July 1902

Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

July 1902

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July 10, 1902 to November 1, 1902


July 10, 1902   new Steamer Maggie set up at the lower end of the Ways up and down,Right angle with the river.

Saturday July 26, 1902  on upper works of new Enterprise

New Enterprise Launched,  August 26, 1902 - at 4 P. M.  working on her rudders and bracing stern posts.  William Morgan for a partner.

Saturday August 30, 1902  patching Cylinder timbers on Steamer Jim Wood, finished her at 4 P.M. Friday September 5, 1902  back on Enterprise.

September Saturday 6, 1902  new Steamer Maggie in the river

New Steamer for the Rescue named Carbon  the Steamer Rescue was blown up by exploding boilers at Lock #3 killing several men.  Captain Seidell one of them.

Week ending September 13, 1902 finishing up rudders and bracing deck over tillers on Enterprise

Left Steamer Enterprise October 7, 1902  getting out outfit for Steamer John W. Ailes and putting new transom on Steamer Cyclone.

Friday October 10, 1902  on Steamer Little Fred, getting ready for new Dead woods and new rake.

Week ending October 18, 1902  finished up Aft end of Steamer Little Fred.

Week ending October 25, 1902  making templets for Stern and forward body timbers on Steamer Little Fred

Week ending November 1, 1902  finishing timbering in Little Fred  worked out the Stern on the 29th

July 10, 1902 to November 1, 1902

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