March 1907

Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

March 1907

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March 15, 1907 to April 27, 1907


rain and High River Friday March 15, 1907   38'4"   the Charles Clarke was on the upper yard and the water was over her Bitts

Friday March 29, 1907  new bal rudder stock on Steamer Volunteer

Tuesday April 2, 1907  repaired wheel and Bitts on Steamer Stella Moren

Mon  put new wood on tiller couplings  Steamer Rover

finished Streamer Charles Clarke  Saturday April 6, 1907   on Model Barge Georgia,   gen repairs

Saturday April 13, 1907  this week got out 2 yard davits for Steamer Charles Brown - 2 Knee fillers and Forard (forward ) fenders for Steamer Dave Wood  also pair for Steamer Sam Brown

Monday April 15, 1907  pair of F fenders for Steamer Rival

Thursday April 18, 1907  Steamer Cruiser docked having been sunk at Dam #2, Ohio River  she is all steel and had a large hole in her S. Side  made large repairs to her Cabin  Dave McDonald  Captain

Friday April 19, 1907  on Knee fenders for Steamer Sam Clarke

Saturday April 20  Dredge Western Docked  some repairs made  put her in river  Wednesday 24

April 25 - Thursday 1907  Steamer Tornado docked  new stern nosing and P. shear,  striped her sides

Saturday April 27, 1907  Dredge W.C. Jutte Docked for repairs  I am on all these jobs and am pretty busy

March 15, 1907 to April 27, 1907

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