BC by TS-224. [Movement Control])
15/2/41 – Company arrived at Valcartier Station at 0600 hours and marched with No. 19 Company to the camp. [WD] (Company arrived Valcartier. [Movement Control])
4/4/41 –Company left Valcartier on TS-252. (Movement Control)
5/4/41 – Company arrived Halifax and embarked on E-129 Batory. (Movement Control)
10/4/41 – Company sailed for United Kingdom.
20/4/41 – Arrived in Scotland.
26/5/45 – Ceased operations in Scotland.
Courtesy of David Ryan

CFC Cap Badge
Courtesy of Robert J. Briggs

The war created a crisis in wood supply for the United Kingdom. Pre-war domestic production covered only a small fraction of the timber needed to support the war effort. In addition to civilian requirements, it was estimated that every soldier needed five trees: one for living quarters, messing, and recreation; one for crates to ship food, ammunition, tanks, and so on; and three for explosives, gun stocks, coffins, ships, factories, and direct or indirect support for the fighting line.
Canadians stepped up to fill this need. During 1941 and 1942, thirty companies drawn from all regions of Canada, totalling 220 officers and 6,771 regulars, were deployed to Scotland.
Also it takes a number of support soldiers for each fighting soldier.

We did load a ship with lumber, yeah. And it went to Africa and I took a chalk and I wrote my name and address on the board. I get to, it was about a month after, first thing I get this letter from the soldier in Africa. He says, "I want to tell you, he said, that you people, your job is important," he said, "We used your lumber today, we landed in Africa.
Courtesy of Joseph Wilmer Gagnon - The Memory Project Historica Canada

Once again the British Government turned to Overseas Woodsman to assist in the war effort. Given their impressive record in World War One it was natural that they looked to Canada to provide forestry units once again. In May 1940 the Canadian Government decided to form a Canadian Forestry Corps. Twenty Companies were initially formed with ten more as the war progressed.
The financial agreement between the two Governments as similar to that in World War I. Canada would bear the cost of pay, allowances and pensions, all initial personal equipment, transport to and from the United Kingdom. The British Government paid for "all other services connected with equipment, work or maintenance" and certain others, including medical services. Canada covered the cost for Medical Officers and Britain paid for hospitalization.
The arrangement was unusual as it resulted in a Canadian Unit working for the British, who controlled the areas of work and disposal of the product, but Military operations of the C.F.C. was never surrendered by the Canadians and came under command of Canadian Military Headquarters in London. Even though the C.F.C. had to serve two masters, no serious problems ever resulted.
Mobilization centres for the Corp spanned all across Canada, and recruited both English and French speaking personnel. Many of the volunteers were veterans of World War One, including the Corp's Commander, Brigadier- General J.B. White. Many of the men carried out the same duties as they did in civilian life, such as loggers, black smiths, lawyers, store man, cooks and clerks. The big difference between the new Corp and their World War One counter parts were the new Corp were considered Combat Troops. (No.18 Coy CFC War Diaries are a great example of the training the soldiers got in order to be combat ready).

No. 18 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps War Diaries Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage
War Diaries

Sept 1940 Oct 1940
Nov 1940 Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3
Dec 1940 Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3
Jan 1941 Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3
Feb 1941 Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3

No. 18 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - Enlisting and Training

This larger Map shows that the men came from across our country of Canada and where each of the original 20
companies was mobilized and what percentage from each province the men came from.
Courtesy of 'The Sawdust Fusiliers' by William C. Wonders

Bay Street Armories
- -Where the recruitment office was set up for the No.18 Company
- Canadian Forestry Corps and the men would sign up in the month of Aug & Sep 1940

Otter Point History Ref: pg 35 - Courtesy of Arnie Campbell

Otter Point Road Camp, Sooke, BC
Where the men were sent to for outfitting with kit and some training before shipped to Valcartier Camp, Quebec
It was originally a relief camp during the Great Depression and closed for that purpose in 1936.
Photo courtesy of Pte Bert Albert Watt Fox

CNR Depot
- From Vancouver, BC they then went by CNR train

On reaching their numbers No. 18 Coy then proceeded by rail to Quebec City for military training at nearby Valcartier Camp, Quebec where they and the other Companies would have had 5 to 7 months military training. After completion of training the men travelled by train to Halifax for embarkation, where they joined other units to make the crossing of the North Atlantic in convoy. The crossing itself was about 9 days. They disembarked at a Clyde estuary port, whence they proceeded by trains and lorries to their Scottish Camps.

CFC soldiers at Valcartier Camp, Quebec
This would be their home until the end of June 1941. They would spend 4 ½ months taking combat training before going to Scotland.

Photo courtesy of Bob Briggs – grandson Private Perle Bruce Tucker

Map of Camp Valcartier, Quebec
Courtesy of Paul Keenleyside

Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage
Credit: Canada. Dept. of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / PA-112993

Convoy in Bedford Basin, Halifax
1 Apr 1942

Interactive Map of Port of Halifax & PDF Map
Courtesy of Paul Keenleyside

Firth of Clyde where the men came in to disembark at Gourock and caught a train to Beauly Train Station then took a lorry to Lovat Estate, near Beauly,
the site of Camp No. 10, District No. 5 District No. 5 Headquarters was at Balblair House, Lord Lovat's home, near Beauly, Inverness-shire, Scotland

Map of Gourock Port
Courtesy of Paul Keenleyside

Beauly railway station 1775164 Beauly Train Station in 1961 - Wikipedia
Ben Brooksbank [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

It is convenient at this point to describe the War Establishment of a Forestry Company, C.F.C. The Establishment (CDN/IV/1940/12A/1, DATED Mar 41) provides for a total of 194 all ranks, of whom six are officers: one Major as Commanding Officer, one Captain as Second in Command, one Adjutant, and three Subalterns "for Timber operations". Of these last, one is normally is in charge in the bush, one is in charge of the mill, and one is technical officer. There are 12 Sergeants, of whom two are Mill Foreman and five Bush Foreman, one a Blacksmith, one a M.T. Sergeant, one a Sergeant Cook, and two Assistant Instructors. It is not necessary or desirable to rehearse all the details here, as the Official Historian will have all War Establishments easily available to him; but it may be noted that the list of rank and file includes the following tradesmen: 2 Millwrights, 2 Sawyers, Forestry; 1 Electrician; 3 Motor Mechanics, one of whom is a Corporal, 1 Carpenter, 1 Plumber or Pipefitter; 1 Shoemaker, and 1 Tailor. Among the mass of non-tradesmen, the following groups are conspicuous: 20 Logmakers, 30 Rollers and Chainmen, 10 Road Cutters, 14 Drivers I.C. (Internal Combustion)

Re No. 29 Report

At the end 10 of the companies went to the mainland in the Invasion of Normandy, some stayed in Scotland to work at their saw mills, 10 companies were disbanded and went back to cut fuel wood in Canada. The ten companies that stayed in Scotland were No. 4, 6, 10, 11, 13, 18, 19, 20, 22 and 24.
However there was a great deal of transferring of men in 1943. Some 700 soldiers were posted to other units. Others went to CFC Companies going to the mainland etc.

The No.18 Coy brought with them the most up-to-date logging equipment then available in Canada. They brought a standard medium type rotary mill with a capacity of 1500-2000 bd. ft. an hour or c. 8,000 cu. ft a week/3-5-4-7 cm an hour or 227 cm a week. (The British Forestry Commission also provided the company with a Scotch mill or bench, but these were not popular with the Canadians.) Power was supplied by 100-horsepowe Diesel generators. Logging equipment included TD9 caterpillar tractors, lorries, sulkies (pneumatic-tired arches), angle dozers for road making, and two and three drum winches for high-lead logging. They also were equipped with a variety of transportation vehicles, four tractors, two sulkies, one motorcycle, and originally six bicycles.
In a few cases the mills were removed from the immediate camp site. A large sawmill employing 35 men was erected by the CFC in the village of Kiltarlity, Inverness-shire, to serve the needs of both No. 15 Company at Lovat No. 2 Camp (Boblainy) and No. 18 Company at Lovat No. 1 Camp (Teanacoil) and also at times No. 19 Company at Belladrum Camp.
Most of the estates originally designated were logged and others were added to the list, including the Royal Estate at Balmoral. Several estates supported more than one camp. The Lovat Estates were particularly prominent with three camps (and a District headquarters) on their properties.
Whenever special-purpose lumber was required, estate owners again were called on for sacrifice of particular stands with the characteristics needed, and members of the Canadian Forestry Corps personnel provided the product. In January 1944, for example, a rush order was received on a Monday at the large Kiltarlity mill for 60 pieces, 12ins x 12ins x 22ft. for the Admiralty. Although the average size of timber in the area would not supply the need, by Friday Companies No. 15 and 18 had located sufficient logs on the Lovat Estates to fulfill the order.

Teanacoil is just south of Beaufor Castle

Rambling on… Jottings of my hillwalks and other outdoors adventures

Heavy CFC logging truck
Courtesy of Al Neale - son of Pte Charles Frederick Neale

Even before felling could begin most companies had to introduce an access road network in the forests to enable their mechanized equipment to be used, in contrast to the widespread use of horses in prewar local forests. Road building and maintenance continued to occupy part of the CFC personnel even after the initial period.
The heavy-laden Canadian lumber lorries from mills to shipping points placed a great deal of strain on local roads and access roads even when they were gravelled, particularly during rainy periods.

Nissan Hut at some of the camps
Due to its semicircular, corrugated iron shape the Nissen Hut deflected shrapnel and bomb blast making it a perfect bomb shelter
Courtesy of Melanie McLennan


56. At different periods during the last two years the Canadian Forestry Corps had been honoured by visits and inspections by several distinguished persons. On 4 Jun 41, LGen A.F.A.N. Thorne, CB, CMG, DSO, GOC.-in-C., Scottish Command,inspected companies in the ABOYNE area (War Diary, HQ No 2 District, 4 Jul 41). LGen McNaughton inspected companies of the Corps during July (War Diary, HQ CFC, 20-21 Jul 41); and in the following month Mr. Geoffrey Shakespeare, Under Secretary of State for the Dominions, paid a visit to Corps Headquarters, and saw several CFC camps (War Diary, HQ, CFC, 27 Aug 41). On 27 Sep 41 the Hon Vincent Massey, High Commissioner for Canada, took the salute at Phoineas House when selected squads from 10, 15, 18, 19 and HQ Companies marched past (War Diary, HQ CFC, 27 Sep 41).

Headquarters for District No. 1 was originally in Dalmore House, Alness, but on 25 August 1941 moved a short distance north of Alness to Achandunie House, and on 22 September 1942 to Fearn Lodge, Ardgay. It consisted of about 24 all ranks, commanded by a lieutenant-colonel.
Companies usually worked in two sections, "one cutting 'in the bush' and bringing out the timber, the other sawing it into lumber in the company mill, and both using mostly Canadian mechanical equipment," The relative openness of the cultivated Scottish forests in contrast to the tangled undergrowth of most natural Canadian pleased the CFC. Nevertheless, pressure had to be applied to Canadian fallers to cut trees close to the ground in Scottish fashion, rather than higher up, which left unsightly stump-fields so common in home forestry operations. The felling crew consisted of three men, two sawing down and one trimming or limbing. Hand saws and axes were the tools employed. The trees involved reflected the variety of Scottish plantations, with Scot pine, spruce and larch particularly common, but also Douglas fir and hardwoods on occasion.
The frequent alternation of rain and snow proved unexpected for many of the Canadians, accustomed to a more continuous snow season. Men's hands were often cut up by handling wet lumber in raw cold weather. Most of the area where they were working in Scotland lay north of 57degrees N, a higher latitude location than most forest operations in Canada-approximately the latitude of Mile 150 on the Alaska Highway (some 100 milesι160 kilometres north of Fort St. John, B.C.), Fort McMurray, Alberta, Lynn Lake, Manitoba, and the Belcher Islands in Hudson Bay. Consequently, the longer winter darkness period in Scotland was an inconvenience for the felling teams at the extreme ends of the working day and working hours had to be adjusted to seasonal light conditions. (Companies worked a full-hour day, with precise hours decided by individual company commanders.
Some delays reflected traditional Highland conditions war or no war, as when it was noted that ``the big sheep sale at Lairg is disrupting our rail shipping schedule``.
CFC companies transported and sold scrap wood from the mills to the public for fuel, at prices and delivery charges fixed by the Ministry of Supply. At times some scrap wood "mysteriously`` fell from lorries to land beside individual homes in financial need.
In later developments of 1943 the Scottish timber stands were being depleted. During the summer several hundred men of the Corps suitable for other deployment were posted to other overseas units. At the same time there were fuel shortages in Canada, shipping was becoming easier and the Invasion of Normandy was looming. Hence there was a lot of movement of men from one company to another. 31 men from No. 10 Company were transferred to No. 21 Company of which it was one of the 10 companies that went back to Canada to form fuel wood cutting units in Canada.
Beginning in March 1945, operations ceased for these remaining companies; three shut down in March, two in April, four in May and one in June. No. 10 Company shut down the Dochfour mill on 29 May 1945 and on 11 June 1945 helped move No. 13 Company from Orrin Bridge Camp to the train at Beauly before its before its own closed-down on 16 June 1945.

Source: The Lethbridge Herald, Thursday, October 8, 1942
Ralston Inspects Forestry Corps

Talks With Men Engaged in Lumbering in Scotland Woodlands
By William Stewart
Canadian Press
London Oct 8 - CP Cable
Col. J.L. Ralston, Cabinet minister of military defence
This is really hard to transcribe but the CFC names mentioned in this clipping
Sgt Hoibak of Prince George BC
Pte Antoine Blanchard of Prince George
Pte. B.M. Francis of Cranbrook, B.C member of the Kootenay Indian tribe
cook Sgt. Harry Gilmore
Pte. Bill Sloan, Victoria, B.C.
Pte Joe McAree, Calgary
Lieut Jack Westman of Vancouver

Aboriginal Veterans Honour List
Francis, Benjamin
St. Mary's Band -
Cranbrook, BC Ktunaxa tbd |
Veterans Land Act file 1956-1964
(LAC RG10-B-3-e-xvi

Photos and stories of the men in No. 18 Company Canadian Forestry Corps

Dear Robert — I drew on your excellent website for help in creating my own blog post about the foresters, and credited you at the end.
I hope you enjoy this and share it with your own followers.
Thanks, Elinor Canadian Lumberjacks Go To War

Pte Joseph Roden Desrosiers
Pte Joseph Roden Desrosiers
Mar 1941 Valcartier Camp

3 CFC boys at fish ladder on Beauly River near Inverness, Scotland 24 May 1942
Photos courtesy of the
Joseph Roden Desrosiers Collection

Pte M.S. Ovington Front right

Photo courtesy of the Joseph Roden Desrosiers Collection

Red Cross train with windows shattered- car #3, two men on r v-2 copy

Foise, Gilbert Joseph Pte M61926
Photo courtesy of Lisa Zendran – granddaughter
This is his photo he had met my grandma in Scotland while on duty.

Pte John Hoba L20081 on left with two unidentified soldiers
Jun 1941 – Chatham, Ontario
Photo courtesy of Janice – daughter

John Hoba’s Military Service in World War Two

Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2021 11:03 AM
To: Bob Briggs
Subject: Re: Canadian Army Forestry Companies
I was lucky to find the article that you did.
I had no idea what the forestry corp did. I now understand where my Dad was and what he was doing prior to being in the European theatre (France) on Nov.1, 1944.
My Dad passed away in 1968 when I was 13. Therefore I did not get to ask him any questions.
We were in Juno Beach a few years ago. It was an amazing place. I saw the pillars with the names of soldiers who fought during WW2. This past June my Dad's plaque was put on a pillar at Juno Beach. Before we return to Juno beach I would like to find out where he served.
I have his military record from The Archives. It is a good start.
I really want to know where in NW Europe his company went. This is not in his military record.
My Dad's name is John Hoba (L20081) with a rank of private.
He enlisted in Regina Sask. in May 1941. He was originally attached to the signal corp and he went overseas with the signal corp from Kingston Ontario to Scotland.
While in Scotland he was transferred to 18 Coy CFC on Feb. 10, 1942.
When my Dad was in theater would he have been near Berlin near the end? He told a friend of ours he went behind enemy lines to see his Mom. Actually the last time he ever saw her. I think he comes from a small town in Poland about 2 hours east of Berlin. Would that have been a possibility? He spoke 5 languages so could possibly have passed through.
Bob, I would appreciate any information you have about 18 Coy CFC especially in the European Theatre or sources where I could find this information
I appreciate your time and expertise.
Kind regards, Janice

No 18 Coy CFC Logging Operations for more photos
Photos taken by Lt George Johnson 1941 -1943
the time he was with No.7 Coy & No.18 Coy

Courtesy of Eric Johnson son of Capt George Johnson 1941 - 1943

No.18 Coy CFC Banquet and Dance 21 Apr 1943
Second Anniversary Overseas
With soldiers signatures

From: Linda & Eric
Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2016 6:53 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Photo's
The first 2 items are the Banquet and Dance 1943 for No.18 coy with various signatures and some ID #’s.
Courtesy of Eric Johnson son of Capt George Johnson

Lt George Johnson No 18 Coy
District 5, Camp 10
Lovat No. 1 (Teanacoil), Kiltarity

Courtesy of Eric Johnson son of Lt George Johnson

OCTU - Officer Cadets relaxing evening - Lt George Johnson with pipe sitting on right

Johnson, George Lt OCTU - Officer Cadet Training Unit transferred to No. 18 Company
Top row 3rd from right

Photos courtesy of Eric Johnson son of Capt George Johnson

Source: The Lethbridge Herald Wednesday March 14, 1945
By Ross Munro Canadian Press War Correspondent
Reichwald, Germany, Mar 14.-(CP.)-Men of the Canadian Forestry Corps are lumbering in vast forest between the Maas and the Rhine cutting down German spruce and pine to provide timber for 1st Canadian Army advances.
The first company of Canadian lumbermen-soldiers moved into Reichswald in February on the heels of the infantry when only half the forest had been cleared of the enemy and went right to work cutting timber for bridges, corduroy logs for road building, telephone poles and lumber for all kinds of construction.
In the attach on the Reichwald through which ran the northern end of the Seigfried line, the Canadian army plastered the forest with a barrage from 1,400 guns and the Forestry Corps troops found that nine-tenths of the 12,000 acre forest suffered shell damage. Thousands of trees were splintered or broken and shrapnel lodges in many of them.
The first company into Reichwald is commanded by Maj. O.V.M. Roxby of Kelowna, BC who won the Military Cross with the Canadian infantry during the First Great War. Other company commanders include Maj. Percy Belson of Vancouver.
Maj. Roxby was timbering in the Ardennes Forest on the central Rhine front with his company when Von Rundstedt's offensive came in December. He was given temporary command of three other companies and for 24 hours this small force held a 10-mile stretch of the menaced sector. The forestry men were relived but they had rendered valuable service that ticklish day.
From the Ardennes Maj. Roxby brought his company to the Reichswald and several lumber camps now are going full blast in the forest.
Among Maj. Roxby's officers include Capt. Jack Westman of Vancouver, and Lieut. Keith Ferguson of Fort Francis, Ont. Nick Jossul of Fort Francis is the company-sergeant-major.

Source: Forestry Chronicle
Society Affairs List of Members CFC
Benson, A.W., Lt. 20th Coy CFC Box 83 Meadow Lake, Sask
Burchett, E. P., Lt Col HQ CFC
Caulkins, J. G., No. 2 Coy CFC East Angus, P.Q.
Christie, H. R., Lt No. 18 Coy CFC
Corbett, J.E., Lt No 16. Coy CFC
Dawson, F.J., Maj CO No. 5 Coy CFC
Ferguson, N.C. Major CO No.1 Coy CFC
Morley, Peter M., Lt No. 11 Coy CFC
MacNeill, W. M., No. 20 Coy CFC

Canadian Forestry Corps.
Maj. Robert BONNAR.
Maj. Duncan Archibald MACPHAIL, M.B.E.
Capt. Robert Kenneth ALLEN.
Capt. George Me Alpine THOMAS.
Capt. John Thomas WESTMAN.
£21002 W.O. I (S.M.) George William UPTON.
1,50184 W.O. II (C.S.M.) Stuart THOMSON.
048029 S/Sergt. George Milton McCREADY.
H562i6 Sergt. John William Joseph Francois HEBERT.
H563io Sergt. Frederick James McKAY.
617166 Sergt. Melville John POST.
£62662 Sergt. Donald Maxwell SMITH.
1*53372 Sergt. William STARCHUK.

Source: The Lethbridge Herald 21 April 1942

Dangerously ill;
Canadian Forestry Corps:
Ward, Harry Pte., K73477, John Edwin Ward (brother), Union Oil Co., Kelowna, B.C

No. 18 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - War Brides

Comber, George Frederick Pte married Miss Jessie Isabella Mackay Born in Tain, Scotland February 20th, 1918
Deneau, Raymond Pte K41336 No 18 Coy married Miss Jeanette Ross Grant
Foise, Gilbert Joseph Private M61926 married Miss Johan Mill Wilson – Beaulieu England on 21 Nov 1941
Kovacs, Francis Pte M61878 married Miss Mable U. Hill
McRae, George Pte E36119 married Miss Elizabeth May Sutherland
Van Buskirk, William Earle Pte K72726 married Miss Elizabeth Forrest Grant

No. 18 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - Company Photo's
Why are some soldiers missing from the company photo's

No. 18 Company CFC August 1941 Scotland
Photo & Soldiers List from the Pte Joseph Roden Desrosiers Collection

Larger Photo
National Defense Directorate of History and Heritage
& for further reference Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage
Courtesy of Jean-Francois Chicoine

No. 18 Company CFC Aug 1943 Scotland
Large Photo & Identified Soldiers

Courtesy of Donald Ferguson son of Lt Col Neil Cameron Ferguson CO of HQ No 1 CFG CFC
Via Michel Boily

No. 18 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - Soldiers List

List of Abbreviations - Library and Archives Canada
ABBREVIATIONS and ACRONYMS of WW2 and service records
Military Districts of Canada 1939
Calgary Military Historical Society

Soldiers Records - Library and Archives Canada – War Diaries Index

Aalten, Roy Henry Sgt K72637 Transf to No.19 Coy & No.22 Coy & No.3 Coy
Abel, Nels LCpl K73898 Transf from No 11 SD Van transf to No.10 Coy & Reinf Sect & HQ No 2 Dist & RCASC att to HQ No 2 Dist
Aitken, W.C Sgt K72623 electr 'A' - transf to HQ CFC & No.7 Coy
Aldershaw, W.R. Pte Transf to No 1 CSFS
Allard, C.F. Pte B20234 log canter - transf from No.11 Coy transf to No 1 CSFS
Allen, Russell Alexander Pte K72764 Transf to No 11 DD
Allen, V.C. Pte K73430 Transf from 11 DD transf to No.10 Coy
Anderson, G. Pte K72626
Anderson, R. Pte K72612 Discharged
Anderson, S. Pte
Anderson, William Pte K37925 Transf to No.8 Coy & No 1 CSFS
Archer, F. Pte K72636 carp 'B' - transf to No.17 Coy
Archibald, William Laverne Cpl K99505 Transf from No.10 Coy transf to HQ No 5 Dist
Armstrong, David James Pte M61918 Transf from No.19 Coy transf to No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Armstrong, George Andres Pte K72635 Transf to No.10 Coy & No.4 Coy
Arnot, Albert John Pte K73521
Arnot, A.Y. Sgt K38094 Transf to No.21 Coy
Ashbury, William H. CQMS P7355 Transf to No.19 Coy
Avigdor, G.F. Sgt K37737
Bailey, A.J. ACpl K72613 driver - transf to No 11 DD
Baker, J. Pte
Baker, R.C. ACpl K37190 driver - transf to No 11 DD & HQ CFC & No.19 Coy
Baldwin, Leonard Sgt K92246 Transf from No 11 DD & No.6 Coy & CFC HQ
Beamish, Richard Wilbert Pte K72784 Transf to No.10 Coy & No.3 Coy & Gen Workshop
Beaulieu, E.A. L/Cpl K72622
Belson, Percy William Major Transf to No.30 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Beninger, T.B. Pte K93659 Transf to No.10 Coy
Bentham, G.H. Pte K72640
Berg, W. Pte K72641
Bernard, Cpl
Berry, Owen Ralph Pte K73051 Transf from No 11 DD transf to No.10 Coy & No.4 Coy
Billingsley, E.R. Pte K72651
Bingay, J. Sgt K42632
Birdstone, Zachery Frederick Pte K72642 Transf to No.19 Coy & No.29 Coy
Boone, R. Pte K72613 tailor 'B' - transf to No.29 Coy
Bossio, Gene Pte K72652 Discharged
Bouchard, Roland Pte E36143 Transf from No.3 Coy & No.24 Coy
Boudier, G.A. Pte K72643 carpenter
Boyington, W.R. Sgt K72644 carp works foreman - transf to HQ CFC & No 1 CSFS
Boyko, J. Pte K72748 Transf to No.26 Coy
Boyko, Michael Pte K72765 Transf to HQ No 7 CFD
Boyko, Peter Pte K72749 driver - transf from RCASC
Boyle, W. Pte K73838 Transf from No 11 DD transf to No.10 Coy
Bradley, G.B. ACpl K73808 Transf from No 13 DD transf to No.10 Coy & No.21 Coy
Breckenridge, G.A. Pte K93099
Brewer, H. Pte K62721
Brown, David Alexander Pte M61758 Transf from No.19 Coy
Brown, Frederick Percival Pte K72766 Transf to No.27 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Brown, Nelson Alexander Pte B17126 Transf from No.14 Coy transf to No.27 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Brown, Pte
Brown, Stuart T. Pte K72778
Buck, F.D. ASgt K93568 Transf to No.19 Coy
Bullock, R.M. Lt K38055 Transf to No.10 Coy & No.19 Coy
Burdett, R. Pte K73644 Transf from No 11 DD
Burnard, W. Sgt K80109
Butchart, James Sylver ACpl K73863 mill foreman - transf from No 11 DD transf to No.10 Coy & No.4 Coy & back to No. 10 Coy
Cairns, Sydney Cecil Pte E21939 Transf from 94th Anti Tank RCA & No 5 DD & No.3 Coy & No.24 Coy transf to No.27 Coy & No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Cam, G.J.H. LCpl K73832 Transf to No.26 Coy
Carnegie, W. Pte K88714 Transf to No.8 Coy & No.16 Coy & No.2 Coy
Casselman, John (Jack) Pember Pte K73424 Transf from No 11 DD
Casselman, Verdun Thomas Pte K74068
Cathels, J. Pte K76931 Transf to No 11 DD
Chapados, Alexandre Pte E14663 - See CFC Casualties
Chapman, F.W. Pte K14117 Transf from 2nd AA Batt RCA & No.7 Coy & No 11 DD
Charland, Antonio Pte C70285 Transf from No 3 DD & No.3 Coy & No.16 Coy & No.24 Coy
Chartrand, Joseph Alde Pte C30606 Transf from No 3 DD & No.3 Coy & No.24 Coy
Christie, Herbert Read Lt
Christopher, B. Pte K75273 carp - transf to No 1 CSFS
Clark, Arthur Ernest Pte K72760
Clark, Earl Kitchener Pte K72761 Transf to No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Clarke, S.P. Pte K73765 Transf from No 11 DD
Clifford, N. LCpl K72646 Transf to No.29 Coy
Cockburn, N.A. Pte K72653 Transf to No.17 Coy
Coghlan, A.E.A.M. Pte K98138
Cole, A.E. Pte K41555 carp - transf to No 1 CSFS
Coleman, D.G. Pte K72741 Transf to No.27 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Coles, Herbert Laurence (Larry) Sgt K72654
Comber, George Frederick Pte driver
Conlan, William Pte M61860 Transf from No.19 Coy transf to No.17 Coy
Cook, H.F. Cpl K38051 Transf to No.8 Coy & No.7 Coy
Cope, E. Pte K72655
Costello, Lloyd James Pte K72767
Cowling, F.F. Pte K73638 Transf from No 11 DD transf to No.10 Coy
Cox, U.F. Cpl K72698
Crosby, A.E. Pte K72647 Transf to No.19 Coy
Cummings, F.D. Pte K72656 Transf to No.19 Coy
Dale, John Franklin Alan Lt D110235 Transf from No.2 Coy & OCTU & No.4 Coy & No.2 Coy & No.25 Coy
Davidson, J. ASgt K72611
Davidson, L.A. Pte K72648
Davis, F.A. Pte K72649 driver - transf to No.27 Coy & No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Deneau, Raymond Pte K41336 Transf from No.29 Coy transf to No.15 Coy & No.27 Coy - See CFC Casualties
Desrosiers, Frank A. Pte K72650 Transf to BCD
Desrosiers, Joseph Roden Richard L/Cpl driver
Dobbie, S. Pte K72680
Dodsworth, John Winter Pte K72773 Transf to No 1 CSFS
Dowson, Joseph 'Joe' Pte M61771 Transf from No.19 Coy transf to No.17 Coy & RCAMC
Dryborough, W.J. Pte K73674 Transf from & back to No 11 DD
Duff, A.A.W. LCpl K47393 Transf to No.8 Coy & No.4 Coy & No.23 Coy
Dunn, R.C. Pte K73156 driver - transf to No 11 DD
Dunne, T. CSM K93502 Transf to No 11 DD
Edgar, Clifford Eccleston Sgt K72657 Transf to No.29 Coy
Edgar, Sherman ASgt/Lt K5036 Transf to OCTU & back to No.18 Coy
Elwood, T. Pte K72620 driver
Emmery, W.A. Pte K67801 Transf from 1st Bttn IF transf to HQ No 5 Dist
Evans, William Cadwaladr Pte M61921 truck driver - transf from No.19 Coy
Evoy, Alexander Pte K73614 Transf from No 11 DD transf to No.10 Coy & No.4 Coy
Fairclough, Henry (Harry) Pte Transf to No.19 Coy
Ferrier, A.K. Cpl K72736 cook - transf to HQ No 5 Dist
Findler, S. Pte K72681 Transf to No.19 Coy & No.29 Coy
Fitzpatrick, James Richard Pte K72659
Fitzpatrick, James S. Pte K72863 Transf to HQ No 1 CFG
Fitzpatrick, Thomas Harry Pte K72683 Transf to L&WRegt RCIC - See CFC Casualties
Fleming, H. L/Cpl K37970
Fletcher, P.A. Pte K73675 Transf from No 11 DD transf to No.29 Coy
Foise, Gilbert Joseph Pte M61926 Transf from No.19 Coy
Fortin, W.C. Pte K72740 Discharged
Foster, John Henry Pte K72772 Transf to No.10 Coy & No.27 Coy & No.5 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Fox, Pte
Francis, Benjamin Michael Pte K72745
Fraser, Donald George Munro Sgt K72603 - See CFC Casualties
Frazer, Frederick George Pte E36017 Transf from No.3 Coy transf to No.4 Coy
Fulton, Russell Edward Pte K72763 tractor driver - transf to No 1 CSFS
Gagnon, Charles Eugene Pte E36078 Transf from No.3 Coy & No.22 Coy & HQ No 1 CFG & No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Galloway, J. Cpl K92239 Transf from & back to No 11 DD transf to No.18 Coy & No.19 Coy & HQ No 2 Dist & HQ No 4 Dist
Gatting, A.E. Pte K72684 Discharged
Gaudreau, A.A. Cpl K92386
Geldart, Arthur Pte K98624 Transf from No.6 Coy & No 6 DD transf to No.6 Coy & No 3 CACRU
George, W.R. Pte K72685
Georgson, Andrew Christian ACpl M61877 Transf from No.19 Coy transf to No.29 Coy
Gilbert, W. Harry Sgt K72614
Gillespie, G. Pte K72686 bush foreman - transf to No 1 CSFS
Gilmore, J. Roy Pte K72687 Transf to No.27 Coy & No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Giroday, M.J.M.A.B. Pte K72739 shoemaker
Godfrey, E.H. LCpl K92288 Transf from No 11 DD transf to HQ No 5 Dist
Good, M.R. Pte K73835 Transf from No 11 DD
Goodrow, A. Cpl
Gordon, A. Pte K37415 Transf from BC Regt DCOR
Gordon, R.J. Pte K72674
Gould, Billie Brynmor Pte K99049 Transf from No.7 Coy & No 11 DD
Gowans, James Pte M61812 Transf from No.19 Coy transf to No.29 Coy
Grant, Thomas Pte M61777 Transf from No.19 Coy
Gray, J.C. Pte K72688 Transf to No.10 Coy
Guenard, J.L. Pte K72689
Gunterman, A.H. Pte K72690
Guppy, Walter Pte K41501 Transf from No.27 Coy transf to No 1 CSFS
Hagglund, C. Pte K72677 Transf to No.10 Coy & No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Haines, Pte
Hamilton, Cecil Rhodes Pte Transf to No.29 Coy
Hammond, G. Pte K93585
Hanbury, George Richmond Major
Hanbury, John Richmond Lt
Hanssen, Gerald Louis Maria Pte K31530 Transf from No 11 DD transf to HQ No 5 Dist & OCTU & HQ CFC & HQ No 1 CFG
Harper, Freddie R.C. Pte K73616 Transf to No.10 Coy
Harrison, L.L. Pte K72629 Discharged
Harrison, P. Pte K72601 Transf to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Hartt, Charles Henry Lt paymaster - transf to No 11 DD
Hastings, William Donaldson Pte H94383 Transf from No.24 Coy
Hawley, J.C. Pte K93583
Haynes, Lionel George Pte M61780 Transf from No.19 Coy transf to No.26 Coy
Headon, C.W. Pte K73425 Transf from No 11 DD transf to No.10 Coy & No.6 Coy & No 1 CASCRU
Heidi, Peter Price Pte K72768
Henderson, W. Pte K72627 Transf from No 11 DD
Hill, L.J. Pte K73613 Transf to No.10 Coy
Hinky, Pte
Hoba, John Pte L20081 Transf from RCSC transf to No.27 Coy & No.5 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Hodsdon, Donald Wilbur Major
Hoilbak Peter Sgt K38049
Hood, James Eldrean Pte K47194 Transf to HQ No 1 CFG
Holden, C. Pte K72663 driver - transf to No 11 Det RCOC
Horne, T.D. Pte K93506 Transf to No.10 Coy
Horsfall, Harold Med Sgt H56303 att from RCAMC transf from No.17 Coy
Hughes, James Robert Pte K72715 driver - transf to OCTU & No.21 Coy & No.20 Coy - See CFC Casualties
Hunter, E.B. Pte K73432 Transf from No 11 DD transf to No.19 Coy & No.29 Coy
Irvine, D.J. Pte K73057 Transf to RCASC att to HQ No 1 CFG & HQ No 7 CFD
Jerody, A. Pte
Jewel, G.M. Sgt K72661 Transf to No.29 Coy
Jimmie, L. Pte K72692
Johns, Frederick Pte K61755 Transf from No.19 Coy
Johnson, Alex 'Jigger' Pte
Johnson, George Capt K99191 Transf from No.7 Coy & OCTU transf to Reinf Sect & No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Johnston, A.G. Pte K72693
Johnstone, F.L.A. Pte K93537
Johnstone, William Pte K72615
Jones, Carlton Frank Pte K57828 Transf from No 11 DD transf to No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Jones, A.H. Sgt K98139 clerk
Jones, John 'Jack' Afred Pte K72694
Jones, L.A. Pte K37002 Transf to No 11 DD
Kay, A. L/Cpl K98300 Transf from No 11 DD transf to HQ CFC
Kelly, B.T. Pte K73367
Kelly, J. Pte
Kennedy, L.R. Pte K42651 Transf from 1st Bn RMP
Kilrane, J. Pte K72625
Kirk-Owen, R. Pte K72734 Transf to 1st Survey Regt RCA
Kirkpatrick, J.R. Pte K73400 Transf from No 11 DD transf to No.10 Coy & No.6 Coy & Reinf Sect & RCASC att to No.1 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Kjenstad, T. Pte K72695 Discharged
Klassen, John Pte K75419 Transf from No.21 Coy transf to No 1 CSFS
Kovacs, Francis Pte M61878 Transf from No.19 Coy
Lafrance, Phillipe Cpl E28491 Transf from No.3 Coy
Laird, Angus H. Sgt H62618 bush foreman 'A' - transf from No.28 Coy transf to No 1 CSFS
Laviolette, H.C. LCpl K93599 Transf to No.8 Coy
Lavjovic, S. Pte 72697 Discharged
Letkeman, D. Pte K73625 Transf from No 11 DD transf to No.10 Coy
Letkemann, P. Pte K73626 Transf from No 11 DD transf to No.10 Coy
Linton, G. ACpl K72630 RCASC att No.18 Coy transf to HQ No 5 Dist & No.10 Coy & HQ No 3 Dist
Livingston, D.G. Pte 72747
Luther, G. Pte K93588 Transf to No.19 Coy
Lymbourne, Frederick Hugh Howard Pte K63079 Transf to No.10 Coy & No.4 Coy & No.6 Coy & No.1 Coy - See No 7 CFD
MacDonald, Burns Chickadee A. Pte K73734 Transf to No.10 Coy
MacDonald, C.J. Sgt K92827
MacDonald, E.D. Pte K42310
Mack, George Edward Pte B18439 Transf from RCE & No.26 Coy transf to No.25 Coy & QOR
MacMillian, Alec L/Cpl
Mahaney, W. Pte K72665
Malin, H. Sgt K72610 carp - transf to No.23 Coy
Marshall, C.A. Pte K72700
Martin, A.B. Pte K72666 Discharged - driver
Martin, A.V.B. Pte K72701 Transf to No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Mayzes, S.J. CSM K92238 Transf to No.29 Coy
McArthur, Horace Albert Pte M61719 Transf from No.19 Coy transf to No.29 Coy
McCall, Raymond George Pte K72675 driver
McCuaig, M.D. Pte K72754 Discharged
McCulloch, Levi Earl Pte F65593 Transf from Reinf Sect transf to No.15 Coy- See No 8 CFD
McCullough, Thomas Edmond Pte M69120 Transf from No.19 Coy transf to No.29 Coy
McKay, Alexander Atken Pte K72762
McKay, J.L. Pte K72608
McKay, Jack Pte K72609
McKay, W.J. Pte K72667 cook - transf to HQ No 7 CFD
McKechnie, R. Pte K79116 Transf to No 11 DD
McKinlay, G.H. Pte K73612 Transf from No 11 DD transf to No.10 Coy & No.21 Coy
Mclaren, J.E. Pte K72705
McLennan, D. Pte K72664 driver - transf to No 11 DD
McMillan, A.C. Pte K93633 Transf to No.21 Coy
McQuaig, A.D. Pte K72754
McRae, George Pte E36119 Transf from No.3 Coy & No.7 Coy & No.28 Coy & No.24 Coy & No 1 CSFS
McVee, Donald Pte M61806 Transf from No.19 Coy - See CFC Casualties
Meers, Norman Francis Pte K72702 - See CFC Casualties
Merz, A. Pte K72703
Metzler, Frederick Emmett Pte K72769
Michel, Isador Pte K72704 Transf to No.27 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Milne, Pte
Mingay, R. Pte K72735 Transf to No.19 Coy
Mitchell, R.E. Pte K72605
Moody, H.T. Cpl K72604 Transf to No.29 Coy
Morris, Thomas Pte K72742
Munro, A.W. Pte K72737
Murrell, George A. Pte K73478 Transf from No 11 DD transf to RCASC att to No.18 Coy & No.10 Coy
Munson, J.D. Pte K47497 Transf from WR transf to No.19 Coy
Nelson, H.M. Pte K72750 Transf to No.10 Coy & No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Nikkels, B.F. Pte K92231 Transf from 5th CMCR transf to No 11 DD
Noland, F.E. Pte K72668 Discharged
Nordstrom, W.A. Pte K72706 Transf to No.19 Coy
North, Peter Robert Pte M61927 Transf from No.19 Coy
Nowell, Norville Carl (Bud) Pte K72606 Transf to No.10 Coy & SHofC - See CFC Casualties
Nyeste, Ernest Pte K73101 driver
Nystrom, G.O. Pte K72678
Old, F.W.G. Pte K73300 forestry saw filer - transf from No 11 DD transf to No 1 CSFS
Oldershaw, James L/Cpl K37764
Ollette, Pte
Olson, E.L. Pte K72757 blacksmith 'B' - transf to No.29 Coy
Ouellette, Albert Pte M61746 log canter - transf from No.19 Coy transf to No 1 CSFS
Ovington, Matthew Dover Pte K74043 Transf from No 11 DD - See CFC Casualties
Ovington, M.S. Pte Transf to HQ CFC
Page, R.A. Sgt K72746 Transf to No 11 DD & No 2 Det
Parkin, Kelly Pte K72707
Parsons, W.L. Sgt K72669 driver - transf to No.10 Coy & No.19 Coy & No 1 CSFS & No.10 Coy
Payette, Desire James Cpl K73868 Transf from No 11 DD transf to No.10 Coy & OCTU & No.20 Coy & No.14 Coy & No 1 CFG
Paton, A.S. Pte K47410 Transf to No.29 Coy
Pederson, O.T. Pte K72709 Transf to No.19 Coy
Pegg, J. Pte
Peplow, J.D. ALCpl K72617 Transf to No.19 Coy
Percy, Henry Pte K74886 Transf to No.29 Coy
Perry, Frank Samuel Capt TROF - transf from RCA transf to HQ No 7 CFD
Peterson, O.A. Pte K93651
Pettigrew, C. Sgt K93054
Pickard, C. Pte K93580
Pigott, E. Pte K72710 Transf to No.26 Coy
Pimlott, H. Pte K72616 Transf to No.29 Coy
Pittenridge, H.C. Pte K72758 Transf to No 1 CSFS
Pleasants, Herbert Earle Pte K99114 Transf from No.7 Coy transf to HQ No 5 Dist Coy
Porteous, C.M. Pte K73376 Transf from No 11 DD transf to No 1 CSFS
Porteous, G. Pte K72743 Transf to No 1 CSFS
Pramberg, A.M. Pte K72607
Ramsey, F.R. Sgt K98053 Transf to No.19 Coy
Reeve, R.W. Staff Sgt K80042 att from RCAMC transf to No.17 Coy
Reggin, Charles Lawrence Pte K72673 Transf to No.29 Coy
Reid, W. Pte K72636 Discharged
Rennie, A.M. Pte K72631 Transf to No.15 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Reynolds, J.R. Pte K72711 Transf to No.19 Coy
Rickerby, James Alexander Pte M61707 Transf from No.19 Coy
Riley, O.A. Pte K72712 driver
Roach, Allen Ambrose Pte K41251 Transf from No.30 Coy transf to No.27 Coy & No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Robertson, J.R.G. Pte K72738
Rodgers. T.R. Pte K72634 Transf to No.10 Coy
Rogers, A. Pte K72713 Transf to HQ No 1 Dist
Rogers, J. Armr Sgt K90030
Rushcall, Leon A. Cpl K72714
Rust, R.J. Pte K93515
Ruston, E.K. Pte K73632 Transf from No 11 DD transf to No.10 Coy
Sam, M. Pte K72715 Transf to No.29 Coy
Schenck, D.T. Pte K98055
Settle, H. Pte K93556
Shaw, S.C. Pte K72717
Sheehan, E.O. Pte K78753
Shoup, Walter Emmerson Cpl K72718 scaler 'B' - transf to No.29 Coy - See CFC Casualties
Shuttleworth, J. Pte K47748 Transf from No.21 Coy transf to No 1 CSFS & No.10 Coy
Sibley, Pte
Sidney, P. Pte K73610 Transf from No 11 DD transf to No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Simon, Joseph Dominique Robert Pte C43520 Transf from Le Regiment de Hull transf & Reinf Sect transf to No.24 Coy & No 4 DD - See CFC Casualties
Smedbol, Hilmar Pte K72670
Smeeth, Edward Holton Pte K24013 Transf from 17th SBRCA & No.6 Coy & HQ No 5 Dist transf to OCTU & No.15 Coy & No.19 Coy & No 1 CSFS & No.15 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Smith, H.M. Pte K72719 Discharged
Staberg, Andrew 'Andy' Pte K72720 Transf to No.29 Coy
Stein, Ben LCpl M61808 Transf from No.19 Coy transf to HQ No 5 Dist & No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Steward, William H. Pte K72722 Transf to No.27 Coy & No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Stevens, E.A. Pte K72721
Sullivan, H. Pte K93584
Sutherland, J.G. Pte K73922 Transf from No 11 DD transf to No.10 Coy & No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Swann, A.W. Pte K72628 Transf to No 11 DD
Taafe, J.W.F. Pte K72602 Transf to No 11 DD
Taylor, C. Pte K73632 Transf to No.29 Coy
Taylor, J.O. Pte K37113
Terentiuk, John Nick Pte K72671
Thomas, L.C. Pte K73837 Transf from No 11 DD
Thomas, R. Pte
Thompson, A.C. Pte K72724
Thompson, J.H. CSM K92531 Transf to No 11 VGC
Tomnuk, Peter Stephen Pte M61917 Transf from No.19 Coy
Tooze, L.A. Pte K72725 Transf to No.19 Coy
Trickett, D.G. Pte K72755 plumber - Discharged
Turner, Richard Ronald Charles Private K41417 Transf from No.29 Coy transf to No 1 CSFS & No.18 Coy
Tyerman, R.F. Pte K29063 driver - Discharged
Valance, Hubert David Pte K72770
Valleau, V.G. Pte K73380 engine hand I.C. - transf from No 11 DD
Vanbuskirk, William Earle Cpl steward officers mess - transf to No 1 CScotR - See CFC Casualties
Vaughan, E.A. Pte K72624
Walker, John G. L/Cpl K72728 Transf to HQ CFC
Ward, Harry Pte K73477 Transf from No 11 DD transf to No.23 Coy
Warren, C.A. Pte K93003
Waterfield, J.J. Pte K935 Transf to No.10 Coy & No.16 Coy
Watson, William Pte K72730 Discharged
Webber, David Crandell Pte K72711
Weir, A.C. Pte K72731 driver
Weir, Charles John Cpl H62795 Transf from No.23 Coy
Weir, W.E. Pte K72732 driver- transf to No 11 DD
West, C. Pte K72633 Transf to No 11 VGC
Westerlund, L.L. Pte K72756 painter carp - transf to No 11 DD
Whalen, Patrick Harold Pte K53874 Transf from 1st Div - SHofC & No.10 Coy - See CFC Casualties
Whiting, Henry Everett Pte M61850 Transf from No.19 Coy transf to No.26 Coy
Wilkinson, C.L. LCpl K72672 driver
Willett, Frederick Pte M61788 Transf from No.19 Coy transf to No.29 Coy
Williams, Albert Eliel Pte M61715 Transf from No.19 Coy
Williams, Walker Frederick Pte
Williamson, P.H. Pte K72619 Discharged
Willington, L.A. Cpl K73796 Transf from No 11 DD transf to OCTU & No.19 Coy & No.6 Coy & HQ No 1 CFG
Wilson, George Pte M61712 Transf from No.19 Coy transf to No.26 Coy
Wilson, William Norman Pte M61794 Transf from No.19 Coy transf to No.29 Coy
Wood, C.G.H. Pte K72621 driver
Woods, J. Pte K93559
Woodward, George Norman Pte Transf from 2nd CScotR transf to No.29 Coy
Woodward, J. ASgt K72733 carpenter - transf to RCAMC
Yerex, Thomas George Pte K72744 Transf to No.19 Coy
Young, Edward Reginald Pte K72759 Transf to No.23 Coy

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