1917 - 1918

Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

1917 - 1918

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January 1917...JW goes to work at Parkersburg Dock Company, WV

June 1917...JW is back at Ways as Foreman, under new Superintendent

November 1917... Brady Berry, Captain of Steamer Twilight

December 2,1917...Steamers Monitor and Duquesne collide, Monitor sinks

December 20,1917... Ice everywhere, "can't keep up with wheel jobs"

January 2, 1918...River is frozen tight and not a boat is moving, details on wheel jobs

January 15, 1918...4th week of river being frozen tight

February 1918... Steamer Robert Jenkins sunk in heavy ice

April 1918...Carpenters make $5.60 a day, laborers are paid $3.77 a day

July 1918... Steamer Juanita leaves the Ways in fine shape

October 1918...JW becomes Assistant Superintendent

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