January 1904

Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

January 1904

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December 29, 1903 to April 19, 1904

on Steamer Wilmot  December 29, 1903 overhauling rudders   finished on Wilmot Friday January 9, 1904 and went on Steamer Twilight to repair rudders.

Week ending January 16, 1904 finished on Steamer Twilight  worked one day on Steamer Wilmot puting up guard braces       New jack staff and rudder job on Steamer Juanita and puting up sheave boxes on Valiant also wheel guards

Wednesday January 20, 1904 rain all day   the River has been froze up for six weeks

week ending January 20, 1904 still on Valiant  built lockers, foot benches, etc   River 23 ft. today and running from bank to bank with heavy ice

Wednesday January 27, 1904 finished on Steamer Valiant  at work on repairing Model Barge Thornwell Fay.  laid 2 days with bad back.  River again Froze over.

February 1, 2, 3, 1904  geting out stock fenders also 2 Knee fenders for Steamer Iron Sides.  River froze and we are out of work at the Ways for the first time

February 20, 1904 resumed work on Steamer Wilmot  worked 8 days on Wilmot.  River froze full of heavy ice   puting new Ash well on Steamer Tom Lysle

First week in March 1904  worked 3 days repairing rollers at Saw Mill and worked spud for Digger

week ending March 12, 1904  working out timbers for Gov. Mud Scows and on Steamer Coal City repairing and puting in ash well for Nigger Boiler

Saturday March 19, 1904 all week on Gov Mud Scows.

December 29, 1903 to April 19, 1904

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