Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 


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Clicking on the Lock named below will take you to photos of that Lock.  Many of these locks are no longer in use, as most of these photos were taken during the early 1900, 


Locks on the Monongahela

Lock 1  Pittsburgh

Lock 2 Braddock

Lock 3  Elizabeth

Lock 4  Charleroi

Lock 5  Brownsville

Lock 6  Rice's Landing

Lock 7  Greensboro

Lock 8 Pt. Marion

Lock 9  Hoard, WV

Lock 10 Morgantown, WV


Locks on the Ohio

Lock 1   Davis Island Dam  

Lock 3  Coraopolis

Locks on the Allegheny

Lock 7  Kittanning



How a lock works


Locks use the law of gravity to raise and lower the water level. No pumps are used except to pump out debris from behind the gates. As you can see in the animation, valves are opened to allow water to rush in and equalize itself with it's upper level, gates are opened and the tow pulls into the chamber. The upper gates are closed and the valves are turned off and the other valves are opened to allow the water to equalize itself with the lower level. Then the lower gates are opened and the tow goes on it's merry way.

This graphic and information were copied with permission from Towboat Joe's previous web site which no longer exists.

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