Harstone Cemetery
Harstone Church & Cemetery
St. Pius V Roman Catholic Cemetery
Harstone Road, Flint, O'Connor Township

Photographs used with permission from Steeple Chase Ontario's Historic Churches by Susan & James Preyde
Permission is required from Susan & James Preyde for others to use their pictures.

The Church was built in 1915 by Father Labelle on land donated by Mr and Mrs P. Barry.
It was torn down in 1987 because of age and increasing vandalism

The cemetery was also also known as St. Pius V Roman Catholic Cemetery.
The cemetery is being maintained at the present by some local folks - Good Job!!
In the last few years many new smaller white wooden crosses were put up to mark the graves.
A new sign was also erected by Mary & Jim Cherwonick and Helen & Alex Ross.
Larry Ross made the new sign. It also lists the names of the deceased who are buried there.
There are only a few headstones that are still legible. The last burial was that of Anton Mayer in 1973.

See more photos from Jim Cherwonick on the making of the new sign

Names marked with a * indicate another source for birth/death date such as an
obituary,etc...when no specific date of death is available or given.

Last Updated Apr 2020

Thunder Bay Public Library - Newspaper References:
(CJ) - Chronicle Journal - (FWDTJ) Fort William Daily Times Journal - (PANC) Port Arthur News Chronicle

1998 - 2020 JFLH

Berry, Philip Aug 18, 1950 age 86 (Interred at St. Patrick's Cemetery)
Berry, Kate (Wallace) June 7, 1943 age 72 (Interred at St. Patrick's Cemetery)

*Bird, Edward Joseph Jan 19, 1912 aged 4yrs, 7 mos
Bird, Ellen Jane (Foley) May 1858-Dec 24, 1931

Bleskan, Ferdinand *Apr 12, 1931-Aug 8, 1932

Bull, H.

Ceming-Hoppen, Leonard June 2-Oct 18, 1938, infant s/o Frank Hoppen & Annie Gregor


Derozea, J. Aug 2, 1943 (possible date)

Desjardine, Eugenie (Derobis) Nov 14, 1889-Feb 8, 1926

Drexler, Helen *Dec 22, 1904-Oct 27, 1922

Foley, William May 4, 1859-July 10, 1936

Forrester, H.

Gregor, Annie
(Annie Hoppen Apr 8, 1947 & buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery)

Henry, E.

Holmes, C.

Hoppen, Frank?
Hoppen, L. (same as Leonard Ceming?)

Lagadin, Nicholas 1909-Dec 14, 1939 beloved husband of Mary

Lannigan, H.

Larson, June Violet *June 15, 1933-Nov 16, 1934


Matheson, John 1925-*Feb 9, 1946
Matheson, Kenneth Donald *June 1, 1925-Nov 9, 1925

Mayer, Anton 1892-*May 11, 1973 Father
Mayer, Mary Rose 1891-*July 25, 1950 Mother


Meservia, Patrick Alexander Mar 17, 1935-Jan 16, 1936

Mowen, C.

Mowen, Mary *Oct 3, 1918 aged 70 years

Pierre, Ernest John Feb 7, 1904-Feb 7, 1935

Smigielski, Baby Boy *July 5, 1934

Toohy, Patrick *April 4, 1921 age 79

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