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Canadian Forestry Corps in WWII
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No. 19 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps
District 5, Camp 12
Belladrum, Kiltarity

Canadian Mobilization Point - Edmonton, Alta
Mobilization Date - 2 Oct 1940
Arrived in Scotland - 2 Jul 1941
Ceased Operations in Scotland - 21 Mar 1945
Camps Occupied in Scotland - Belladrum, Kiltarity

No. 19 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps, CASF
24 May 1940 – Authorized – Serial 2120 (GO 184/40)
6 September 1940 – Mobilized in Edmonton, Alberta (CFC Website)
7 November 1940 - CASF designation dropped (GO 273/40)
15 May 1945– Disbanded (GO 327/45)
War Diaries - Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage
16441 – 1940/09-1941/04
16442 – 1941/05-1945/05
6/9/40 – Prince of Wales Armouries, Edmonton, Alberta - Roy R. Ponter – 102nd Street, Edmonton, Alberta, received word from HQ Canadian Forestry Corps, that his name has been submitted to command No. 19 Forestry Company, Canadian Forestry Corps, CASF. [WD]
16/9/40 – Major Pointer received word to report to Calgary to discuss the organization of the 19th Company. [WD]
17/9/40 – Allottment of numbers is authorized for the company from M61701 to M62000. [WD]
18/9/40 – Authority was issued for the mobilization of the company and recruiting commenced by Lt Col L. Scott in Calgary. Strength is 14 ORs. [WD]
24/9/40 – Strength is 68. [WD]
4/10/40 – Prince of Wales Armouries, Edmonton, Alberta – Strength is 4 officers and 215 ORs. [WD]
12/1/41 - 19 Coy, CFC joined with regiment in Divine services. [Edmonton Fusiliers WD]
11/2/41 – Company entrained at Edmonton, joining 18th Company from Victoria, BC on the train. Left Edmonton at 2300 hours. [WD](Company left Edmonton by TS-224. [Movement Control] )(11/2/41 - 19 Coy Can Forestry Corps left Edmonton for Valcartier. [Edmonton Fusiliers WD])
15/2/41 – Company arrived Valcartier at 0600 hours. [Movement Control]
17/6/41 – Company left Valcartier on TS-295. (Movement Control)
18/6/41 – Company arrived Halifax and embarked on E-163 Brittanic. (Movment Control)
21/6/41 – Company sailed for United Kingdom.
2/7/41 – Arrived in Scotland.
21/4/45 – Ceased operations in Scotland.
Courtesy of David Ryan

CFC Cap Badge
Courtesy of Robert J. Briggs

The war created a crisis in wood supply for the United Kingdom. Pre-war domestic production covered only a small fraction of the timber needed to support the war effort. In addition to civilian requirements, it was estimated that every soldier needed five trees: one for living quarters, messing, and recreation; one for crates to ship food, ammunition, tanks, and so on; and three for explosives, gun stocks, coffins, ships, factories, and direct or indirect support for the fighting line.
Canadians stepped up to fill this need. During 1941 and 1942, thirty companies drawn from all regions of Canada, totalling 220 officers and 6,771 regulars, were deployed to Scotland.
Also it takes a number of support soldiers for each fighting soldier.

"We did load a ship with lumber, yeah. And it went to Africa and I took a chalk and I wrote my name and address on the board. I get to, it was about a month after, first thing I get this letter from the soldier in Africa. He says, "I want to tell you, he said, that you people, your job is important," he said, "We used your lumber today, we landed in Africa."
Courtesy of Joseph Wilmer Gagnon - The Memory Project Historica Canada

Once again the British Government turned to Overseas Woodsman to assist in the war effort. Given their impressive record in World War One it was natural that they looked to Canada to provide forestry units once again. In May 1940 the Canadian Government decided to form a Canadian Forestry Corps. Twenty Companies were initially formed with ten more as the war progressed.
The financial agreement between the two Governments as similar to that in World War I. Canada would bear the cost of pay, allowances and pensions, all initial personal equipment, transport to and from the United Kingdom. The British Government paid for "all other services connected with equipment, work or maintenance" and certain others, including medical services. Canada covered the cost for Medical Officers and Britain paid for hospitalization.
The arrangement was unusual as it resulted in a Canadian Unit working for the British, who controlled the areas of work and disposal of the product, but Military operations of the C.F.C. was never surrendered by the Canadians and came under command of Canadian Military Headquarters in London. Even though the C.F.C. had to serve two masters, no serious problems ever resulted.
Mobilization centres for the Corp spanned all across Canada, and recruited both English and French speaking personnel. Many of the volunteers were veterans of World War One, including the Corp's Commander, Brigadier- General J.B. White. Many of the men carried out the same duties as they did in civilian life, such as loggers, black smiths, lawyers, store man, cooks and clerks. The big difference between the new Corp and their World War One counter parts were the new Corp were considered Combat Troops.

This larger Map shows that the men came from across our country of Canada and where each of the original 20
companies was mobilized and what percentage from each province the men came from.
Courtesy of 'The Sawdust Fusiliers' by William C. Wonders

Edmonton Maps Heritage
Prince of Wales Armouries Edmonton, Alberta
HQ of No. 19 Coy while they were forming up – enlisting before going to Valvartier for military training

Edmonton Journal – Feb, 1941
Party Honors Forestry Corps
Men of the Canadian Forestry Corps under the command of Major R.R. Pointer, were honored Monday, when the Canadian Legion war services entertained in the Legion hut.
More than 600 men and their friends gathered in the lounge of the hut, where members of the Alberta Women’s Service Corps assisted as hostesses.
Music was supplied by the Edmonton Fusiliers’ (A) dance band under the direction of Cpl. Conn Ford. Mrs. T.B.T. Hewett, Mrs. Dick Merret and Miss Pearl Brent distributed balloons and favors.
Sgt. Dodge of the Forestry Corps thanked the Legion and the Women’s Corps for the entertainment, which was arranged by Mr. R. Blythman.
Mike's News in Edmonton regularly sent parcels of local newspaper and magazines to No. 19 Coy CFC.

C.N.R. Railway Station, Edmonton, Alberta.
No. 19 Coy CFC entrained 11 Feb 1941 at the CNR station in Edmonton to go to Valcartier, Quebec with many stops including Saskatoon and Winnipeg plus
Armstrong & North Bay Ontario. At each stop they come off the train for a route march. Stretch the legs. In the army route marching was always on the menu.
No. 18 Coy CFC was on this train already from Vancouver, BC. They arrived 0600 14 Feb 1941 at Valcartier, Que.

CFC soldiers at Valcartier Camp, Quebec
This would be their home until the end of June 1941. They would spend 4 ½ months taking combat training before going to Scotland.

Photo courtesy of Bob Briggs – grandson Private Perle Bruce Tucker

Map of Camp Valcartier, Quebec
Courtesy of Paul Keenleyside

Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage
Credit: Canada. Dept. of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / PA-112993

Convoy in Bedford Basin, Halifax
1 Apr 1942

Interactive Map of Port of Halifax & PDF Map
Courtesy of Paul Keenleyside

After completion of training the men travelled by train to Halifax for embarkation, where they joined other units to make the crossing of the North Atlantic in convoy.
The crossing itself was about 9 days. They disembarked at a Clyde estuary port, whence they proceeded by trains and lorries to their Scottish camps .

War Diaries - Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage
Sept 1940
Oct 1940 - Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3
Nov 1940 - Part 1 & Part 2
Dec 1940 - Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3
Jan 1941 - Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3
Feb 1941 - Part 1 & Part 2
Mar 1941 - Part 1 & Part 2
Apr 1941 - Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3

Firth of Clyde is where the ship with the men came in to disembark at Gourock, Scotland
Then they caught a train to Inverness and then by lorry to Duchfour, the site of Camp No. 13 District No. 5
District No. 5 Its headquarters was originally at Teanacoil Camp but moved on 15 July to Balblair House,
Lord Lovat's residence east of Beauly.

Map of Gourock
Courtesy of Paul Keenleyside

Beauly railway station 1775164 Beauly Train Station in 1961 - Wikipedia
Ben Brooksbank [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The No. 19 Coy brought with them the most up-to-date logging equipment then available in Canada. They brought a standard medium type rotary mill with a capacity of 1500-2000 bd. Ft. An hour or c. 8,000 cu. Ft a week/3-5-4-7 cm an hour or 227 cm a week. (The British Forestry Commission also provided the company with a Scotch mill or bench, but these were not popular with the Canadians.) Power was supplied by 100-horsepowe Diesel generators. Logging equipment included TD9 caterpillar tractors, lorries, sulkies (pneumatic-tired arches), angle dozers for road making, and two and three drum winches for high-lead logging. They also were equipped with a variety of transportation vehicles, four tractors, two sulkies, one motorcycle, and originally six bicycles.
Most of the estates originally designated were logged and others were added to the list, including the Royal Estate at Balmoral. Several estates supported more than one camp. The Lovat Estates were particularly prominent with three camps (and a District headquarters) on their properties.
In some cases the mills were removed from the immediate camp site. A large sawmill employing 35 men was erected by the CFC in the village of Kiltarlity, Inverness-shire, to serve the needs of both No. 15 Company at Lovat No. 2 Camp (Boblainy) and No. 18 Company at Lovat No. 1 Camp (Teanacoil) and also at times No. 19 Company at Belladrum Camp.
Whenever special-purpose lumber was required, estate owners again were called on for sacrifice of particular stands with the characteristics needed, and members of the Canadian Forestry Corps personnel provided the product.

Belladrum, Inverness-shire

Courtesy of 'The Sawdust Fusiliers' by William C Wonders

In addition to meeting its primary objective the Canadian Forestry Corps' presence in Scotland was influential in other ways: as a defensive element in the earlier years and as a social factor in many smaller communities.
Other structures which were associated with the CFC were narrow gauge railways and aerial ropeways or Blondins which were used to transport the cut logs. Locally it is known that several narrow gauge railways transported the timber from the forest to the mainline railway station at Beauly. From here it went south to be used for pit props and for ammunition boxes, buildings and props for the trenches during WW1. There is an archaeology group currently working in the woods hoping to trace the line of some of these railways.
One of the local guys at the meeting I attended remembered the camps. He spoke about him and friends playing on the zip-lines and the railways wagons when the forestry workers were off duty.
It is known that a number of Lumber Jills worked in the camps in the Highlands of Scotland. They were mainly involved in measuring the timber as the landowners were paid for the timber removed from their land.

The military role of the CFC as distinct from its industrial role was important, particularly during the period of possible German invasion after the fall of France. Personnel were allowed to wear civilian clothing while working, but uniforms were required for military activities and when on leave. As combatant troops they received additional training on Saturdays after their week's work in the woods. This included practice on rifle ranges and tactical exercises with other military units. Periodically they participated in weekend military schemes in their areas. CFC lorries often were called on to transport personnel of other units as well as its own.
Members of the CFC were seen in uniform regularly at local parades in support of varied wartime causes. In addition to their distinctive cap badges and shoulder patches, from Mar 1943 the CFC were identified by a green triangle below the 'Canada' flash on the upper arm of the battle dress. Church parades also brought them to the public's attention as the 6th Coy made use of the local church buildings as well as holding religious services in the camp.
The CFC was apparently well liked in the Scottish Highlands. The men became active participants in local functions, from fundraising to staging Christmas parties for the local children. A notable tribute to the CFC was paid by Laura Lady Lovat when she stated, "you Canadians may be cutting the Scots firs of the Highlands, but in Highland hearts you are planting something far more lasting".

Heavy CFC logging truck
Photo courtesy Al Neale - son of Pte Charles Frederick Neale

Even before felling could begin most companies had to introduce an access road network in the forests to enable their mechanized equipment to be used, in contrast to the widespread use of horses in prewar local forests. Road building and maintenance continued to occupy part of the CFC personnel even after the initial period.
The heavy-laden Canadian lumber lorries from mills to shipping points placed a great deal of strain on local roads and access roads even when they were gravelled, particularly during rainy periods.
At Belladrum Camp, No. 19 Company noted on 10 November 1942 that "Hard-surfacing of our main road to Kiltarlity, Beauly, Inverness, etc., was finally completed this morning. Extending from the mill via the school to where it joins the Kiltarity-Drumnadrochit Road ... this monumental paving effort of some 3600 yards in length has been completed by county road crews, working day in and day off, in 5 months.

No.19 Coy CFC Bush Crew

Courtesy of Jaime Belisle grandson of Pte Augustus McGee F95301

7th Victory Loan

Courtesy of Jaime Belisle grandson of Pte Augustus McGee F95301

Nissan Hut at some of the camps
Due to its semicircular, corrugated iron shape the Nissen Hut deflected shrapnel and bomb blast making it a perfect bomb shelter
Courtesy of Melanie McLennan


56. At different periods during the last two years the Canadian Forestry Corps had been honoured by visits and inspections by several distinguished persons. On 4 Jun 41, LGen A.F.A.N. Thorne, CB, CMG, DSO, GOC.-in-C., Scottish Command, inspected companies in the ABOYNE area (War Diary, HQ No 2 District, 4 Jul 41). LGen McNaughton inspected companies of the Corps during July (War Diary, HQ CFC, 20-21 Jul 41); and in the following month Mr. Geoffrey Shakespeare, Under Secretary of State for the Dominions, paid a visit to Corps Headquarters, and saw several CFC camps (War Diary, HQ, CFC, 27 Aug 41). On 27 Sep 41 the Hon Vincent Massey, High Commissioner for Canada, took the salute at Phoineas House when selected squads from 10, 15, 18, 19 and HQ
Companies marched past (War Diary, HQ CFC, 27 Sep 41).

Many of the men were of Scottish origin and to them it was coming home event. Many of the soldiers of the Canadian Forestry Corps married local Scottish lassies. The men of No. 19 Company marked the opening of their recreation hall at Belladrum Camp with a wedding ceremony performed in it, followed by a two-hour concert by the CFC Orchestra.
There was much interaction between CFC Personnel and the Scottish civilian population. The local people went out of their way to welcome the Canadians on their arrival. They received invitations to dances and receptions in local halls very soon, in some cases within days - No. 19 Company for example, only arrived at Belladrum Camp on 2 July 1941, but on 8 July it was noted that the "neighbours are proving very hospitable to the men, several being asked in for evenings and for suppers" with a concert party held in Kiltarity the next evening with tea and biscuits for the men afterwards.
When No. 19 Company opened its recreation hall and men's canteen on 31 August 1941 it was a "dry" canteen, by popular vote. On 19 January 1942 however, perhaps influenced by the winter weather another reversed the decision and it went "wet", with bottled beer being served though its poor quality prompted complaints. Improvements were clearly made, as a report on 1 April 1942 records the "wide range of stock" and that the canteen sales for March were 295 pounds, an "all-time high, equal to about three-fifths of all the pay drawn by the other ranks for the month. Despite an occasional issue of a rum ration to the men working under adverse winter conditions, some supplement was welcome. In a nine-month summary of activities (1 July 1941 - 1 April 1942), No. 19 Company at Belladrum Camp reported that recreation transport was provided to Inverness every Saturday night, that there were at least two dances a week at Beauly, Kiltarlity, or Kirkhill, that the YMCA provided one film a week, and that ENSA concert parties were increasingly frequent. Some 115 children from neighbouring crofts and farms came to a 1942 Christmas party at Belladrum Camp. Amongst them were many evacuated from blitzed urbab areas. Santa Claus out in an appearance and children were provided with biscuits, cake, soft drinks, toffee and chocolate bars. In addition each child was given a book. No. 19 Company's war diary goes on to note "The men seemed to pay special attention to kiddies in the age groups of their own back home, and it was noted that in some cases this attention also extended to their mothers."

Courtesy of Melanie McLennan

CFC men frequently assisted local estate owners when fires threatened their forests. At times the fires were close to the camps, but at other times personnel had to travel considerable distances. On 19 April 1942, one officer and 55 other ranks from No. 19 Company at Belladrum Camp were despatched to fight a fire "in the vicinity of Fort William", only to discover that in fact it lay "on the west coast, south of Loch Shiel, about 130 miles from camp, and required a

Companies usually worked in two sections, "one cutting 'in the bush' and bringing out the timber, the other sawing it into lumber in the company mill, and both using mostly Canadian mechanical equipment," The relative openness of the cultivated Scottish forests in contrast to the tangled undergrowth of most natural Canadian pleased the CFC. Nevertheless, pressure had to be applied to Canadian fallers to cut trees close to the ground in Scottish fashion, rather than higher up, which left unsightly stump-fields so common in home forestry operations. The felling crew consisted of three men, two sawing down and one trimming or limbing. Hand saws and axes were the tools employed. The trees involved reflected the variety of Scottish plantations, with Scot pine, spruce and larch particularly common, but also Douglas fir and hardwoods on occasion.
The frequent alternation of rain and snow proved unexpected for many of the Canadians, accustomed to a more continuous snow season. Men's hands were often cut up by handling wet lumber in raw cold weather. Most of the area where they were working in Scotland lay north of 57degrees N, a higher latitude location than most forest operations in Canada-approximately the latitude of Mile 150 on the Alaska Highway (some 100 milesé160 kilometres north of Fort St. John, B.C.), Fort McMurray, Alberta, Lynn Lake, Manitoba, and the Belcher Islands in Hudson Bay. Consequently, the longer winter darkness period in Scotland was an inconvenience for the felling teams at the extreme ends of the working day and working hours had to be adjusted to seasonal light conditions. (Companies worked a full-hour day, with precise hours decided by individual company commanders.
Despite some inconvenience most CFC personnel appreciated the colder weather: Weather remaining cold and crisp and the ground hard. A welcome relief from the mud of the past few months, and the men from the Prairie Provinces feel more 'at home' according to No. 19 Company at Belladrum Camp in early January 1942. Further insight into the reaction at that camp is perhaps provided by the comment "The weather being obligingly inclement and the required stock being on hand, the troops were saved from probable colds by receiving their first rum ration. Colder weather also improved conditions for cutting and hauling logs.
Some delays reflected traditional Highland conditions war or no war, as when it was noted that ``the big sheep sale at Lairg is disrupting our rail shipping schedule``.
CFC companies transported and sold scrap wood from the mills to the public for fuel, at prices and delivery charges fixed by the Ministry of Supply. At times some scrap wood "mysteriously`` fell from lorries to land beside individual homes in financial need.

In later developments of 1943 the Scottish timber stands were being depleted. During the summer several hundred men of the Corps suitable for other deployment were posted to other overseas units. At the same time there were fuel shortages in Canada, shipping was becoming easier and the Invasion of Normandy was looming.
No. 19 Coy was one of the companies that stayed in Scotland. No. 21 Company was one of the companies that went back to Canada and 51 of their men was posted to No. 19 Coy.

No. 19 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - Photos and Stories

Pte George Frank Dick
Photo courtesy of Frank Michon

Wounded in Action
Port Arthur News Chronicle Wed Sept 27, 1944
Ref: Thunder Bay Public Library Courtesy of JFLH

Carl & Violet Kaiser Forestry Memories Image Library

Pte Frederick Brewin Robb
in the middle

Pte Frederick Brewin Robb
3rd from left

Pte Frederick Brewin Robb
3rd from right

Pte Frederick Brewin Robb 4th from right
Photos courtesy of
Elaine Kroetsch
granddaughter of
Pte Frederick Brewin Robb
Sent: December-14-11
To: Robert J Briggs
Subject: Re: re CFC
This is what I have been able to put together.
My granddad enlisted with the Imperial Black Watch Royal Highland Regiment of Canada during WWI. He served with the British Expeditonary Force (France and Flanders) from November 01, 1914.
On August 01, 1918, he was wounded in Soissons in France. He was awarded the 1914 Star and Clasp and the British War and Victory Medals.
He again enlisted in September 1940 in No.19 Coy, Canadian Forestry Corps, CASF in Edmonton and was posted to Valcartier, Quebec and then transported overseas to Belladrum Camp in Scotland.
In December of 1943, he was back in Canada and was discharged in Toronto on Mar 17, 1944. He was awarded the CVSM Ribbon with Leaf, Defense Medal and War Medals 1939 - 1945.

Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2022 2:56 PM
To: Bob Briggs
Subject: Re: ref WW2 Canadian Forestry Corps
Thank you Bob.
I am sending photos I took at the Regina Riverside Memorial Park, Soldiers Plot, where my grandfather was buried.
Also, a copy of an 'In Memory' that was shared with me from the funeral. Was not a very good copy but has a lot of information on it.
And a copy of a newspaper obituary that I received.

Pte Edward 'Eddie' Allen Borden

Burtenshaw, Charles Victor William Pte M61923 - Edmonton Journal

L/Cpl Joseph Wilmer Gagnon - The Memory Project Historica Canada

From: Gordon MacDougall
Sent: Monday, October 26, 2015 6:54 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: conincidences?
Hi there Bob, We have not talked for quite a while. I have an interesting story relating to the CFC.
As you may remember my Dad served in the CFC in Scotland. While perusing his service records (which you were largely responsible for my obtaining) I find where he served in Scotland with the 19th Corp. It was at Belladrum as you are no doubt aware. Now the coincidence - We previously lived in Sointula and we became friends with a true highlander while there. He told me a story from when he was a youth with access to a vehicle during the war. Some somewhat inebriated CFC guys approached him for a ride back to camp. When they arrive it turned out nobody had any money (whats new? no money and dirty underwear!). One of them went into the cookshack and came out with a ham and some butter which he took to his mother. Her response was " Get that stolen loot out of my house right now."
Just yesterday I sent him an e-mail asking where he lived in Scotland and the reply was ten miles from Belladrum. Well here we are today, seventy years and thousands of miles from there and yet closer than you could imagine.
How is that for a story?
Left - Richard ‘Dick’ LaPlaca - unk lady and brother Louis Laplaca on right

Right - Pte Dick Laplaca on the left No 19 Coy CFC saw mill

Photo's courtesy of Don LaPlaca - nephew

No. 19 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - War Brides

Allen, Alfred Alexander Pte M61736 married Miss Florence Annie Johnston
Borden, Edward Allen Pte married Miss Agnes Paterson Livie
Gadd, Clarence Henry (Bud) Pte H62737 married Miss Jean (Jennie) Christina Huwen of London, England
Gagnon, Wilmer Pte married Miss Doreen
Georgson, Andrew Christian Pte M61877 Coy married Miss Mary Nicol Stein 1 Aug 1942
Harling, Lloyd Gilbert LCpl married Air Craft Woman Jean Bacon, W.A.A.F
Kiser, Karl John Pte married Miss Violet McDougall
LaPlace, Richard ‘Dick’ Joseph Albert Pte M61765 married Miss Irene Hopper
McGee, Augustus Pte F95301 married Miss Elizabeth MacKenzie
Rees, Dennis George Wilson Pte married Miss Stella Fisher
Squarek, Peter Pte M61924 married Miss Peggy

No. 19 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - Company Photo's
Why are some soldiers missing from the company photo's

No. 19 Company CFC Aug 1941 Scotland - Larger Photo
National Defense Directorate of History and Heritage
& for further reference Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage
Courtesy of Jean-Francois Chicoine

No. 19 Company CFC Aug 1943 Scotland
Courtesy of Donald Ferguson son of Lt Col Neil Cameron Ferguson CO of HQ No 7 Canadian Forestry District CFC
Via Michel Boily - Large Photo

No. 19 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - Soldiers List

List of Abbreviations - Library and Archives Canada
ABBREVIATIONS and ACRONYMS of WW2 and service records
Military Districts of Canada 1939
Calgary Military Historical Society

Access to Information (ATI) Online Request – to obtain the services records for a soldier

Aalten, Roy Henry Sgt K72637 Transf from No.18 Coy transf to No.22 Coy & No.3 Coy

Acheson, Hugh Pte M16660
Acheson, John Bernard Pte M61913 general service
Adams, Walter Richard Haig Pte M61912 general service
Adamson, Methven Alexander Major Transf from No.14 Coy & No.11 Coy
Adie, Gordon McFarland Pte M61779 Discharged
Allan, George John Pte M61804
Allen, Alfred Alexander Pte M61736
Allen, William David Pte M61889 cook 'C' - transf to HQ No 5 Dist
Andersen, Anton Pte M61900
Anderson, R.C. Pte C70283 Transf from No 3 DD transf to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Annear, E.P. LCpl M37361 Discharged
Armstrong, Cecil Samuel Pte M61861 Discharged
Armstrong, David James Pte M61918 Transf to No.18 Coy & No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Arvidson, Nils William Sgt M61891 Transf to No.9 Coy
Ashbury, William H. CQMS P7355 Transf from No.18 Coy
Baker, R.C. ACpl K37190 Transf from No.18 Coy & No 11 DD & HQ CFC
Barbe, Gilbert Pte C34111 Transf from CFC Wing No 3 DD & No.16 Coy
Barnard, Walter J. Pte H62735 Transf from No 10 DD CFC Wing Port Arthur transf to RCASC att to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Barringham, Frederick Joseph 'Joe' Sgt M61807 Transf to No.21 Coy
Barringham, Horace Pte M61901 Discharged
Baskerville, Thomas Headley Pte M61795 Discharged
Bates, Thomas Edward Sgt M61822 Transf from 2nd 61st Field Batt RCA transf to 7th Anti Tank Regt RCA- See CFC Casualties
Batey, W.C. Pte H62700 Transf from No 10 DD
Belik, Phillip Pte M61845
Belisle, Desmond William Pte C34163 Transf from No.21 Coy
Bennett, Henry Pte M31095 Transf from EdmFus transf to No.29 Coy
Berry, John Archibald Pte M61706 Discharged
Beynon, Devon Rees Pte M31322 Discharged
Beynon, Harold Joseph Pte M61820 Discharged
Billings, E.J. Pte M17489 Discharged
Birdstone, Zachery Frederick Pte K72642 Transf from No.18 Coy transf to No.29 Coy
Boivin, F.L.J. Pte C70275 Discharged - transf from No 5 DD & No.3 Coy
Bonnyman, Campbell Ross Pte M61801 truck driver - transf to HQ CFC
Borden, Edward Eddie Allen LCpl M16135
Borsteadt, G. Pte E4807 Transf to No 1 CSFS
Bosch, T. Pte H62654 Transf to No.5 Coy
Broadbent, Ernest Pte M61811 Transf to HQ No 5 Dist & HQ No 7 CFD
Brouelere, R.J. Pte C34129 Transf from No 3 DD & No.16 Coy
Brown, David Alexander Pte M61758 Transf to No.18 Coy
Brown, Victor Vic John Pte M61729
Buck, F.D. ASgt K93568 Transf from No.18 Coy
Bullock, R.M. Lt K38055 Transf from No.18 Coy & No.10 Coy
Burtenshaw, Charles Victor William Pte M61923
Campbell, Carl Vern ACpl M11571 Transf from No 13 DD
Campbell, John George Pte M61843
Campeau, A.J. Pte C70375 Transf from No 3 DD
Carlson, John Emil Pte M61973
Carpenter, Sydney George Pte M61939 Discharged
Carter, Herbert Graham Pte M61741
Castleman, Richard Fentress Pte M61732
Charest, Edgar John Pte M61849 Transf to RCASC att to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Charters, Wilbert James Pte M61929
Cheetham, George Pte M61738 Discharged
Chowen, James Arthur Pte M61826
Clark, Stanley Harris Major Transf to No.7 Coy & No.6 Coy
Clement, Charles Pte E36172 Discharged - transf from No.3 Coy
Clement, William Pte C70324 Transf from No 3 DD transf to No.3 Coy
Close, John Pte M61902 gen duties - transf to No.3 Coy & No.23 Coy & No 41 Provost Coy
Conlan, William Pte M61860 Transf to No.18 Coy & No.17 Coy
Connery, Justin Allan Pte M31626 Discharged - transf from EdmFus
Cook, Henry Pte M61915 general service - transf to No.29 Coy
Cooper, Donald James Pte M61701 driver mech - transf to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Cousins, Melbourne Pte M61772 Discharged
Cowie, John Pte M61737 Discharged
Cox, Louis Sgt M61726 Transf to No.23 Coy
Crickton, Robert Pte M61768 Discharged
Crosby, A.E. Pte K72647 Discharged - transf from No.18 Coy
Cumming, Victor George ACpl M62815
Cummings, F.D. Pte K72656 Transf from No.18 Coy
Curtis, G. Pte D113040 Transf from No.9 Coy & No.3 Coy
Cutcher, Mike Sgt M61831
Dagg, G.W. Cpl H62712 Transf from No 10 DD transf to No.21 Coy
Davies, Daniel Pte M61723 Discharged
Davis, George Evans Pte M61884 Discharged
Day, Robert Lt Adj - transf from No 13 DD
Dehid, Nick Pte M61898 Discharged
Demchuk, Andrew Sgt M61832 Transf to HQ CFC & No 1 CSFS & HQ No 1 CFG
Demorest, James Arthur Pte M61753
Desjardins, D. Pte D113175 Transf from No.9 Coy & No.3 Coy transf to Reinf Sect & HQ No 5 Dist CFC & No 7 Educational Coy CTCW
Dick, George Frank Pte Transf to QOCH
Dodd, Frederick CSM M61785 Transf to HQ CFC
Dodge, Sgt
Dolphin, Ernest Donald Pte M61862 Transf to No 13 DD
Donald, Richard Pte M10914
Donaldson, David Pte M61791
Dowson, Joseph 'Joe' Pte M61771 Transf to No.18 Coy & No.17 Coy & RCAMC
Drossis, Thomas Louis Pte M61739 Transf to EdmFus
Dube, A. Pte H72737 Transf from No 10 DD
Dubois, A. Pte C70318 Discharged - transf from No 3 DD to No.3 Coy transf to No.19 Coy
Ducharme, Peter Samuel Cpl M61841
Duquette, J.L. Pte C34123 Transf from CFC Wing No 3 DD & No.16 Coy
Dykes, A. Raymond CSM H62542 Transf from CFC Wing MGTC No 4 DD Three Rivers & No.16 Coy transf to No.1 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Edgar, John Pte M61796
Edkins, James William Pte M61800
Edwards, R. Pte C70278 Transf from No 3 DD & No.3 Coy
Eggleston, Lester Edward Sgt M61893 Transf to No.9 Coy - See No.7 CFD
Erskine, Cyril Arthur Alexander Lt G75328 Transf from Reinf Sect transf to No.6 Coy
Eskelson, Holger Pte M61824
Evans, George Pte M61769 Transf to No.3 Coy & No.22 Coy
Evans, Thomas Oldham Pte M61702
Evans, William Cadwaladr Pte M61921 truck driver - transf to No.18 Coy
Evans, William George Trevor Pte M61748
Ewachniuk, A. SSgt M49759 orderly room Sgt - transf from No 13 DD transf to HQ No 4 Dist & HQ No 1 CFG
Fairclough, Henry (Harry) Pte Transf from No.18 Coy
Feldberg, Myer Pte M61774 Discharged
Ferguson, Donald Johnston Pte M61868 Discharged
Ferguson, Keith Colin Lt Adj - transf from 18th Med Batt RCA & No.29 Coy transf to HQ CFC & No.9 Coy - See No 8 CFD & CFC Casualties
Field, Charles William Thomas Lt Transf to RCAF - See CFC Casualties
Findler, S. Pte K72681 Transf from No.18 Coy transf to No.29 Coy
Fisher, George Andrew Pte M61750 Transf to No.29 Coy
Foise, Gilbert Joseph Pte M61926 Transf to No.18 Coy
Fournier, J.M. Pte C70365 Transf from No 3 DD
Fraser, Pierson Ward Pte M61848
Fraser, Robert Pte M61821 Discharged
Fraser, S.J. L/Cpl Transf from No 10 DD
Freeman, George Gustave Pte M61864 Transf to No 13 DD
Gadd, Clarence Henry Pte H62737 Transf from No 10 DD CFC Wing Port Arthur transf to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Gagnon, Leon Henry Pte M31304 Discharged - Transf from EdmFus
Gagnon, Wilmer Joseph Cpl C34121 Transf from CFC Wing No 3 DD & No.16 Coy
Galipeau, A. Pte H62684 Transf from No 10 DD CFC Wing Port Arthur transf to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Galloway, J. Cpl K92239 Transf from No 11 DD & No.18 Coy & No 11 DD & No.18 Coy transf to HQ No 2 Dist & HQ No 4 Dist
Gamble, G.R. Pte M61710 Transf from No 10 DD
Gantner, Karl Pte M61834
Gaudreau, W. Pte C70373 Transf from No 3 DD
Gauthier, P. Pte C34103 Transf from CFC Wing No 3 DD & No.16 Coy
Geoffroy, J.J.L. Pte C34118 Transf from CFC Wing No 3 DD & No.16 Coy
Georgson, Andrew Christian ACpl M61877 Transf to No.18 Coy & No.29 Coy
Gibson, Richard R. LCpl K41422 Transf from No.29 Coy transf to No 1 CSFS
Gilgan, Thomas David Pte M61881 Transf to No.3 Coy & LER - See CFC Casualties
Godfrey, Edward George Sheldon Pte M5363 Transf from No 13 DD
Gordon, C.R. Pte M55746
Gorman, Stephen Dussault Lt Transf from No.9 Coy & OCTU & No.17 Coy
Gowans, James Pte M61812 Transf to No.18 Coy & No.29 Coy
Grant, Thomas Pte M61777 Transf to No.18 Coy
Grebstad, H.O. Pte H62702 Transf from No 10 DD CFC Wing PA transf to No.29 Coy
Green, Edwy George Pte M61894 gen duties - transf to No.29 Coy
Greenslade, Patrick Pte M61754
Greenwood, Floyd Pte M61890
Grieve, Frederick Pte M61846
Griffiths, Bert Leonard ACpl M61866
Grott, Justin Pte K61784 Transf to No.10 Coy
Hamilton, Edward Ashton, Pte H62711 - See CFC Casualties
Hanson, Clayton Andrew Pte M61817 Transf to RRC
Hanson, Lawrence Harris Pte M41368 Transf from No 13 DD
Hanson, Nels Robert Pte M61874
Harley, William Pte M61879
Harling, Lloyd Gilbert L/Cpl Transf from No 10 DD CFC Wing Port Arthur transf to No.9 Coy See No 7 CFD
Harris, Samuel William Pte M61867
Hawkins, Percy Pte M61835 orderly Sgt - transf to No 13 DD
Hayes, James William Pte M11411 Discharged
Haynes, Lionel George Pte M61780 Transf to No.18 Coy & No.26 Coy
Henton, Leonard ASgt M61357
Hernberg, Theodore Pte M61853
Hesley, Reginald William Pte M61705
Hewer, Ernest Pte M61828
Hie, John Elmer Cpl H26714 Transf from No 10 DD CFC Wing PA transf to No.29 Coy
Hodson, Ernest John Pte M61782
Hooper, William John Pte M61865 Transf to No.15 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Hopkins, Ivor Benjamin Treherne Pte M61711
Howe, William Franklin Pte M61906
Hunter, E.B. Pte K73432 Transf from No 11 DD & No.18 Coy transf to No.29 Coy
Hunter, James Pte M61721
Hunter, T.B. Pte M11100 Discharged
Hyde, Alfred Pte M61871
Jackson, Daniel Malcolm ACpl M61847
Jackson, Ervic Harvey Pte M61802
James, George Pte M61709 gen duties - transf to No.29 Coy
Johns, Frederick Pte K61755 Transf to No.18 Coy
Johnson, Harold Pte M61733
Johnson, Carl John Pte H62709 - See CFC Casualties
Kiser, Carl John Pte M61840 Transf to No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Kerr, Gavin Pte M61786
Kilburn, Roy Clifton Pte M61790 Transf from No 13 DD transf to HQ No 2 Dist & HQ CFC & HQ No 2 Dist
King, Dennis Montgomery Lt Transf from No.30 Coy
King, Norman William Pte M61743 cook
Knox, Thomas Robert Pte M61757 Transf to No.3 Coy & No.23 Coy & No 1 CProC
Korner, Frank Joseph Cpl M61922 Transf to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Kovacs, Francis Pte M61878 Transf to No.18 Coy
Kraft, Harold Pte M61887
Kristiansen, Karl Otto Hartman ACpl M61909 Transf to No.10 Coy
Kropielnicki William Sgt M61930 cook 'C' - transf to HQ No 3 Dist & RCASC att to HQ No 7 CFD & HQ No 1 CFG
Kuiack, Bronas J. Pte C70371 Transf from No 3 DD
LaForge, Frederick Lyle Pte M55372 Transf from RCASC transf to No.3 Coy & No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Lagaree, F.A. Pte H62738 Transf from No 10 DD
LaHaie, W.J. Pte C70368 Transf from No 3 DD
Lalonde, Henri Pte E36189 Discharged - transf from No.3 Coy
Lalonde, Leo Paul Pte C70316 Transf from No 3 DD transf to No.3 Coy & No.24 Coy & No.27 Coy & No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Langford, Richard Wilson Capt
LaPlaca, Richard 'Dick' Joseph Albert LCpl M61765 Transf to RCA
Lariviere, P. Pte C34114 Transf from CFC Wing No 3 DD & No.16 Coy
Larouche, E. Pte E39476 Transf from & transf to HQ CFC
Larsson Oscar Gottfried Capt Transf to HQ CFC & HQ No 1 CFG
Layton, Harry Reginald CSM K98557 Transf from No.6 Coy & HQ No 2 Dist & No.22 Coy transf to No.15 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Lee, Milo Dwight Pte M61725
Lee, Orum Burdett Sgt M61728 Discharged
Lemarquand, George Ramond Pte M61858 clerk 'C' - transf to HQ No 2 Dist & Reinf Sect
Lennix, Stanley Allan Pte H62739 Transf from No 10 DD
Levesque, A. Pte H62718 Transf from No 10 DD
Lewis, Cecil Victor Pte M61889
Lewis, Robert John Pte M61813
Lineham, Donald Harvey Pte M30882 Discharged - transf from EdmFus
Linnen, George Anson CSM M61752 clerk 'C' - transf to HQ No.2 Dist & No.19 Coy & HQ CFC
Litwinowich, M. Pte H72704 Transf from CFC Wing No 10 DD Port Arthur & No.20 Coy transf to No.12 Coy
Louttit, James T. Pte H62698 Transf from No 10 DD transf to No.23 Coy
Lowe, George Arthur Pte M61830 Transf to No.10 Coy
Luknowsky, Luke ALCpl M61792 Transf to No.21 Coy
Luther, G. Pte K93588 Discharged - transf from No.18 Coy
MacAuley, Murdo Sgt E36012 Transf from No.3 Coy
MacDonald, William Francis ASgt H19676 Transf from No.9 Coy
MacDougall, Donald Gordon Lt. TK96592
MacIntyre, Neil Pte M61852 Discharged
MacKay, Alexander Pte M61810 Discharged
MacLennan, William George SQMS WO11 M61799 Transf to HQ No 5 Dist
MacLeod, Bruce Malcolm ASgt M61819
MacLeod, Gordon Malcolm Pte M61869 Transf to No 13 DD
MacQueen, Ronald Homer Pte M49752 Transf from No 13 DD transf to No.15 Coy & No.23 Coy
Major, T.C. Pte H62671 Transf from No 10 DD
Makin, William Pte M61773
Malcolm, C.A. Pte H62745 Transf from No 10 DD
Mallet, A. Pte E39485 Transf from HQ CFC transf to No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Marks, Albert Charles Pte M61896 Discharged
Mather, Peter Bell Pte M61735
Mathews, William George Sgt M61837 cook - see CFC Casualties
Mathieson, Dave Connon Pte M61749 Transf to No.3 Coy & No.22 Coy & No.5 Coy & Royal Scots & CAOG
Matthews, William Thomas Harold Pte E36157
Maude-Roxby, Osborne Victor Lt Col OC - transf from No.6 Coy & No.7 Coy & CFC Training Wing MGTC transf to No.9 Coy & HQ No.7 CFD & HQ No 1 CFG
Maxwell, John Sgt M61778
Mayne, Roy Lawson ALCpl M61742 Transf to No.21 Coy
McAree, J. Pte M59006 Transf from No 13 DD
McArthur, Horace Albert Pte M61719 Transf to No.18 Coy & No.29 Coy
McBratney, Thomas Pte M61888 blacksmith
McCullough, Thomas Edmond Pte M69120 Transf to No.18 Coy & No.29 Coy
McCusker, Daniel Pte M61855
McGee, Augustus Pte F95301 Transf from Reinf Sect transf to No.10 Coy
McGill, Michael (Mickey) Pte M61809 Transf to No.29 Coy
McGovrn Phil Pte M30816 cook - transf from EdmFus
McGrath, Joseph Pte M61916 Discharged
McLaughlin, Stanley Gordon Pte 61910
McLean, Alfred Douglas Pte M61818 Discharged
McLeod, Donald Pte M10692 Discharged - transf from No 13 DD
McPhie, Ian Pte M61907
McVee, Donald Pte M61806 Transf to No.18 Coy - See CFC Casualties
Meloche, H. Pte C70315 Transf from No 3 DD transf to No.3 Coy & No.20 Coy & No 5 DD
Melrose, John Jackson Pte M61875 Discharged
Michalovsky, Edward LCpl M61781 Transf to No.29 Coy & Armoured Corps
Michaluk, Stanley Russell Pte M61854
Michaud, W. Pte H62724 Transf from No 10 DD
Miller, J. Pte H62699 Transf from No 10 DD
Mills, Albert Leonard CSM M61833 Discharged
Mingay, R. Pte K72735 Transf from No.18 Coy
Mollor, Clement Pte M30926Transf from EdmFus transf to No 13 DD
Mongeon, Florian Joseph Alfred ALCpl C70317 Transf from No 3 DD transf to No.3 Coy & RCE
Montpetit, Antonin Joseph Pte M61844 Discharged
Morin, Napoleon Sgt E36128 Transf from No.3 Coy transf to No 5 DD
Morris, R.F. Pte C15578 Transf from No 3 DD & No.3 Coy
Morson, Robert William Sgt M61728
Mower, J.O.S. Pte H62722 Transf from CFC Wing No 10 DD transf to No.14 Coy
Munn, Richard Pte M61798
Munson, J.D. Pte K47497 Discharged - transf from WestmrR & No.18 Coy
Nahoneckny, A. Pte H62751
Nault, W. Pte C34076 Transf from CFC Wing No 3 DD & No.16 Coy
Nelles, Frederick Alexander Sgt M61816 Transf to No.17 Coy
Nigh, Charles Edward Pte M61730 Discharged
Noble, J. Pte H62674 Transf from No 10 DD
Nordstrom, W.A. Pte K72706 Transf from No.18 Coy
Normand, Adrien Joseph Pte C70321 Transf from No 3 DD transf to No.3 Coy
North, Peter Robert Pte M61927 Transf to No.18 Coy
Orr, W. Pte M61899 Discharged
Ouellette, Albert Pte M61746 Transf to No.18 Coy & No 1 CSFS
Oxenford, Ferdinand Ainslie Pte M61814 Discharged
O'Zee, Clifford Robert Pte M61789 Transf to No.29 Coy
Page, J. ASgt M12295 Transf from No 13 DD
Parenteau, J.S. Pte H62746 Transf from No 10 DD
Parsons, W.L. Sgt K72669 Transf from No.18 Coy & No.10 Coy transf to No 1 CSFS & No.10 Coy
Patterson, Walter Pte M61704 Transf to No.3 Coy & RCE
Pederson, O.T. Pte K72709 blacksmith - transf from No.18 Coy
Pelletier, J.C. Pte C34104 Transf from CFC Wing No 3 DD & No.16 Coy transf to No.24 Coy & No 1 CSFS
Penfold, Earl Pte M61761
Peplow, J.D. ALCpl K72617 Transf from No.18 Coy
Perron, Paul Cpl B20011 Transf from No.11 Coy transf to No 5 DD
Petersen, Nels Herman Pte M61759
Philibert, A.A. Pte E39493 Transf from HQ CFC
Pilon, R.J. Pte C70372 Transf from No 3 DD transf to HQ No 5 Dist
Pitingolo, Dominic Philip Pte M61932 Transf to HQ CFC
Plourde, A. Pte E39501 Transf from HQ CFC
Podgornik, John Joseph Pte M61767 Discharged
Pointer, Richard Roy Major CO
Poole, J. Pte H72753 Transf from No 10 DD
Porter, Earl George LCpl M61762 Transf to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Porter, Joseph Stanley Pte M61763 Transf to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Powell, Daniel Patrick Pte M61863 Discharged
Powell, George Henry Pte M61724 Discharged
Powell, Reginald Pte M61842 Discharged
Prevost, Thomas Sgt B20134 Transf from No.11 Coy
Price, T.G. SSgt RCAMC att to No.19 Coy transf to No 5 DD
Price, William Ellis Pte M61756 Transf to No.29 Coy
Pridmore, William Charles Pte M61823
Pringle, J.D. Pte H62701 Transf from No 10 DD
Racher, Walter Francis Pte M61919 tractor driver
Radford, John Thomas ASgt M61836 Discharged
Ramsey, F.R. Sgt K98053 Transf from No.18 Coy
Razzo, George Gabriel Pte M65519
Razzo, Paul Frederick Pte M61892 Transf to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Rees, Dennis George Wilson Pte M61856 Transf to HQ CFC
Rennie, Gordon Hebert CSM M61815
Reynolds, J.R. Pte K72711 Discharged - transf from No.18 Coy
Rickerby, James Alexander Pte M61707 Transf to No.18 Coy
Robb, Frederick Brewin Pte M61870 Transf to No.29 Coy
Robertson, Thomas Smith Pte M61914 electrician
Rochon, Gaston Joseph Pte M61859 Transf to No 13 DD
Rodman, Raymond Norman Pte M61734 gen duties - transf to No.29 Coy
Roffey, James Alexander Pte M61927
Rogan, Bernard Anthony Pte M61716 Discharged
Roy, Joseph Pte M61886 Discharged
Sabourin, Wilfred Pte C70299 Transf from No 3 DD transf to No.3 Coy & No.22 Coy
Sands, Henry Pte M61928 tailor
Saunders, James Pte M71731
Sauveur, E. Pte H62728 Transf from No 10 DD
Savoie, C. Pte E28497 Transf from No.3 Coy
Scott, William Pte M61895 Discharged
Scully, E.A. LCpl H62713 Transf from CFC Wing No 10 DD transf to No.5 Coy
Seager, Harold Percival Lt Transf to No.10 Coy & No.23 Coy
Searle, Llewellyn Lewis Pte M61876 Transf to No 13 DD
Sedore, Reuben Pte M31019 Transf from EdmFus transf to No 5 DD
Sekyer, Robert Andrew Pte M61883
Selkirk, John William Pte M61708 Discharged
Shaw-Hamilton, R.O.H. Pte B54948 Transf from CFC Wing No 10 DD Port Arthur & No.20 Coy transf to No.12 Coy & HQ CFC
Shields, William Pte M61714
Sinclair, Roy Frederick Pte H62637 Transf from CFC Wing No 10 DD Port Arthur & No.20 Coy transf to No.12 Coy
Smedbol, Hans Marius Pte K72909 Transf to No.9 Coy
Smeeth, Edward Holton Capt K24013 Transf from 17th SBRCA & No.6 Coy HQ No 5 Dist & No.18 Coy & OCTU & No.15 Coy transf to No 1 CSFS & No.15 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Smith, John Hamilton Cpl M61838 Transf to No.3 Coy & No.24 Coy
Somers, H.E. Pte H62716 Transf from No 10 DD
Soule, Donald Pte M61934
Souter, Robert Pte M61904 Transf to No.29 Coy
Southorn, Sydney Everitt Pte M61703
Spark, H.V. Armn Sgt M40847 RCOC att to No.19 Coy
Squarek Peter Pte M61924 Transf to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Stawarski, Ludwig Pte H62697 Transf from No 10 DD
Stawarski, Stanley Pte H62697 Transf from No 10 DD transf to RCE
Stein, Ben LCpl M61808 Transf to No.18 Coy & HQ No 5 Dist & No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Steiner, Leo Jean Baptiste Pte M61766 Discharged
Stensgaard, Russell Alfred Pte M61740 Transf to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Stephen, John Wesley Pte M61905 Discharged
Stevenson, Walter James Pte M61911
Stinson, Norman Stanley Pte M42566 Discharged - transf from VGC
St. Pierre, Eugene Israel Pte C70319 Transf from No 3 DD transf to No.3 Coy & No 1 NETD
Streadwick, George John ACpl M61713 Transf to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Strong, Gervaise Noel Edward Lt
Studor, George Russell Pte M61751
Sudworth, John Pte M61776 Discharged
Supinski, S.E. Pte H62740 Transf from No 10 DD
Sutherland, David Watson Pte M61775
Swain, David H. Pte M42137 Discharged - transf from No 13 DD
Swanson, Claude Leslie Pte M61744 motor mech - transf to No.28 Coy
Swanson, D.C. Pte M10820 Discharged - transf from No 13 DD
Swanson, Kurt Salve Waldemar Pte M61729 Transf to No 13 DD
Swanson, Roy Ernest Pte M61745
Sweeney, John Pte M61783 truck driver - transf to No.23 Coy
Syvret, Chester Pte E36132 Transf from No.3 Coy & No.7 Coy & Reinf Sect & No.7 Coy & No.28 Coy transf to No 1 NETD
Szarko, J. Pte H62720 Transf from CFC Wing No 10 DD Port Arthur transf to No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Tansley, Thomas Edwin Lt Transf from Reinf Sect & No.6 Coy transf to No.1 Coy - See No 7 CFD transf to HQ No 1 CFG
Thomas, Martin Hanshaw Pte M61793
Thomas, Trefor Gwyn Pte M61935
Thompson, Wilfred Pte H62696 Transf from No 10 DD CFC Wing Port Arthur transf to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Thornton, Norman Pte M31228 Transf from EdmFus transf to No.3 Coy & No 1 NETD
Tighe, Charles Joseph Pte C63174 Transf from RCOC & No.1 Coy
Tomnuk, Peter Stephen Pte M61917 Transf to No.18 Coy
Tonner, Edmond Pte M61885 Discharged
Tooze, L.A. Pte K72725 Transf from No.18 Coy
Travers, D. LCpl H62721 Transf from No 10 DD CFC Wing Port Arthur transf to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Trellenberg, Leo Pte M61720 carp
Turmel, A. Pte E36141 Transf from No.3 Coy
Turnbull, W.G. CSM B54662 Transf from CFC Wing No 10 DD Port Arthur & No.20 Coy transf to No.12 Coy & HQ CFC
Unternaher, Jack Blake (John) LCpl K99129 Transf from No.7 Coy transf to No 1 CSFS
Vanden Boer, G.A. Pte H62706 Transf from No 10 DD
Vollendorf, William Stanley Pte M61764 Transf to No.3 Coy & RCASC att to No.25 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Von Iffland, D.L. Armr Sgt M3193
Walker, Harry Pte M61805 Discharged
Ward, Lewis Browno Pte M61803
Ward, William Leonard Pte M61747 Transf to HQ CFC
Waterfield, Edward Alfred Pte M61710 Discharged
Watson, Arthur Guy Pte M61908
Watt, Donald Pte M61787 Transf to No.3 Coy & No.22 Coy & No.2 Coy & RCEME
Webster, Albert Pte M41919 Transf from & to No 13 DD
White, Daniel Robertson Pte H62719 Transf from CFC Wing No 10 DD transf to No.5 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Whiteduck, Daniel Cpl C70377 Transf from No 3 DD transf to Royal 22nd Regt
Whiteside, Hugh Pte M61851 batman - transf to No.26 Coy & No 1 Dist HQ Camrose AB & No 13 DD & No.13 Coy & RCEME - See CFC Casualties
Whiteside, Ralph Edgar Pte M61882 tractor driver - transf to No.26 Coy
Whiting, Henry Everett Pte M61850 Transf to No.18 Coy & No.26 Coy
Whittit, William George Pte M61722 Transf to No 13 DD
Widdes, R.R. Pte H62755 Transf from No 10 DD
Willett, Frederick Pte M61788 Transf to No.18 Coy & No.29 Coy
Williams, Albert Eliel Pte M61715 Transf to No.18 Coy
Williams, Edward Joseph Pte
Willington, L.A. Lt K73796 Transf from No 11 DD & No.18 Coy & OCTU transf to No.6 Coy & HQ No 1 CFG
Wilson, George Pte M61712 Transf to No.18 Coy & No.26 Coy
Wilson, Leslie Francis Pte M61931
Wilson, William Norman Pte M61794 Transf to No.18 Coy & No.29 Coy
Wojtula, Emil Joseph Pte M61770 Transf to HQ No 5 Dist
Wood, Wilfred Charles Pte M66351 Transf from No 4 Bttn RCE transf to No.26 Coy
Woodger, Richard Pte M61897 Discharged
Woods, Alvin Ernest Lt K99053 Transf from No.7 Coy & OCTU transf to No.17 Coy
Wyman, M.D. Cpl M55567 tractor driver - transf to No.30 Coy
Yerex, Thomas George Pte K72744 Transf from No.18 Coy
Young, Thomas Alexander MacGregor Pte M61717 Transf to No 13 DD
Yuille, Alexander Pte H62736 Transf from No 10 DD CFC Wing transf to HQ No 5 Dist & No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD

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