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No. 2 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps
District 2, Camp 29,
Ballogie No. 2 Aboyne

Canadian Mobilization Point - Westmount, Que
Mobilization Date - Jul 1940
Arrived in Scotland - 1 Mar 1941
Ceased Operations in Scotland - 1 Oct 1943
Camps Occupied in Scotland - Ballogie No. 2 Aboyne

No. 2 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps, CASF
24 May 1940 – Authorized – Serial 2103 (GO 184/40)
10 July 1940 – Mobilized in Westmount, PQ (CFC Website)
7 November 1940 - CASF designation dropped (GO 273/40)
15 January 1944– Disbanded (GO 113/44)
War Diaries - Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage
War Diaries
16421 – 1940/07-1943/09
5/7/40 – Westmount, PQ – The appointment of Captain John Henry Dunlop to the Canadian Forestry Corps
with the rank of Major was recommended by Brigadier General White, OC Canadian Forestry Corps. Having reported for duty Major Dunlop was TOS with effect from 5th July 1940 [WD]
8/7/40 – Ottawa - Authority was granted for formation of six Forestry Companies of which one company was to be formed in Military District No. 4. Establishment for the later company approved. [WD]
10/7/40 – Ottawa – Authority granted to recruit and organize No. 2 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps in MD No. 4 under the command of Major J.H. Dunlop. Recruiting commenced at Montreal as well as posts situated at Sherbrooke, Celumet and Beauharnois, PQ. [WD]
22/7/40 – Westmount, PQ – HQ of Company established at Montreal Athletic Association Grounds, Westmount, PQ. Company attached to No. 14 General Hosp[ital. RCMC for rations. First recruits attested. Standing Orders for Company posted. [WD]
31/7/40 – Westmount – Strength at 1 officer and 107 other ranks. [WD]
30/8/40 – Company left Westmount Barracks and entrained at 2356 hours from Westmount Station for Valcartier Camp. [WD]
31/8/40 – Company arrived at Valcartier Camp at 1200 hours. [WD]
1/10/40 – Valcartier Camp – Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Companies inspected by Inspector General for Eastern Canada [No. 1 Coy CFC WD]
3/10/40 – No. 5 Company moved to new lines at Valcartier on being grouped with Nos. 1, 2, 6, 7 and 8 Companies, comprising the first contingent of the CFC for overseas service. [No. 5 Coy WD]
6/2/41 – Company entrained at Valcartier on TS-219. (Movement Control)
7/2/41 – Company arrived at Halifax. Embarkation delayed and company moved to Debert Camp. (Movement Control)
15/2/41 – Left Debert Camp and and embarked on E-110 Orontes. [Movement Control]
17/2/41 – Sailed for United Kingdom.
1/3/41 – Arrived in Scotland.
1/10/43 – Ceased operations in Scotland and returned to Canada
Courtesy David Ryan

CFC Cap Badge
Courtesy of Robert J. Briggs

The war created a crisis in wood supply for the United Kingdom. Pre-war domestic production covered only a small fraction of the timber needed to support the war effort. In addition to civilian requirements, it was estimated that every soldier needed five trees: one for living quarters, messing, and recreation; one for crates to ship food, ammunition, tanks, and so on; and three for explosives, gun stocks, coffins, ships, factories, and direct or indirect support for the fighting line.
Canadians stepped up to fill this need. During 1941 and 1942, thirty companies drawn from all regions of Canada, totalling 220 officers and 6,771 regulars, were deployed to Scotland.
Also it takes a number of support soldiers for each fighting soldier.

We did load a ship with lumber, yeah. And it went to Africa and I took a chalk and I wrote my name and address on the board. I get to, it was about a month after, first thing I get this letter from the soldier in Africa. He says, "I want to tell you, he said, that you people, your job is important," he said, "We used your lumber today, we landed in Africa.
Courtesy of Joseph Wilmer Gagnon - The Memory Project Historica Canada

Once again the British Government turned to Overseas Woodsman to assist in the war effort. Given their impressive record in World War One it was natural that they looked to Canada to provide forestry units once again. In May 1940 the Canadian Government decided to form a Canadian Forestry Corps. Twenty Companies were initially formed with ten more as the war progressed.
The financial agreement between the two Governments as similar to that in World War I. Canada would bear the cost of pay, allowances and pensions, all initial personal equipment, transport to and from the United Kingdom. The British Government paid for "all other services connected with equipment, work or maintenance" and certain others, including medical services. Canada covered the cost for Medical Officers and Britain paid for hospitalization.
The arrangement was unusual as it resulted in a Canadian Unit working for the British, who controlled the areas of work and disposal of the product, but Military operations of the C.F.C. was never surrendered by the Canadians and came under command of Canadian Military Headquarters in London. Even though the C.F.C. had to serve two masters, no serious problems ever resulted.
Mobilization centres for the Corp spanned all across Canada, and recruited both English and French speaking personnel. Many of the volunteers were veterans of World War One, including the Corp's Commander, Brigadier- General J.B. White. Many of the men carried out the same duties as they did in civilian life, such as loggers, black smiths, lawyers, store man, cooks and clerks. The big difference between the new Corp and their World War One counter parts were the new Corp were considered Combat Troops.

No. 2 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps War Diaries - Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage
War Diaries

July 1940 Aug 1940 Sept 1940 Part 1 & Part 2
Oct 1940 Part 1 & Part 2 Nov 1940 Dec 1940
Jan 1941 Feb 1941 Mar 1941 Apr 1941
May N/A June 1941 July 1941 Aug 1941
Sept 1941 Oct 1941 Nov 1941 Dec 1941
Jan 1942 Feb 1942 Mar 1942 Apr 1942
May 1942 June 1942 July 1942 Aug 1942
Sept 1942 Oct 1942 Nov 1942 Dec 1942
Jan 1943 Feb 1943 Mar 1943 Apr 1943
May 1943 June 1943 July 1943 Aug 1943
Sept 1943 No 2 Coy was also under command of HQ No 2 Dist
War Diaries courtesy of Jean-Francois Chicoine

No. 2 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - Enlistment and Training

This larger Map shows that the men came from across our country of Canada and where each of the original 20
companies was mobilized and what percentage from each province the men came from.
Courtesy of 'The Sawdust Fusiliers' by William C. Wonders

Authority Granted to Recruit and Organize Number 2 Company of the Canadian Forestry Corps in Military District No. 4 under the command of Major J.H. Dunlop. Recruiting commenced at Montreal as well as posts situated at Sherbrooke, Que., Calumet, Que., and Beauharnois, Que. Headquarters of Company established at Montreal Amateur Athletic Association Grounds, Westmount, Que. Company attached to No. 14 General Hospital RCAMC for rations - From Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage

Provisional Establishment Forestry Company Canadian Forestry Corps - Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage

15 Aug 1940 – Company recruited to full establishment. On reaching their numbers No. 2 Coy then went from Westmount Barracks 30 August 1940 to Westmount Station and proceeded 2356 hours by rail from Westmount to Quebec City for military training at nearby Valcartier Camp, Quebec. Company arrived at Valcartier Military Camp at 1200 hrs.
No. 2 Coy CFC Troop Movement Montreal to Valcartier - Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage

Comte d'Athlone et William Lyon Mackenzie King passant les soldats en revue The Governor General and his prime minister inspecting troops in 1940 at Valcartier Camp
CFB Valcartier - Wikipedia
See page for author [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

CFC soldiers at Valcartier Camp, Quebec

Photo courtesy of Bob Briggs – grandson Private Perle Bruce Tucker

Interactive Map of Camp Valcartier, Quebec
Courtesy of Paul Keenleyside

From: Danny Bouchard
Sent: July-19-12 9:30 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: No.2 Company CFC WW2
Good morning
I have visited your website and must say well done!! I am a researcher and amateur historian presently working on a project. I am identifying and researching all the men of Argenteuil County, Quebec, who would have died during the War or afterwards as a result of the War. I have read that No. 2 Company had men of Argenteuil. Would you have nominal rolls of this company by chance? I saw on your website one death, L/Cpl Anderson, which I didn't have in my database so thank you for this.
I am also researching General John Burton White, who is the Great-Uncle of my daughter's spouse. I was able to get some images of some newspaper clippings as well as photographs which I can certainly share with you. I will be imaging both his WW1 and WW2 service records in the near future as well.
I will certainly be looking to purchase The 'Sawdust Fusiliers' as well.
Danny Bouchard
- I would like to thank Danny for getting me a copy of the No. 2 Company War Diary It has aided tremendously in putting together a list of men who enlisted in No. 2 Coy CFC with a host of interesting info
Robert J Briggs

No. 2 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - Troop Movement

No 2 Coy CFC Troop Movement 7 Feb 1941 - Courtesy of David Ryan
TS 219 Serial Number 2103 - Unit No. 2 Company CFC - Embarkation Valcartier Date 6 Feb 1941
Destination Halifax Date 7 Feb 1941 - Ship# E110 Ship Name Orontes - Convoy# TC 9
Delayed to Debert – Back to Halifax - 15 Feb 1941

No 2 Company CFC Increase and Decease 2 Mar 1941
The under mentioned personnel embarked on Feb 15th 1941 at Halifax Canada for Overseas and are S.O.S. C.A.S.F. Canada on that date. Disembarkation occurred on March 1st 1941 at Gourock, Scotland and they are T.O.S. C.A.S.F. Overseas on transfer on 16th Feb 1941 - From Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage

Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage
Credit: Canada. Dept. of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / PA-112993

Convoy in Bedford Basin, Halifax
1 Apr 1942

Interactive Map of Port of Halifax & PDF Map
Courtesy of Paul Keenleyside

No 2 Coy CFC Events on Route from Valcartier to Halifax to Scotland
From Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage

SS Orontes SS Orontes - Wikipedia
By Mikeo1938 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Boarded ship at Halifax, Nova Scotia
Sailed 17 Mar 1941 arrived in Scotland 1 Mar 1941
Ship number E110 - Convoy TC-9

No. 2 Coy CFC was also joined by No. 1, 6, 7 and 8 Companies and last section of CFC HQ on the ship
Disembarked 0945hrs 1 Mar 1941 at Gournock after two weeks at sea.

Meals served aboard ship - Courtesy of David Ryan

Canadian soldiers aboard a troopship arriving at Greenock, Scotland, 31 August 1942.
Reproduction of Faces of the Second World War - Image 300
Photographer: Laurie A. Audrain

Courage at Sea

Firth of Clyde is where the ship with the men came in to disembark at Gourock, Scotland

Interactive Map of Gourock
Courtesy of Paul Keenleyside

Enlarged Maps of Gourock Scotland
Courtesy of Paul Keenleyside

Aboyne Railway Station
Then they caught a train to Aboyne Railway Station and then took a lorry Camp 29, Ballogie, Aboyne District No. 2 Headquarters was at Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

No. 2 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - Camp 29

Canadian Forestry Camps in Scotland WW2 - Note Camp 29, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire
Courtesy of 'The Sawdust Fusiliers' by William C. Wonders

CFC Map Scotland
Courtesy of Paul Keenleyside

PDF File Map

Interactive Map Camp 29 No 2 Coy CFC
Courtesy of Paul Keenleyside

Nissan Hut at some of the camps
Due to its semicircular, corrugated iron shape the Nissen Hut deflected shrapnel and bomb blast making it a perfect bomb shelter
Courtesy of Melanie McLennan

No 2 Coy CFC Military Training from Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage

The camps were located on estate property near a road to permit vehicle access. Buildings were mostly frame, lumber cut in Corp's sawmills. Some Nissen huts were erected and housed shoemakers, armourers carpenters as well as serving other purposes
Men were housed in huts accommodating 14 men each. A cookhouse, ablution hut with hot and cold showers, sergeants' quarters and mess, officers' quarters and mess, orderly room, medical hut, quartermaster stores, garage and workshop were present in the camp.
Several camps had garden patches to provide fresh vegetables for the men. Swill from the messes was sold to local farmers and the income spent on the messes, or some companies kept pigs and the swill was fed to them. On reaching maturity the pigs were sold to the RASC. Rather than have to purchase young pigs, one company at Cawdor North Camp decided to raise its own, but discovered pigs do not always obey army orders: "17 March 1942 - Delighted to notice that one of our sows is pregnant. We had come to the conclusion that her several trips to the boar had provided her with diversion only."

It is convenient at this point to describe the War Establishment of a Forestry Company, C.F.C. The Establishment (CDN/IV/1940/12A/1, DATED Mar 41) provides for a total of 194 all ranks, of whom six are officers: one Major as Commanding Officer, one Captain as Second in Command, one Adjutant, and three Subalterns "for Timber operations". Of these last, one is normally is in charge in the bush, one is in charge of the mill, and one is technical officer. There are 12 Sergeants, of whom two are Mill Foreman and five Bush Foreman, one a Blacksmith, one a M.T. Sergeant, one a Sergeant Cook, and two Assistant Instructors. It is not necessary or desirable to rehearse all the details here, as the Off icial Historian will have all War Establishments easily available to him; but it may be noted that the list of rank and file includes the following tradesmen: 2 Millwrights, 2 Sawyers, Forestry; 1 Electrician; 3 Motor Mechanics, one of whom is a Corporal, 1 Carpenter, 1 Plumber or Pipefitter; 1 Shoemaker, and 1 Tailor. Among the mass of non-tradesmen, the following groups are conspicuous: 20 Logmakers, 30 Rollers and Chainmen, 10 Road Cutters, 14 Drivers I.C. (Internal Combustion)

Ballogie House gatelodge and main drive
Courtesy of Neil Bruce – son in law of Humphries, Charles Albert Pte D110210
From: Neil B
Sent: Sunday, January 23, 2022 12:26 PM
To: Bob Briggs
Subject: Ballogies Camp No. 2 access road
Dear Bob,
I hope his finds you well?
We managed to get out to Ballogie on Friday and am sending you some photographs of Camp no. 2. I might need to investigate further as it's been suggested to me that there may be a building still extant, but may have been moved!
Ballogie Camp No. 1 proved elusive, but now have the map reference I think and will go back: I was thrown by the fact it seems to have been constructed on a hillside.
I'll try and answer any questions, .
Regards, Neil
Ballogie Camp No 2

No. 2 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - Logging Operations

The No.2 Coy brought with them the most up-to-date logging equipment then available in Canada. They brought a standard medium type rotary mill with a capacity of 1500-2000 bd. Ft. An hour or c. 8,000 cu. Ft a week/3-5-4-7 cm an hour or 227 cm a week. (The British Forestry Commission also provided the company with a Scotch mill or bench, but these were not popular with the Canadians.) Power was supplied by 100-horsepowe Diesel generators. Logging equipment included TD9 caterpillar tractors, lorries, sulkies (pneumatic-tired arches), angle dozers for road making, and two and three drum winches for high-lead logging. They also were equipped with a variety of transportation vehicles, four tractors, two sulkies, one motorcycle, and originally six bicycles.
The greatly increased volume of timber products resulting from CFC operations placed considerable strain on railway facilities. The most common difficulty was a shortage of wagons when needed, but sidings also had to be improved greatly and new loading banks or platforms constructed. This was particularly the case on Deeside where CFC and Newfoundland camps produced the greatest regional flow of timber products. Even though a new loading platform was constructed at Aboyne railway station in July 1941, congestion occurred because No. 2 and No. 3 Companies had to use the same facility.
The military role of the CFC as distinct from its industrial role was important, particularly during the period of possible German invasion after the fall of France. Personnel were allowed to wear civilian clothing while working, but uniforms were required for military activities and when on leave. As combatant troops they received additional training on Saturdays after their week's work in the woods. This included practice on rifle ranges and tactical exercises with other military units. Periodically they participated in weekend military schemes in their areas. CFC lorries often were called on to transport personnel of other units as well as its own.
Although CFC companies were not directly involved in actual hostilities with the enemy in Scotland, they often were not far distant from bombings. Ballogie Camp No. 2 and the whole area around was shaken by the air bombing of Aberdeen on the night of 21 April 1943.
Companies usually worked in two sections, "one cutting 'in the bush' and bringing out the timber, the other sawing it into lumber in the company mill, and both using mostly Canadian mechanical equipment," The relative openness of the cultivated Scottish forests in contrast to the tangled undergrowth of most natural Canadian pleased the CFC. Nevertheless, pressure had to be applied to Canadian fallers to cut trees close to the ground in Scottish fashion, rather than higher up, which left unsightly stump-fields so common in home forestry operations. The felling crew consisted of three men, two sawing down and one trimming or limbing. Hand saws and axes were the tools employed. The trees involved reflected the variety of Scottish plantations, with Scot pine, spruce and larch particularly common, but also Douglas fir and hardwoods on occasion.
The frequent alternation of rain and snow proved unexpected for many of the Canadians, accustomed to a more continuous snow season. Men's hands were often cut up by handling wet lumber in raw cold weather. Most of the area where they were working in Scotland lay north of 57degrees N, a higher latitude location than most forest operations in Canada-approximately the latitude of Mile 150 on the Alaska Highway (some 100 milesι160 kilometres north of Fort St. John, B.C.), Fort McMurray, Alberta, Lynn Lake, Manitoba, and the Belcher Islands in Hudson Bay. Consequently, the longer winter darkness period in Scotland was an inconvenience for the felling teams at the extreme ends of the working day and working hours had to be adjusted to seasonal light conditions. (Companies worked a full-hour day, with precise hours decided by individual company commanders.

Heavy CFC logging truck
Courtesy of Al Neale - son of Pte Charles Frederick Neale

Even before felling could begin most companies had to introduce an access road network in the forests to enable their mechanized equipment to be used, in contrast to the widespread use of horses in prewar local forests. Road building and maintenance continued to occupy part of the CFC personnel even after the initial period.
The heavy-laden Canadian lumber lorries from mills to shipping points placed a great deal of strain on local roads and access roads even when they were gravelled, particularly during rainy periods.

Courtesy of 'The Sawdust Fusiliers' by William C Wonders

Total Production of Forest Products CFC Scotland
Courtesy of 'The Sawdust Fusiliers' by William C. Wonders

No 2 Coy CFC Logging Reports from Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage
No. 2 Coy CFC would send a weekly logging report to HQ No. 2 District CFC. HQ No. 2 District CFC would send a weekly logging report to HQ CFC which would include logging reports of the other companies in the district. These are examples of these reports. The War Diaries of HQ No. 2 District is a good source of info for each of the companies in the district.

Postcards 1942 - courtesy of Shirley Briggs granddaughter of Pte Thomas Stanley Levy K98592

In the No. 2 Coy War Diaries there are many entries of soldiers being injured in the mills or the forest falling trees and on the roads. A soldier toes being chopped off with an axe and another soldier losing fingers in the saw in the mill. There a good many soldiers injured and sent to hospitals in Aberdeen.
For more information go to Illness Injuries & Hospitals
Also some soldiers were killed from the accidents they were in. For more information go to CFC Casualties

In each of the forestry camps there a camp hospital for minor injuries and illness. There would be a sergeant of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps to look after the health issues of the soldiers of the camp. There were Medical Officers of the RCAMC as well attached to the CFC HQ and District HQ in the event of major injuries and illness. The Medical Officer would also visit the camps to ensure hygiene and etc including a short arm inspection once in awhile. For info on Medical Officers go to Doctors of the CFC
As well in the CFC HQ and in each of the District HQ there was a dentist attached to look after the dental needs of the soldiers. The Dental Officer would have his office in one of the camps and would also go to the camps to check all the soldiers. For more info go to Dentists of the CFC
Also no soldier wants to go without pay. Pay parades were held regularly in addition to when a group of soldiers were going on leave they would be paid the day before. Also go to Paymasters of the CFC

No. 2 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - Life in Scotland

In addition to meeting its primary objective the Canadian Forestry Corps' presence in Scotland was influential in other ways: as a defensive element in the earlier years and as a social factor in many smaller communities. It was common practice for the forestry workers to pilfer some of the vehicle fuel ration to give to the local taxis in exchange to a lift to the village to the bar and dances.
Relations with some other units were not always friendly. The 174 Field Ambulance unit refused to admit men of No. 2 Company from Ballogie Camp No. 2, to their dance in the Victory Hall at Aboyne on 12 April 1941.
In the earlier phases of the CFC's presence in the Highlands the few infractions of the law were handled with tolerance by local authorities. At Glentanar Camp on 2 June 1941 "two local constables called this morning regarding the fracas which occurred last Saturday night at Kincardine O'Neil when No. 2 and 3 Companies fought No. 4 Company men. The constables were very decent about it however, only insisting that it should not happen again.
On Dominion Day 1941, No. 2, 3 and 4 Companies held a Sports Meet on Aboyne village green which was specially decorated for the day. The pipe band of the 5th Battalion Black Watch was also in attendance. After supper in the camps, the companies returned to Aboyne in the evening for a street dance (another novelty to the locals), followed by a sing-song.
A drumhead service by the CFC on Aboyne green in May 1942 was attended by a detachment of the 156 (L) Field Ambulance RAMC and the pipe band of the Royal Scots Fusiliers from Banchovy, as well as by members of all companies in District No.2.
The first Field Day of 1942 for District No. 2 at Aboyne saw all Deeside companies participating (Nos. 2, 3, 4, 13, 16, 22, 24 and 25), as well as the RAMC unit stationed there. The band of the Royal Scots Fusiliers also attended. Once again, after the events and supper in the camps, the troops returned for a street dance, despite the rain.

Courtesy of 'The Sawdust Fusiliers' by William C Wonders
Members of the CFC were seen in uniform regularly at local parades in support of varied wartime causes. In addition to their distinctive cap badges and shoulder patches, from Mar 1943 the CFC were identified by a green triangle below the 'Canada' flash on the upper arm of the battle dress. Church parades also brought them to the public's attention as the No. 2 Coy made use of the local church buildings as well as holding religious services in the camp.

Church parades also brought them to the public's attention as the No. 7 Coy made use of the local church buildings as well as holding religious services in the camp.
The Chaplains of the Canadian Forestry Corps were attached to CFC HQ or to one of the District HQ to serve the needs of the soldiers.
For extra information on the Chaplains go to Chaplains of the CFC
Courtesy of "The Sawdust Fusiliers" by William C. Wonders

The Scottish people above all appreciated the kindness shown local children by members of the CFC. Christmas celebrations however, were the highlights. CFC personnel went out of their way to make the day memorable for the local children, many of whom came from poor crofts and many of whose fathers were away in the services

For further reading on Life in Scotland
Courtesy of "The Sawdust Fusiliers" by William C. Wonders

Something to look forward in camp most weeks was a dance, a concert or a movie after a hard weeks work
Examples are No 2 Coy CFC Camp Entertainment Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage

No. 2 Company was quite involved in sports (Company, District, Corps and Army)
Courtesy of The Sawdust Fusiliers by William C. Wonders

For further reading No 2 Coy CFC Sports Activities Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage

No.2 Company arrived at Ballogie Camp No. 2 on 1 March 1941. On 7 March, thirty- five of the men attended a local dance where they were "well received by the very friendly inhabitants," and the following day the officers' mess received a case of liquor from a Montrose man.
The CFC was apparently well liked in the Scottish Highlands. The men became active participants in local functions, from fundraising to staging Christmas parties for the local children. Many times, scrap wood mysteriously fell from lorries beside homes in need of fuel. A notable tribute to the CFC was paid by Laura Lady Lovat when she stated, "you Canadians may be cutting the Scots firs of the Highlands, but in Highland hearts you are planting something far more lasting".
Things weren’t always favorable No. 2 Coy CFC War Diaries - 29 Jan 1942 – Major Spittal proceeded to Banchory with Pte. K. Bigelow who appeared on a charge of “willfully and maliciously damaging the door of the Banchory Hotel on December 28th and was fined 2 pounds. This is an exceptionally heavy fine in view of the trivial nature of the offence but is typical of the attitude of the people in some of the nearby towns towards our men.

Courtesy of Melanie McLennan
A couple of photos of the country folks around the camp

3rd Annual Christmas Dinner - Courtesy of James Meston a family friend
From: James Meston
Sent: Thursday, November 19, 2020 7:56 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Canadian Forestry Corps No. 2 Company
Hi Bob
I’ve attached a Christmas menu which may be of interest to you, it is signed by “Geoff Everett” who was a family friend and he married a girl from our small farming community here in East Lothian, Scotland. Here is the notice from your website, even though the name is Godfrey I’m sure he was known as Geoff.
Everett, William Alfred Godfrey Sgt K99640 No. 2 Coy CFC married 18 Nov 1942 Miss Doris McNicol in Dirleston District The wedding took place just outside Edinburgh and the best man was Sergeant Cecil Ross of the R.C.A.M.C. attached to this company - Marriage from No 2 Coy War Diaries
I was born in 1943 and can remember playing with their son Michael Everett but can’t remember him starting school around 1948 so perhaps they had left by then.
James Meston

No. 2 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - Photo's & Stories

3 Soldiers No 2 Coy CFC
from – Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage
Courtesy of Jean-Francois Chicoine

Syvret, Herbert Walter Pte E38196
First on left
Spent 30 days in hospital after having been torpedoed on the S.S. Nerissa

Group photo of No. 2 Coy CFC Soldiers
Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage

Courtesy of Jean-Francois Chicoine

BALLOGIE CAMP: CFC men at work Deeside.
Snow ploughs and dances remembered
Evening Express Aberdeen No Date
Courtesy of Paul McKay Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

Source: Laurentian Heritage Web Magazine THE SAWDUST FUSILIERS
Author: Gordon Rainey

During World War Two, the fabric of No. 2 Company of the Canadian Forestry Corps drew heavily on the English-speaking sons of Argenteuil, leveraging their skills with the axe and the crosscut saw, honed on the family bush farms of their native county. No. 16 Company was formed around their French-speaking "bucheron" counterparts.......

Author: Gordon Rainey

"Compassionate leave to Canada will only be granted in very exceptional cases in which extreme hardship would be caused to the individual concerned or his dependants, if he did not return. It must be demonstrated that the hardship could not be alleviated in any other manner."....
Rainey, Samuel John (Buster) Pte
Large Photo courtesy of Gordon Rainey - nephew

Hi Bob,
For your Canadian Forestry Corps website, attached is a profile of my veteran uncle, Pte. William "Billy" Rainey D-110153, initially with CFC Coy 2.
Cheers, Gord
William “Billy” Rainey’ - From Forest to Fray

Daily Express Sat 14 June 1941
No 2 Coy Private E. Haslam of Montreal – sorts boards from the sawmill

Newspaper article - Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage

From: Barry Peers
Sent: Tuesday, October 10, 2017 4:46 AM
To: Bob Briggs
Subject: Re: REF Canadian Forestry Corps
Thanks for the all the documentation on Howard Clayton Smith's CFC service and for the previously unknown (to me at least) Information about my uncle, Melvin David Smith. I knew he had served during WW2 but hadn’t researched any of the details and it came as a surprise that he was posted alongside my grandfather in the CFC camp in Ballogie, Scotland. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of him in uniform. I don’t seem to have the attached 1943 medical corps photo you refer to but if you send it again or give me a specific link I can try and ID my uncle.
Although I don't have the original, (which I suspect must have come from one of my cousins) you are welcome to use this digital copy of a photo of my grandfather Howard Clayton Smith DCM in your blog.

Wanted Alsatian Shepherd male pup By Lt Geo F O’Hara No. 2 Coy CFC
Newspaper clipping courtesy of Lynn Asghar

No. 2 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - War Brides

A good number of the soldiers of No. 2 Coy getting married
Mar 1943 No. 2 Coy CFC War Diaries - Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage

Abrey, L.W. Pte H65891 att from RCASC transf from Reinf Sect transf to No.4 Coy
Anderson, Frank L/Cpl D110254 married Miss Charlotte Kelly
Benoit, Raymond Densiel Pte D110223 married Miss Catherine Anderson Graham
Boyce, Anthony Bertram LCpl D110136 married Miss Margaret Helen Angus
Brown, David Joseph Pte D110282 married Miss Jane Watson Bowman
Cadieux, Adelard Joseph Pte D110185 married Miss Mary Thomson
Cayer, Lionel (Sam) Pte D110249 married Miss Stella Gladys Elrick
Dey, Leslie Pte D110221 married Miss Annabella Black
Dominique, Donald Arthur Joseph Pte D110248 married Miss Mary Fraser
Everett, William Alfred Godfrey Sgt K99640 married Miss Doris McNicol
Hibbard, Alexander Pte D110214 married Miss Gladys Mary F. Thomson
Hotton, Herman Pte E38137 married Miss Betty Reid
Kelly, Joseph Patrick Pte married Miss Alexandrina Johnston
Leclair, George Pte D110292 married Miss Noah Stewart
Legros, John Pte C70065 married Miss Mary Edwards
Loupert, Arthur Charles Pte D110188 married Miss Isabella Leask Thomson
Lowery, Cyril Pte D110240 married Miss Eliza Jane Cruden
Pallot, Joseph Edward (Eddie) Pte D110184 married Miss Margaret Fraser Rose
Rainey, William Pte D110153 married Miss Beatrice Eggington
Smith, James Lyman Pte D110216 married Miss Christina Eveline Simpson
Stewart, George Russell Cpl D110108 married Miss Alexandra Gray Walker
Sutley Horace Arthur Pte M4181 married Miss Mary McBain Johnston
Thibeault, Gerard Pte E38212 married Miss Isabella King

No. 2 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - Company Photo's
Why are some soldiers missing from the company photo's

No. 2 Company CFC C.A.S.F. Valcartier Camp, Quebec Sep 1940
Photo - Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage
courtesy of Jean Francois Chicoine

We would also like to thank Donald Ferguson son of Lt Col Neil Cameron Ferguson Commanding Officer of HQ No 7 CFD
CFC Via Michel Boily for sending us a company photo of No.2 as well - No.2 Coy CFC Scotland Aug 1941

No. 2 Company CFC Aug 1941 Scotland - Photo courtesy of Gordon Rainey

No 2 Coy CFC Aug 1941 Photo List of Names
Courtesy of Margaret Dougherty daughter of Pte Butler Nelson Dougherty

No.2 Coy CFC Soldiers Identified Aug 1941

Larger Photo Courtesy of Jean-Francois Chicoine
National Defense Directorate of History and Heritage
& for further reference Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage

Sent: August-21-12 2:21 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: CFC Co 2 - WWII
Hi Bob,
I want to extend kudos to you for your undertaking the enormous job of cataloging the WWII Canadian Forestry Corps, individuals and stories.
I stumbled across your website because you had included my 2 CFC articles and links to them in the Laurentian Heritage Network website. Good work!
I was very interested in your Co 2 muster roll. I had not seen that list before. I wanted to let you know that I have a Co 2 picture, taken in Scotland in Aug, 1941,(before I was born), kept, and handed down through the 70 intervening years, as a family heirloom. It would be great to match the faces with the names. I was able to find my uncles Buster and William Rainey, as well as Vernon Bennett, etc...
If that matching has not already been done, I'd like to help you do that. A lot of descendant around Grenville, QC would be interested in the result.

No. 2 Company CFC Aug 1943 Scotland - Larger Photo
National Defense Directorate of History and Heritage
& for further reference Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage
Courtesy of Jean-Francois Chicoine

No. 2 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps - Soldiers

List of Abbreviations - Library and Archives Canada
ABBREVIATIONS and ACRONYMS of WW2 and service records
Military Districts of Canada 1939
Calgary Military Historical Society

No 2 Coy CFC Nominal Roll 10 Oct 1943 - Back to Canada - Library And Archives Canada Military Heritage
For further reading see - Fuelwood Cutting Units

Prior to No. 2 Coy CFC going back to Canada there were a number of soldiers transferring out and in. 119 other ranks were transferred to No. 4 and No. 13 Coy’s and Reinforcement Section

Access to Information (ATI) Online Request – to obtain the services records for a soldier

Abrey, L.W. Pte H65891 Transf from RCASC & Reinf Sect transf to RCASC
Adams, George Frederick Pte G45647 Transf from No.4 Coy
Adams, John Alexander Pte G45686 Transf from No.4 Coy
Adshade, David William Sgt F50059 Transf from No.13 Coy
Alderson, John George CQMS D95666 Transf from 14 Gen Hosp RCAMC transf to RCR - 1ST Div – pay clerk
Allard, Francois Xavier Pte E35111 Transf from No.3 Coy transf to No.3 Coy & Reinf Sect & No 1 NETD & No 5 DD
Anderson, Frank L/Cpl D110254 Transf to No.9 Coy & back to No.2 Coy - See CFC Casualties
Arnold, Stephen Russell Major CO - transf to HQ No 2 Dist & No 1 NETD
Arsenault, Herman Pte K99620 electr 'A' - transf from No.10 Coy transf to HQ No 2 Dist & HQ No 1 CFG
Arseneau, Bruno Pte G7461 Transf to No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Arthurs, Norman Cpl D110161 Transf to No.4 Coy
Ash, J. LCpl H62605 Transf from CFC Wing No 10 DD Port Arthur & No.16 Coy
Asher, A.W. Pte H62523 Transf from CFC Wing M.G.T.C. No 4 DD Three Rivers & No.16 Coy
Atkinson, Percy Kenneth Pte D110205 Transf to No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Baguley, Thomas Pte D110277 Transf to No.4 Coy & No 4 VGC
Bailey, Arthur Cpl E29390 driver IC - transf from No.16 Coy transf to HQ No 1 CFG
Bailey, Edward Palmer ALCpl D110148 mlwrght “A”
Baird, Clarence Marvin Pte D110150 Transf to No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Baisley, M.L. Pte H94675 Transf from Reinf Sect transf to No.4 Coy & No.10 Coy
Baldwin, Francis Ernest Cpl E38235 Transf from No.16 Coy
Barber, John Henry Pte F76958 Transf from No.13 Coy & No.3 Coy & No.13 Coy
Barnes, Huie Mayberry Cpl C30588 Transf from No 3 DD & No.1 Coy
Barr, Harry Frederick Pte G45677 Transf from No.4 Coy
Barrett, Edward Cpl K99553 Transf from No.10 Coy
Bastien, Donat Pte D110146 blacksmith 'B'
Beaton, Buddy Pte D110227 driver IC “A”
Beauvais, Jean Guy Pte D113257 Transf from No.9 Coy & No.16 Coy
Beek, Bernard Russell Pte G48069 Transf from No.15 Coy & No.13 Coy
Bellerose, Wilfred Pte D110238 Discharged - blacksmith – driver IC
Bennett, Vernon L. Pte D110158
Benoit, Raymond Densiel LCpl D110223 tractor operator “A”
Bertin, Thomas George Pte G6281
Biddulph, Cyril Duncan Pte D110250
Bigelow, Clayton Cpl D110154 Transf to No.4 Coy & No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Bigelow, Keith William Pte D110202 bush crew - transf to No.10 Coy & No.4 Coy
Bisson, Emilien Pte D110128 Discharged - driver IC “A”
Blair, Gordon Gregory Pte D110104 driver IC “A”
Blanchard, A.E. LCpl K73174 Transf from No.24 Coy
Blondin, Phillip Emile Sgt D110198 carpr 'B'
Boilard, Fernando Sgt E38200 Transf from No.16 Coy transf to No.4 Coy
Boy, Philip CSM D.C.M. D110176
Boy, Philip D. Sgt D62693 Transf from CIRTC transf to No.4 Coy & No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD & CIC
Boyce, Anthony Bertram LCpl D110136 dept foreman “C” - transf to HQ No 1 CFG
Boyer, Albert Wesley Cpl G45608 Transf from No.4 Coy
Bregg, Henry R. Pte H62529 Transf from CFC Wing M.G.T.C. Three Rivers & No.16 Coy
Briere, Gilles J. Pte D110261 Transf to No.4 Coy
Briere, Jerome Joseph Pte D110222 Discharged
Brooks, Gordon Tyron Pte G18479 Transf from C&YR Irst Battn & No.4 Coy
Brown, Charles Elijah Pte D110226
Brown, David Joseph Pte D110292 Transf to No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Brown, John Ernest ACpl D110297 cook 'A' - transf to No.23 Coy
Brown, Leslie Cpl D110231
Brown, M.R. Pte G19467
Brown, T. Pte H94490
Brown, Thomas Henry ALCpl D110281 cook 'C' - transf to No.27 Coy & No.4 Coy & No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Brown, William Cpl D110219 Transf to No 1 CGRU & CProC
Browne, Frederick George Pte D110141 Discharged
Brunet, Jacques Pte D110255 driver mech - despatch rider - transf to No 6 DD & back to No.2 Coy
Buhnai, Michael Pte D110268 blacksmith helper - transf to No.16 Coy & No.4 Coy & No.10 Coy
Bureau, Andrew Leo Pte D110135
Burgess, William M. Sgt M60022 Transf from No 13 DD & No.16 Coy transf to & RCAMC
Burke, L.T. Pte H94308
Burnby, L. Armr Sgt att from RCEME transf to 48th Highlanders & No.4 Coy
Cadieux, Adelard Joseph Pte D110185 coy bugler - transf to No.23 Coy
Caldwell, James William Pte G45747 Transf from No.4 Coy
Campbell, Alistair Matheson Capt Lt Adj - transf to HQ CFC & RCA
Campbell, Ivan Pte D16764
Campbell, Norman Nicholson Pte D110166 Transf to No.4 Coy
Campbell, Wilfred Pte D110116 Transf to No.9 Coy
Cardinal, Edmond Pte E38248 Transf from No.16 Coy
Carnegie, W. Pte K88714 Transf from No.18 Coy & No.8 Coy & No.16 Coy
Cathcart, Edgar Percy Sgt D110162 sawyer ‘A’ - transf to HQ No 1 CFG
Caulkins, John George Lt Discharged - bush offr - transf to No 1 NETD
Cayer, Lionel Pte D110249 driver mech - transf to No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Chaif, Clarence Sgt D110110 cook 'B'
Champ, William J. Sgt D95807 driver IC - transf from 14 Gen Hosp - RCAMC transf to HQ No 1 Dist & HQ CFC & No.23 Coy & No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Charby, William Pte D110252 Discharged
Chartrand, Georges Etienne Pte D110203 driver IC ‘A’ - transf to HQ CFC
Chevrier, Gabriel Joseph Pte D110293 Transf to No 5 DD
Chippett, Oswald Wallace Pte D110113
Chislitt, Claude Alfred Pte A47581 Transf from 24th F Amb RCAMC transf to HQ No 2 Dist & No.16 Coy & Reinf Sect
Church, Robert Wadleigh ACQMS D110101 drill instructor - transf to No 1 CGHU & RCAF
Clark, Gerald Pte D110134 canteen helper - transf to No.13 Coy & No.3 Coy & No.2 Coy att to No.9 Coy - X4A List - See No 7 CFD & No 5 DD & RCOC
Clout, Sidney William Pte D113083 Transf from No.9 Coy transf to No.4 Coy
Colburn, Willard B. Pte F50179 Transf from No.13 Coy
Coles, Albert John Sgt D110172 Transf to No.5 Coy & back to No.2 Coy
Collin, Lucien Private D110118 Discharged
Conway, Edward William Stanley Cpl D110177 Transf to No.22 Coy & No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD transf to RCA
Conway, Patrick Claude Cpl D110256 Transf to No.10 Coy & No.4 Coy & No.2 Coy & No.4 Coy
Cooper, A.G. Pte K37943 Transf from No.25 Coy
Cote, Renuad Pte D110142 Transf to No 5 Coy RCDC
Coull, Randolph Pte E38176 Transf from & back to No.16 Coy transf to No.9 Coy & No.17 Coy
Court, H.R. Pte G4457
Cowper, Floyd Lucien Pte D113205 Transf from & back to No.9 Coy & HQ No 1 CFG
Crawford, William Earl Pte D110259
Crenier, Norman Pte D110296
Cronk, Roy Ellis Pte G45640 Transf from No.4 Coy
Curley, T. Pte D113254 Transf from No.9 Coy & No.16 Coy
Curnew, Cecil Frederick Armr Sgt D23290 RCOC att to No.2 Coy & No 48 Hldrs
Currier, James Clinton Pte D110167 Transf to No.14 Coy & No.2 Coy & No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Dagenais, Leo Pte D110189 Transf to No.1 Coy
Dale, John Franklin Alan Sgt/Lt D110235 motor mech “B” - bush foreman ‘A’ - transf to OCTU & No.4 Coy & No.2 Coy & No.25 Coy & No.18 Coy
Davies, Albert Red Pte D110183 Transf to No 3 CGRU
Davies, William Leslie ACpl D110109 elect "B" - transf to RCAF
Dawe, Clarence Cpl D110120 mail clerk
Delorey, John Edward Pte H62567 Transf from CFC Wing No 10 DD Port Arthur & No.16 Coy
Demoe, H.J. Pte C33851 Transf to Reinf Sect
Derasp, Leopold Pte E38216 Transf from No.16 Coy - See CFC Casualties
Desgagne, Joseph Phileas Pte D110294 cook B' - transf to No.13 Coy
Desjardins, Jean Pte D110283
Desruisseaux, Austin Pte D110239 cook "B"
Devereaux, N. Pte E39409 Transf from CFC Wing MGTC No 4 DD Three Rivers transf to No.16 Coy
Dewar, Elmer Pte D110228 Transf to Reinf Sect
Dey, Leslie Pte D110221 tractor driver "B"
Deyarmond, Lester Burton Pte Transf from No.25 Coy transf to NNSH
Dezan, Lawrence H. Pte D110213
Dezourde, Alphonse ACpl D11014 millwright 'A' - transf to HQ CFC
Dobson, Manford ALCpl E38178 cook 'C' - transf from No.16 Coy transf to RCASC att to No.2 Coy & No 4 CIRU
Dominique, Donald Arthur Joseph Pte D110248
Donald, James Chalmers Pte H59832 Transf from No 10 DD & RCA - See CFC Casualties
Dougherty, Butler Nelson ALCpl D110119 forestry foreman - transf to No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Dowse, John Anthony Pte D113046 Transf from & back to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Duchaine, Rosario Pte E38206 Transf from No.16 Coy
Dunlop, George Booth Sgt E38230 Transf from No.16 Coy & No.3 Coy transf to 17th DYRCH (7th Recce Regt.)
Dunlop, John Henry Capt-Major CO - transf to HQ CFC
Durrete, D. Pte E5313 Transf from No.4 Coy
Edge, William Albert Pte D110133
Edwards, Henry George (Bob) WOII CSM D110274 driver I/C - transf from No 4 DD transf to HQ No 2 Dist & No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Eggleston, S. Pte M102778 Transf from No.13 Coy
Ehrenreich, J. Pte D26804 Transf to No.10 Coy
Ellis, Granville Henry Pte G45724 Transf from No.4 Coy
Everett, William Alfred Godfrey Sgt K99640 Transf from No.10 Coy
Fairfield, E.F. Pte C70220 Transf from No 3 DD & No.16 Coy
Farnell, Heinrich O. Pte F15 Transf from No.13 Coy
Featherston, Thomas Pte D110121 bush crew - transf to BW(RHC) - See CFC Casualties
Finlayson, D. Pte B24090 Transf from RCR transf to No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD transf to No 3 Canadian NETD
Fleming, Andrew Stevenson Pte/Lt D110143 Transf to Intelligence Corps
Fletcher, Thomas Joseph Pte G45723 Transf from No.4 Coy
Fontaine, Oscar ALCpl E38101 Transf from No.16 Coy transf to No 1 NETD
Fontaine, Rosario Pte E38170 Transf from No.16 Coy
Ford, G.J. Pte A11092
Foreman, Thomas Herrick (Eric) Sgt D110152
Forget, Raymond Pte D110151 driver IC “B” - transf to Gen Workshop
Fortin, A. Pte E10418
Fox, Evan L/Cpl D110160 Transf to the L&RSR - See CFC Casualties
Fraser, D.H. Pte F87364 Transf from No.13 Coy
Furlotte, F. Pte G23957 Transf from No.25 Coy transf to No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Gagne, Alex Joseph Pte B17238 Transf from No.14 Coy & No.16 Coy transf to No.11 Coy & No.5 Coy
Gallant, A. Pte E9395
Gallant, Benoit Pte E32839 Transf from No.16 Coy
Galley, J. Pte G19032
Gallie, Hiram Philip Pte G56689
Gardiner, Clifford Walter, Pte D110111 Discharged - transf to No 4 DD
Garland, Richard Isadore Pte B17043 Transf from No.14 Coy transf to Tunneling Coy RCE
Garneau, J. Pte D56592 Transf from MR
Gaudet, J.E. Pte G56611 Transf from No.25 Coy
Gaw, Samuel Kennedy Pte D110196
Gelineau, Wilfred Maurice Pte C70068 Transf from HQ CFC & No.1 Coy & No.3 Coy
George, Dwight Chase Capt Transf from 7/11 Hussars NPAM & No.16 Coy
Gibson, Douglas Fowler Tysdale Lt Transf from No.22 Coy & HQ No 2 Dist
Gibson, R.J.E. Pte C34110 Transf from CFC Wing No 3 DD & No.16 Coy
Gilbert, Edmund John Pte D110230 driver IC “A”
Gillies, Donald William Sgt D95654 Transf from No.14 Gen Hosp RCAMC
Girard, Alfred Pte E38202 Transf from No.16 Coy
Glenn, Edward Alexander Pte G45560 Transf from No.4 Coy
Golding, Henri Pte D110182 Transf to HQ No 3 Dist & HQ No 5 Dist
Gorham, Percy Pte D110211
Gosselin E. Pte D113056 Transf from No.9 Coy & No.16 Coy
Gosselin, Ernest Joseph Cpl D6777 orderly room – pay Cpl - transf from No 4 DD transf to No 1 CGHU & RCAF
Gray, Fredick LCpl E38249 Transf from No.16 Coy
Gray, Joseph LCpl E36021 millwright ‘A’ - transf from & back to No.3 Coy transf to No.27 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Greer, H.W. Pte F87420 Transf from No.13 Coy
Grenier, P.E.Hermas Sgt D110296 Transf to No.1 Coy & No.16 Coy - See No 7 CFD transf to RCE
Grey, F. Pte H62525 Transf from CFC Wing MGTC No 4 DD Three Rivers & No.16 Coy
Grieve, A.G. Pte M60016 Transf from No 13 DD & No.16 Coy
Gruer, Wallace James Pte D110266 driver IC “A” - transf to No 1 CGRU & CPC
Guitar, E. Pte E39556 Transf to RCASC
Guitar, M. Pte G17484
Guitard, Oscar Pte E39468 bush crew - transf to No.4 Coy
Haas, Arthur Pte D110267 Discharged - driver IC “A”
Hall, E.F. Sgt D95621 Transf from No 14 Coy Gen Hosp RCAMS transf to No.4 Coy & No.10 Coy
Hanson, James Cpl H45540 Transf from First Battn LSR & No.25 Coy
Harbour, William Pte E38135 Transf from No.16 Coy
Harris, Thomas Cottrell Pte D110122 Discharged
Harritt, Philip John Pte D110233 cook “C” - transf to Anti-Aircraft RCA
Hartel, Romuald Private E38142
Haslam, Edward Walter ACpl D110207 Transf to No.5 Coy - See No.8 CFD
Hathaway, J.F. LCpl G23694 Transf from No.24 Coy
Hawthorne, G.M. Pte G3730 Transf from No.25 Coy
Heath, E.W. Pte A11271
Hebert, Alphonse Pte D110126
Hebert, G. Pte E39455 bushman - transf to No.4 Coy
Heegsma, P. LCpl D95662 Transf from No 14 Gen Hosp RCAMC
Henson, Clifford E. Pte M60041 Transf from No 13 DD & No.16 Coy & No.9 Coy
Hibbard, Alexander Pte D110214
Hibbard, James Pte D110272 carpr - transf to HQ CFC & back to No.2 Coy
Higginson, Charles Pte D110209 tractor driver "A"
Hill, R. Pte C34290 Transf from No.25 Coy
Hillcoat, Andrew Stirling AStaff Sgt D110105 Transf to HQ CFC
Hoare, Harry Pte D110220 Transf to HQ CFC
Hogan, Patrick Joseph Pte K99501 Transf from No.10 Coy & No.4 Coy
Hotton, Herman Pte E38137 driver - transf from No.16 Coy
Hubbard, Irvin LCpl F85638 Transf from No.13 Coy
Huisser, Hartman T. Pte A11810
Humphries, Charles Albert Pte D110210 Transf to HQ CFC
Hunt, Willy Pte E34962 bushman
Hurd, Eric James D110132 sawyer "A" - transf to No 1 NETD & RCAF
Huskins, M.C. Pte F96162 Transf from No.25 Coy
Huston, W.H. Pte H94328 Transf from No.25 Coy
Hutton, Robert Alison Pte D95817 plumber & steam fitter “B” - transf from No 14 Gen Hosp RCAMC
Isaac, C.A. Sgt M60036 Transf from No 13 DD & No.16 Coy
Isabelle, P. Pte E15119 Transf to No.4 Coy
Isabelle, Pierre Pte E38134 Transf from No.16 Coy
Jackson, L.R. Pte F89725 Transf from No.2 Coy
Jarvis, J.E. Pte H62607 Transf from CFC Wing MGTC No 4 DD Three Rivers & No.16 Coy
Jean-Pilote, A. Pte D123449
Job, Alfred Allan ASgt D72115 cook ‘A’ - clerk ‘B’ - transf from No 14 Gen Hosp - RCAMC transf to HQ CFC
Job, Frank John Pte D110264 driver IC “A” - transf to No 4 DD & RCASC - See CFC Casualties
Job, Lloyd Hilderman Pte D110187 Discharged - driver IC “B” – cook ‘C’
Johnson, A. Pte F89554 Transf from No.13 Coy
Johnson, Charles Pte E38147 Transf from & back to No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Johnston, A.S. Pte F37656 Transf from No.25 Coy
Jones, E.M. Sgt M60039 Transf from No 13 DD transf & No.16 Coy
Jones, Joseph Bernard Pte D95798 cook "C" - transf from No 14 Gen Hosp - RCAMC transf to No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Judge, F.J. Pte F50329 Transf from No.13 Coy
King, Ernest Pte D110139
Kinney, E. Pte G19054
Kitchen, W.W. Pte G56631 Transf from No.25 Coy
Klepko, Demitre 'Dan' Pte D110236
Knight, Lloyd Garnet Pte D110253
Labelle, E. Pte E38158
Lacroix, Arthur Pte D110204
Langballe, Niels Brock Capt Transf from No.9 Coy transf to No.16 Coy & No.4 Coy
Lanno, Peter Raymond Pte D110287
Lantin, John Pte E38227 Transf from No.16 Coy
Lapointe, Joseph Lucien Sgt D110299 Transf to No.1 Coy
Larkin, Michael Harry Pte D110232 Transf to HQ No 2 Dist & HQ No 1 Dist
Larose, Jaen L. Pte E38201 Transf from & back to No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Larose, T. Pte K47654
Lauzon, Joseph Ephrem Pte D110260 tailor "B"
Lavigne, Alcide Pte D110181
Lawrence, Edgar William Pte D110191 Transf to No.16 Coy & No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Lawrence, Stanley Burman Lt C63105 Transf from No.1 Coy & HQ No 2 Dist & No.13 Coy & OCTU transf to Gen Workshop & No.25 Coy
Lebel, Edouard Pte E38158 Transf from No.16 Coy
Leblanc, J. Pte L41234
Leclair, George Pte D110292 Transf to No.4 Coy
Leclerc, Emilien Pte D110241
Leduc, Omar Joseph Pte D110288 Transf to No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Legacy, C. Pte E39469 saw filer
Legere, Adolphe Pte E39457
Legros, John Pte C70065 Transf from HQ CFC & No.1 Coy & No.3 Coy
Lennox, Arthur Preston Pte F96239 Transf from No.25 Coy
Leonard, Thomas Nelson Sgt D110229 driver IC – mill foreman
Lesage, E. Pte D62038
Leslie, P.G. LCpl G56609 Transf from No.25 Coy
Levesque, Alfred Pte D110199
Levesque, Joseph Pte D110224 blacksmith "B"
Lewis, W.E. Pte H59767
Linkletter, Herman Alexis Pte Transf from No.13 Coy transf to RCE
Linkletter, Lamont Joseph Gilbert (Mont) Pte F87333 Transf from No.13 Coy
Lloyd, George Alfred Pte B17140 Transf from No.14 Coy transf to RCOC
Loupert, Arthur Charles LCpl D110188 bulldozer operator “B” – tractor “B”
Lowery, Cyril Pte D110240 Transf to No.23 Coy
Luckie, William Pte D113074 Transf from & back to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Lursier, Florent Pte D110290 Discharged
MacCaskill, Murdo Pte D110269 bush crew
MacDonald, Alex Norman Pte D111038 Discharged - driver IC “B”
MacDonald, D. ASgt F87894 Transf from No.25 Coy
MacDonald, R.F. Pte G56607 Transf from No.25 Coy
MacLeod, Donald Pte M60023 Transf from No 13 DD & No.16 Coy
Major, J.L. Pte H62601 Transf from CFC Wing No 10 DD Port Arthur Ont & No.16 Coy
Makepeace, Robert Herron Pte D110173 Transf to No.9 Coy & HQ No 2 Dist & HQ No 8 CFD
Mallalley, Thomas Pte G23335 Transf from No 4 Bn RCE & No 3 CIRU & No.4 Coy
Mallery, H.C. Pte K41471
Malone, E.M. Pte M66063
Mann, Frederick Charles CQMS K41051 Transf from No.22 Coy
Manuel, W. Pte G56608 Transf from No.25 Coy
Marchand, John Pierre Joseph Pte D110286 Discharged
Marshall, Douglas Haig ACpl D110102 driver IC “C” – orderly room
Martel, Romuald LCpl E38242 Transf from No.16 Coy
Martin, A.E. Pte K41516
Martin, Alphonse Pte D110242 driver IC - motor mech “A” - transf to No 3 CARU & No 4 Medium Artillery RCA
Martin, Fernando Pte D110243 Discharged - motor mech helper
Martin, Gerard Pte D110225 Discharged
Martin, Harold Francis Stanislaus Pte D113238 Transf from No.9 Coy transf to No.9 Coy & No.28 Coy & Reinf Sect
Martin, Joseph Stanlas Pte F77260 Transf from No.13 Coy transf to No.2 Coy
Martin, Louis Philippe Pte E38198 Transf from No.16 Coy
Martin, Wilfred Alfred Pte D95563 log canter - transf from No 14 Gen Hosp RCAMC transf to No.8 Coy & No.26 Coy & VGC
Matheson, T.O. L/Cpl F54740 Transf from No.13 Coy
Maughan, H.L. Pte F85620 Transf from No.13 Coy & Reinf Sect
Mazerolle, Joseph Wallace Pte G48229 Transf from No 7 DD & No.4 Coy
McAllister, J. Pte M12390
McCann, Charles Herbert 'Herbie' Dominique LCpl D110215
McCarthy, T.J. Pte M60015 Transf from No 13 DD & No.16 Coy
McDonald, D. Sgt Transf from No.24 Coy
McDonald, J.L. Pte C34138 Transf from CFC Wing No 3 DD & No.16 Coy
McDonnell, J. Pte K41459
McGettigan, P.J Cpl H94414 Transf from No.24 Coy
McGraw, P. Pte H45725
McIntrye, T. Pte F97153 Transf from No.25 Coy
McKellar, James Pte D110192 Transf to No 4 DD
McKenzie, H. Pte B84951 Transf from No.13 Coy transf to No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD
McLaughlin, Alvin Edward Pte G48289 Transf from No 77 DD & No.4 Coy
McLean, S.R. Pte K62663
McLeod, Donald Murdo Pte D110244 Discharged
McLeod, G. Pte B98219
McLeod, John Allen Stuart Pte D110260 driver IC "B" - transf to No.26 Coy & No 12 Coy VGC
McLeod, John Everett Pte D110155 cook "B" - transf to RCASC
McLeod, Roderick Allister Sgt D95648 Transf from 14th Gen Hosp RCAMC
McMath, Joseph LCpl D21512 batman driver - transf from No 4 DD transf to HQ CFC & No.10 Coy & No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD
McMinn, R. LCpl H62531 Transf from Transf from CFC Wing MGTC No 4 DD & No.16 Coy
McNeil, Robert Pte D110145 driver IC “A” - motor mech “A”
McVicar, Clifton George Pte D110179 Transf to No 5 CIRU
Menenreich, Jack Pte D28604 Transf from No 4 DD
Miller, D.F. Pte C52645 Transf from HQ No 2 Dist
Mills, T. Pte C100367
Miquez, F. Pte Transf from Reinf Sect
Mitchell, John Thomas Pte D110130 Discharged - driver IC “B”
Mockler, L.R. Pte G18171
Mockler, W.T. ASgt G46724 Transf from No.25 Coy
Modin, K.G. Pte H94760 Transf from Reinf Sect
Molyneux, Frederick John Langtry Major Transf to HQ CFC & No.28 Coy & HQ 21 Army Group – Laison Officer
Moodie, Thomas Pte E38216 Transf from No.16 Coy transf to Machine Gun Reece Battn
Moore, Frederick Miles Sgt G45690 Transf from No.4 Coy
Morency, Gerard Cpl E38122 orderly room – mail orderly - transf from No.16 Coy transf to HQ No 1 CFG
Morgan, A.J. Pte H62596 Transf from CFC Wing No 10 DD Port Arthur & No.16 Coy
Morris, Leslie William John Major CO - transf from No.1 Coy
Morrison, M. Pte K100236 Transf to No.4 Coy
Morton, Wallace Pte D110278 Discharged
Mosher, C.R. Pte F86193 Transf from No.13 Coy
Mott, Cecil Charles Pte D110273 Transf to No 4 DD
Muir, William Lorne Sgt D110193 driver IC ‘A’ - transf to RCOC
Mulley, William Clarence Pte D110194 Discharged
Munroe, Pte Transf from SD&GH
Murchison, Charles Winfred Pte G45629 Transf from No.4 Coy
Murray, Norman James Pte K99624 carpr - transf from No.10 Coy
Nadeau, Louis Phillip Emile Pte D110107 Discharged
Napody, H. Pte H94726
Neilson, A.H. Cpl C34859 Transf from HQ CFC transf to No 4 CIRU
Neilson, N. Pte M101583
Nelson, H. Pte M100100 Transf from Reinf Sect
Nicholson, Lawrence Pte D110245
Niles, Walter Dunpy Pte G45678 Transf from No.4 Coy
Noble, Albert William Sgt D110124 Transf to HQ No 1 CFG
Noble, Frank David AQMS D110149 Transf to No.14 Coy & HQ No 1 Dist & HQ No 3 Dist & Reinf Sect
Noble, Victor LCpl D110123
Norton, Albert Edward Cpl D110180 cook - See Fuel Wood Cutting Unit
O'Hara, George Frederick Lt G45653 transp offr - transf from No.4 Coy & OCTU transf to No.22 Coy & No 1 NETD
Olmstead, Robert Earl Pte G48252 Transf from No.10 Coy transf to RCAMC
O'Neil, Joseph Hugh Pte G45645 Transf from No.4 Coy
O'Neill, Frank Sgt D110276 Transf to HQ No 4 Dist & HQ CFC
Ouellet, Joseph Alcide Pte E38189 Transf from No.16 Coy
Pallot, Joseph Edward ASSgt D110184 Transf to HQ No 2 Dist & HQ No 3 Dist & HQ No 5 Dist
Paul, T. Pte H46592 Transf from Reinf Sect
Paulsen, Arthur Paul Pte G45746 Transf from No.4 Coy
Pearson, R. Pte H12227 Transf from No.13 Coy
Pepler, James Somerset Sgt H33006 clerk 'B' - transf from No 5 Gen Hosp RCAMC transf to HQ No 2 Dist & No.24 Coy & No.3 Coy & No.23 Coy & No 10 DD
Perkins, David Morrison Sgt D110163 Transf to No 4 DD & back to No.2 Coy
Perkins, G.W. ALCpl Transf to No 1 CGRU & CPC
Perron, Ferdinand ALCpl D110271 forestry foreman
Perron, Joseph Valere ALCpl D110103 cook "C"
Perron, Louis Phillip Pte D110217
Phillips, J.E. Pte D66328
Picard, Lionel Pte D113032 Transf from No.9 Coy & No.3 Coy transf back to No.3 Coy
Pick, Roy Desmond Pte D110208
Pilon, Felix Hector Pte D110206 Transf to No 4 DD
Poirier, Joseph Burton William Pte D110117 driver IC ‘C’
Poulette, C. Pte H62513 Transf from CFC Wing MGTC No 4 DD Three Rivers & No.16 Coy
Pratt, Archibald John Pte D110275 Transf to No 4 DD
Prevost, John Reginald 'Reggie' Cpl E38250 Transf from No.16 Coy transf to No.1 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Pring, Sydney Charles Cpl D110218 Transf to RCASC
Pudsey, Gordon Lovett Pte F86014 Transf from No.13 Coy
Purchase, Albert Vibert Pte D110144 tractor operator ‘A’ - transf to No.14 Coy
Purchase, Robert William Pte D46566 Transf from SFR
Rainey, Samuel John (Buster) Pte D110159 Transf to No.16 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Rainey, William (Billy) Pte D110153 Transf to RCA
Raymond, D. Pte D61824 Transf from Mount Royal Fusiliers
Reay, (Red) Hugh Orr Sgt D95725 motor mech - transf from No 14 Gen Hosp RCAMC
Renaud, Marcel Pte E38119 Transf from No.16 Coy
Richard, Gerry Pte D57067 bush crew - transf from RdeMais
Riglar, Robert Fraser Staff Sgt D110175 Transf to RCAMC att to No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Rivard, Andre Pte D110234 barber - mill worker
Robinson, Donald Sgt D110130 Transf to HQ No 2 Dist
Rodgers, John Whitney Pte G45562 Transf from No.4 Coy
Rogers, Clayton Sheldon Pte F77583 Transf from No.13 Coy
Rogers, S.E. Sgt F45445
Rose, John (Red) Pte D110115
Ross, John Alexander Pte D110251 - See CFC Casualties
Rousselle, J.A. Pte G50635 Transf from No.25 Coy
Rowan, Thomas LCpl K92152 cook 'C' - transf from No 11 DD & No.7 Coy
Roy, Alexandre Pte D110246 IC driver ”B” - transf to No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Roy, Frederick Joseph Sgt K75056 cook "A" - transf from No.22 Coy
Roy, Jean Baptiste Pte D110171 shoemaker ‘A’
Rugenius, Benedict Julien Pte D110238 Transf to No.28 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Russell, Alexander Campbell Sgt G46588 Transf from No.25 Coy
Saunders, J.H. Pte G56650 Transf from No.25 Coy
Sauve, Alfred J.N. Pte D110289 Transf to No 6 DD & back to No.2 Coy
Savard, Jean-Paul Pte D110284 Transf to RCASC
Savoie, D. Pte D57161 Transf from RdeMais
Saxton, Walter ASgt D110127 Transf to No.4 Coy & RCAMC att to No.20 Coy
Schofield, Leslie Arthur Lt E36190 Adj - transf from No.3 Coy & OCTU & No.3 Coy & Reinf Sect transf to Reinf Sect & No.25 Coy
Scott, Andrew Pte D110157 driver "A"
Seguin, Lenox Linwood Cpl D110165 motor mech 'A' - transf to Reinf Sect
Semple, James Arthur Pte G45568 Transf from No.4 Coy
Sergerie, E. Pte D57842
Shaw, Frederick Jason Cpl B17205 Transf from No.14 Coy & No.16 Coy
Shorey, Pte Transf to Reinf Sect
Simard, Hector Pte D110201 driver IC ‘A’ - transf to HQ CFC
Simpson, George Milford Sgt C17596 bush foreman 'A' - transf from CYReg & HQ CFC & HQ No 2 Dist transf to HQ No 2 Dist & No.13 Coy & No.2 Coy & No 7 DD
Skaar, Raynar Pte K41056 Transf from No.22 Coy
Smith, Howard Clayton C.S.M. D.C.M. M.M. D110258 mill foreman 'A'
Smith, Frank Edgar Pte D110147 Transf to HQ No 2 Dist
Smith, James Lyman Pte D110216 rigger 'A'
Smith, Melvin David Sgt C21667 Transf from Cam'n Highrs transf to RCAMC
Smith, Thomas Herbert Pte K99131 Transf from No.7 Coy
Sobey, P.A. Pte G6209
Sorenson, Christien Aage Pte D110197 tractor operator “A”
Spittal, Andrew Morrison Taylor Major TK96788 Corps Reserve of Officers VRC transf to No 1 NETU
Statton, Leo Reginald Pte D110170
Statton, Walter Edmond Pte D110247 driver IC ‘A’
Steeves, Charles Andrew Pte G45731 Transf from No.4 Coy
Stephen, A. Pte L2006 Transf from No.13 Coy
Steward, Pte Transf from 5th Div
Stewart, George Russell Sgt D110108 orderly room Sgt - transf to HQ No 2 Dist
Stickney, William Edward Cpl K89003 orderly room clk - transf from No 11 Detach RCASC & No.10 Coy transf to RCE Tunneling Crew
Stoddart, Alexander ALCpl D110186
Strong, Leslie Irwin Capt Transf from & back to HQ CFC transf to No.24 Coy & No.25 Coy
Sutherland, William Arthur Pte D110285 Discharged
Sutley, Horace Arthur Pte M4181 Transf from 3rd Field Regt RCA transf to HQ CFC
Synette, W.A. LCpl G22287 Transf from No.25 Coy
Syvret, Herbert Walter Pte E38196 Transf from No.16 Coy transf to No ? DD & NNSH - See CFC Casualties
Taisey, Harley Elmar Lt D110112 Transf to OCTU & No.4 Coy & No.3 Coy
Taylor, Albion Lynn CSM D110100 Transf to HQ CFC
Taylor, Clarence Franklin Pte F115 Transf from No.13 Coy
Taylor, Clyde Maynard Pte D110164 sawfiler "C"
Taylor, S.W. Pte F85543
Taylor, V. Pte E2667
Templeton, Douglas Robert William Pte D110263 Discharged - driver IC ‘B’
Thibeault, Gerard Pte E38212 Transf from No.16 Coy
Thompson, David Bartholomew Pte D110169 driver IC ‘A' - transf to No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Thompson, Herbert Charles Pte D110174 Discharged
Thompson, James Gordon Pte D113078 Transf from No.9 Coy
Thomson, Frederick Pte D110262 Transf to HQ CFC
Tighe, Turnes Earle George Pte H53506 Transf from No.5 Coy & No.4 Coy & No.7 Coy & No.4 Coy
Tryger, Frank Pte D110137
Turgeon, Ferdinand Pte D110265 Transf to No.10 Coy & No.4 Coy
Vailleux, A. Pte E2116 Transf from RCE
Vatalet, Adolph Pte K73732 Transf from No.22 Coy
Vavasour, Keith Lt Transf from No.25 Coy & HQ CFC
Viens, Leonce Simon Pte D110140
Waite, William Pte D110168 carpr 'C' - transf to HQ CFC
Walsh, Christopher Pte D110195 buglar - transf to HQ No 1 CFG
Warden, Kenneth Pte C96294 offrs mess - transf from HQ CFC
Watt, Donald Pte M61787 Transf from No.19 Coy & No.3 Coy & No.22 Coy transf to RCEME
Webb, W. Pte D11556
Webb, Reginald F. 'Reggie' Pte D110129 driver IC 'B' - transf to No.4 Coy & No.27 Coy & No.9 Coy- See No 7 CFD
Webster, Arland Farmer Pte D110298 Transf to No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Weeks, A.F. Pte C17407
Wells, Hermas 'Ernie' Sgt D110106 transport Sgt
Wells, William Pte D110212 driver IC 'A' - transf to HQ No 1 CFG
Wentzell, E.T. Pte F78164 Transf from No.13 Coy
Westgate, Robert Hartley 'Buck' CQMS D110257 driver IC 'B'
Weston, George Pte D110279 Transf to HQ CFC
Whalen, Ambrose Patrick 'Paddy' Pte D110291 bush crew
Whelan, Walter 'Wild Willie' Pte D113201 Transf from No.9 Coy transf to No 3 Reinf Unit RCA
Whinfield, Ewan Edmund Pte D110270
Williams, C.J. Pte C35023
Williams, Leslie Ernest Pte D110178
Wilson, Thomas Earl Pte D110190 driver 'B'
Woodard, W.W. Pte D125670 Transf to No.4 Coy & No.10 Coy
Woods, Garnet Sgt D110125 Transf to HQ CFC & No.28 Coy & No 1 NETD
Woods, Norman Desmond Pte D110295 Forestry foreman ‘C’ - transf to No.9 Coy & back to No.2 Coy transf to No 1 NETD - See CFC Casualties
Woodward, Pte Transf from Reinf Sect
Wright, C.L. Sgt F78152 Transf from No.13 Coy
Wylie, George C. Pte D113165 Transf from & back to No.9 Coy - See No 7 CFD
Young, Archer William Pte D110200 driver IC 'B' - transf to No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD
Young, James 'Jim' Pte D110156 Transf to No.16 Coy - See No 8 CFD

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