June 1903

Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

June 1903

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June 13, 1903 to December 28, 1903


Saturday June 13, 1903  went in the river on Steamer Sam Brown  finished up tiller couplings, left her at 3:30 P.M.

June 20, 1903  on Steamer Fred Wilson for an entire new Hull  worked all over her working on her Pitmans

August 23, 1903  by myself, Morgan left for Greenville, Miss. on Tuesday August 18, 1903    finished on Wilson and worked one day on Steamer Bertha patching cylinder timber

Saturday August 29, 1903 on Steamer Valiant for new Hull and still on her October 3, 1903 hanging rudders

Saturday October 3, 1903  New gunnel hull boat Crusader launched    she is to take the Little Dick Machinery

Saturday October 10, 1903  on Steamer Valiant rudders  ready for knocker blocks   October 12 puting in forward chain fastenings    laid up until the 20th with Ivy Poison   finished on Steamer Valiant Friday October 30, 1903

Saturday October 31, 1903  on Rudder Job on Steamer Wash Honshell - her upper works having burnt off.  she has steel Transome with Brass rudder irons  still on Honshell sick four days with cold in my brest

Strike on at the Ways over an order issued by William Wiegel Supt., that we could not wear gloves  all the cold and windy, down to 22 above and we are still out on November 14, 1903

Back to work Monday November 23, 1903 to wear anything we want

On Steamer Wash Honshell Thursday December 24, 1903 puting up steering gear

Steamer Valiant in river Monday December 28, 1903

June 13, 1903 to December 28, 1903

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