March 1904

Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

March 1904

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March 26, 1904 to June 11, 1904


Saturday March 26, 1904  on mud scows 1 1/2 days   on Tom Lysle repairing broken guard.   worked out tiller for Steamer Mariner and gang plank for Steamer Iron Age.   now have Tom Duke for pardner.

week ending April 2, 1904  on mud scows  have one set up.  Wed worked out wing tiller for Steamer Braddock

week ending April 9, 1904 - still on mud scows    this is the hardest work I ever done.  have Herb Wilcoxen for pardner

Saturday April 16 - still on Mud scows.   new Paymaster today.   Dock and sideing yard men come to the Ways for their money.

Saturday April 23 -  now on second mud scow  finished on these Mud Scows May 10, 1904    now on the Steamer Sailor repairing rudders.

Saturday May 21, 1904  finished on Steamer Sailor   on Tuesday put in new Timber head on bulldozer # 11 and new sheet Iron on Bulldozer # 3   helped dock the Steamer Ed. Roberts - Steamer John Moren - Steamer Vulcan - and new aft bulkhead on Steamer Vulcan.

Saturday May 28, 1904  finished on Steamer Vulcan.  Monday went on Steamer Ed. Roberts laid new deck in firemen cabin  worked on various repairs on her all week.

Saturday June 5, 1904  worked this week on Steamer Ed.Roberts on general repairs.  Thursday worked out a pair of forward fenders for Steamer Enterprise then some pieces for main tiller on Steamer Crusader

Saturday June 11, 1904  finished on Steamer Ed. Roberts   helped dock Tug Wash Gray and started wrecking her for a new hull

March 26, 1904 to June 11, 1904

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