Silver Islet Cemetery
Silver Islet Cemetery
Sibley Township, Thunder Bay District

Special Thanks to Lisa Klymenko for photographing the headstones & adding the extra notes

Thunder Bay Public Library - Newspaper References:
(CJ) - Chronicle Journal - (FWDTJ) Fort William Daily Times Journal - (PANC) Port Arthur News Chronicle

Some Information obtained from Death Registrations

1998 - 2020 JFLH

Last updated Apr 2020

From what I have read the Cemetery was opened from 1870 - 1885 and has 79 graves

Cawdor, James abt 1913

McPherson, Ann died Oct 1870 at the age of 3 yrs
McPherson, Mary - age 7 mos died in Nov 1870 - children of Alex & Jane McPherson

Tompkins, Myron Dr. died Jan 11, 1879

Barlow, Ester Amelia Elizabeth
(Ancestry) Feb 9, 1877 - Dec 29, 1878 age 1 yr 10 mos 20 dys

Possibly could say children of
William and Elizabeth Barlow??

Martin, Ann
May 9, 1882
Aged 42 yrs

McLean, Ketty Ann
Died Feb 10, 1872. Age 10 days
(Ancestry) same??? - McLane, Katy Ann Jan 4-14, 1873 - JFLH

The rectangle stone has the initials K. A. M.

only intitials R.J.T.

I also came a cross a story of Silver Islet Mission Cemetery, located near this cemetery.
I was able to locate information on one burial so far

Purcell, Martin died Sept 1877 age 5 from Thunder Bay Sentinal

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