December 8,1910

Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

December 8,1910

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December 8, 1910 to December 20, 1910


On Steamer Pacific #2 with 18 men of the same old gang, all good men

December 8, 1910  Steamer John A. Wood arrived at the Ways at 11:30 AM   Docked the same day, three chains broke on the Job   have all my gang on her, left the Pacific #2 for a nest egg

Saturday December 10, 1910   Snow all afternoon

Snowing all day Sunday 11th and all Sunday night

Snowing Monday December 12, 1910 and Tuesday 13th

December 15, 1910  High wind and heavy snowing  Thursday afternoon and night

Steamer Pacific   Hull and decks for extensive repairs  this was a big job  (details in little book)

Steamer John A. Wood on the bottom yard  new Transom  new wheel chain braces  new stern  rudders almost new  new horse shoe Irons  new Cylinder Job from the bottom and Hull repairs all around  a very big job   (Details of all these big jobs are <in> my little book)

Snow Monday night December 19, 1910

Snow Tuesday and Tuesday night December 20, 1910

Steamer Harry P. Jones Docked Monday December 19, 1910   S. Pancost  Foreman

Steamer Braddock Docked after being Sunk Tuesday December 20, 1910  Martin Flatherty Engineer

Steamer Juniata stern lifted in Cradle #12 for a knocker Job  Tuesday 20, 1910  off same day  river froze and full of heavy Ice

December 8, 1910 to December 20, 1910

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