Funeral Homes
Funeral Homes - Past & Present
Fort William, Port Arthur & Thunder Bay

Blake & Henderson Funeral Directors & Embalmers 204 May Street South Fort William
Cameron's Undertaking Parlors
Cameron & Jenkens Undertaking 711 Victoria Ave Fort William
Cardinal Funeral Home Fort William
Chapel, 200 May Street South, Fort William
Chas. A. Jenkens 711 Victoria Ave Fort William
Chas. G. Jenkens Funeral Home 118 Syndicate Avenue South Fort William
Collin Wood's Undertaking Parlors
Dawson & Thompson, Undertakers
Everest Funeral Chapel 299 Arthur Street Port Arthur
Everest & Thomson Funeral Establishment
Funeral Home 21 Court Street North, Port Arthur
Funeral Parlors 299 Arthur Street, Port Arthur
Geo. E. blake Funeral Chapel
Jenkens Undertaking Parlors
J.E. Smith Undertaker Arthur Street, Port Arthur
Jenkens & Son Funeral Chapel
Matheau and Thompson's Undertaking Establishment
Morris Funeral Parlors
Piper's Undetaking Parlors, Fort William
Richardson and Company's Undertaking Parlors, Court Street
Thompson & Sargent's Funeral Parlors
Watkinson's Undertaking Parlors, 236 Arthur Street
W.C. Dalton Undertaker Cumberland Street Port Arthur
Westerman's Funeral Parlors
Woods Undertaking Rooms

Everest of Thunder Bay
----Waverly Chapel is located at 299 Waverly Street (PA or Thunder Bay North)
----Westfort Chapel is located at 420 Gore Street West (FW or Thunder Bay South)

Jenkens Funeral Home 226 Syndicate Avenue (FW or Thunder Bay South)

Blake's Funeral Chapel 200 May Street South (FW or Thunder Bay South)

Harborview Funeral Center 499 Cumberland Street North (PA or Thunder Bay North)

Northwest Funeral Alternative Inc 331 May St N Thunder Bay, Ont P7C 3R3
1-807-623-2025 email [email protected]

Sargent & Son 21 Court Street North (PA or Thunder Bay North)

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