1921 - 1922

Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

1921 - 1922

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Below is one entry for each page listed. Click on the date below to see the complete journal page for that time period.

January 1,1921... Captain John Dippold of the Steamer Old Reliable

January 24, 1921...Steamer J. C. Risher broke her chains in Lock #3, Wm Shaw is Captain

February 1921...Steamer Twilight wrecked from Stem to Stern, repaired from Keel to Roof

March 1921...The Ways adds a long float from front of offices to the abutments 

April 1921... JW's biggest job is the Steamer Jos Nixon / Valiant / Transporter

May 1921...Park Brenneman is Captain of the Steamer T. P. Roberts

July 1921...Jas McClure and Link Pancost work on Derrick Boat # 22

November 1921...New cylinder timbers put onto Steamer National

January 1922...Wm Lynch JR does the lining on Steamer National

February 1922...Steamers Conqueror and Beacon each have $8000 in repairs

April 1922... Steamer Carbon has repairs to aft bulkhead

May 1922...Gass Boat Bronx is rebuilt

November 1922... Fantails are replaced on Steamer Beacon 

December 1, 1922...Steamer Ranger has her wheel diameter reduced by 6 inches 

December 26,1922...Dimensions of Ranger and Voyager are given, they had been rebuilt a few years earlier

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